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    DNF at 25% I see no point in reading this book I already know that it s not going to teach me something meaningful and I feel as though there is a part missing the part before and where she is recovering All we get is the after part, making it seem as though the story begun a long time ago and what we get is what the heroine cares to share Speaking of the heroine, she is the non stop sarcastic type At first it was okay, and I even enjoyed her crazy thoughts or somewhat clever remarks, but at some point I just realized that most of what the characters say makes no sense or is really plain weird not the sort of things real teenagers would think or say to each other.Examples include I can t breathe not because there s not enough air in the room, but because I m suddenly allergic to it.I m sorry, what Allergic One Two Three I exhale slowly By the time I m twenty five they ll have found a way to sell my own breath back to me.Who s they Also, didn t you just say that you were allergic to it, so why do you want it back You are not consistent, girl Come over tonight I ll make you dinner I hesitate But I can tell I ve already begun to fall Okay I hope my voice sounds confident than I feel But I m a vegan today She gets up and pats my shoulder I was a vegan once too, until a piece of bacon saved my life Right Because vegans necessarily have health problems since they don t eat meat Ok thanks for explaining Sike I know many vegans, and I have to say that I, myself, eat meat maybe once a month and I m feeling fine thank you very much I don t like characters that are trying to convert others to what they think is best.I was excited about the LGBT theme in the beginning but spoiler alert it s not romantic She meets a girl, loses the girl, then sees her again and once we realize that we ve missed a huge chunk of the story I like to get the before , not simply the after Is that so unreasonable Anyway, moving on Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    This book features a character so self destructive that she might as well come with a Danger Object may combust under extreme stress sticker Or in other words, it was everything about myself I try to not dwell on Danny She dwells She makes stupid decisions, thinks the worst things, and is an all around mess But I think that s what made her so real.Mental illness makes you think no, dwell on the worst parts of yourself And Danny reflects that This is a book about a girl who tries to escape her thoughts but ultimately realizes that she can t She s stuck with who she is, and it s not exactly what she wants, but it s all she s got And the thing is she still has the opportunity to choose to be the best version of herself.The last line, paraphrased, is something like they don t know where they re going, but they end up where they needed to be anyway And I think that s a perfect summary of the book Danny Look at me Yes She pauses and I try to hold her gaze The problem is that looking at her is like looking into a megawatt light bulb I m just so human and she s just so bright.I don t really know what else to say about it, because it s definitely an experience to read this book But the love subplot was SO GOOD I swear, it was the first time I read a sex scene and didn t feel the urge to cringe on some level It was exactly what it needed it to be Both girls were clinging to each other at one point in the book, and they realize later that they had to let go And then they found their ways back to each other, because like all things managing to stay afloat in the Great Ocean of Life, you can t stray very far from the ones who you need to survive It s only after, when your sweat is drying and you re regaining the feeling in your toes that you realize you re some sort of miracle What else do you call going to pieces without falling apart I ve seen reviews calling the love interest a manic pixie dream girl and I see where they re coming from, but I don t think it s true at all I think she was someone struggling, and she found solace in Danny She found someone who understands, on some level, the need to escape from her struggles They talk about running away to Paris because that s what teenagers do.When I have a fight with my parents, I tell my bestfriend that I d give anything to be in Paris with her, having the freedom to choose what I wanted in life I don t think it makes someone a manic dream girl if all they want is the freedom to get away from the things that are suffocating them for a while Because, god, we all deserve that feeling, you know I think, besides my gravestone reading tried and failed to lose the same twenty five pounds, my greatest fear is that when we die there s nothing, not even a hole to suggest we might have once conducted a mediocre life here Isn t that why people try to write epic novels and compose famous symphonies and build monuments and put human debris on the moon To avoid oblivion Wow, so I thought I didn t have a lot to say about this book but I apparently do So here, have these words I m going to type up the quotes that I loved a lot and treasure the poem this book gave me forever I don t know how I went this long without knowing about Wild Geese, because it is everything.So thank you, Florence Gonsalves, for that Look, I m sorry that I m not as strong stomached as the rest of you I m sorry the second that bad shit happens I lock myself in my inner closet and don t come out I need to do this my way, and I m sorry if that offends you, and even though I could probably try a little harder to do things your way, I like who I am and I like doing things my way It s probably a stretch to say I like who I am, but maybe if I say it enough times, it ll be true

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    I m so surprised with this novel I picked LOVE OTHER CARNIVOROUS PLANTS up on a whim, and I just finished reading this in one sitting I m definitely adding Florence Gonsalves to my auto buy authors.This novel follows Danny, who is a college student at Harvard but is struggling with an eating disorder, body image, her sexuality, and the recent death of a close friend The plot was very fast paced and I whipped through the pages faster than I thought was possible Danny was so authentic and genuine, and I loved reading through her perspective.While this novel covers several different themes and topics, such as bisexuality, grief, alcohol abuse, LBGTQ , grief, and mental health, Gonsalves does a wonderful job depicting the ways that one can find help and support I feel like the author was fantastic in being honest and authentic with these various issues in modern society.Overall, I really enjoyed this one I highly, highly recommend this book for all readers Danny will resonate with readers everywhere in the way she depicts common issues that many people go through Be sure to pick this one as soon as you can Thank you to the Novl for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 STARSOh gosh, I have such mixed feelings about this one On the one hand, there s a lot to like The prose is beautiful, which is especially refreshing in a YA novel, as I often find that the writing in the genre ditches quality sentences in favor of what a lot of authors must see as voice Gonsalves sees no need to compromise though the prose is crystalline and occasionally lyrical, and yet LOVE s protagonist, Danny, sounds exactly like a nineteen year old Her voice is pitch perfect, and she wonderfully demonstrates that weird combination of self confidence, utter insecurity, idealism, cynicism, and irony native to late adolescence I also found the ending to be enormously satisfying Without giving too much away, Gonsalves has so much to say, and makes sure that the urgency behind the book doesn t get lost in the romance that drives the plot Suffice it to say that this is a coming of age novel in the truest sense of the phrase.But also, there s plenty that didn t work here Whereas Danny s internal voice was dead on accurate, the dialogue of just about all the characters here fell flat for me, which is frustrating because Gonsalves clearly has such a keen ear The people in the book, when they speak to each other, just don t sound very much like people And then there s Danny s love interest, Bugg, who felt a little under developed to me and too much like the notorious manic pixie dream girl And while the book is carefully written there s seemingly no throwaway image, no scene without some kind of attempt at urgency and poignancy a few of the metaphors feel super heavy handed About halfway through the book, there s a literal bird trapped in a glass box.So it s a promising debut, but by no means flawless I ll be intrigued to see what Gonsalves does next.

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    Think American Panda meets Paperweight , which sounds really great except it felt like I d already read this, because I wouldn t say it does a ton on top of those things Especially because although she s in college, she s never in that setting for any portion of the book, so it differentiates itself even less from Paperweight From a queer perspective, I really liked this I know readers will dislike Danny s refusal to self label, and the author knows it, too, because there s an author s note that pre emptively addresses what a lot of criticism of this book and its main character is gonna be More on that below But over and over again it s made clear that Danny s still questioning things, that maybe she s somewhere on the ace spectrum no such words are used, but she says things repeatedly about not being sexual, and it s never clear to the reader or to her whether it s Bugg or girls that are the exception , and I thought it was nicely done and very believable for Danny On the subject of that author s noteI did not love its inclusion She s not wrong that people are going to hate the lack of labeling, or the main character eschewing medication for mental illness content warning there this is another of those I hate the way it makes me feel books that just leaves it at that , but those are the choices you make as an author and leave to the reader to react to This feels like a Can t criticize me because I explained move, vs an author s note like in If I Was Your GirlIf I Was Your Girl, where the author s note genuinely felt in service of readers And that s an easy way out, which, honestly, I felt like the book s ending was too Not an easy way out for Danny, per se, but an easy way out for the author It s hard to discuss without spoiling it, but it felt to me as if it was telling me Danny had had some sort of character arc that I just wasn t seeing None of this is to say I think it s a bad book, and I m sure there are readers who will find themselves in it I just don t know that they ll feel good about that by the time they finish.Cw Heavy eating disorder themes and depictions, mentions of suicide, above note re mental illness meds

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    Danny returns from an eating disorder clinic, reluctant to tell her BFF Sara the real reason she was MIA for two months Danny s life slowly spins back out of control, despite possibly falling in love.Finding empathy for Danny, short for Dandelion, was difficult for me She didn t realize she was steeped in privilege from loving, though imperfect, parents, her parents paying for Harvard, having the financial resources to spend two months in a treatment center etc Her dishonesty with everyone, including herself made her unlikable She stopped taking meds and lies to her therapist about everything acting like a twelve year old than a young woman of nineteen Danny had little or no consequence for her self destructive behavior, her parents never set limits.Florence Gonsalves must have wanted Danny to be unlikable, for how she behaved at Sara s funeral Selling Sara s car, given to her by Sara s parents was a slap in the face to them The only person who mildly confronts Danny is Steven, and then he basically apologizes to her.I hate the ending, with Danny refusing treatment and likely going off on her own to find herself Substance abuse and mental illness isn t cured by taking a road trip.

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    VERY well written, Love Other Carnivorous Plants by Florence Gonsalves is a book that explores some extremely heavy topics mental health, eating disorders, sexuality and sexual identity, grief and substance abuse It s hard for me to write a review for this one this doesn t feel like the best space to try to grapple with what I ve read or what I m feeling after finishing Just know that this book is not for the faint of heart You want a fluffy, cute read Go find a Kasie West book This one was raw and real.

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    Ok so first of all trigger warnings for this book for fatphobia and an eating disorder I know it s in the synopsis, but it should be a warning before going into this book, too.I had so many issues with this book I know there s an author s note at the end where the author explains that she recognizes her main character isn t exemplary and engages in unhealthy coping mechanisms, but I personally don t think addressing the problems with some of the character s habits in a letter at the end as opposed to within the story itself is sufficient Like this interaction between the MC and the love interest warning for fatphobia ahead Is that you Sure is Right before my parents made me go to fat camp I wish my parents would send me to fat camp Bugg plants her feet on the ground and says sharply, You think you have it hard, but there are people in the world who are than ten pounds overweight Having been one of those people, it sucks when you complain about being fat when you re not They then go on to agree that it obviously isn t a moral failing not to be a size six and that people should mind their own business about other people s bodies but why are they both immediately associating being fat with having it hard And really The most they can agree on is that it isn t a moral failing to not be what they think is the right size Yeah, not judging people for the choices they make is a first step, but the fact that neither of them can fathom a situation in which someone that s fat is happy or accepted sends a potentially harmful message to readers, especially since it was an outlook that was never addressed anywhere else in the story itself Issue 2 The main character is HORRIBLE to the people around her Even when she s or less healthy at the beginning of the book She s overly sarcastic and intentionally insulting condescending to virtually everyone in her life I kept waiting for her to soften have an emotional scene with anyone, but the conversation always ended in her yelling the most hurtful things she could think of She doesn t change or develop at all in the story no one calls her out and she never sees an issue with how she treats other people Issue 3 I get a book centering heavily on one character, but that doesn t mean the other characters should be two dimensional or used simply as plot devices I don t want to go too far into this because of spoilers, but NONE of the side characters felt fleshed out or complex.Ok, I think that s it I can appreciate and respect a book that attempts to start a dialogue and spark discussion, but if you re going to do that you need to actually engage in those discussions within the story It s not enough to portray a character with a dangerous mental illness and never really show her realization that her habits are unhealthy or having any meaningful discussions with anyone in her life.

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    O tej ksi ce praktycznie nic nie s ysza am, jednak by am jej bardzo ciekawa.Przede wszystkim pozycja ta jest na adowana powa nymi tematami Mamy zaburzenia od ywiania, depresj , a ob , uzale nienia i wiele innych, kt rych zdradza nie chc.Nie spodziewa am si , e b dzie tu takie tego na adowanie, ale to na pewno jest na plus, bo nie jest to zwyk a m odzie wka, a raczej taka, z kt rej mo na du o wynie.Pod koniec troch brakowa o mi zako czenia niekt rych w tk w, ale nie mog powiedzie , e mamy ca kiem otwarte zako czenie.Nie jest to nie wiadomo jak dobre young adult, ale jednak nale y do tych lepszych, po kt re naprawd warto si gn.

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    I really loved Danny s voice in this book She made me laugh and feel her acute contradictions and the itchy realness of her suffering She was a wonderful narrator of the show don t tell variety, who fucks up and fucks up and lies to herself and lies to you and makes hyperbolic jokes all along the way.The story itself I didn t love Halfway through it takes a sudden sharp turn, and from there wavers along, no longer certain of its destination or goals It doesn t stick the landing because it can t decide which way it s even jumping Eating disorders, recovery, queer discovery, girls helping girls, challenging your own expectations to live a genuine life, creative writing all topics I love I would recommend this book for stellar YA writing and voices, but not so much the actual plot.

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