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    At age 76, in the year 1976, retired literature professor Simon Shea decides to leave the northern Minnesota riverside cabin where he has lived alone for years and check in to a rest home Simon s Night covers almost a week in Simon s life and a lifetime via flashbacks it happens to be the week during which Jimmy Carter was elected president.This novel was about me I live in northern Minnesota I live alone I have not found it necessary to enter a rest home, but that could change any day now Simon reaches his decision, in part, after driving to St Paul, forgetting that he drove there in his car, and taking the bus home This has not happened to me, but I don t go to St Paul all that often, and I ve never taken the bus The final deciding factor is when he inadvertently sets his kitchen on fire That this hasn t happened to me is probably a matter of luck.I m digressing in an attempt to avoid actually reviewing Simon s Night, because I can t quite explain why I liked this bittersweet, sometimes very funny little novel I tend to like long, complicated novels written a minimum of 50 years ago Simon s Night is short, simple and was written in 1979 By my lights, that s a modern novel.But like it I did I liked Simon I liked that everyone called the restaurant in the town of Ithaca Mills the Open Soon, even though that wasn t its real name I liked the trips into Simon s past A few passages a page or two at most were a bit dull I thought some of the conversations and one or two of Simon s prayers were long winded Overall, I enjoyed Simon s Night immensely, and I missed it as soon as it was over.

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    There s only been a handful of times in my reading life where I ve dreaded finishing a novel because I couldn t bear not having certain characters in my daily life.This was one of them.I abnormally prolonged the inevitable but today I let Simon Shea and the rest of the inhabitants of the Norman Home for the aged drift into the shadows forever These people were never fiction to me Simon s Night, just like Staggerford before it, is a novel that is literally ALIVE Hassler s gift was making print on the page somehow exist in a very real way to the reader, with the author nowhere to be seen No authorial grandstanding just workmanlike storytelling.Can t wait for The Love Hunter

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    Hassler is so good at creating characters who are real This is one of his best in my opinion.

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    I enjoyed this story Simon is an appealing character.3 26 11 Adding the following From the GR description Simon Shea, a retired professor of English has begun to forget things and is making dangerous errors in living Thinking he needs to be cared for closely, he commits himself to a private rest home, and opens a world of the strange, delightful, frightening, and comic, as he attempts to recover from his mistake Jon Hassler is a wonderful wordsmith He expresses things so well, especially philosophical thoughts which echo my own feelings He makes little observations about life that are right on For example p.132 no durable ties were formed they were both inclined to be loners content with his own company His joys were the pleasures of solitude p.134 their closest neighbors they liked them as presences rather than personalities A GR reviewer compared this book to Anne Tyler s _Noah s Compass_.See my review of NC at

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    For me, the most memorable of Hassler s books Loved the storyline and actions of the main character not sure how many people would check themselves in as Simon did, but his reaction and outcome are definitely worth the read Great fun, but sad as well Hassler captures aging very well in this book Good book.

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    Certainly not so compelling as Staggerford, Simon s Night is far from a standard sopho effort It reaches higher and grapples with complex issues of religion, relationships, purpose, and aging than most second novels I was struck by how few books I read center around an elderly character Simon is a beloved retired lit professor from a small Minnesota liberal arts college who moves himself into an assisted living home, of sorts, after he accidentally nearly burns down his house The facility is really just a large house where a handful of older people live under the unloving, condescending eye of the proprietor The residents get mindless companionship from each other and meals, but little else The novel recounts Simon s life and loves, including his estranged wife, who hasn t lived with him in than 30 years though they remain married, over the course of a week where Simon comes to grip with his new realities Simon s Night feels much older in its subjects and tone than its copyright date of 1979 would indicate, and I m struggling to put my finger on what makes it feel that way I ll let that question percolate and return to this review if the revelation ever bubbles up.

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    My heart is broken This is the last novel of Jon Hassler s that I hadn t yet read And now I have no new ones to discover Simon is a late blooming college professor who only finds love at 40 only to almost immediately lose it to a louder, emotional lout Now at 76 he has decided his life is over and moves from his beloved cabin in the hills to a senior home out on the prairie It takes Simon 6 days to admit to his mistake and decide to live until he dies As with most of Hassler s characters, these are loner Mid westerners to their core Loner often leads to lonely, and a quiet life is often mistaken for a boring life But I do have to wonder how Simon keeps attracting these much younger women.

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    I mostly enjoyed this book, which has been sitting on my shelf for quite a few years Simon was an endearing character despite or because of his eccentricities The part about Mrs Kibbikoski s foot was a bit strange, though, I thought I m also not sure if I completely accept the fact that Barbara returns to Minnesota after so many years away.

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    Didn t enjoy the story line.kind of boring plot.

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    Oh Johnny I love you This book was ok Classic John Hassler but not my favorite The ending left a little to be desired but the middle was pretty good.

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Simon's Night download Simon's Night, read online Simon's Night, kindle ebook Simon's Night, Simon's Night 1a41bb104ae2 A Marvel Out Of Old Age, Which Our Peculiar Times Have Determined To View As A Sort Of Generational Sin, Jon Hassler Has Drawn Forth A Poignant, Funny, Wise Novel About Eternal Youth THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALERSimon Shea, A Retired Professor Of English At A Small Minnesota College, Has Begun To Forget Things And Is Making Dangerous Errors In Living Thinking He Needs To Be Cared For Closely, He Commits Himself To A Private Rest Home, And Opens A World Of The Strange, Delightful, Frightening, And Comic, As He Attempts To Recover From His Mistake From The Paperback Edition