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    Overall a 4 Extremely cozy teen crush story gave it the extra star it needed to get rounded up to the 5.Q Mom and Dad do their best to ease my mind but I don t know of too many other sixteen year olds who have weapons stashed in hiding spots outside of school Who sleep with knives taped to their headboards or know ten different ways to break someone s neck Looking over my shoulder will be my life and I guess I m okay with that c Q stomach is perfectly flat, the result of five hundred push ups a day for the last twenty years c Q He s warmer than you d expect a man of his military status to be, but I know beneath that thinning white hairline is a brain trained to analyze every word and action, just like mine Q My life has never felt like my own And my future certainly doesn t belong to me c Q What do you want To stay in the light To leave this dark and dangerous life Or at least have the power to choose What are you so afraid of I m scared of everything I m scared of angering my parents and wasting my talent if I choose college I m scared of a life full of constant fear and alienation if I choose the Black Angels I m scared of never falling in love and never being happy c Q You only get one life, No one s going to be able to give you a road map and you can t live it for somebody else You ve got to live it for you The moment will come when you ll know what to do, When it does come, pay attention Don t close your eyes Don t let it slip away c Q If heaven has seasons, I say, my face tilted up, soaking in the vibrant colors, this must be what fall looks like c Q In the last year I ve done a series of pirouettes in the middle of AP bio, meowed at complete strangers in the mall, and stood up and licked my plate clean in the middle of the Cheesecake Factory, all on dares This one is child s play I rock back on my heels, then take off running and leap headfirst into the colorful pile Crimson, burnt orange, and gold leaves explode around me, then float back down, covering my face and body I laugh and blow at a yellow leaf that landed on my lips c Q Would you rather, Luke begins, have a billion dollars or know all the secrets to the universe Secrets to the universe, I answer confidently even though pretender Reagan would say money Luke gets the truth c Q Turn off emotions, push away the poison, I hear my mom s voice in my head And so I do c Q There s no such thing as perfect But there s always the chance of wonderful c Q Some people aren t meant to be happy Some are meant to change the world You were meant to change the world c Q His face scrunches as the night comes back to him c Q Funny to describe someone who kicks people in the face for a living as graceful, but she is She sort of just floats c Q With each breath, my racing heart slows Something resembling peace washes over me Maybe it s my training or the smell of seawater Maybe it s Laz s prayer Whatever it is, my heart isn t filled with fear It s filled with something I ve never felt before Whatever it is, I need it to stay with me I breathe in the Colombian air and hold it in my lungs Stay with me, please Dear God, please stay with me c Q For me, the world will never look as colorful The moon will never seem as bright My laugh will never be as loud My smile will never be as wide c

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    Kristen Orlando delivers in her debut, You Don t Know My Name, and I absolutely LOVED this book It s been awhile since I ve found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, not able to stop turning the pages in a book I just wanted to be part of something normal, something that was mine The story immediately brings you into Reagan s thrilling life as her family is being forced into their panic room, thanks to an assassin invading their home Opening up with this scene was genius, in my opinion I wasn t really sure why all of this was happening to them, but I did know I needed this family to be safe I immediately connected to both Reagan and her parents as their lives are on the line Every emotion she felt, I was feeling along with her.The story slows down as we get to know Reagan a little better. I loved the girl She s intelligent, brave, fierce, basically everything you want in a strong heroine She felt relatable when she showed her vulnerable side because anyone would break down in the situations she s put in I m not going to lie. There were some heartbreaking moments, like YES GIRL BREAK DOWN You need to let those tears loose, just let it out.Besides Reagan, all of the characters were interesting There wasn t one character that I didn t like. Well, except the evil ones Her friends, parents, and everyone in her life were great I don t like it when you pretend you re someone you re not I just want you to be you Good Bad Anxious I ll still be here Let s talk about the adorableness that is Luke. Okay, and the romance What did I enjoy most about the book s slower pace in the beginning Yes, the sweet blooming romance that brought all the swoons GAHHH, there is a scene that is just perfect and made me wish I could hug these two for being so cute But. seriously Luke is just a great character outside of the romance He s way than a love interest and I was so happy to see that They make a great team and I promise you will be happy with all the feels he brings to Reagan s story.As the story progresses, the plot grows and the twists don t stop until the very end There s not much I can say without spoiling it, but I will say that my heart was racing as I continued to read this book. Probably why I couldn t stop reading I found Orlando s writing to be stunning and her descriptions were perfect. Just the right amount of suspense without dragging anything out I m looking forward to all of her future work Overall, I loved this book I wasn t sure what I was expecting as I began reading this story. But I got a fun, thrilling emotional ride I think readers will immediately connect with Reagan and her family, bringing them to root for these characters until the very end If you re looking for a thrilling book with great characters even a coming of age story underneath it all then I highly recommend this book Quotes listed above are subject to change.

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    DNF Mini review This was one of my anticipated releases of 2017 I love spy books and couldn t wait to read this Unfortunately I was really disappointed The first half was fantastic I loved Reagan and her relationships with the people around her Especially her mother This was different from most spy books Unlike a majority of spy books Reagan has not spent her life working in the spy world She has been training but hasn t actually gone on any missions So she actually gets to experience a relatively normal life She goes to high school, does her homework as well as train, and makes friends This was why I loved it in the beginning.Then it started to go downhill after the spy stuff actually came in Honestly Reagan was smarter than the spies who have been doing this for years Their plans were stupid and Reagan s plans actually made sense I did not want to read a second book about a bunch of stupid spies Also I m not happy with the death in this book I read the last few chapters.I do still recommend it because there are people who enjoyed it.

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    I m a sucker for secret spy stories, so I was pretty excited about this one.I liked Reagan well enough She s quite a BAMF, but tempered with a whiny and stubborn teenager, which made it read authentically I loved Luke surprise, surprise and her friends, but really hoped for from the relationship with her parents.It s a bit of a slow burn until The Event happens and then it s pretty fast paced And even though I liked it, I still feel like something was missing The ending is wicked and I definitely didn t see it coming I m intrigued to see what happens next Huge thanks to Swoon Reads for providing the arc free of charge

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    Holy intense, Batman My heart was basically pounding out of my chest for the entire final third of the book and for about an hour after I finished reading.Both the beginning and ending of YOU DON T KNOW MY NAME set my heart racing, while the middle made it dissolve into a mushy mess I am a complete sucker for BFF love stories, and Reagan and Luke were just too adorable for words.One of my favourite things about this book was the anxiety and panic attacks Reagan has to deal with throughout the book Most spy stories just completely skip over how terrifying and traumatic it must be to spend most of your life worried that someone will capture and kill you I love that this story explored that side of it and did it well Definitely read this one if you want a riveting story to set your heart pounding and melting, too.

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    2.5 StarsGreat for fans of Ally Carter and Robin Benway.This read really young like middle grade until the last 10% when the violence and language picked up There was a twist at the end I wasn t expecting in a YA book, and though the rest of the book wasn t bad, I think I was just too old for it Most of the time I got annoyed with Reagan s behavior.

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    4.5 StarsAs a fan of any spy related book out there, I knew I would love You Don t Know My Name before I even picked it up This intense thriller starts off with a bang and never loses the momentum I loved the main character s strength and sensitivity and the complex and serious aspects of the book I am sure that everyone will love this believable story You Don t Know My Name is a fast paced thriller about a girl who is a member of a secret society and must rescue her parents who have been kidnapped I loved the concept of a secret agency and reading about not only the intense battle scenes, but also the extensive security measures I also appreciated how Kristen Orlando has made sure that everything about the Black Angels is logical and believable, which can really make or break a book for me If you are a fan of spy thrillers, you will definitely love this book Reagan is such a brave and badass main character She s not afraid to break the rules and do whatever it takes to save her parents What I especially loved about Reagan is how she is portrayed as a real and relatable character She never had a choice regarding her life as a Black Angel and dreads having to move away and using yet another fake name Her sensitivity added a lot to the book and made it that much enjoyable to read.One of my favourite things about You Don t Know My Name is how serious it actually is This isn t just a book about fighting and executing heists, as it may seem Reagan has to make a lot of tough choices throughout the book, such as leading the life her parents do or following her own dream There is also a big theme of family and the lengths a daughter would go to to see her parents again I feel like these aspects make the book even complex and I enjoyed being able to relate to the story because of them.You Don t Know My Name is a spy thriller that contains a strong yet sensitive main character Although the book may seem simple, there are some pretty big themes and aspects that bring so much to the story I would definitely recommend this book, especially to fans of authors like Ally Carter.

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    I loved this book Reagan s strength, her HOT relationship with Luke, her fears and hopes for her future, and the pressures she s under are all so well developed Suspenseful and compelling I can t wait for the sequel.

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    This book was a real surprise for me and that is because it has been a while since I ve read a spy like book The ones I do remember reading were terribly slow and they spent to much time hiding the MC s true identity from parents and or friends or vice versa I m looking at you Palace of Spies Either way it hasn t deterred me from trying to read others with this theme because I do enjoy spy movies from time to time I am glad I continued with this book.I ve been using the term spy a lot in this review when in all honesty Reagan and her family are not spies Her parents are team members to a Black Ops group called the Black Angels working in the United States government and Reagan is a legacy child raised and trained to join its ranks once she is 18 I loved this concept of a family in this line of work together The idea of balancing the danger and home life was interesting to me Like Reagan waking up in the morning to practice Krav Maga with her mom or sharp shooting with her dad before school was a regular thing for her LOL What a way to start the morning.The pacing of this book was amazing Surprising even, as we are dumped straight into the action before we knew the names of our MC s parents I loved it Reagan, our MC, is smart, creative and lethal just like her parents but still has some teenage angst to her It made getting to know her feel genuine Like she didn t just wake up one day whipping ass and taking names I also enjoyed her parents and I liked how they were flawed and not superhero perfect There was one part in the story where Reagan calls her parents out on something and she is very frank about her feelings on things without being childish and I found that refreshing too.The love interest is so adorably nerdy and incredibly supportive I continuously rooted for them to be together even when Reagan would try to keep her distance Then when he basically proclaims that he will follow her to the ends of the earth, he does This dude is a rock and he is a perfect fit for Reagan The other family member that was really great was Aunt Sam as Reagan knew her during her younger years Sam is a member of the Black Angels but a close family friend to Reagan and her parents She becomes like a big sister to Reagan and she is always looking out for her She is equally smart and badass and a great support to Reagan as well especially after a particular incident right at the beginning of the book.It concludes on a critical point but not necessarily a cliffhanger This is good because although I am excited to read the sequel when it comes out, I don t need to be ripping out my hair with fret The only things would have made this a 5 star read for me would have been to make it slightly longer and to make the ending a little polished Either way I am intrigued so I will be back for .Happy Reading Jo

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    Actual rating 3.5 You Don t Know My Name was pretty interesting to read Once I saw the cover, I was kind of intrigued Then I read the synopsis and I was a little bit intrigued Reagan was an entertaining and likable character She s a teenage super spy and one hundred percent awesome and bad ass Of course there s something in her way her next door neighbor At that point, I was totally down for a next door neighbor kind of romance However, I didn t really see Reagan as the girl next door type Nah, she just seemed to whine a lot Okay, yes I was definitely all over the place with Reagan Sometimes she was so bad ass but then she would annoy the shit out of me Then there was Luke, who I absolutely loved He was the next door neighbor If I got of him and less of Reagan whining I would ve loved this book a lot .Overall, the story was entertaining enough It was fast paced to keep my interests I just wish Reagan was a bad ass spy the entire time instead of being boy crazy and obsessed.

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