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Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) chapter 1 Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) , meaning Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) , genre Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) , book cover Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) , flies Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) , Maples, Strawberries and Fairy Tales (Leaves of a Maple, #3.5) 9b01aa88948eb Darci S Flushing Pink, Willow S Feeling Blue Frankie S A Little, Ah, Frustrated, Archer S Not Amused Aubrey S Kissing It Better, Toby S Breaking Through Bennett S Feeling Emotional, Archer S Less Than Enthused Luca S Second Guessing, Jake S Irresolute Annabelle S A Sobbing Mess, Archer S Now Confused The Whole Gang Is Together,it S Valentine S Day What S Romantic Than Our FavoriteMaples, Strawberries Fairy Tales

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    This short story has all the main couples from first 3 books in this series Archer, Jake, and Bennett along with the secondary couples Even though I could talk about each couple I won t, you need to read this book to get the full effect of how sweet, sexy, and satisfying it is And to Archers dismay, it is funny I do want to tell you about Adam and Will They are the unexpected heart behind this Valentine s Day If their names don t ring some bells, don t worry they will I could not be touched with how the authors Haley Jenner, tied these men into the story Get your selves ready this book hits all the touchy feels your heart can handle.They say it takes a village to raise a child, in this case it takes a couple to raise a village.

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    This book left me speechless after I read it I devoured it so quick I couldn t even taste it You know that feeling you can t believe you have finished something and just want .To be fair here I have to say I was anxiously awaiting it It s the fourth book in the Maple series I loved Archer, I adored Jake and Bennett made me swoon I seriously can t wait for Luca but Toby he is my ultimate crush has been since reading Archer Spoken in a male POV we get a little taste of them all It is so beautifully written it s heart wrenching and humorous it s done in a way you can visualise it playing out before your eyes because there are some real life scenarios in this book most of us have been faced with So let s not forget the females in this book either, I love the bond these girls have and the friendships within the group makes you want to be part of their written world.This book will have you swallowing a lump in your throat one minute and fanning your face the next, followed by a good chuckle, multiple times It has all the feels and I want I can t wait for Luca and Frankie s story I m calling it my Viking and his Vixen.

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    What a way to bring the gang back together a Wedding on Valentine s Day Loved this short little novella We got a glimpse of what s going on in the gangs life s But poor Archer he made me laugh, caught in many situations that he did want to be in LOL OMG loved that juicy bit at the end made me so happy Can l like have Luca s story on please

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    ellie s 0.02 The gang is all together for Valentine s Day Like just hanging out together, not like an orgy They are close, but not THAT close Although, one character gets than an eyeful of too many friends body parts.This is a quick, steamy, and hilarious novella from the boys POV All the boys You finally get to hear some from Luca and Toby I promise this one is so worth buying for a quick sexy read to get you in the mood for Valentine s Or just to get you in the mood nudge nudge wink wink

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    Phenomenal This is so much than a novella This is the most real, unfiltered and beautiful exploration of relationships, friendships and family Extended Review to come

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    Valentine s Day is here and to celebrate we thought we d gift you the best of our characters ALL of them All together The Leaves series is definitely an emotional one Soaked in angst, lust, heartbreak and love We work to drop you onto a rollercoaster with so many dips and climbs that at times you re not actually sure if you re angry or aroused, whether you re satisfied or sad We work to shatter your heart, just to piece it back together with love stories that stay with you always Love ain t always pretty, no matter what those little heart shaped boxes of chocolate want you to believe Sometimes it s lonely There are times when it s scary as all hell and truth be told it can be downright heart wrenching Because sometimes no matter how hard you work at it, no matter how deeply you love someone, sometimes that just isn t enough Love can break you in the same way it can fill you up and hell if our characters haven t pushed against the odds to find their happily ever afters That s why we wanted to give you this novella A little slice of happiness A sweet, sexy and humorous insight into the characters that have lodged themselves into our hearts Characters that have cemented themselves as friends, as family We had SO much fun writing this piece We laughed We cried We swooned and we swooned hard After all, it is Valentine s Day and our guys definitely know how to bring their brand of romance We hope you guys enjoy this racy read from our Leaves series, our guys are super pumped to spend their Valentine s Day with you Question is Who will be your Valentine Much love, as alwaysHJ x

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    This is so much han a novella Haley Jenner manages again to keep us entertained in the best possible way We catch up with all the couples of the Leaves of Maple series and it doesn t disappoint in the least I would recommend reading this series you will fall in love with the characters from the get go and they will stay with you for a long time.

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    Good grief, could this book be any perfect While we I wait im patiently for Luca, Haley Jenner gives us the perfect filler to keep us on our toes It combines everything we LOVE about this series and a quick character refresher Now we re all set for Luca to get his story

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    Well what can I say, if you tell me I have the option to read of Archer Dean, I m in This story was the perfect little Valentine s Day novella, we got to see snippets of all the couples from the Leaves of Maple series They re all back and together for Bennett s dads wedding I loved reading about the other couples but if I m being honest I just wanted Archer He had some interesting and very Archer like experiences in this book I loved how the characters stayed true to themselves especially my boyfriend Archer and this book dealt with the reality of what happens in marriages especially after you have children.

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    This is perfect for a quick, fun read The whole crew is together again and you ll love every second Their love for one another is priceless We get alternate POVs, from the men, and it s as awesome as you think I enjoyed getting to see inside their heads and how they think I laughed so hard I cried, my heart hurt for a couple of them, and it left me wanting of a couple of the characters One character gets their feel of the love and you ll love through every encounter with him Even though he doesn t find it funny If you loved the Leaves of a Maple Series, you ll love this book It s just what I needed to tide me over until the next book comes out.

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