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    She really is

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    3.5 starsApril s sister Jenn is leaving for collegetomorrow Well, she would be leaving, except she s staying home to go to community college after getting declined from Stanford Noticing that her sister has been sad, April plans a Sister Fun Day to give Jenn the best of LA before she starts school And maybe to connectexcept they ve been apart for so long that rekindling their friendship might be harder than expected.What can I say except I loved how April and Jenn were written They were both so distinct and had such clear motivations and outlooks that I got whiplash trying to figure out who to root for.They were both kinda the worst But also completely human, with their own reasons for acting the way they did.And with parents like that, it s not hard to imagine that both tried to deal with the situation in the best ways that they could I completely emphasized with April, who was treated like the irresponsible spoiled brat that she wasn t, and who s achievements in soccer were completely ignored by her asshole parents and also sister, who treated soccer like a hobby instead of April s life.Also, there is an adorable childhood friends to lovers trope that I was absolutely rooting for there s a lot going on in the friends department that I wish had been explored a little thoroughly as well.However, while this book was tracking at a solid four stars throughout the entire book because it flew by and I connected with both April and Jenn in completely separate ways , and because this beautifully showed how complicated family can be, I was underwhelmed by the ending.It was too easily resolved.Years of anger and complications and emotional abuse are not fixed by one confrontation The hurt and anger run too deep, and damage like that lasts for a long time and relationships aren t healed so simply, particularly when things have been bad for years.And also the college thing, which wasum what now No way in hell is that going to solve it.However, up until 97% I was 100% on board with this story.But if you re looking for a story about two sisters trying to reconnect, this is definitely a good book to try.I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

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    I m always saying how we need books about sisters and this happens prayer hands emoji

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    As a SoCal native, I m always excited to read a story set in Los Angeles, and this book read like an appreciation letter to the city while simultaneously exploring the complexities of family relationships She s the Worst follows the perspectives of April and Jenn, two sisters who spend a day together touring their hometown in hopes of restoring their relationship before Jenn leaves for college While this book flew by as a quick and entertaining read, I did think that it lacked a certain spark to make me completely fall in love In terms of writing, this book flew by, and I found myself engrossed in page after page From the sisterly relationship to the romantic subplot on the side, I wanted the best for the characters, and Lauren Spieller s writing made it the story read like a movie, or at least a quick LA based TV show Additionally, although Los Angeles primarily served as a backdrop to the greater story of family and sisterly friendship, April and Jenn s magical sister day bucket list made me feel so nostalgic for my hometown.As an only child, I couldn t relate 100% to the sister dynamics within the story, but based on my friendships with sisters, I feel as if the story did a pretty great job of showing the simultaneous headstrong arguments yet desire to be close friends Of course, every relationship is different, so it s probably not representative of everyone s relationships of fighting and friendship A primary focal point of this story was how each sister thought the other person had it better in terms of relationships with parents and overall life, but throughout the story, we see how their time together dissolves those misconceptions, leading to a greater appreciation for each other People in LA want something out of this city so badly they re willing to put up with all the traffic to get to it One of the primary reasons I didn t love this book was because I was continuously frustrated by the family dynamics since no one would communicate with each other, yet at the same time, I could understand why it was important to be written into the story because miscommunication or lack of communication is a reality for many families The author did a really great job of showcasing how the effects of parents fighting have trickle down effects on their children when they get caught in the crossfire However, I would warn that if you are not a fan of ineffective communication as a major focal point of the plot, this book may not be for you.Overall, this story was fast paced and entertaining, but I was craving for in order to completely love the entire story The LA references spoke to my heart, and the character development in sisterly relationships made me happy to watch unfold This is the second Lauren Spieller contemporary that I ve read, and I found that while they re short, fun reads, they re just short of being a stellar read Still, I m excited to see of her future works, and I can t wait to see what she writes next buddy read with Lili Thank you to the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Blog Twitter Instagram Tumblr Bloglovin

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    A solid book, which examined sisterly bonds and complicated family dynamics Full review to follow ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    1.5 5 First of all, idk where all the positive review for this book came from I literally did not like anything about this book The 1.5 is solely because I like the idea of exploring messy sister relationships and exploring LA This entire book could have been solved if the family talked to each other Like if they sat down and had a mediated conversation, there would be no plot I wish they had talked in the first 10 pages and I did not have to suffer through this The parents are such bad parents that it does not even seem like they are real parents It feels like they woke up one day and suddenly had teenage daughters They don t pay their daughter who literally is at their beck and call and they legit ignore the other one and are extremely dismissive of her passion Both sisters are THE WORST and think they are suffering while the other has it easy Again, if they talked everything would become clear Literally they just complain about the other the WHOLE book, until the last couple of chapters This isn t even like a slow change, they legit are mad and saying the same things over and over for the entire book until then Overall, I might be too old to read this, but it still was a struggle getting through this All of my notes for this book look something like this The parents suck , Why won t they talk to each other , This is so YA , Please talk to each other so I can go home etc Thank you to NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Official blurb Part sister story, part romantic comedy, SHE S THE WORST spotlights two bold, ambitious girls trying to rebuild their fractured relationship I devoured this love letter to summer, sisterhood, and Los Angeles.

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    I WAS PROVIDED A PHYSICAL ARC FROM THE PUBLISHER IN RETURN FOR MY HONEST REVIEW THIS DOESN T AFFECT MY OPINION Have you ever gotten into a big fight with your sibling s Or maybe a long term fight with a friend This book is full of those, but in the best ways possible.April just wants to have a day to reconcile with her older sister Jenn, and she wants to make amends with her Until Jenn drops the bombshell that throws the whole day into smithereens.Somethings I really liked about this book were the realistic situations Parents fighting happens all the time, especially if it s a really stressed situation between them Children often get caught in the crossfire, feeling like they re unimportant compared to their parents problems And this book perfectly conveyed that and the need to escape.April and Jenn s relationship is a perfect example of every day happenings Arguments every other hour, best friends once every thirty minutes, the need to be close and comfortable It s all there.Though this book had a bunch of great parts, it also had its downfalls There were multiple points in the book that I felt needed to be sped up or left out altogether Other than that though, I absolutely adored reading She s the Worst For that, I rate this novel 4 stars.

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    Full review to come as a part of the FFBC blog tour My review will be up on September 1st Initial thoughts that was WILD Though the secret wasn t what I was expecting, this was truly an intense experience A real rollercoaster of emotion

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