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Evans Above quotes Evans Above, litcharts Evans Above, symbolism Evans Above, summary shmoop Evans Above, Evans Above cc57af9a Constable Evan Evans Is New In Welsh Village Of Llanfair Betsy, Lusty Busty Barmaid, Vies For His Favors With Sweet Teacher Bronwen Teen Dilys Begs Him For A Dance, Then Vanishes Child Molester, Flasher, And Prisoners Released Early, Are On The Loose Who Pushed Two Men Off Snowdon Mountains And Who Vandalized Mrs Powell Jones Prized Tomatoes

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    A very enjoyable mystery Very reminiscent of Hamish Macbeth except the people aren t nearly as silly I guess maybe people are just a little edgier in North Wales I really enjoyed this It has a good meaty mystery as well as delightful characters and setting Should think of no less from the lady who brought us Lady Georgiana.

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    I knew Evans Above , 1997, would be the syrupy type but I love exploring Wales and run the only challenge accommodating all Celtic countries Celtic Coasts Although I found no resemblance, comparisons to Hamish Macbeth scared me I hated his d but so much, a tentative glance at the sequel averted my first ever did not finish With five instead of ten stars to express shades of grey, I think of other books that received two stars and know this one is better.Evan is very likeable and all suspects are plausible The mystery was complex and some grim topics surprised me but the originating motive was stupid What is the point of not telling an accomplice where something is Who would camp without cold weather gear I like Evan s interest, Bronwen, who is a beloved schoolteacher The ending reassures us that attention won t be wasted on will or won t they My patience was sufficiently tried by cardboard personalities that not even a polite person like Evan would abide in real life It is not hard to tell a barmaid that you aren t interested It is not hard to tell the minister s wife that police can t attend to her every bone to pick To heck with how villagers interpret associating with a lady I was impressed with Evan s local boss He asked him to circumvent his trivial superior, who would not have let a country constable investigate murders, despite his insight I recall now, the star saving scene was Evan s appreciation of a Scotland Yard inspector he contacted He was surprised that someone of real authority answered his own phone and readily gave him cold case files He made a compelling observation, about being a good leader whose team would willingly work overtime for him I imagine I will like the sequel.

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    When two men are found dead on Snowdon, young village policeman Evan Evans suspects foul play, but his superiors blame mountaineering accidents Evan sets out to investigate The mystery itself is interesting and not too cosy, but the many lovingly observed details of life in a village in north Wales do give a warm feel, and there is a lot of humour along the way.For instance, the hunky Evan is always trying to avoid endless meals cooked by his motherly landlady He also has romantic troubles, treated very lightheartedly, as he is pursuing village schoolteacher Bronwyn, but barmaid Betsy is pursuing him and the landlady keeps dropping hints about her daughter, Sharon This does get a bit much at times and I would have liked to see Evan facing some romantic competition I really enjoyed this book, the first in a series of gentle Welsh mysteries which has just been made available on audible I just gave this 5 stars on the audible site, as the narrator of the audio book, Roger Clark, is wonderful, with a Welsh accent which really adds to the listening experience this is the first audio book where I ve had no trouble concentrating But the story itself gets 4 stars from me I will look forward to listening to others in the series.

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    2.5 Stars Ahh, who doesn t like visiting new places in a cozy mystery book I love to, especially when they take me to cute little villages and hamlets like Llanfair This was my first time reading a book by this author and though I ve seen some other books written by her I wasn t too familiar with her work Lucky me this one was chosen as one of the 4 monthly group reads in one of my GoodReads groups Now while I m glad that I gave a new author a try I ve been trying to read a lot of new to me authors for the past year or so I found that this book was lacking in a lot First off there were at least a DOZEN spelling errors in the book A DOZEN In one case one of the supporting character s names was spelled wrong I for one hate poor editing in books I know they happen but honestly 12 is 10 times to many for such a short book Second the story was slow I didn t like how the story jumped around so much and I wish that Evan Evans had had of a back story but perhaps the author saved that for later books In any case I felt that there wasn t enough of a build up and I was left wishing to know about Evan Evans who seemed like a likable enough chap I felt that there could have been effort to add substance to the characters who while amusing were lacking.What I did like about the book though was the setting I really got a nice feel for the setting and felt like I had been transported to Llanfair I also thought the quirky characters like Evans the meat, Evans the milk and others lightened the mood I also liked the murder aspect of the story, of which I didn t see ending the way it did I also liked the little feud between the two pastor s wives I just thought that this book would be exciting than it was Yes I understand that it is a COZY mystery but it can have some excitement as well Even though I had some major issues with this book I will be giving the next book in the series a try just to see if it gets any better but if it doesn t I think I will have to abandon this series and perhaps the author in general I hope it does because I d really like to have found a cozy mystery series I can read in its entirety.I would recommend this one to fans of this author and genre.

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    Let me start off by saying that Rhys Bowen is hands down the best historical mystery author I ve ever read She manages to combine true events and her characters so well that you wonder if her characters couldn t have really been at these events However, I ve finished her Royal Spyness series though I have the ARC for the next one sitting on my Nook and her Molly Murphy series, so that left me with only one series to read the Constable Evan Evans mystery series I can say that, though not quite as good as her historical mysteries, this book was excellent Evan was an extremely likable character He was smart, funny, and yet he wasn t perfect, he had his faults, and those faults made him seem like a relatable character The rest of the characters were also wonderful, and endearing I cannot wait to read about them The setting was absolutely idyllic Thanks to this book Wales was just added to my bucket list of places I want to visit before I die The mystery was solid, however, the killer was projected quite forcefully about 10 15 pages before the reveal, which made the reveal slightly disappointing.Overall a very good book I will be reading the next one Highly recommend.

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    Quick, easy read Not bad, not great A very typical British mystery.

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    The first in the mystery series, Constable Evans, Evans Above feels like a cross between the village life of Agatha Christie with the camaraderie between Inspector Jury and Divisional Commander Brian Macalvie in Martha Grimes Richard Jury series Evans has left big city crime behind for the peace and tranquility of village life in Wales and has no desire to become entangled with any woman Ahh, to dream for so littleand not get it Evans soon becomes entangled With a series of unexplained murders, a village full of matchmakers, and the need to play country politics.Bowen provides a nice sense of the atmosphere and give and take of village life with a vague sense of whatever time period in which Llanfair exists It has a feel of the 1950s but there s a reference to a train robbery of the Royal Mail so I m guessing that the year is round about 1969 which would make sense for the atmosphere depicted for a small village in the country.A soft, easy read with engaging characters and realistic dialog I m looking forward to reading Evan Help Us.

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    Enjoyable cozy murder mystery set in a small village in Wales I was happy there were no difficult Welsh names to contend with, just some sweet eccentric characters and a solid mystery Two hikers are discovered dead on the mountain above Llanfair and although the North wales police investigator Sergeant Watkins thinks they are accidental tragedies Constable Evans is convinced they were pushed to their deaths The two bodies were discovered at different times at different places, so are they connected This first in this series introduces characters and relationships within the village as Constable Evans works with the investigator to discover what really happened Easy, fun read.

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    While the Her Royal Spyness have a sort of sweeping tongue in cheek and yes, ridiculous but still cutely charming in its own right story lines who can say no to Darcy O Mara I d say the Constable Evans series though this is the first one I ve read is a little bit grounded rather than theatrical Taking place in modern day Wales oh Welsh words, I don t even know where to start with you lot we get a look at the idyllic village life There s mt Snowdon, there s a town that knows everything about everyone and perhaps a Welsh custom of addressing the duplicate names in the society by their trade Evans the Meat made me snicker What could go wrong Well, being a mystery series, something has to Deaths on the mountain Murdering pedophile on the loose All of this, of course, woven into the small town life with one of the minister s wives adamant that the rival minister wife is sabotaging her show tomatoes apple pie etc I think my only complaint is with Evan Evans yes, that s his name and he hates it too being a bit wishy washy in the face of the female race Stand up for yourself, man Tell them to shove off Make sure its known no means no But then again, he s a nice guy so I guess he ll never do that and of course we d lose the romantic intrigue side of it all All in all a fun and easy read Even made me want to go hiking in Wales.

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    Picked this one up as a bookswap, as I m always on the lookout for first books of new series so I can try stuff outThere s a comment on the cover of Evans Above that likens the series to the Hamish Macbeth novels of MC Beaton and that should have told me everything I needed to know about this one Like the aforementioned novels, Evans Above is about a big city police officer coming to a small village, this time in the heart of Snowdonia.The eponymous Evans becomes involved in a mystery when two bodies are found on the mountain and there seems to be a connection with the death years before of a soldier on training manoeuvres Naturally, his superior officer doesn t really pay much attention to Evans theorising and equally naturally, Evans is right and there is a connection Evans Above is an enjoyable enough read, even if Bowen pretty much telegraphed who is responsible very early on or maybe I m just good at picking these things up , requiring very little in the way of mental engagement The series continues in Evan Help Us and clearly this is a series to avoid if you re allergic to bad puns in titles.

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