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Here All Along files Here All Along, read online Here All Along, free Here All Along, free Here All Along, Here All Along 83ea268d8 PLEASE NOTE Here All Along Is No Longer Available To Purchase It Has Been Added To The Irresistibly Yours Short Story Compilation Every Time Hazel Bell Goes On A Date, She Returns Home Unhappy And Disenchanted About Love At Least Her Best Friend Adrian Williams Is Always There For Her, Even So Now That They Re Roommates After Both Of Them Have A Bad Night Out, They Decide To Just Relax And Forget The World For Awhile It S Been A Long Time Since They Ve Been Alone Together They Certainly Weren T Counting On The Close Quarters Bringing Out Hidden Desires Now It Appears Their Platonic Friendship Is Being Put To The Test One That Neither Can ResistBy The End Of The Night, Will It Be The End For Hazel And Adrian Or A New Beginning

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    THREE IT S YOU STARS.This is quite possibly the shortest book I have ever read, in fact I think I have conversations with myself that are longer than this story However, Lilly Avalon surprisingly wrapped up emotion, love and connection into twenty eight delightful pages, here are my Here all along thoughts What s it all about Hazel Bell has a disastrous dating history, feeling downbeat she returns home after her latest attempt at dating to be comforted by her best friend and room mate, Adrian Williams One thing leads to another and a relaxing evening of comfort and friendship turns into a night they both won t forget.What did I like For twenty eight pages this author managed to squeeze in the basic necessaries a brief history between the two characters, a heartfelt meet cute, a few steamy sex scenes and an ending that actually gave a happily for now conclusion The friends to lovers theme will always be a favourite of mine and what I read was well written, well edited, sweet, sexy and believable Overall it had a loveable quality to it that delivered four chapters of fun and frolics Why not five It s difficult to judge an authors talent in just the short time that it took me to read this story Believe it or not I didn t realise that I d signed up to read a book that was so teeny tiny To explain further, although I enjoyed this lovely but short glimpse into this authors characters lives it simply wasn t enough to form that attachment and connection that I crave from my books I m convinced that if this author wrote a full length novel i d be first in line to read it So with that being said, here s to championing authors who have obvious talent.Final thoughts You might be waiting to pick the kids up from school or taking the bus to work Perhaps you are waiting for an appointment or manage to get a spare ten minutes in your busy work day If that s you then you might want to grab this quick fix and fall in love in twenty eight loveable pages Enjoy, kisses Guest reviewer for Dirty girl romance book blog, ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    This was quite a sizzling hot cute book, it was entertaining although short you just fall in love with the characters ,Hazel and Adrian i would say they have the best of relationships because they are best friends So when they hook up ,it was exactly what you want for them since they have such a good connection already.Loved Adrian he was all seductive with Hazel but also very patient with her It was because i needed to spend every second possible with you aww so cute you need to stop before i rip off every shred of clothing you have on wow Hot And thats just a little taste of hottie mr.Adrian So I give this book 5 sexi short stars Thx Lilly i had fun with this read

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    3.5 stars.Only thing is the special girl clich That was a bit of a downer but otherwise, I enjoyed this short novella.It was cute, not too short, but I still wanted it to be longer, and romantic.

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    Hello lovelies Here All Along is now available on I loved writing the story of Adrian and Hazel, I ve grown to adore them Because I love them so much, I m considering writing MORE about them.If you want to know what to expect it s a little bit of thisAnd thisI hope you enjoy this short story XOXO,Lilly Avalon

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    Quick, cute read Hazel is suffering through one lousy date followed by another Each time, she is left feeling unfulfilled When she gets home this night, her roommate and best friend, Adrian, is home waiting for her They exchange details about their dates he had one, too and then decide to settle on the couch with a drink and watch a movie While talking, Hazel realizes she wants than friendship with Adrian Little does she know, he wants , too Confessions and kisses lead to Really fun best friend to lovers story Very short, but very good ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

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    Given by author in exchange for a honest reviewI really enjoyed this story, too bad it ended too soon.What better way to figure out they belong together then by becoming friends first.I actually l loved the story line it had which is why I was sad it ended so quick, I think this would have been a great full story Thks definitely deserves all 5 stars, I would love to read from thks author in the future

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    This is a short story It s a story that anyone who s fallen in love should read Hazel and Adrian have been friends and roommates for a long time Life kept them from talking to each other or really spending much time together One night they both end up stuck at home While together, they remember they have this amazing friendship So, when you feel them falling in love, it s a beautiful, sweet kind of love all of us have wished for I give this 5 beautiful, love story Stars

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    I received a copy of Here All Along from the author in exchange for honest review First ImpressionOhhhroommates friends who are about to possibly cross that line Count me in Opening LinesI need a drink Now After tossing fine, throwing my purse and keys on the couch, I march straight into the kitchen The GoodI wish I had known that you were here all along, Adrian I m a sucker for when an author takes advantage of inserting the title into the text of a book So many authors miss out on that opportunity but not Lilly Avalon While Here All Along is too short, its still a well written book that gives you just enough details but keeps you wanting I flipped through this quickly and loved the descriptions that Lilly Avalon provided, it gives readers get insight of what Hazel is feeling The In BetweenI would have loved to have seen back story on both characters, I felt the little of information was given was certainly not enough for me to build a connection with Hazel or Adrian Lasting ImpressionOverall, Here All Along was a light, quick and steamy read A little too short for my liking but I look forward to the development between Hazel and Adrian in the next book

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    This is a short story about Adrian and Hazel Friends for several years, each had been involved with other people over the course of their friendship Circumstances have made them roommates and they are both currently uninvolved Will they let their true feelings come to the surface I enjoyed this short romantic story Adrian s character comes across as a down to earth, friendly man who obviously cares for Hazel Hazel in turn is bubbly and sweet and has hidden her feelings for Adrian deep down inside so as to not ruin their friendship The sexual chemistry between them sizzles as they decide to see whether a deeper relationship is possible Although I would have preferred less emphasis on the fact that alcohol was involved in the relaxing of their inhibitions towards each other, the two of them together were sweet and tender and obviously carried deep affection for each other, making the love scenes believable The dialogue between them is engaging and humorous, making for a pleasant and well written tale As the story takes place over one day, the happy for now ending fits perfectly 4 enjoyable stars

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    Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 4.5 starsFor a very short read, this book was something Here All Along takes place over the course of a few hours and in those few hours, you meet Hazel and Adrian They re best friends who live together who has never taken the next step Until Hazel comes home from a disastrous date which has been happening for some time now After the two decide to watch a movie, Hazel starts to realize that she s feeling something other than neutral feelings for Adrian and she let s him know it.I m left wanting Hazel and Adrian and I can t wait for their next book.

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