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    The Path of Anger is Antoine Rouaud s much hyped world debut in various languages, including the original French La Voie de la Colere Le Livre et l Epee I and English with a literal translation of the title and it has been a highly expected novel of mine for a long time, so I got a copy the moment it was out and I read it fast as it was quite a page turner.Story wise, it is hard to talk about the book without major spoilers which while I suspected some on general principles, the author s able misdirection made them a surprise as execution went As structure, the book alternates the present starting as the blurb indicates with the famous general and knight Dun Cadal with power to command the animus you know what that is from Star Wars and the like now wasting his final years away in drink, while everything he believed in crumbled around him, and the past where it is recounted the story of his protegee Frog who had saved his life in a rebellion and whom Dun Cadal took to court as a squire and helped him realize his dream of becoming a knight too As opposed to the usual fantasy genre structure of alternating chapters, the book uses the literary fiction technique of switching in mid paragraph between the times and as that is done outstandingly, The Path of Anger stands out from the usual genre offering While I had some quibbles about the plot especially about the wedding at the end which really didn t make sense at least as our current understanding of the position of the respective characters in the world of the series, the main drawback is the almost complete lack of world building which leads to the novel reading as characters acting in theater with props, very well done for what is, but in contemporary top tier secondary world fantasy, we need , namely a sense of the world beyond a few cliches.The ending is at a good stopping point, wrapping up the main plot driver of the novel and preparing for what comes next when the book and the sword of the title series should start revealing their significance their identities are pretty obvious from the start as the blurb talks about the sword, while the book in cause is mentioned every few pagesOverall, The Path of Anger has outstanding writing style I would say arguably better than anything in contemporary secondary world fantasy genre superbly drawn characters and narrative momentum and it is a novel that if it were about college students professors, historical personages in a context and maybe even sf in a logical future of our world, it would have been awesome but as fantasy it falls short due to minimal world building which modern serious fantasy of the secondary world kind requires to be in the top tier.While not yet a top 25 of mine though it may grow on me with time and or new installments I highly recommend The Path of Anger for its major positives and I am definitely interested in the sequel as I want to see both what happens to the main characters and where the storyline of the book and the sword goes

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    Wonderful read Started off a little rickety, but I was very quickly ensnared by this character driven story It was a joy to read, the characters easy to love, loathe and admire Often simultaneously.

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    Interesting fantasy by a non English speaking author Not the best I ve read, but certainly not the worst The author s world is somewhat strange a mixture of medieval France primarily Provence and that of the French Revolution The story describes the fall of the Empire ancien regime and the rise of the Republic French Revolution It s mainly a revenge story of a young knight, Frog, seeking to avenge his father s death and with an old has been alcoholic general of the Empire, Dun Cadal, trying to stop Etienne Azdeki, a Robespierre figure who wishes to overthrow the Republic and to vest all power in himself The story involves a sword a symbol of the Empire, and an indestructible scripture in which is written the destiny of mankind As a fighting tool there was the animus, which I took as a kind of mind control of movement of objects, on its simplest level, to death, on its deepest.Some of the juxtapositions of time periods were strange e.g., councilors and statesmen wearing togas The choices of names of characters made me smile and were jarring until I got used to them many were close to Shakespearean names Laerte, Oratio, Iago, Viola or to those of legend Esyld Isolde The author did a masterful job of switching from the novel s present to its past not blatant flashbacks but italicized sentences from the past bleeding into prior action or, a usual literary device section breaks It took me awhile to figure this out At first the story s told from Dun Cadal s viewpoint as a defender of the Empire, then the same story from Frog s The novel stressed the themes of loyalty, friendship, love and loss, deceit, revenge Some things were not as they appeared on the surface I felt nothing for any of the characters until the last couple of chapters For much of the novel they seemed one dimensional Although not the most gripping I ve read, this novel is still worthwhile.

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    Indeed this books was quite a page turner Until the last two chapters where I felt that the story has gone a little downway And in spite of some flaws in the story and some boring repetitions about the sword and a magic book, in the end the whole situation works quite well.The structure was a little surprising but still it wasn t something new Like the way that Peter V Brett made his books until now There are a lot of surprises and the story turns right and left in a way that you couldn t predicted until that very moment.This is a very intense book that reminded me of The Scar by Sergey Dyachenko in wich the charachers lived trough really big dramas The same way here And sometimes the fantasy setting doesn t matter at all I highly recommend it More in romanian on

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    Attack someone from behind There s no honor in fighting like that There s no honor at all in killing someone, lad.No matter how you strike.There s no glory to be had in taking a life General Dun Cadal Daermon was one of the most famous generals of the Empire In the years since the Empire s fall, the general has been drinking his life away, waiting for death to come and attempting to remove the betrayals of his friends from his mind First and foremost in Dun Cadal s mind is the loss of his apprentice, Frog, whom he trained into knighthood Viola, a historian from the Great College of Emeris, and she is on a quest to find the Emperor s legendary sword, Era d Rumor has it that Dun Cadal escaped the Empire s fall with the Era d in hand, and Viola wants to know where he hid it When Dun Cadal s once friends are assassinated one at a time, the two are caught up in a massive plot in which not much can be said without revealing a significant part of the plot.Knights in The Path of Anger use magic called the animus, very similar in use to the Force I ve always thought that pure air, pure force, if you will, provides the best basis for a magic system It s simple, isn t exactly the standard muttering of a spell to cast a fireball, and it s fun Where the Force appears to be able to be cast without consequences, the animus has distinct detrimental effects on the body and soul There s something awesome about slamming the ground and having the enemies surrounding you be launched backwards.It seems to be a trend in recent fantasy novels for authors to use flashbacks in one way or another Personally I think that, however interesting the flashback may be, it almost always detracts from the pacing of the present story While most, if not all of the novels that utilize flashbacks separate them by chapter, Antoine Rouaud weaves the flashbacks into the story mid paragraph Whether they re dreams or stories being told, they re masterfully woven into the story in a way that does not detract from the pacing of the present story at all the narrative flow is likely better than anything I ve read this year While most of the credit goes to Rouaud in writing the story, credit must be given to Tom Clegg, the translator Many translated novels suffer from bumps in the translation that hinder the narrative in some way Clegg s translation is superb.The Path of Anger is full of compelling characters Dun Cadal, Frog, and Viola are all well sculpted and the minor characters are fleshed out in comparison to the many novels that simply sideline their non essential characters Dun Cadal may have been an impressive figure years ago, before the Empire s fall, but he s spent the last several years drinking his life away and the alcohol s effects are apparent he s no longer a great swordsman Viola s a young bookworm with no experience in politicking and warfare outside of what she s read in her books.There was one issue that seems to have nagged at everyone who s read the book the world building There isn t any The Path of Anger is definitely a character and plot driven story, but may cities and events are simply named and dropped I don t know if a map is included in the press release of the novel, but I m of the feeling that maps are essential in most science fiction and fantasy novels that take place or at least mention several different locations The world isn t described and it takes a certain something out of the story to prevent it from being a full one, though in the end the lack of world building was a fairly minor issue in comparison to the beauty of the narrative and the characters.The Path of Anger s ending was somewhat jumbled, though it did end in a solid stopping point, though I am very eagerly awaiting the sequel Despite the distinct lack of world building, Antoine Rouaud s The Path of Anger is absolutely worth the read, if only for the superb narrative Rouaud, with the help of his translator Clegg, has a way with words that simply works.

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    La fantasy est clairement mon genre litt raire de pr dilection, alors comment passer c t de ce que les ditions Bragelonne annoncent comme un ph nom ne La voie de la col re est le premier roman d un auteur francophone, Antoine Rouaud, par ailleurs concepteur r dacteur chez NRJ, et St phane Marsan l a pr sent comme le meilleur roman de fantasy fran ais qu il ait lu depuis 10 ans C est donc avec un r el enthousiasme que j ai accept la proposition de Babelio de le recevoir en avant premi re pour le chroniquer.C est de la fantasy somme toute assez classique qu on nous propose l Une histoire de chevaliers et d honneur, une histoire de pouvoir et de trahison, de vengeance aussi bien s r Mais une histoire qui diff re un peu des autres par la forme, sinon par le fond En effet, le roman s articule en deux parties respectivement d di es au point de vue du chevalier Dun Cadal et celui de son apprenti, le jeune Grenouille De plus, dans chacune de ces deux parties, la narration oscille entre pass et pr sent Cela donne un dr le de m lange auquel j ai eu un peu de mal m habituer, il faut bien le reconna tre.A naviguer ainsi perp tuellement entre souvenirs et r alit pr sente, j avais parfois l impression assez frustrante que l intrigue n avan ait pas d un poil, et pour ce qui est du retournement de situation qui pr side la seconde partie, il est un peu tomb plat pour moi puisque j avais devin l identit de la main de l empereur depuis un bon moment d j A e Je ne parle m me pas du on adopte un nouveau point de vue et on recommence de la seconde partie qui a bien failli m achever compl tement Mais cela eut t un peu dommage de m arr ter en si bon chemin, alors ma foiLa seconde partie a t plus conforme mes esp rances Les relations entre Dun Cadal et Grenouille sonnent parfaitement juste Ils voluent norm ment au fil du livre, gagnent en profondeur et en cr dibilit La chute de l Empire et les balbutiements de la R publique, avec tout ce que cela peut comporter d intrigues et d incertitudes, la destin e en guise de religion, la magie du Souffle sont autant d l ments int ressants qui se r v lent nous petit petit, comme ceux d un univers en construction La plume de l auteur est fluide, plaisante et relativement efficace Bon, il faudra quand m me veiller mettre moins de regards torves dans la suite, a finit par devenir un peu crispant force Finalement, est ce que je lirai la suite Oui, je suppose Pour l auteur, pour ses personnages et son univers, en esp rant quelque chose de plus direct dans les volumes venir, et aussi une intrigue m me de surprendre les habitu s de la fantasy, dont je suis, parce que l pour le coup, c est un roman tr s pr visible Peut mieux faire, j en suis persuad e

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    Excelente livro de capa e espada com um pouco de magia.A primeira parte conta a reminisc ncias sob o ponto de vista do General Dun Cadal, idoso, esquecido, ex her i do Imp rio.A segunda parte reconta sob o ponto de vista de R , o garoto que o General treinou para se tornar um Cavaleiro do Imp rio, como se fosse um filho.Vale a pena ler, em que pese o t tulo, n o t o chamativo, mas que sintetiza a busca do destino.

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    I must admit my first impression was that this debut Fantasy novel was a book catering to the I know what I like reader Admittedly the cover is very cool, but as we re looking at a world of knights, Emperors and assassins, I was rather concerned that I d think I d read it all before.How wrong I was.General Dun Cadal Daermon is a broken man, spending his days hidden away in a corner of the world drinking his life away Whilst there he is found by Viola, a young historian from the new Empire who has found Dun Cadal in the hope that she can discover what it was like at the time of the fall of the Emperor , from someone who was there.More importantly, she hopes to persuade him to tell her what others have tried to discover, and failed to do The main plot is about an attempt to recover Eraed, the Emperor s sword, reputed to be magic, which was once allegedly hidden by Dun Cadal when the Empire fell.At the same time old friends of Cadal s, who unlike him abandoned their imperialistic ideals and embraced the Republic, are being assassinated The truth, when it is discovered, is a revelation.The world is deliberately medieval esque It s rather like the French Revolution of the 1790 s transposed to a traditional medieval fantasy world There is magic here, known as the animus, which people can tap into, although at a physical cost.The world of Masalia is a world in transition a place where we look at the formation of a Republic and the collapse of an Empire It raises interesting questions, in the same way that the Star Wars trilogy does when the Empire s ended, the bad guys have been beaten what happens next The reader, and the people within this world, may not like all that they see.In the end, The Path of Anger is a much richer, darker and subtler story than a mere quest novel It is not just about the quest but also about betrayal, about friendship and about loyalty, all of which are tested along the way It s even about redemption, of a sort.Interestingly, we see the main events twice once focused around General Dun Cadal and historian Viola, and then, in the second part, around Dun Cadal s apprentice, Frog Some writers would have intertwined these two viewpoints throughout I m pleased to say that Antoine has taken the less exhausting route of dividing the book into two parts Cleverly, and with the vantage of hindsight, the reader can see the same events but from different perspectives and with a different understanding as they read them again In each part we are reminded of events in the past as well as in the present, as memories flash back to and from the present point in the plot.I enjoyed this very much The language, the style, the subtle characterisation that develops as you read, made this a pleasure.Indeed, a pleasant surprise, and one which takes those usual tropes to create something that is clearly its own story Recommended.

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    Waw.That was a pleasant surprise.There where 2 things that made me read it The beautiful cover and the narrator of the audio book, which is Michael Kramer, one of my favorites.The book actually was great up to the last 10% or so, after that it became a little confusing and rushed That s ruined it for me a little, but it still 4.5 stars read.I won t describe the synopsis, which can be found pretty much in every review, but I will mention the things I liked.Cons As I said before it s the end, which felt rushed.Pros 1 It has a good pace I wasn t bored for a moment I was intrigued by the story, especially when it reached the middle of the book, when I received another surprise.2 In the middle of the book the POV changed It the first time that I met this style of writing, and it actually it was very refreshing to see the story from the second POV after I saw the story from the previous one 3 The story reminded me of one of favorite books of all time The count of Monte Cristo, although the similarities are pretty distant when you think about it, but still, it did.4 The great narrator made the book even better.As a conclusion, I think that the book is a great book, and I honestly don t understand the bad reviews The bad point that I saw a few reviewers mentioned is the lack of world building I didn t feel it, and I m a big Sanderson fan I think it says a lot I will recommend the book to all Sanderson s fans and Dumas s of course too , and not only.I just hope that the next book will be translated, and not passed by because of the bad rating and lack of popularity.The most underrated book I read ever.

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    Interestingly structured book though the interesting structure is only explainable in a way that s a bit spoilery so I won t elaborate on that The bulk of the story takes place in Flashback as a seemingly pathetic old man gives an account of his part in the events leading up to the fall of an Empire while becoming involved in a conspiracy at the heart of the new Republic As I stated the structure is the story s unique selling point though the writing is solid if a little bit unwieldy at times though it is translated so that s forgivable Though marketed as fantasy with plot centring around mystical objects it s not overloaded with supernatural elements, with the plot being concerned with political scheming conspiracy There s a suitable level of moral greyness that underpins this material that I think is always necessary to keep this kind of plot interesting Conclusive enough in it s own right, though there s definite potential for future development of a series, which I d almost definitely keep following.

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La Voie de la Colère download La Voie de la Colère, read online La Voie de la Colère, kindle ebook La Voie de la Colère, La Voie de la Colère ad95ff04929a There Will Be Blood There Will Be Death This Is The Path Of Anger Dun Cadal Has Been Drinking His Life Away For Years Betrayed By His Friends Who Turned Their Back On Their Ideals In Favour Of A New Republic And Grief Stricken At The Loss Of His Apprentice, Who Saved His Life On The Battlefield And Whom He Trained As A Knight In Exchange, He S Done With Politics, With Adventure, And With People But People Aren T Finished With Him Not Yet Viola Is A Young Historian Looking For The Last Emperor S Sword, And Her Search Not Only Brings Her To Dun Cadal, It S Also Going To Embroil Them Both In A Series Of Assassinations Because Dun Cadal S Turncoat Friends Are Being Murdered, One By One By Someone Who Kills In The Unmistakable Style Of An Imperial Assassin