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Tales of Charon chapter 1 Tales of Charon , meaning Tales of Charon , genre Tales of Charon , book cover Tales of Charon , flies Tales of Charon , Tales of Charon e2ea7f874c568 Tales Of Charon Is A Preview Anthology For A Few Of Our Future Comics And Work From Our Friends This Book Features Snippets From Some Amazing Comics, Spanning Multiple Genres, Including Pages From SkylinFantasy Sol SurvivorSci Fi TaeiyosFantasy Ching ShihHistorical Fiction The Righteous NoneWestern Horror The War Forged Fantasy Chronic Malpractice Comedic Shorts

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    Awesome Comics DAn awesome preview into several different comics There seems to be a great variation of stories and art styles Not all of them were my type, but many are definitely ones that I m going to be looking for the rest of on their website charoncomics.com

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