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The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad chapter 1 The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, meaning The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, genre The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, book cover The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, flies The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad, The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad 9bb1a496ce0eb Hamza And Yehat Are The Coyote Kings Best Friends, One A Disgruntled Dishwasher And The Other A Video Store Clerk, But Each Brilliant In His Own Right Yehat Builds Prototypes Of Space Age Inventions In His Spare Time, While Hamza, A Former English Honors Student Who Was Kicked Out Of The University, Writes Lush, Lyrical Poems When He S Not Blocked Which, These Days, Is Nearly AlwaysWhen The Gorgeous, Mysterious Sherem Shows Up In E Town Decked Out In Desert Finery, Hamza S Creative Spark Is Ignited Who Is This Sophisticated Woman That Speaks Arcane African Tongues, Quotes From Obscure Comics And Star Wars Movies, Yet Seems Somehow Too Ethereal For The World Hamza Inhabits And What Is The Lost Artifact That She And A Cast Of Coiffed Collectors And Criminal Cultists So Desperately Seek As Hamza Falls Blindly In Love With Sherem, Little Does He Know That He And Yehat Play The Biggest Part Of All In The Recovery Of The Ancient Relic And In The Future Of All Living Beings

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    The choir of TVs sings, epicenter at Kalispell, Montana, but at seven point two on the Richter scale this is by far the largest earthquake to hit this part of North America in recorded history Man I snap I feel like a freakin mope How could this ve happened and we not even know about it Did you know about this, Ye Nope Must be our jet setting schedules Damn, Ye, the whole freakin planet is crumbling And what were we doing so we didn t know about this We were watching crap on TV How come we didn t We weren t watching TV Oh no Then what were we We were watching videos Carpenter s The Thing and the original 1950s dumb version with the evil scientist and the man carrot from space Well, what s wrong with us, then Do we have our heads so far up our genre asses we don t even know it when the earth is splitting open We re like fifties housewives hopped up on goofballs, makin SPAM meat loaf an putting our hair in curlers while Kennedy s threatening to start World War Three You even know what goofballs are, or you just steal that from Seinfeld From William S Burroughs Okay, not goofballs Prozac and soap operas I scowl, flail, rage on Ye, didn t you think that by the time we were twenty five we d ve done something important, be having ad ventures or something, not working shit jobs and watching PAL copies of Space 1999 while the world is flushing itself down a black hole Hamza, relax, guy Y know, we always thought that if we were Luke, when Ben offered the chance to go to Alderaan and become Jedis, we d jump up and say, When do we leave But naw, we d just be a couple of pussies whining about not having enough money to pay the utilities an then go back to playin with our own light sabers CHARACTER DATAEric Daniel GonzalezINTELLIGENCE Higher than he thinks lower than others thinkSTRENGTH Uncanny ability to come across as approachable, intimidating, or forgettable at willWEAKNESS Passivity 50, shyness 25ARMOR TYPE Dark hoodies, blue jeans, Nike sneakersSHIT POINTS, TAKE GIVE 50 50INTROVERSION EXTROVERSION 40 1 3 if around familiar people JOKES, FREQUENCY RANGE SUCCESS 12, situational, 6EYES FourRACIAL AMBIGUITY 10SPANISH, UNDERSTANDING SPEECH LITERACY 3 1 1TRIVIA DEXTERITY General TV 15, general movies 15, WWE 200, pro wrestling 100, The Simpsons 100, comic books 15GENRE ALIGNMENT Speculative fiction general , sitcoms, animated sitcoms, comedy general , comic books general , pro wrestling, pulp, fanfiction video games IMPAIRMENT Near sightedness, insomnia, morningsAKA Danny, Uppgreyedd, Upp, Hey, you SLOGAN I m pessimistically optimistic Hamza and Yehat are the titular Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad intelligent, creative, snarky, black, nerdy 25 year old best friends and roommates who are underachievers, and they are most assuredly not proud of it Hamza is an expelled English honors student with a special talent for finding what he s looking for who washes dishes at a restaurant whose clientele and non kitchen staff he hates Yehat is an engineer so brilliant he s trying to make his own battle armor who works at a rental video store On a somewhat unpleasant Wednesday night stroll in E Town where the above conversation took place Hamza and Ye catch sight of a passing eye catching beauty that Hamza can t get out of his head And the following day after four not so coincidental sightings of this gorgeous sister he works up the courage to approach her and quickly finds himself head over heels for Sherem And with Sherem s sudden presence in Hamza and Yehat s lives the following week ends up being some crazy life altering shit.Normally, when I struggle to remember the plot of a novel and this is probably the same for you that s a tell tale sign of a story that wasn t worth my time, my money, or my brain activity But in spite of the genre mystery, sci fi, paranormal trappings Minister Faust s debut novel which was originally a film script, which explains a lot is a character study stuffed with gut busting laughs multiple first person narrators whose narrations each drip with their own personality, style, and charm no joke, each narrator has their own RPG character sheet and some truly heartfelt talk regarding the unfulfilling, disheartening aimlessness of early adulthood that will painfully resonant with anyone who spent any number of years in their twenties complacent and dissatisfied, simply going through the motions of your routine day by day working at your likely shit job with your hobbies being the only thing that can get you through the whole week, knowing deep down you re partially if not mainly to blame for your existential funk.So once I was done I found it easy to forgive the shortcomings of the not all that intriguing plot something Faust seems to have been aware of since the epilogue is at the beginning of his novel and his prologue is at the end I even found myself forgiving the other flaws of The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad that bothered me , such as out of all are colorful, lively narrators only one was female who was the love interest, and she s the only female character active in the story , and as interesting as Sherem is she s arguably a manic pixie dream girl There are also so many pop culture references that than a few times I found myself thinking, I get it, Faust, your reservoir of geek and nerd knowledge is deeper than mine will ever be. But, man, if The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad which, hoo boy, that mouthful of a title is hard to forget, isn t it ain t physical proof that personality and character can go a long way then call me a jimp.In advance, shut up I know epilogues go at the end My point here, which should have been obvious already in my opinion, is that I am telling you some of the end of this story so as to get you to comprehend the mind set under which I am currently operating and during which I am escaping.I think that made sense.The point is, is that this summer has been really, well it has included an unexpected series of events Events That doesn t quite episodes Adventures Harrowing escapades Whaddya want me to say Things.Basically, what I m supposed to make sense of this Okay, in the space of, like, a week, I find out, well, confirm, really, ten years after the fact, that two of my best friends from high school are scumbags on a scale that will take me the rest of this space to divulge in full vulgarity and horror and that my roommate is a brilliant antisocial son of a gun damn near literally who abandoned me at the moment of my greatest epiphany and my most supreme terror that washing dishes at the preppy restaurant equivalent of a roach motel is not and was never supposed to be my destiny that a gang of crack criminals in a ninja van from hell were in league with who else Satan that the woman of my dreams strong, smart, beautiful, who can accurately and appropriately quote Star Wars and 2001 has fins, and her pursuit of a seven thousand year old vendetta would almost get me killed about a million times in the Wednesday to Wednesday space of the middle of July That she could both rebuild my heart and break it And I still don t know if that s the correct order and, of course, that magic is real.It was the worst week that summer.And the greatest seven days of my life.3 3 4 stars

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    Afro Canadian political activist, poet, and playwright Minister Faust s first novel, The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad, begins at the end Protagonist Hamza Achmed Qebhsennuf Senesert, a disenfranchised twentysomething living in 1995 Edmonton E Town as he calls it , freely admits, In advance, shut up I know epilogues go at the end The opening is the most conventional piece of this nonlinear novel.Hamza and his best friend roommate Yeh Yehat Bartholomew Gerbles are the Coyote Kings Steeped in the world of pop culture, the Coyotes see everything within those terms Comic books, Star Trek, science fiction movies, Philip K Dick, and much obscure references litter the prose.Faust s humorous novel is not merely a collection of cultural trivia He has produced a well conceived story about redemption, friendship, and the possible end of the world with heaping samples of politics and religion thrown in For the most part, the characters are divided into amusing protagonists and singular antagonists The Fanboys, a collection of five geeks, are the extreme revenge for anyone who was ever picked on as a child for being different Their employer, an ex jock and successful entrepreneur, devises a plan for metaphysical Armageddon Hamza s girlfriend an enigma who worships Alan Moore, can accurately and appropriately quote Star Wars, and is given to erratic and sometimes dangerous behavior is the one person who can stop the diabolical scheme.With an attention to detail and an eye for the absurd, it is as if Faust channeled Mark Twain to write a Neal Stephenson novel Although flawed the plot unveils too slowly, and there are too many viewpoints The Coyote Kings of the Space Age Bachelor Pad explodes off the page as an intelligent, fun filled pop culture adventure This review originally appeared in The Austin Chronicle, August 20, 2004 Link

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    Although I found that I wasn t terribly invested in the actual plot dealing with Egyptian, Sudanese, and North American mythical figures and histories , Minister Faust is a genius at developing characters voices There are many characters here, and each of them gets at least a brief turn at first person narration in another writer s hands, this would likely be quite confusing, but their voices are so distinctive and interesting that it is not only easy to follow but extremely entertaining And I loved the two main characters, Ye and Hamza, particularly their pop culture references those to nerd culture, movies, conspiracy theories, and world music were particularly notable and the strong and nicely developed friendship between the two of them.

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    This book pulled me in fast, and it ll probably pull you in too if you re enough like me that you re reading my book reviews that is, a fan, a geek, or at the very least some variety of nerd It slows a little in the middle as we begin branching out to follow other, stranger characters, but it pulls together and starts rushing forward again soon enough Every section is written in first person, but we follow a variety of people, some of them mercifully briefly when they narrate in heavy dialogue it was saved from being awful by the sheer chutzpah of oh yes, he s going to take this to its horrifyingly logical conclusion, really and truly many of the sections are preceded by mock RPG character sheets fear not any roll the numbers scenario with stats like wisdom fortune cookie 8, experiential 2 or shit points, give take 3000 0 All of the characters had a certain something that made them interesting and memorable, including the bad guys, but I was definitely with Hamza and his fanpair Yehat the whole way down, rejoicing to see characters so much like me leading in an adventure story which might seem odd on the face of it, as I m neither Black, male, Canadian, underemployed, single, nor heterosexual, but was instead quite straightforward as it felt like Hamza and Yehat and I approached these identity points with the same attitudes and that is how the identification actually happened, even beyond the huge common point of fannish geekiness and also to see characters who are so close and yet so very far from me these would be the Fanboys getwell, I won t spoil it, but I think you know what I mean.This isn t a particularly easy book to put down and pick up, but once I settled down with it it wasn t a hard book, although I had to pause for contemplation of the sheer awesome occasionally I won t give away the ending except to say that it was not what I expected but it was what I wanted Oh, it absolutely was, in all sorts of fantastic ways.

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    Loved the voice in this book and the story but wish the women only two in this had to do.This took forever to read because I borrowed it from the library and kept running out of time and had to keep returning it.

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    Kot tam, this was a hell of an adventure Rich cultural interplay, delicious language play I m not at all surprised that Faust is a poet, among his other talents it s clear that he loves and is great at making words do tricks thrilling adventures, delicious use of mythology, and a wonderful, heart of hearts bedrock solid friendship as the emotional core of the story.My one major caveat is that it s a total boys club of a novel there s only one female character who has an agency, and she s the Beautiful And Mysterious Plot Instigator in the meantime, several of the minor character POVs are misogynist in varying levels of explicitness Still, it didn t do as badly on that front as it could have, and there was so much good stuff going on that the lady problems didn t ruin it for me.

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    I found this book on the new books shelf at the Orange County Public Library well over 5 years ago The title knocked me out When I came to, I did my first sentence test first sentence being loosely defined and it passed Epilogue IN ADVANCE SHUT UP I KNOW EPILOGUES GO AT THE END.MY point here, which should have been obvious already in my opinion, is that I am telling you some of the end of this story so as to get you to comprehend the mind set under which I am currently operating and during which I am escaping I was hooked I had to read this bold thing.I ve never seen a writer write the way Minister Faust does I m a fast reader and tend to miss a lot, sadly but it s just how I read it s who I am so on this rereading I m trying to take it slow and see it all so I can LEARN IT This book appeals to the science fiction, hip hop, funky side of me the characters are introduced with a stat page, like you d see in a DD game One character is building armor R Mer There s a mysterious box There s funky music I wish there was a soundtrack to this book It also appeals to my desire to now and then read books about people who do not look like me these are young, single Canadian black men strongly rooted in African heritage I m a middled age, married American white woman who like to think of herself as Irish sometimes Now that s different at least on the surface.I also wanted to read a book about people who are like me And these people are they struggle, they hurt, they are petty, they are lonely, they fight the good fight and fail Yeah, these are my people And the writing.holy frak Descriptions like nothing I ve ever read Power lines are spider webs and traffic lights are flies caught in the web Mysterious flashbacks to a memory that never happened a woman, a cliff and the end of the world I have GOT to slow down so I can catch everything but I so, so very much want to find out what happens next I ve fallen into this book and don t want to give up.

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    I ve been making a conscious decision lately to try to be stingy with 5 star reviews, but this book definitely earned all 5 stars Possibly .It was recommended to me by the fabulous Mur Lafferty, on her I Should Be Writing podcast, when I asked about how to write with the POV alternating between characters and still keep the character voices distinct She said this book would be a GREAT example of this can be very well done Boy howdy, she was right.At the start of the book, the various character voices took some getting used to, but I pretty quickly got the hang of it Before I was a quarter of the way in, I had no problems distinguishing who was speaking And that s WITH my tendency to have problems mixing up characters when a lot are introduced at once The characters themselves are great I adore Hamza and Ye You don t often get to read books about geeks, and pretty much every character in this book is a geek a gang of hardened criminals drug pushers murderers who call themselves the Fan Boys Yes, yes indeed and these two show it the most This book is also good for geeks before each character s first POV chapter, there is a stat sheet, with RPG like stats in various categories, including their main fandoms High fives forever.And then the story It did not go where I expected it to go, at all And it was FASCINATING to watch it develop And Hamza and Ye Oh man oh man I don t think I have ever read anything as deeply touching as chapter 66 What a perfect example of friendship It s a scene that would be totally normal in a book about girl best friends, but instead it s between two socially awkward, geeky guys And it s wonderful And wonderfully written The ending is wonderful, too I am not going to give it away, because everyone should read it, but again it was not what I expected, or what I thought was being foreshadowed But it was still fitting and kind of perfect.

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    It was a complex, jumbled, difficult read because of all the shifting first person narrative Hamza.Yehat.Allen.Each of the FanBoys Digaestus, Frosty, Alpha Cat, Zenko.Sherem.Kevlar and Heinz But their voices were all distinctive with weird little verbal quirks Yehat and his eternal variations on the word jimp , Allen and his eternal variations on calling people ass whatever The accents were spelled out in unique ways that made me have to slow down and read The language goes from eloquent Digaestus stutters profusely when he speaks but is well spoken in his own mind to ridiculous Alpha Cat is apparently a white guy who insists on affecting a Jamaican accent to profane variations on typical urban profanity to the sacred Hamza is a lapsed Muslim so says kot tam instead of God damn so as not to take God s name in vain.And did I mention that Hamza, the hero of the piece, is black, and a Muslim and the hero of the piece I did, and it bears repeating because that s such a phenomenal thing in this day and age.There are odd we grew up in the 70s and 80s bits of pop culture sprinkled in for flavor, and there are several twists, turns and tragic shocks.Do not let the strange narrative jimping around throw you There s a really deep bit of story under all the tug of war for the narrative.

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    Highly original plot I enjoyed the setting, picking out places I knew A little slow in spots but I m glad I persevered Quibble Some of the villain POV was hard to get through and remember who was who amongst the FanBoys

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