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Bastiano Romano quotes Bastiano Romano , litcharts Bastiano Romano , symbolism Bastiano Romano , summary shmoop Bastiano Romano , Bastiano Romano 5ede6bc3 Ariana De LucaMaybe If I Knew What Was Going To Happen, I Wouldn T Have Taken The Assignment I Would Have Walked Away From My Job My Duty My LifeBut I Didn TAnd So, I Fell In Love With Bastian Romano My New Boss The Enemy Of My Blood A Man As Talented A Killer As He Is In Bed A Beautiful, Twisted Traitor Wrapped In Fancy Designer Suits And Wicked Smirks He S The Head Of Enforcement For The Romano Crime Syndicate And Me I M An Undercover FBI AgentBastiano RomanoMaybe If I Knew Who She Was, I Would Have Stayed Away I Would Have Remained Loyal To My Family My Duty My LifeBut I Didn TAnd So, I Fell In Love With Ariana De Luca The Help A Goddamn De Luca A Woman As Talented A Spy As She Is In Bed A Beautiful, Twisted Traitor With A Tongue Sharper Than Whips She S The Daughter Of The Mafia Boss For The De Luca Crime Syndicate And Me I M Romano Royalty

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    Bastiano Romano was a hard man to work for and an even harder man to love Bastiano Romano and Ariana DeLuca had a love hate relationship from the start Bastian managed a popular restaurant owned by Asher Black and Ariana was a secret FBI agent or legend and hidden mafia princess on the DeLuca side of the Five Syndicate These two were total opposites yet Vincent called them two planets orbiting each other and strangely enough Vincent Romano had been running Ariana s life behind the scenes some 29 years without her knowing anything about it Like Jupiter and Ganymede in Greek Mythology, they were fated Vince used to tell me the story of Jupiter and Ganymede Ganymede revolves around Jupiter, hooked into its gravity, always near, always circling Both flawed characters with secrets times 2 but once all secrets are revealed with Vincent s wisdom, they are truly fated.Although I hated Vincent s death but his blood oath said a lot about his loyalty and love for Asher Black, Niccolaio Andretti and Bastiano Romano.Loved this book from beginning till end The secondary characters Asher, Lucy, Niccolaio, Minka,Vincent, and Gio and the outspoken children, sweet ConTessa aka Tessie Romano and Everett Romano kids say the darndest things But extortionist, Elsa Bastiano s ex, well not much at all.Can t wait till the next book comes out in the Five Syndicate series The possibility is endless with this engaging series 10 off the chart stars

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    5 stars Hatred paralyzes life.Love releases it.

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    Bastiano RomanoBy Parker S Huntington4.5 StarsNew to me author Parker S Huntington sure did make a good solid impression with me Bastiano Romano is book 4 in the series The Five Syndicates It s a standalone that read just as a standalone should even though it s part of a series Ariana De Luca has never truly figured out who she is meant to be in life Raised by her aunt and obtaining her degree, she now finds herself working as a FBI agent Always going undercover allows her to never face the real Ariana De Luca That is Until she is sent in not using an alias Will the De Luca name carry her through this new case or will her last name finally cause her to understand who she truly is Bastiano Romano has had the silver spoon since the day he was born Ivy league educated, he found the love of his live at college Being burned on the day he was to propose to his love, has caused him to build the wall around himself that is not easily penetrated When Bastiano hires the sexy bartender, he never realized what was missing from his life When Ariana realizes that she has fallen for her new boss, can she actually walk away from her job with the FBI to be with a mafia man Totally enjoyed reading this one I found myself wanting to volunteer to go get the ice just so that I could be rescued by the boss man Bastiano not only had piercing eyes he has other piercing qualities BookBistroBlogApprovedFollow us on FB

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    There s a HAWT HAWT HAWT new made man in town and his name is Bastian Romano Parker S Huntington has really hit her niche with this book She writes these alpha characters that straddle the line and make you question your reasons how you could still love them in real life Bastian is such a mean overbearing bully and a hole to everyone outside of his close circle He s not even likable the first half of the book unless he s in a scene with his sister Slowly you start to see his softer side as he thaws and begins to let Ariana in I could feel Ariana s struggle with her sworn duty to the FBI and her growing connection to Bastiano How she justified her actions and feelings as she started to discover who she truly is This book captivated me from the beginning with the characters and surprising twists I didn t see coming I can t wait for the next book in this series I want

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    Six stars Best book of 2019 This author just gave a master class on story telling Each word is perfectly chosen to create a beautiful, emotional, haunting masterpiece A delicious slow burn with a filthy, damaged, brooding alpha And Ariana she is damaged and has even secrets Wonderful characters, flawed, unlikeable, but so worthy of love How can these two ever have a chance Brilliant read One click this one immediately.

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    Fate the development of events beyond a person s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power It also happens to be something this book reader believes makes love stories epic And boy was this love story epic The Story Tale as old as time Two unlikely people meet in an unusual way They aren t meant to work They can t work But they do Somehow, against the odds, they do Lies, truths, heartache, and bliss fill the pages of this book A mafia story that goes beyond the cliches and the stereotypes of that genre It s just so much The Relationship Bstiano and Ari are one of the few book couples that I found myself smiling in the familiarity of their relationship the way they re friendship blossomed into something , the lust that started with a spark and ended with a fire, every smirk and snarky comment paving the way to their happily ever after.They stole my heart as I read and their story came to life before my very eyes There s something special in the way Parker S Huntington could create such an authentic and believable couple in such a contrasting setting Most mafia romances are drastic, dramatic, full of flare But this relationship reminded me of my own I could relate to their story as if they were just another couple walking down the street I love that It takes someone who knows their art to successfully write in such a way Clearly, Parker S Huntington has studied and practiced her craft until she came to this point The Characters BASTIANO ROMANO Oh, Bastian You wonderfully terrible jerk, you Like many of you know, I like my dudes a little on the well, jerky side Come on, y all You know I gotta keep it G here He s alpha in a way that will have your face flushing, broken in a way that will make you want to pick up his pieces and glue them back together while throwing a certain ex of his off the Empire State Building , and romantic in a way that will have you swooning like one of those chicks in bodice ripper romances He s just enough devil to question your sanity, and just enough angel to remind you that you re perfectly sane.Plus he s hilarious Like truly, hilarious The amount of weird looks I got from reading this book around people is a testament to the fact that I laughed out loud A LOT ARIANA DE LUCA She s so relatable So stinking relatable She s just a young woman who is trying to figure out who she is in this crazy thing we call life I mean, it doesn t help that she s an undercover agent where self discovery is a little hard to do But just because she s trying to find herself, she doesn t let it stop her from being a total BA heroine She ll kick butt and take names without bashing her beautiful eyelashes She s sexy and driven and can keep up with her boss turned friend turned lover s quips She s what every good heroine needs to be especially when she s standing next to a mega alpha Hero She s not timid or shy or bashful She looks Bastian in the eye and with a quirk of her eyebrow can bring our bad boy to his knees She s kind of my hero Like can I be Ariana Over All Reading Experience It s a swoony, mafia slow burn that will steal your time, mind, and heart It s one of those books that you ll flip to the beginning and say, Let s do that again.

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    Bastiano Romano The Five Syndicates 4 Parker S Huntington booksprout arc mafia forbiddenromance standalone POV Dual Can be read as a standalone 4.5 Brilliant Bastian, emotionally distant Due to being wronged by his father Gio who paid off Elsa, Bastiano s girlfriend, who took the bribe.Ariana, is tough Doesn t back down But with the last name De Luca people think it s just a name But she s part of those De Luca s But those De Luca s and the other families don t know that she exists, thanks to her mother who made sure that they didn t find out about her Only her father figure at the FBI knows who she is She s undercover in the Romano family for the FBI I was educated, witty, well read and gifted, in almost everything I had tried I looked like I belonged on a goddamed runway in Milan, and in a war of worlds, I knew I could hold my own Yet, in front of him, my entire existence felt inadequate Ariana I hated whoever made him this jaded and he couldn t treat me with the decency any other person would give me Ariana Bastiano is having trouble containing his emotions when it comes to Ariana She s well and truly getting under his skin I had always been unflinching Resolute It was ingrained in my DNA, passed on from generation to generation by persistent Romano elders, used to either being handed what they wanted or taking with unrelenting force Bastiano Maybe I was being punished for living my life as a miserable jerk Maybe this was the universe s way of punishing me throwing Ariana De Luca into my life and making it so that I couldn t look away Bastiano I had met my match with Ariana De Luca, and that made me want to defeat her, fuck her, then destroy her Bastiano Loved Bastiano and Ariana It s true, the Mafia sees and knows all Even if it s just one of the higher up members Everything comes together, with patience, faith and fate I received an Arc via Booksprout in exchange for an honest review

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    Again i feel like i ve been living under a rock because there are so many amazing authors that just blow my mind with their books and Parker S.Huntington surely is one of them This book is just amazing and because when you think mafia you thnik another super alpha hero but even if Bastiano is a dangerous man ,he is just perfect in so many ways.Ariana was a lonely woman who lived her live alone and very introvert person but when they meet sparks fly and everything changes between them.I love the slow burn with all the great banter,all the sexy moments that kept me saying and and. and and i wanted so much for them that i even shouted some times.A great story teller,that s for sure because the writting is drawing you in from the first page and you just won t want to put down the book,as in every love story with enemies to lover there are many twists and each MC has to overcome their own insecurities ,but the way the author is telling the story it s just amazing.Overcoming loneliness and family drama,love will always find a way to match two perfect souls.

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    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC Holy smoke and a pancake I don t want to do any spoilers because I hate that as a reader but I seriously can t believe how much I love this A hole of a guy he has his reasons Parker creates characters the you seriously will love to hate One min you can t believe Bastian is such a D % and then you are kinda like. you know what Ari is lying she deserves it I read this book in less than 24 hours I couldn t stay asleep because I NEEDED to know what happened If you haven t read any of Parker s books before this one will be a good one to start with.

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    Ok so I m going to try to write this review without giving away spoilers, so here goes.READ THIS FREAKING BOOK RIGHT NOW So this was my favorite book of this series so far It is a standalone so you don t HAVE to read the others first I highly reccomend you do though All books are amazing and it will give you a better feel for the background characters There are not enough words for how awesome this Also be prepared for the dedication in the begin to make you cry Okay now stop reading reviews and go get this book immediately Go, go, go

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