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  • Kindle Edition
  • 90 pages
  • Blood, Teeth & Bones (The Harmatia Cycle #2.1)
  • M.E. Vaughan
  • 04 June 2017

About the Author: M.E. Vaughan

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10 thoughts on “Blood, Teeth & Bones (The Harmatia Cycle #2.1)

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    ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review This was such a fantastic look at the back story behind the friendship of the brothers Magi Zachary came in like a sleeper agent during Blood of the Delphi and stole my sympathies, dividing them between himself and my long term favourite character, Rufus This is sort of about Zachary but it s told from Marcel s perspective and really it s Marcel s story I always liked Emeric and Marcel as characters and it was great to get a bit closer to them in this novella Marcel especially is an interesting character stoic, even tempered, apparently unflappable Seeing Zachary through his eyes really made you consider how clouded Zachary s and occasionally Rufus opinion of the Night Patrol really is My absolute favourite part of this were the tantalising flash backs to when Marcel and Zachary were much younger, apprentice magi together If Vaughan decides to write a Harmatia Cycle prequel then I m putting in my bid for of that now HINT HINT I think you could read this as a standalone but you ll get out of it if you read The Sons of Thestian and Blood of the Delphi first it does contain minor spoilers Still a great way to help bridge the desolate wastes until books 3 and 4 are released Highly recommend.

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    Remember that time in Blood of the Delphi when Rufus was having visions This is the background to that And it just makes me miss my babies We get of a view into Fold and Hathley s relationship and glimpses of why Hathley, in particular, is so loyal to Zachary.Also, the acknowledgments mentioned that the final book will now be two books But also YAY

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    Blood, Teeth Bones perfectly achieves its mission statement of presenting Zachary from Marcel s point of view The novella perfectly encapsulates every aspect of their friendship and presents it to the reader in a way that is concise and engaging While reading this book I felt happy, angry, and I finished with a sense of melancholy In particular it feels sad to read the scenes in which the two feel excitement for their future, since I know how that future turned out Knowing the novella s context gives it a bitter sweat quality.I strongly recommend fans of the series check this one out.

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    First off, I d like to thank M.E Vaughan for sending me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.Blood, Teeth and Bones is a short novella set during and after the second installment of Vaughan s Harmatia Cycle So, if you haven t yet read the first two books, this novella might be confusing and it would definitely be spoiler y However, I will attempt to keep this review spoiler free and concise While the plot was interesting and well paced as Vaughan s works always are , I think the characters and the insight into Mag Mell were really where this novella shined I absolutely loved reading about Marcel, Emeric and Zachary s friendship Their dynamic was entertaining and heartwarming Additionally, getting to know the history of Marcel and Zachary s friendship specifically made their actions during the first two books even understandable It was also very interesting to see Mag Mell and specifically, Harmatia, from Marcel s perspective In many ways, he was a much reliable narrator than Zachary or even Rufus Lastly, the diversity and representation were awesome as always I loved seeing a healthy m m relationship throughout the story Overall, Blood Teeth and Bones was a wonderful addition to The Harmatia Cycle Though, reading it was kind of like eating just one cookie Impossible So, now I am now anxiously awaiting the third book, and also seriously considering rereading the first two even though my tbr might never forgive me.

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    I already knew that I d enjoy this and that it d probably make me emotional, but I still wasn t ready.I was eager to see things from Marcel s point of view, as I enjoy his character a lot but he s fairly quiet in the the other books, so it was really good to get to see what he was thinking and feeling I also find it interesting that his analytical nature probably makes him a reliable narrator than some of the other characters in the series.I loved seeing of how he and Zachary became friends, and how close they are The dynamic between Arlen, Marcel, and Emeric destroys me because they care so deeply for each other, but also because the banter and teasing between them is hilarious I would probably be happy to read a whole novel just about what these three get up to I spent most of this story not knowing whether to laugh or cry, so I compromised and did a bit of both.There are scenes in this story which hit very close to home for me one I already knew was coming, since this is set during Blood of the Delphi , which are simultaneously difficult and comforting for me to read as they are handled with sensitivity.If you ve read The Sons of Thestian and Blood of the Delphi, I d really recommend reading this one too as it allows you to get to know some of the characters a bit better and gives you of an understanding of the way they behave and react to events in the previous stories.

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    For reviews go to A copy of this book was received through the author in exchange for an honest review.I m been absolutely dying waiting for the next book in this series but this novella was a pleasant surprise It s everything I love about Vaughan s writing and characters in a short, fast paced piece that s easy to gobble up in one sitting.The world, as always, is fascinating but does not hold a candle up to the characters Vaughan always includes a diverse cast and the focus on a gay main character in this book was excellent There was also an abundance of physically affection platonic male friendship This is what we need of, friendships that matter without becoming romances Men being affectionate and caring about one another.Seeing some of the previous novel from a different point of view definitely enriches the story For characters who were largely antagonists in the first novel, it s amazing to see how far they ve come How easy it is to understand how they were driven to what they did I absolutely adored every second of this novel and would read a whole series about these three and all the mischief I m sure they ve gotten into.This novella made me laugh out loud and shattered my already cracked heart It doesn t hurt that it focused heavily on my favourite character either Now back to waiting for .

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    Ahh, Marcel, Emeric and Zachary, my favourite trio Or, as Marcel put it, Zachary as the thirty nine year old baby of the other two Magi.I think that if usually The Harmatia Cycle s books have wonderful scenery and descriptions, this time, what caught my attention, and what I enjoyed the most, was the dialogue Often sharp, it carried everything that embodies friendship guilt and fear mixed with strong respect and happiness Crossing fingers that the next book in the series has Marcel, whom I very dearly love.

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    I ve just realised how much I ve missed these characters reading this I love that we got to see memories and scenes from other important character s points of view, be they heartwarming or heartbreaking There s no in between with you, is there It s been awesome to return to Harmatia on the way to work, made the days much enjoyable D

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    A brilliant little story that gives us another character s perspective Marcel s a quiet character in the rest of the series, so it was great to get into his head and see what he s really thinking Word of warning definitely read Sons of Thestian and Blood of the Delphi before this one You wouldn t want to be spoiled ahead of time

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