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    Book 1 3 starsBook 2 4 starsI didn t read the last two books, so rounding it to 3.5 stars for the first half of the box set.

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    Good storiesGood stories Each one of the guys are so different but so unique in their own ways Overall a pretty good box set

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    Tangled Up in You Gavin is the perfect moody front man, the singer in the band He s sexy and handsome but not in a conventional way And when he opens his mouth, people are drawn to him, not only when he sings but when he is in any kind of crowd And this is the man Sophie meets as a boy of 16 when she does a year of high school overseas in Ireland He s cocky and bold, and he holds his own But like many young loves, life gets in the way, and they re separated Fast forward a few years, and Gavin and his best friend Connor, along with their friends Shay and Martin have formed a bad, Rogue, that is sweeping the world When they just happen to be playing in L.A., Sophie stops in Hearts were broken, and the rejection is still fresh for both of them, but there s something that draws them together, and they find out that their love has only become intense What neither of them suspected was that there was someone else who crushed on her too Secrets are uncovered and love is betrayed Will they make it through the muck and mire that is their pasts and their present, to find any kind of future together There were moments that had me giggling while others had me talking back to the characters I cried and got angry and ran the gamut of emotions with this story I only finished it an hour or so ago, and I m still trying to wrap my head around everything my heart experienced I love when an author can bring out all of the feelings I don t really want to feel, and this author did exactly that Playing at Love After finishing the first book in the series, I was dying to know what happened next for Gavin and Sophia That s why I bought the box set But oh, how much I wanted Conor s love story I knew he had a recovery to make after all that went down in the first book And I knew he d continue to make mistake after mistake because some people are just destined to go through the ringer before finding any kind of real happiness But this was such an explosive love story from so many different angles, and the part that Felicity played in it made all of the difference.Hitting that Sweet Spot This one focuses mainly on Shay, the quiet drummer who has kept secret some horrifying truths about his childhood and continues to find his future tied up with that past, especially when his drug addled brother, Danny Boy, keeps making his life as difficult as he possibly can at every turn.When he meets Jessica, a waitress who has some secrets of her own, and convinces her to move to Dublin with him But when she finds herself mixed up in the circus that is his life, and the return of Danny Boy puts a wrench in the works, she can t take it any My heart went out to both of them as they pushed away from each other and continued the search for what would make them happy, wondering if they would discover that they would only find that happiness together.It isn t until they part ways that they each discover where the problems in their relationships have stemmed from, and each of them has to do an inner examination to find out if they can make another go at it or if this is the end of something sweet.In the meantime, Gavin is still finding his balance after the news of Sophie and Conor s one night affair Working on his relationship with his best friend, Conor, and the woman he s always loved, Sophie, and getting over the anger a jealousy is a hurdle that isn t easy to cross But that isn t all Felicia isn t finding it easy to deal with how well Sophie knows Conor and the path they are choosing to take in their relationship either She s suspicious of them and afraid of Conor going back to his old, playboy ways Jealousy abounds, and misunderstanding is the word of the day And each misstep is played out in the tabloids and on social media It s up to them to take control of their hearts and their lives as they forge through the dirt to find a path that gives them new meaning and new song writing material Finding Rhythm I couldn t put this one down until I finished it in the wee hours of the morning There were so many of the typical expectations from Martin because he d married while young, and he didn t know any better than the life he d had with his wife, Celia He s always been the butt of jokes and had people putting him down, from his bandmates to his wife And he s never been much for working out like the rest of the band, so he s a bit out of shape That is until he meets the woman who is supposed to be helping Danny Boy stay clean She shows him the man underneath the man who has been at the bottom of the totem pole When all of the changes start having an affect on his marriage and his public image, he begins drawing the scrutiny of the tabloids as the rest of the band before him We are left wondering if he will cave and go back to the life he worked so hard and went through so much trouble to overcome or if he will finally find the kind of happiness he didn t realized he d been longing for.I felt so sorry for Martin when his story began It was tough watching him hang in the shadows of everyone around him And when he stepped out into the light, he had no idea how to handle it and ended up tripping over himself It was tough to watch but growing experiences are never easy.It was fun catching up on the other members of the band and seeing what kind of mayhem Martin could get himself into This was one of those stories you can see coming, know it s going to wreck, and you can t help watching it anyway I knew it was going to be difficult from the first time he caught a medicine ball, but it was amazing to see him push through all of it This one brought tears to my eyes and made me chuckle I m glad I had the chance to read this series It was full of teenage angst, growing pains, hard truths and moving forward I really enjoyed it And I look forward to finding out how Danny Boy fares in the next book.

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    I adored all of the books in The Rogue Series, and Full On Rogue is a great way for new readers to fall in love with Lara Ward Cosio s work Reading these books is like traveling the world with this band of Irish rockers Her descriptions of locations make it feel like you re there Her characters are so well crafted, I have to wonder if Lara spent time on a tour bus herself If you re a fan of rock star romance, you NEED to read these books If you love angst, twists and turns, and how messy life can get, then you really, really need to read these books.

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    Hands down, one of the best RR series out there Lara Ward Cosio is a truly exceptional writer She brings you right into the room, the hearts, and the minds of these flawed yet brilliant characters The story is raw, it is real, it is so well balanced between each member of the band, weaving the story through their love, their loss, their friendship, the betrayal and ultimately their redemption and forgiveness This is by far the most realistic storytelling of the rollercoaster of the music industry, touring, and the tangled web of the tabloids I have ever read Yet no matter the lies that are told, there is always a shred of truth and that truth can either haunt you or set you free These boys stick together through it all and come out better for it True love is tested Friendships are tested But the bonds of brotherhood are stronger than any mistake can break When there is a Question then I ve got an answer These books will wrap you up into their lives and take you around the world Each city is described with such accuracy that you will feel like you are right there with them I hope you love them as much as I did And, you might as well take a listen to Koladine yes, an Irish band while your reading Their songs embody the story so well it s uncanny No, I have no idea if related Enjoy my playlist on Spotify

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    Series rockedLoved the series because despite it being about rock star romances that can often feel incredibly contrived, Lara shared incredibly complex characters who faced both ordinary and extraordinary challenges in fun to be a fly on the wall ways And I swear I was blown away by the romances than the romances because Lara writes about the fragility inherent in every relationship regardless of gender and the joys and lows of connections regardless of how long they may last.

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    Lara Ward Cosio s Rogue series is an amazing journey rich in detail and full of portrayals that are so interesting, from their lowest to their highest points they all resonate with an intensity that is virtually impossible to walk away from This writer s gift of story telling in a unique and intimate way shines even in her work s darkest moments and is brilliant at its best This is definitely a box set worth experiencing and reveling in and a writer to keep on your book radar.

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    A Really Great Series I really didn t know what to make of this series when I started reading it It however gradually sucked me in until I couldn t even put it down to go to the bathroom It s fantastic The characters are flawed and likeable at the same time You see real life with its ups and downs and you just want to cheer them on to making it They did and that is so rewarding

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    These rogue rockers are addictive they ll get under your skin and into your heartAMAZING First class rock star romance series Lara Ward Cosio through each of these rocker s stories, takes her readers to some pretty luxurious breathtaking, stunning places, but the most beautiful, lush and intense place of all can be found inside the hearts of these wonderfully complicated hot men Wow Wow Wow I was blown away by this series Each book making me fall ever deeply In Love I absolutely ADORE this authors talent and imagination Lara creates a world of rock stars you ll be happy to escape to, allowing them to take you over again and again yes this is one of the few rocker romance series I re read just because it makes me feel like I m coming home to hang out with some much loved friends Let these Rogue rockers have their way with you you won t mind.

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Full On Rogue download Full On Rogue , read online Full On Rogue , kindle ebook Full On Rogue , Full On Rogue 7ac594d1b05c I Don T Feel I Can Fully Express How Fantastic This Series Is Lara Ward Cosio Is Brilliant, Bloody Brilliant The Depth In Which She Writes These Beautiful Characters Is Captivating You Really Feel Their Emotions And Are Absorbed Into Their World Further, I Absolutely Adore How She Writes The Most Sexy, Rugged Men, Who Are All Very Much Rock Stars, Yet They Each Have Such Sweetheart, Gentlemen Like Qualities To ThemBlossom Twins Book Blog TANGLED UP IN YOURock Star Gavin McManus Is The Kind Of Confessional Singer Who Exposes Himself In His Songs, Hoping It Will Lessen His Burden But When The Ultimate Exposure Comes In The Form Of A Tabloid Scandal, He Just Might Lose Everything Including The Love Of His Life, His Best Friend, And His BandAYING AT LOVEConor Quinn Is The Gorgeous Guitarist For The Irish Rock Band Rogue Trying To Right The Wrongs Of An Affair, He Rushes Into An Engagement With His Supermodel Ex Girlfriend When An Old Flame Causes Him To Second Guess Everything, Will He Make The Right Choice And Finally Stop Playing At Love HITTING THAT SWEET SPOTShay Donnelly Is The Introverted Drummer For The Irish Rock Band Rogue Always There For Others Even At His Own Expense His Split Allegiance Costs Him Jessica, The Love Of His Life, And He Ends Up At A Breaking Point It S The Point At Which He Must Finally Find His Own Life S Rhythm And Win Back His LoveNDING RHYTHMMartin Whelan Is The Content With His Lot In Life Bassist For The Rock Band Rogue But After Years Of A Steady, Routine Marriage, His Life Is Irrevocably Upset He Ll Set Out On A Journey Of Epic Highs And Lows, And Have To Ask Himself How Much He S Willing To Sacrifice To Find His Rhythm