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Beast (Prydain, #1) files Beast (Prydain, #1) , read online Beast (Prydain, #1) , free Beast (Prydain, #1) , free Beast (Prydain, #1) , Beast (Prydain, #1) b3fac3948 He Stuck The Knife In The Ground And Stripped Off His Leathers The Tunic Came Off, Revealing A Long, Lean, Muscled Torso, Covered In Tattoos Snakes Ran Up And Down His Arms, His Pecs And His Shoulders A Skull Blazed On His Chest Then He Was Pushing Apart My Legs, Settling Between My Thighs, Leaning Over Me He Smelled Of Smoke, Leather And Musk It Was Terrifying, Like Being At The Mercy Of An AnimalFalsely Accused, Wynne Is Determined To Clear Her Name However, A Trip To Petition The Steward At Brighthelme Turns Disastrous When The Beasts, Fearsome Warriors From The Frozen North, Raze The City When Wynne Is Carried Away, She S Determined To Regain Her Freedom But Rune, Her Captor, Has Other Ideas Beast Is Set In Prydain, An Imaginary Place That Combines Anglo Saxon England With Medieval England, The Teutonic Kingdom And The Viking Age Note This Story Contains Kidnapping, Dub Con And Graphic Violence It Is A Standalone Novel No Cliff Hangers

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    Tried it and unfortunately the writing style wasn t my thing I don t know if it s just me or what but I could, honest to God, read only one page and the way the writer tells the story, I was completely confused on than just one occasion I really don t like the flow and the way the sentenses are formed, just lacks some order It goes from what happened in the past, then to the future, then again some mix with the past I just want to know what s what at all times and I couldn t get that from this story.

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    World building 5 starsCharacters 5 starsStory 5 starsRomance 5 starsA.J Adams, I m so glad you re back

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    Beast is different and it won t be for everyone The characters and where it all takes place is pure fiction but there is a mix between the Vikings and Anglo Saxon England with some other modern day objects included.The blurb sounded interesting and seeing as the author contacted me and asked for a read and review and why the hell not As I said and I can only emphasise the fact that this will not be for everyone There is non consenual acts, there is dubious content and there is the sharing of women between the Beasts from the North If you can oversee all that then you might like it Admittedly it was hard for me but once they started to get to know one another, Rune Wynne the MC I really liked it Ms Adams doesn t sugarcoat it Wynne s inner ramblings did do my nut in to be honest so that is why I docked a star, the content wasn t to a certain point for me but as I need and like diversity in reading, I m not complaining I would have liked to have seen Rune talking in the book Book recieved by author in exchange for an honest review Review can also be found at

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    4 stars when you re owned, body and soul, pride is the only thing you can keep Before I start this review I have to warn youthis book is FILLED with non con sex I do realize that the blurb says that this book is dub con, but nopethere is RAPE in this book and it is in no way consensual But honestly, I think that s why I like this author She GOES THERE, when many other authors are afraid to GO THERE I like my books darkThis was definitely different than her previous books, and that wasn t really a bad thing Being that this is a fantasy novel, it took a bit to get used to the lingo and the different characters But I found that by highlighting the definitions and such and going back when I needed to, definitely made it easier I had to do the same thing when I started the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole, so I was used to it at this point Overall, I enjoyed this book It was a bit predictable at times, but the sex that WAS consensual was hot The heroine was strong The hero was big and sexy What can I ask for

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    Wynne of the Vale has not had an easy life The daughter of a slave she has seen much She finally believes her luck has changed when she returns to her mother s village but it has not changed and in trying to right wrongs she has suffered at the hands of her family she is captured by raiders called beasts and that is just the beginning The beast that claims her is Rune As the story unfolds Wynne comes to see beasts as than what they are rud to be She realizes that she must survive no matter what She wants freedom and her good name back and how she achieves this eventually is not the way she set out to do so I enjoyed the story, the unfolding personalities of the characters, the camaraderie of the beasts, the witty dialogue and the possibilities that were opened up toward the end of the story This is a complete story in novella length but there is potential for a series if the author chooses to write one With nine cities in Pyrdain, fighting and raiding between the cities, information to be shared and so much that can be explored I hope there will be books to look forward to That said this is not a warm cozy romance but one that has some very dark moments for most of the characters the book comes with disclaimers as it should BUT I thoroughly enjoyed it Thank you to the author for the Beta copy of this book to read and review 4.5 Stars

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    Wow This was an interesting book but I can t say it was fun to read since parts of it make the beginning of Kristen Ashley s Golden Dynasty look like a fluffy sweet fairytale Dubious consent my ass, there is out and out rape going on and lots of it so be warned What made me keep reading was that this book was set in a medieval type world with barbarian Viking type men called Beasts wandering around Although nothing can make rape right, it fits the setting, but I wish the author had called it what it was.The town of Brighthelme found out the hard way what happens when you betray barbarians A group of Beasts struck back by burning the town down, killing most the men and taking the women It was harsh and brutal and hard to read By the end of the book I had softened towards their leader, Rune, but I still wasn t won over.Wynne seemed to have the worst of luck The women of this world were basically all slaves, citizens or not Born a slave after her citizen mother was captured, she finally made it back to her mother s family only to be betrayed by them She goes to Brighthelme to clear her name and is kidnapped by the beasts She was strong, intelligent, and never gave up even when the odds were against her I liked her, but her one track mind set on clearing her name got on my last nerve It was a seriously miserable existence she was living before being kidnapped, so I thought she needed to spend a lot time focusing on her present instead of her seriously whacked need to clear her name so she could go back to her really crappy relatives.With their boat burned Rune has to get his men and their captives across the continent, making sure everyone is fed and stays alive I ended up liking him He was unbelievably smart and resourceful and he seemed to have some honor He saw Wynne as a strong, brave, compassionate leader among the women even if those same women reviled her and believed the accusations against her.Again, this was a brutal book but a page turner There were undercurrents throughout that needed to be paid attention to The ending felt unbelievably rushed which really sucked All of a sudden everything was wrapped up in a tidy little bow This did not work for me and I ended up feeling a cheated Again, when I finished I wasn t sure I liked the book but it definitely kept my attention.Spice s Rating 3.5 Decent but Not For The Faint Of Heart Stars.For this review and , check out EDGy Reviews

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    In the mythical, Medieval town of Brighthelm, Wynne is trying to clear her name of a false accusation when the town is attacked and sacked by a group of men known as The Beasts They take a number of females hostage, including Wynne, the plan being to return them for ransomafter having their way with thembut plans never go as expected.AJ has a good solid style that speeds you through the story, nicely Wynne is the center of the piece but her non stop interactions with Rune, the Beast who chooses her as his bed partner, make him almost as important as her The characters, overall, are defined enough to be seen as different personalities, and the attitude that women are good for nothing but to have sex with was probably right for the timetho maybe not quite this casual I m really an M M kind of guy, but the erotic moments between Wynne and Rune, and their growing attraction to each other, were believable Sometimes AJ got carried away with moving the story forward and didn t let moments really happenlike when the girls lose one of their group to deathand when Wynne finally sees the reality of a woman s lot, not only for herself but all women, in Brighthelm But it was a nice, quick read Well done.

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    Wynne and Rune were HOT I wasn t sure I would really like this one since I really prefer contemporary romance to fantasybut in the age where shows like Viking and Game of Thrones rulethis one became very interesting as the story progressed Women were treated as less than dogs by these Beasts and used to trade barter for weapons and food Beast was steamy, violent, crude and filled with so much wild behavior and lustful scenes, that I was swept away by the action and engrossed in the love story.Very different but fans of dystopian sci fi and fantasy will love this one.I received a free copy of this book for an honest review 4 stay calm and breathe and everything will be alright stars

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    A.J.Adams is a new author to me.I spent the morning reading this 3.5 star book and I have to admit at first I wasn t overly impressed as I found it hard to get in to The story didn t grip me at first but towards the last 3rd of the book I really started to enjoy it and was routing for Wynne and Rune.Rune was a complete Beast and Wynne was very brave,selfless and extremely clever The book was written very well and once I got into it the story flowed and hooked me in and it actually left me wanting of their story.It was just a slow starter for me.I do want to read other books by A.J.Adams and see what else she has to offer.

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    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. Title BeastAuthor A J AdamsCategory Fantasy, Dark RomancePOV Heroine s POVCharacters 4.5Plot 4.5Scorching Level 5HEA Not tellingThe author takes us on a journey in the fantasy world of Prydain.There, we meet Wynne of the Vale, a young woman struggling to be free after being a slave along with her mother Fighting for justice she will find herself amongst chaos.When the town is ravaged by the barbarians, known as Beasts, Wynne s world will be forever altered.She is taken as a hostage and her hard journey begins When Rune, one of the warriors comes forth and claims her as his own, she isn t sure if it is for the best because he awakens odd feelings in her.Follow Wynne as she fights for her life and freedom Watch her fall under Rune s spell You were made for me You re mine Watch her as she tries to remain distant, trying to focus on an escape plan When Wynne realizes that no one is saving her or any of the girls the Beasts have taken, she will have to make a choice escape and die or stay and make a life out of Rune s claim on her.The imaginary is very vivid and since I love the author s work, I am amazed to see how talented she is at creating a new fantasy world for her strong characters I loved how spunky Wynne was She never gave up and she had so much knowledge to offer Rune was the perfect stoic hero Tall, dark and handsome, with rippling snake tattoos that captivated our heroineand me The writing is fantastic with the proper amount of twists, sensuality and plot I enjoyed it thoroughly and I finished it in 24 hours Fantastic premise and execution If you love a little spice in your fantasy, then do not miss this book.4.5 Stars

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