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The Blackthorn Key pdf The Blackthorn Key, ebook The Blackthorn Key, epub The Blackthorn Key, doc The Blackthorn Key, e-pub The Blackthorn Key, The Blackthorn Key 1ec97a0760a Een Historisch Jeugdboek Vol Spannende Puzzels, Ingewikkelde Codes En Een Vleugje Magie De Sleutel Van SleedoornKrachtige Brouwsels En Een Mysterieuze SekteLonden,DeJarige Christopher Is In De Leer Bij Meester Apotheker Sleedoorn, Die Hem Leert Codes Te Ontcijferen, Puzzels Op Te Lossen En Met Simpele Ingredi Nten Krachtige Brouwsels Te Maken Hij Heeft Nog Een Boel Te Leren Als De Stad Wordt Opgeschrikt Door Een Serie Moorden Christopher Ontdekt Dat Een Mysterieuze Sekte Het Niet Alleen Op Zijn Meester Heeft Voorzien, Maar Een Gevaar Vormt Voor De Hele Mensheid Als Sleedoorn Wordt Aangevallen, Heeft Hij Nog Net Genoeg Tijd Om Christopher Op Pad Te Sturen Met Een Cryptische Boodschap Samen Met Zijn Beste Vriend Tom Moet Christopher Het Raadsel Zien Te Ontcijferen Kevin SandsDe Sleutel Van Sleedoorn Is Een Razend Spannend Verhaal Vol Vriendschap, Humor, Mysterie En Gevaar De Auteur Kevin Sands Werkt Als Natuurkundig Onderzoeker En Docent Aan De Universiteit Van Toronto De Sleutel Van Sleedoorn Is Zijn Debuut En Wordt InTalen Vertaald

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    The Da Vinci Code meets The Apothecary, minus Tom Hanks s unflattering hairstyleYep, there s even a secret bookcase door Often keys in this book are the chemical kind that would make Professor Snape RIP proud.I thought that for a MG book, this was actually pretty well thought out While it can be a bit dry in parts, the characters themselves are pretty clever and inventive It goes to show that books aimed at kids don t have to be full of forced snark la Nickelodeon or Disney Channel seriously what happened to the programming there to be interesting.Tigger Warnings view spoiler There s violence in this book There s some bloody carnage and even child abuse Also, there s lots of talk of religion hide spoiler

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    This is a fantastic, fast paced historical mystery and I honestly did not want to put it down Aimed at middle graders but definitely one that any reader could enjoy, The Blackthorn Key is the complete package mysterious puzzles and codes, thrilling and suspenseful action, history and science, and exceptional friendships Set in 1665 in the city of London, this book introduces us to Christopher Rowe, our clever hero, who is apprenticed as an apothecary to Master Benedict Blackthorn Having rescued Christopher from an unknown future in the orphanage, Master Benedict acts as a compassionate father and mentor to this boy who is eager to learn everything he can about potions, puzzles, and books The baker s son, Tom, makes a wonderful friend and sidekick, being constantly dragged into Christopher s little schemes and experiments These two make a great pair and I really enjoyed every minute of their adventures with one another When a menacing cult begins to systematically murder the city s apothecaries, Christopher is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery before he finds himself the next victim He must use all of the knowledge he s gleaned from his master, along with plenty of courage and ingenuity, to solve the biggest mystery of all and escape imminent danger There are bad guys galore and Christopher must learn who he can truly trust I must say there is a lot of page turning action in this book The Blackthorn Key gives us a snapshot of a piece of history that is quite informative but not at all mundane or too mystifying for the middle grade reader The potions and puzzles should interest anyone that enjoys science or magic However, one bit of warning from this reader there is a fair amount of violence and danger in this book that could be disconcerting to a younger middle school child Some gruesome descriptions of the murders and other brutal assaults may be okay for the mature middle grader, but I hesitate to recommend this to the complete gamut of grades 3 7 readers as noted on the back of the book But, as always, parents use caution you know what your children can handle This is definitely a book worth reading and has huge potential for this debut author I would love to see a sequel to this book I think Kevin Sands left just enough open at the conclusion for this to be a possibility at least I hope so 4.5 starsI received an advanced reader s copy of this book from Goodreads and Aladdin Books in a first reads giveaway in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    A cracking good middle grade adventure read, with loving attention to historical detail including the religious and political aspects that often get left out , plenty of mysteries, codes and puzzles, vivid characters, high tragedy and low humour in short, a book many readers will love and want to recommend to others, and justly so It shows a lot of talent, depth and confidence for a debut novel and Kevin Sands seems clearly on his way to a solid career.If I had one niggle, it would be that there isn t much here for girl readers who hope to see characters like themselves, since the only females are some cute little girls, a sympathetic mother, and a pigeon, all of whom play a significant role in helping our boy hero but then quickly disappear Still, there s a few hints and loose ends that could lead to a sequel, and perhaps we ll see of characters like Sally, Cecily and Molly in further adventures.Four and a half stars, as I can see myself reading this one again to catch all the clues and nuances, and perhaps even reading it aloud to my youngest in a year or two.

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    Video Review Brilliant Utterly brilliant I won an advanced reader s copy book from a GR giveaway and I am so happy I did This book is set to release on September 3rd 2015 which is when you should buy and read it To be blunt, it s amazing, and quite honestly one of my new favorite middle grades London 1665 A world of wigged gentlemen, drunkard peasants, and orphaned children Christopher Rowe is an orphan at Cripplegate Orphanage, when he impresses an elite member of the apothecaries guild and is then taken in as an apprentice to Master Apothecary Benedict Blackthorn Christopher learns all kinds of remedies, potions, and lethal poisons in his master s care skills that will save his life than a few times Whispers of murder are spreading through the streets and London s apothecaries seem to be The Cult of The Archangel s target Christopher is set on a perilous journey involving conspiracies, codes, secret alchemists, puzzles, and pigeons Who doesn t like pigeons Kevin Sands writing is superb This book is written in 1st person, which to me can sometimes sound amateur if not done right, but Sands does it right The mix of real history and events is blended well and keeps it interesting, however, I m very surprised there was no mention of the plague that hit London in 1665 That sort of feels like a missed opportunity, but nevertheless the history that was given was welcome Edit The plague is mentioned by the end of the book I completely recommend this book to anyone who loves to read about apothecaries, alchemists, potions poisons, and anyone else who likes middle grade I look forward to see what Kevin Sands publishes in the future.

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    This is lined up to be Simon and Schuster s big Middle Grade title for the fall GOOD CHOICE, SS Set among the apothecaries and secret alchemists of London in 1665, this book is a perfect MG page turner, with codes to crack and secret doors to open and vast conspiracies to foil, oh my There is high adventure, some moving moments, and a truly satisfying number of explosions When I do bookstore events, I usually hang out in the kids and teens sections, trying to match readers with books Tip to other authors this is better than sitting behind a table upfront while people try to avoid eye contact Blackthorn Key will be my new go to for all those who loved Percy Jackson or Artemis Fowl It s that kind of book, and just that good.

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    See the full review at thoughts and afterthoughts Rating 4.5 5 Should this book be picked up the tl dr review Frenetically paced mystery with solvable puzzles providing an interactive reading experience Hist fic world building is rustic, has medieval flair, and the tone is vividly portrayed given it s time mild fade to black off screen gore Characters and relationships i.e bromance feel organic However, there isn t a strong female presence There is a pigeon named Bridget You will have animal pet feels Story is self contained though part of a series and is courageously resilient, full of hilarious tomfoolery, and painfully tragic Initial Thoughts It seems like stories with animal sidekicks will, without fail, garner 4 stars from me NO COMPLAINTS HEREEEEEE Full disclosure I received an advanced reader copy of The Blackthorn Key from the Book Blog Ontario Meet Up I extend thanks to Simon and Schuster for providing me with the opportunity to review this book. view spoiler Afterthoughts PremiseChristopher Rowe, a once orphan now budding apprentice to Master Benedict Blackthorn is plunged into the gritty underbelly of the alchemical world when a string of murders claim the lives of prominent apothecaries With the perpetrator at large and signs pointing to the Blackthorn shop, Christopher finds himself with the key to uncovering the mystery behind the disturbing deaths and the scheme at the heart of it all.SettingLondon 1665 cobblestone roads, stone mausoleums, imposing cathedrals, dusty wooden shelves lined with material knick knacks, and a bird house for the greatest avian side kick ever Sands has crafted an explosive literally alchemical historical fiction with medieval flair and a tone that vividly portrays its time The story doesn t inundate readers considering target audience with religious diatribes that detract from the cat and mouse narrative NarrationI ll admit I don t usually do hist fic because the past is blergh interpret that how you will The Blackthorn Key, I found, was packed with intrigue and credit goes to the story, the adventurous and impeccable pacing, and the penmanship to weave a page turning experience This book elicits a range of feels it s courageously resilient, full of hilarious tomfoolery, and painfully tragic.The story made me cry If that s not a powerful thing then I don t know what is.The coolest thing is that readers can for the most part unlock the puzzles before going forward, as if it were an interactive experience The narrative provides the codes and kinks to uncover the mystery before you turn the page Note it s not a gimmick The exposition pulls you into the eyes and world of Christopher Rowe and connects readers to the conflict in a smart way.That being said, the writing may not be for the faint of heart.What I will say in terms of gore is this as a kid, I was immersed in a lot of violence through videogames and multimedia Am I suggesting that this book will be fine for all MG kids Not at all This book has bleak as shit moments but you don t witness the brutality It s like a fade to black This is just a discretionary warning to those incapable of stomaching the high stakes game of survival It is in the context of its time and not as censored as things seem to be based on its intended audience.CharactersChristopher Rowe is simply precious and I adored his voice He s emotionally invested to a life that has given him than just borrowed time There is so much to root for as the story promotes the cultivation of adolescent experimentation and ingenuity Christopher isn t a special snowflake he s not the only one who could have unlocked the mystery The puzzles are his to crack because he s the product of initiative and work ethic, and his development is one keenly demonstrated by action Subtext learning is important but you should also blow things up in the process The bromance is sublime Christopher and Tom are like two peas in a pod Their friendship can easily be mistaken as blood related due to loyalty and it s wholly organic I d call Tom a comic relief but that would short sell his importance to Christopher.Bridget is one badass scene stealer This pigeon deserves all the love and then some If you appreciate the value of Manchee for Todd s character in the Chaos Walking Trilogy Patrick Ness you will surely love every feather of this flappy bird.If there s one thing that can be considered amiss, it s that there s no real female presence Aside from Tom s siblings and his mother, the only female with potential of a role is an orphan girl with a line or two The implication is that this can be considered a book about boys for boys It s so much than that.OverallThis book punched me in the face with feels And then did it again, and again While this first installment is a self contained story, it s sequel explores the Great Plague of London in 1665 You don t need to worry about cliffhangers So, yeah, if there s one middle grade title you should considering reading in 2015, it s Kevin Sands The Blackthorn Key If not because I told you to, then for the explosions or the bromance or the interactive mystery or most importantly for Bridget, a damn pigeon See the full review at thoughts and afterthoughts hide spoiler

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    Verrate es niemandem Bis zu dieser r tselhaften Warnung war Christopher Rowe eigentlich zufrieden mit seinem Leben als Lehrling des Apothekermeisters und Alchemisten Benedict Blackthorn Er hatte ein Dach ber dem Kopf, sein Meister lehrte ihn nicht nur, wie man Mittel gegen Warzen herstellt, sondern auch wie man verschl sselte Botschaften knackt und R tsel l st Doch das alles ndert sich, als eine Serie mysteri ser Morde London heimsucht Fast immer sind es Alchemisten, die get tet werden Christopher sp rt, dass sein Meister in Gefahr ist Ihm bleibt nur wenig Zeit, die M rder zu enttarnen und hinter ein Geheimnis zu kommen, das so m chtig ist, dass es die Welt zerst ren kann Das Cover hat es mir angetan, diese coole Mischung aus Mysterie, Abenteuer und R tseln Zu gef hlten 80% war es daran Schuld, dass ich den Blackthorn Code lesen wollte und ich hatte echt Erwartungen an das Buch Die gro e St rke des Buches ist die ganze Alchemie Apothekerthematik und dass es kaum andere Jugend B cher aus dem Bereich gibt.Die Charaktere sind liebevoll ausgearbeitet Einerseits ist da Christopher, der ein bisschen eine Harry Potter Rolle einnimmt, wenn ihr wisst, was ich meine Er ist klug, hat R tsel seines Meisters gel st, die ich die paar Seiten, die ich Zeit gehabt h tte, sie zu knacken, nicht geschafft habe Er ist loyal seinem besten Freund Tom gegen ber Die Loyalit t ist brigens beidseitig, anfangs war ich mir zwar nicht so sicher, was das zwischen den beiden sein soll, doch mit der Geschichte entwickelt sich auch ihre Freundschaft insoweit, das man sieht, dass die zwei alles M gliche f r einander tun w rden Und Christophers Gef hle seinem Meister gegen ber, auf die ich jetzt nicht weiter eingehen werde, sind glaubhaft beschrieben Die zweite der Figuren ist der bereits erw hnte beste Freund Tom Ich bin so froh, dass ich das Buch gelesen habe und nicht nach den ersten Kapiteln auf meinen Kopf geh rt habe, der keine Lust auf so eine bl de Figur hatte Am Anfang ist Tom nur der doofe Freund, der einfach allen Bl dsinn mitmacht, den Christopher vorschl gt Doch in ihm steckt noch viel mehr Tom ist ein wunderbarer Freund und Bruder und ich mag ihn so sehr f r alles, was er aus eigenem Antrieb f r seinen besten Freund tut.Ich hatte das Gef hl, ich geh re nicht zum angesprochenen Publikum Es liest sich wie ein Buch f r j ngere Jungs Gr nde 1 Es kommen im ganzen Buch h chstens vielleicht 10 M dchen oder Frauen vor 2 St ndig kriegt irgendwer etwas in die Weichteile Kann mir brigens mal jemand erkl ren, wieso das so lustig sein soll Das sind zwei Punkte, die ich herauskristallisiert habe Die Geschichte hat einfach eine Atmosph re um sich, die eher auf Jungs ausgerichtet ist, besser kann ich es nicht mehr beschreiben Dennoch kann man das Buch auch so echt gut lesen Es waren dadurch halt Kleinigkeiten dabei, die ich nicht so super fand, aber hey, ich hatte trotzdem Spa an dem Buch In diesem Buch gibt es keine Liebesgeschichte F r mich etwas ungew hnlich, in den meisten B chern, die ich lese, gibt es wenisgtens am Rand eine, aber alles andere h tte auch nicht gepasst Stattdessen wird der Fokus auf das L sen des R tsels, des Blackthorn Codes, und die Such nach dem M rder gelegt ber den Autor Kevin Sands hat Theoretische Physik studiert und bereits als Wissenschaftler, Unternehmensberater und Lehrer gearbeitet Er lebt in Toronto Der Blackthorn Code Das Verm chtnis des Alchemisten ist sein Deb t Fazit Der Blackthorn Code ist ein fantastisches Buch Ich f hlte mich zwar nicht immer angesprochen und hatte einige Kleinigkeiten, die mich gest rt haben, doch die tollen Figuren, die Thematik und der Handlungsverlauf gleichen das mehr als nur aus.

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    It is never the tool that decides It s the hands and the heart of the one who wields it As always my reviews are based off of my true and honest opinion and I do my best to keep all reviews spoiler free. Christopher Rowe is an apprentice to the apothecary Benedict Blackthorn He s learning not only how to create recipes but how to make and decipher codes However before he knows it, Christopher Rowes life comes crashing down, and now its in danger as well Together Christopher and his good and loyal friend Tom must figure out a secret worth killing for.I absolutely loved this book It was almost impossible to put down It reminded me a lot of National Treasure with its codes and puzzles, not to mention being chased and by both the good and bad guys Parts of it made me cry and feel for Christopher It also reminded me of adventure hidden objects games that I enjoy playing from time to time because Christopher needs to use his knowledge of codes and puzzles plus be resourceful with the items he has on and or around him I fell in love with the characters and the plot It was easy to follow and immerse myself in This book is a first to a series and without a cliffhanger and most things wrapped up I m not sure what to expect in the next book, which leaves any number of wonderful possibilities.

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    This book was SO SATISFYING It has humor, history, mystery, science, religion, snarky characters, potty jokes, and it reads like a middle grades version of a Dan Brown novel I gobbled this down like Christopher Rowe gobbled down his icey cream on Oak Apple Day read the book, and that will make sense Also, Bridget the loyal pigeon is the BEST Definitely one I ll emphatically promote to seventh grade readers.

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