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A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) chapter 1 A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) , meaning A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) , genre A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) , book cover A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) , flies A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) , A Hole in One (Glass Dolphin Mystery #2) 06072144909a9 Hoping To Promote The Glass Dolphin Antiques Shop, Co Owners Arabella Carpenter And Emily Garland Agree To Sponsor A Hole In One Contest At A Charity Golf Tournament The Publicity Turns Out To Be Anything But Positive, However, When Arabella S Errant Tee Shot Lands In The Woods Next To A CorpseThey Soon Learn That The Victim Is Closely Related To Arabella S Ex Husband, Who Had Been Acting As The Course Marshal With Means, Opportunity, And Than Enough Motive, He Soon Becomes The Police Department S Prime Suspect, Leaving Arabella And Emily Determined To Clear His Name Even If They Re Not Entirely Convinced Of His InnocenceDogged By Incriminating Online Posts From An Anonymous Blogger, They Track Down Leads From Emily S Ex Fianc And The Woman He Left Emily For , An Elvis Impersonator, And A Retired Antiques Mall Vendor With A Secret Of Her OwnAll Trails Lead To A Mysterious Cult That May Have Something To Do With The Murder Can Arabella And Emily Identify The Killer Before The Murderer Comes After Them

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    A Hole in One is a solid mystery with an interesting mix of characters Arabella is a great lead She s feisty and determined, yet knows when to ask her friends for help I enjoyed following Arabella and journalist Emily s escapades as they slowly unraveled the reasons behind the spate of recent murders in their small town.As an extra bonus, Arabella is the owner of an antique shop and readers follow along on her picking trips and learn a bit about her business along the way Golf aficionados will relate to the setting as the murders take place on the local golf course 3.5 rating, rounding up to 4

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    I really enjoyed reading this who done it, and it kept me guessing right to the end, and then there were surprises.While this is the second book in this series and my first read, you won t be left in the dark, all is caught up for you, and .The author gives us a bit of romance, mystery, stalking, and bodies do seem to pile up We are also collecting some wonderful antiques, and that is the catalyst to pull a lot of the characters together.If you enjoy a really good mystery this one will keep you page turning right to the end, and then you will want .I received this book through Great Escapes Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review.

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    This is my review of the audio version as posted on Audible The second book in the Glass Dolphin Mystery series is as engaging and entertaining as the first one was Arabella and Emily are back, and this time the case is much personal for them, as both Arabella s ex husband and Emily s ex boyfriend are involved in the crime Will the girls be able to get to the bottom of things As with the previous part, all the characters we meet are full bodied people, with complicated backgrounds, with their own agendas, with secrets coming out to the light in the most inconvenient situations The plot is really fast though it s mostly through conversations that we get the clues and evidence which gives the book the great nostalgic vibe of Agatha Christie classics definitely an advantage for me The narration by Ms Lindsay is very good She doesn t do much of voice differentiation but we still follow easily both the plot and the dialogues, and the pace of her reading is OK DISCLAIMER I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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    A Hole in One earns 5 5 Murderous Back Swings Clever and Fun Emily Garland has landed on her feet after her previous bouts with murder and mayhem, and in the process, she has gained a new friend and partnership in Lount s Landing s delightful antique shop Arabella Carpenter, eager to move on from her life s left turns, opened up The Glass Dolphin antique shop, and with her new friend and partner taking on the advertising and promotions, success might be than just a pipe dream The ladies are sponsoring the Hole in One prize at the charity golf tournament, but instead they get involved in another murder mystery The victim is Arabella s ex husband s estranged father, having been out of the picture for twenty five years, and when motive, means, and opportunity seem established, he becomes a serious person of interest From there I couldn t put the book down Judy Penz Sheluk has penned an excellent follow up to her first Glass Dolphin Mystery, and although you can start here, I highly recommend you not forget book one, The Hanged Man s Noose As a beginning or as a prequel, it is excellent, too In A Hole in One, Emily and Arabella once again join together to solve a well written mystery riddled with secrets, lies, and conspiracies Each chapter added another layer to the mystery or revealed another clue, another possible suspect, or just provided an entertaining Wow moment It wasn t easy to pause Her characters are engaging, not relying on stereotypes, with realistic strengths and weaknesses that go beyond the common cozy mystery genre There are admirable characters to a few snarky ones you only hope get a bite from karma Arabella takes the lead in this story trying to clear her ex s name, but we are also treated to her knowledge of antiques sending me to google images An excellent read

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    So much to like heredelightfully flawed protagonists and not so delightful villains, red herrings, intriguing tidbits about antiquing and golf, imploding secrets, and Elvis Having spent three decades traveling between Northern and Southern Ontario, I found myself very much at home in this book and could easily imagine visiting many of the locales I recommend setting aside uninterrupted blocks of time to read this well crafted mystery You won t be able to put it down.

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    In this charming cozy mystery set in a small town north of Toronto, Canada, Arabella Carpenter decides to promote her Glass Dolphin antiques shop by sponsoring a hole in one contest at a local charity golf tournament The prize a pricy jet ski All good fun until she hits her ball into the woods, and amongst the trees finds not her golf ball, but a dead body.The victim, killed by a gunshot to the chest, is the estranged father of Arabella s ex husband, Levon Larroquette The two men were so estranged that Arabella never met her ex father in law But she has seen him He and Levon were arguing in the park just a few days before the tournament Arabella still has feelings for Levon, and precisely how strong those feelings are is revealed whenever he encourages her to join him in drinking a little too much cognac Levon might have flaws as a husband, but Arabella is convinced he s no killer Worried that her information has made him appear guilty, she s determined to clear Levon s name by investigating the murder herself, with the help of her business partner Emily, a former investigative reporter.This is the second in the Glass Dolphin mystery series, in which Arabella and Emily boldly go where, maybe, they shouldn t, as some of the information they turn up seems to implicate Levon even further Their inquiries give author Sheluk the opportunity to introduce a sizeable cast of interesting, often amusing characters, with their tidbits of information and propensity for creating confusion an Elvis impersonator, potential romantic interests for both Arabella and Emily, a vengeful local newspaper editor and reckless blogger, and an antique dealer going out of business who has sad secrets of her own Sheluk is an antiques expert herself and currently editor of the New England Antiques Journal Writing with a light touch, she has a knack for inserting just the right amount of intriguing details about antique items, the antiques market, or running a small business That information gives the story a nice grounding in reality, even as the plot twists and turns A Hole in One is thick with dialog, with the banter between the two women full of good humor You may not doubt that they will succeed, almost despite themselves, but the fun is in seeing how they go about it as their theories and the bodies pile up.

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    Even if you haven t already fallen in love with Arabella Carpenter and Emily Garland of Glass Dolphin Antiques, you are going to enjoy this book Arabella gets persuaded by Emily to host a charity golf tournament to increase publicity for their delightful antique shop Unfortunately, the publicity goes awry when Arabella finds something rather nasty in the woods around the third hole always avoid the rough, dear readers That s where all the bodies are Why did I love this mystery It s written so well Not a single character is a stereotype Everyone has a little extra spice even the side characters that enriches the story and makes the scene feel real I ve just finished reading a bunch of so called light mysteries aka no gore, no rampant sex, nothing to disturb your sleep , and I find that far too many of them rely on the single sided plucky female with a policeman boyfriend and the following characters a rich snotty someone a beaten down assistant sister who springs into action and gods forbid a psychic cat or dog or parrot or character who drops hints to the mystery.Sheluk doesn t rely on any of the cutouts, fully developing every character The story rips on wonderfully until the denouement and I had to read the entire thing in one sitting I was wrapped up in all that was going on, an interesting puzzle that had enough red herrings to keep MY little grey cells active Such a pleasure to be taken along in a story by someone who takes such good care of the reader I ve read all of Sheluk s mysteries so far and I ve loved each one They are perfect for an afternoon on the couch, sipping the hot concoction of your choice, and traveling to the lovely Lount s Landing I can t wait to visit again Review of an advance copy

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    Changing the Leopard s Spots Many times in a cozy mystery I have no difficulty sussing out the suspect this time I was as hornswoggled as the the book s cast to learn Whodunit Very clever interleafing of disparate individuals whose lives have intersected in ways hidden from view As our heroines unravel the linking threads a few relationships have their own knots to untie A well balanced tale with tragedy, comedy, and justice BONUS Excellent vocalization by narrator Kelli Lindsay.

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    A captivating page turner set in the world of antiques dealing where dangerous secrets simmer until they lead to murder Sheluk is an expert at writing intriguing characters, delivering a fast paced story with twists that keep you guessing until the very end You don t have to be a love golf to love A Hole In One.

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    When your ex husband is also your former business partner and you live in a small town, things can get really messy when he is the prime suspect in the murder of the man who deserted his family many years ago Add in an insatiable curiosity, an iffy reputation for being around murders, friends of all sorts, interesting finds in antiques, and twists and red herrings than there are RCMP and you have a book that is too hard to put down The publisher s blurb gives some good hints, and no spoilers here ENJOY Kelli Lindsay is a great narrator who adds good things to an already fine bit of sleuthing I requested and received a free audio copy from the author courtesy of AudioBookBOOM.

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