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Fake Blood chapter 1 Fake Blood , meaning Fake Blood , genre Fake Blood , book cover Fake Blood , flies Fake Blood , Fake Blood 2ac14ec2723a1 It S The Beginning Of The New School Year And AJ Feels Like Everyone Is Changing But Him He Hasn T Grown Or Had Any Exciting Summer Adventures Like His Best Friends Have He Even Has The Same Crush He S Harbored For Years So AJ Decides To Take Matters Into His Own Hands But How Could A Girl Like Nia Winters Ever Like Plain Vanilla AJ When She Only Has Eyes For Vampires When AJ And Nia Are Paired Up For A Group Project On Transylvania, It May Be AJ S Chance To Win Over Nia S Affection By Dressing Up Like The Vamp Of Her Dreams And Soon Enough He S Got Of Nia S Attention Than He Bargained For When He Learns She S A SlayerNow AJ Has To Worry About Self Preservation While Also Trying To Save Everyone He Cares About From A Real Life Threat Lurking In The Shadows Of Spoons Middle School

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    This was insanely adorable

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    Happy Halloween My initial rating was 3 stars, but the middle grade reader and two younger YA readers in the house enjoyed it than me and, well, they ARE the intended audience, so I ll bump it up to 4 stars for them.A fun silly middle grades graphic novel about initially unremarkable AJ, who has a crush on interesting Nia, who happens to be a slayer But initially he doesn t know this, he just thinks she is very interested in vampires, since they are teamed up on a project about Transylvania, so he tries to make her think he IS one Oops Then there are AJ s two competitive friends who sometimes help him And a teacher, who it appears actually IS a vampire How can this all be resolved so AJ can be friends with and not murder victim of Nia And what to do about the vampire teacher How can AJ help Nia resolve this dilemma and not just be Boring Boy

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    BloodBy Whitney GardnerISBN 9781481495561Author Website heywhitney comBrought to you by OBS reviewer CaroSynopsis It s the beginning of the new school year and AJ feels like everyone is changing but him He hasn t grown or had any exciting summer adventures like his best friends have He even has the same crush he s harbored for years So AJ decides to take matters into his own hands But how could a girl like Nia Winters ever like plain vanilla AJ when she only has eyes for vampires When AJ and Nia are paired up for a group project on Transylvania, it may be AJ s chance to win over Nia s affection by dressing up like the vamp of her dreams And soon enough he s got of Nia s attention than he bargained for when he learns she s a slayer.Now AJ has to worry about self preservation while also trying to save everyone he cares about from a real life threat lurking in the shadows of Spoons Middle School Goodreads Review This was such a fun book Loved it.Fake Blood is a graphic novel filled with all of your favorite vampire references that come together to narrate the back to school story of sixth grader AJ and his friends It has a very dynamic illustration and Easter eggs everywhere One of my favorites is all over the book but you have to read it to see it and I especially loved it because it s a very special book reference for me Throughout the story AJ struggles to find the courage to talk to the girl he likes, to have something interesting in his life, and to find who he truly is without having to be what he isn t It s a new school year and his friends encourage him to talk to Nia, the girl who knows everything about vampires An opportunity arrives when AJ s new British teacher teams him up with Nia for a school project This gives AJ a reason to talk to Nia and eventually discover that they both share the same love for books which brings them together AJ pretends to be a vampire and things start to change, but they don t turnout so good when Nia has to kill him revealing herself as a vampire slayer.In Fake Blood we see AJ interact with different groups of people in his life First there is his family, which consist of mom and his sister His family sees his struggle and try to advise him the best way they can Then there are his friends Ivy and Hunter who are just trying to make his life interesting And finally Nia and his new foreign teacher One he tries really hard to get close to and the other one gives him the tools to know Nia better All of these people help AJ s new school year become interesting and find that you don t have to use fake blood to be cool.I loved the references and the character of Nia when she revealed herself as slayer I couldn t help but think of her as Buffy She was really determined as a slayer There are events that you see coming but they are still really funny once you read them The illustration is also really good I like when it s flat colors and very little gradients.Fake Blood is a graphic novel for all ages, especially if you re a vampire fan It has funny moments, parody moments, and great twists I had so much fun reading it and it was the perfect book to end the summer Fake Blood is a must read.Favorite Quotes I never really thought about how I would die But dying at the hands of someone you love might not be the worst way to go OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review

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    There are three things that I know about Nia Winters One, she is the smartest girl at Spoons Middle School Two, she s absolutely crazy about vampires And three, even though I really like her and I d try to catch her bus every day for the rest of my life so we could sit next to each other and maybe one day even hold hands or whateverShe has no idea I exist.This book was hilarious, and sweet, and the coolest I loved the illustrations and all the characters I love that he went to Spoons Middle School, not to be confused with Forks Middle School OMG the Twilight references were all sorts of amazing and so very funny Moonlight Hahaha It was kind of genius The very obvious name changes, I mean I thoroughly enjoyed this comic book I fell in love with the town and the illustrations made it come to life I then fell for each and every character big and small Also, it was the perfect kid book It had 11 year old playing in the playground and still being kids, big kids, but still kids When they walk in the hallway and laugh at the tiny fifth graders, I laughed so loud They were inches bigger It was a wholesome, fun book and I loved it Highly recommend to anyone especially middle school kiddos.

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    Fake blood follows a young boy named Aj who really likes this girl named Nia, who is obsessed with vampires In order to get her attention he pretends to be a vampire Little does he know she s the vampire Slayer Fake blood was a cute graphic novel I loved the illistrations and the story It was really ready to follow and I really liked the characters Overall it was a quick fun read not the best graphic novel I ve ever read but I really did enjoy it.

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    Awful, awful, awful I would actually recommend that people avoid this one Why Because it s creepy as hell, that s why I thought this was a contemporary story And it seems like it is for most of the book Which makes it really bone chilling when the love interest yes, in a middle grade book that part of the plot seemed too mature especially when these kids are finger painting at one point suddenly tries, in all seriousness, to stab the main character Then the book devolves into absolute stupidity, with the teacher turning out to be a real vampire who was planning on killing all the kids Luckily, the protagonist s 15 year old sister pops out of nowhere to save the day I thought maybe this would be a book that showed the dangers of trying to change who you are to make someone like you I just didn t think that it would show someone trying to kill you because you d changed Oh, and the cheap shot at the French was just the icing on the cake I know it s an American pastime to throw shade in their direction, but come on This is a middle grade book Should we really be encouraging our kids to make fun of other cultures I d give this zero stars if I could Not even the pictures could save this one for me The sooner I can get the taste of this one out of my brain, the better.

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    AJ is starting a new school year, and all he can think about his the amazing Nia Winters But how can he get a girl as amazing as Nia is to notice him Nia s obsession with vampires leads AJ to an out there plan AJ will pretend to be a vampire himself Little does he know, however, that Nia is not a vampire fan, but a committed slayer.This is a wildly fun graphic novel, with a delightful set of oddball characters and a zany plot.

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    This graphic novel is about the struggles of not feeling like you fit in especially in a friend group I find myself relating to it, as a person who had obviously gone through primary and high school myself and even now at the young age of twenty two Belonging is difficult Knowing where you fit in is difficult.This story showcases the struggles of what AJ, and many other children, feel when they are faced with uncertainty, first crushes, friends who sometimes don t pay much attention to you, or don t treat you the same as others It really did bring me back to some of my own feelings view spoiler I do have to say that I don t think Ivy and Hunter had much reason to be mad at AJ when he burst out his feelings when AJ was completely right They were leaving him out all the time, they were selfish and never considered his feelings and never thought to ask Even afterwards, it was AJ who had to apologise even though he was the one that had those feelings I felt like the wrong people were apologising hide spoiler

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    When you re in sixth grade, kids do all sorts of things to stand out or fit in like buying a new backpack, joining a club, or pretending to be a vampire to impress the girl who is clearly obsessed with them This last one may be unusual, but it s the one that AJ chooses when he and girl of his dreams Nia are paired up to do a project on Transylvania Things go really start to go wrong when AJ learns that vampires aren t only real, but vampire slayers are real too Gardner s debut graphic novel works with themes of friendship and finding oneself to create the feel of a traditional coming of age story, but throws in fantastical elements to keep readers on their toes and laughing along the way The story is carried by three dimensional characters and smooth dialog Each scene works to either progress the plot or develop a relationship so this hefty book flies by It is worth mentioning that character relationships are not only developed, but developed in a positive manner the best example of this is AJ and his sister who will quarrel but still show their love and support for each other at the end of the day This type of role model is essential as stories will often depict sibling rivalry to be the norm.The story flows smoothly between ideas, refocusing attention from vampire investigation work to best friend fiascoes and then back again with ease as Gardner has a perfect marriage between illustration and text, conveying information easily The illustrations themselves are simplistic in design, but are given a great charisma by the characters and will easily engage many readers If you thought Raina Telgemeier s Smile or Sisters needed vampires this is the book for you

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    Fake Blood is a funny and heartfelt graphic novel about friendship, identity, and yes vampires Gardner s snappy dialogue and colorful, exciting illustrations bring AJ and his friends to life I especially loved the larger illustrated scenes where there was always a fun little detail to spot Packed with funny pop culture references to popular vampire series and characters, there s something here for diehard and casual fans alike I d certainly love to see these characters again A fantastic addition to middle grade libraries.

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