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A Green Journey chapter 1 A Green Journey, meaning A Green Journey, genre A Green Journey, book cover A Green Journey, flies A Green Journey, A Green Journey 9fe578b7f0a6e Hassler S Characters Have Old Fashioned Values And Typical Human Failings They Make This A Novel To Restore Your Faith In Humanity LOS ANGELES TIMESAgatha McGee Is Following A Dream, Though It Might Be Late In The Game She S Just Retired From A Career Of Teaching And Travels To Ireland In Search Of The Romance She Never Had Time For And Along The Way, She Not Only Discovers People She Would Never Have Let Herself Know Before, But Learns Through Experience, At Long Last, That Love Is Unpredictable, Unstoppable, And Never Appears As We Dream It Will From The Paperback Edition

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    I just love Agatha McGee She is not the type of character I would expect to love, though she is full of harsh edges and what some might call religious spirits But there is something so endearing in the chaos of her story among her inner certainty of how life should be She wants to orient the world to her inner rightness, and yet it will not be righted in the meantime she learns the gift of acceptance acceptance of the people life throws her way I was not sure how to think of James O Hannon as I see it now, he seems like a good complement to Agatha while she walks into life sure of how it ought to be, he is a seeker, responding to life by questions where she reacts with rules And then there is the bishop, who infuriates Agatha with the number of changes he wants to make to the rich Catholic traditions she has known The larger lesson I gleaned from this book is that we don t really get to choose the people in our lives, especially if we live in small towns They can make uncomfortable companions through life Sometimes, like Agatha, we meet a James, who is a true kindred spirit and to whom we are able to respond warmly Sometimes, however, we meet a bishop, who evokes our anger or passionate dislike And sometimes we meet with a neighbor like Lillian, who is kind and a friend on some level, but with whom we will never be able to reach a friendship of any depth Yet, as Hassler so deftly portrayed, each person in our lives serves a purpose and serves to catalyze our growth in some way.

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    This was my first Jon Hassler book and since then got me hooked With books, I care about the writing rather than a grand plot Hassler s style and his laid back plots are exactly what I want.

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    Many years ago I watched the film of this book set in a small American town and have unsuccessfully tried to obtain a copy of it but with no luck I recently decided to buy the actual book and am glad I did so As is often the case there is so much depth to this gentle and a little old fashioned tale, The main wonderful character is Miss Agatha McGee who is a dyed in the wool traditional member of the Roman Catholic Church and has dedicated her life to serve as a schoolteacher in the local Catholic School in the fictional town of Staggerford Strong and determined in her ways and following the rules of the Church, nevertheless she loves her pupils past and present and under her stern and upright outer character there lives a heart of gold too She is at the point of retirement as the tale begins and this allows her to travel to Ireland in search of the romance she has never had the chance or the time to find in her personal life All the main characters are extremely well drawn in their contrasting places in life at that time Agatha has strongly opposing views to the Bishop who has much modern ideas but has met his match in Agatha Without revealing the core of the story with its mixture of humour, sadness, tenderness and insights into so many different characters and their points of view I do recommend this book I found myself with a lump in my throat on than one occasion My attention flagged a little when the main story veered off into the life of Randy, one of Miss McGee s past pupil s husband and I did find myself skipping a few pages here, but overall I enjoyed immensely in a quiet and gentle way I really felt for Agatha and the quandary she finds herself in Values were different back in the fifties It is interesting to wonder how different things might have turned out today

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    This was a delightful read The book is well written The characters were well drawn, human and ultimately lovable One of the main themes was figuring out how to negotiate and be with people groups with whom one has differences Can we let go of our personal rigidities and staunch beliefs in order to make peace with another

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    A very pleasant read Happy to have been introduced to this author.

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    Great book.

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    Reading this series is interesting This book centered on one of my favorite characters from Stagerford the first book in this series.

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    An enjoyable book with some wonderful characters Just a feel good read.

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    From my blog __ nymfauxAgatha McGee is a brash and unapologetic no nonsense spinster She s spent her entire life devoted to her Catholic faith and 46 years teaching her sixth grade students To the small town of Staggerford, MN, Miss McGee is as much an institution as St Isadore s, where she teaches, and even the Church, itself Everyone seems to have put Agatha in a neat little box, expecting her to retire and take up knitting and bingo A new bishop is threatening to close St Isadore s school, bringing unsettling Church reforms into her world, just as Agatha is on the brink of retirement All her life, Agatha has had her faith in the Catholic Church to keep her company, had its rituals and traditions to guide her Can her life be coming apart at the seams, just as it seems to have passed her by But Agatha has never been one to fade into the background, and while she may be retiring, she s not planning to go quietly Agatha McGee has a secret One that no one would ever suspect.Agatha McGee is in love.For five years Agatha McGee has had a pen pal James O Hannon is a fellow teacher living in Ireland, a bachelor and a kindred spirit, a man as devout in his own faith as Agatha is in hers It was their mutual dislike of the new Church reforms that drew them together into correspondence But it was a shared longing, a shared void of companionship that they began to fill in each other And when Agatha s retirement gift turns out to be a trip to Ireland, Agatha is ready to abandon a lonely empty future in Minnesota for a future of hope and love in Ireland When they finally meet, James and Agatha have the both the shyness and intimacy of an old married couple on their first date.But James has a secret, too Where the Church and Bishop Dick Baker and old age could not break Agatha, James O Hannon leaves her devastated.Oddly enough, it is Agatha s nemesis, the bishop, who comes to her rescue in ways than one NO NOT THAT WAY The bishop mends fences between Agatha and James, becoming a dear friend to them both I couldn t put the book down Jon Hassler s writing is witty, thoughtful, insightful, and beyond it all, captivating A Green Journey is a story as much about people s faith as it was about romance, but it never comes off preachy Instead, the deeper I delved into the story, the I found myself reflecting on my own beliefs, choices I ve made, and the turns my own life has taken But I have to admit, I was absolutely swept away by the romance of it sigh James O Hannon sigh It s a story that than stands on its own But that doesn t mean I haven t been ecstatic to discover that Hassler s characters and the world of Staggerford, Minnesota carry over into a dozen books.

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    If it had not been for Gladys Hunt s mention of Green Journey in Honey for a Woman s Heart, I would never have heard of it Although the blurbs called it charming, heartwarming, and lovely, I approached the book with my usual skepticism toward anything written in the 20th Century The beginning was awkward a stilted conversation between an unwed mother, her father and a stodgy old maid But as the character of Agatha McGee takes shape, you really begin to care about her and words like stodgy and old maid don t fit any.Agatha is in a crisis She s looking for meaning in her life after decades of teaching in a parochial school Her staunch catholic faith seems threatened by the many modern changes occurring in her local church Her correspondence with another disgruntled Catholic is her only comfort The book is about her journey to Ireland to meet him and about all the people she touches with her sweet, faithful life A few off color moments were not enough to distract me from this compelling story As one reviewer noted, these characters don t always do what you want them to do, but they always act according to their beliefs, which is satisfying in its own way.I loved this book Hassler has a gift for writing a tender narrative that never crosses over into sentimentality.

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