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    What if What if Anne Frank had not died in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp What if she had lived What would her life have been Would she have been able to live her dream being a writer living in London or Paris That is the premise that David R Gillham examines in this book In Annelies , Anne survives and is reunited with her father, Pim Anne is coping with life after the holocaust Her Mother and sister are dead Understandably, Anne is dealing with many things the loss of loved ones, anger over what she lost who she lost, survivors quilt, etc She is still young and has just survived an unimaginable and traumatic horror She is angry at her father, angry he would want to find happiness again What will Anne do to find happiness again for herself How will she heal Can she I believe this book will evoke several thoughts and issues with readers Some are not too happy with this look at what life would be like for Anne had she lived But he is not the first to take on such an endeavor I read online that a short film made by an Italian production company with Anne Frank Fonds, the Dutch foundation established by her father is examining this question There is also a 2014 play titled Anne which was commissioned by the Anne Frank Fonds and it briefly looked at what would have happened had she lived There is interest in the what if alternative history, but there are others who will argue that the strength and power of her diary is due to the fact that she died in addition to her writing ability I believe that people s enjoyment of this book will be determined on how people feel about people wondering what her life would have been like Would she have been angry Would her personality have changed Would she have survivor s quilt How would she feel about her father marrying again These questions can never be answered But this book is the Author s creative exploration of what life might have been like for the cultural icon whose diary most of us have read The writing was quite lovely at times I could understand how Anne could be angry and be haunted by her lost family members especially her sister who she was with in Bergen Belsen after being separated from their Mother The Author spent six years researching Anne Frank before writing this book I applaud him for that I believe this book was his way of paying homage to her memory I thought the Author did a great job tackling survivor s guilt and showed that things are a process People are individuals and he showed how one person her father choose to find happiness, while Anne struggled Initially, I struggled with finding my rhythm with this book I picked it up, I put it down, etc Then I found my way Again, I found this book to be well written and well thought out This what if or alternative history looking into what life would have been like if Anne Frank had lived Thank you to the Author and Viking who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This book is about What if Anne Frank went into hiding and survived after the Bergen Belsen concentration camp and survived the holocaust and is reunited with her father, Pim Anne Frank is sixteen years old and the year is 1945 Anne feels like she has lost everything, her family, her friends and is very angry and emotional She loses herself as well, since she is not the same person she use to be Anne is adrift and haunted by the ghosts of the horrors they experienced, while Pim is fixated on returning to normalcy Anne is haunted by her sister and talks to her a lot Her beloved diary is lost and she begins to lose her dreams of becoming a writer There is so much grief and sorrow after the war Anne struggles to find a new life for herself.This book was so heartbreaking and emotional but I didn t feel like it was dark or graphic like other holocaust books This one is a safe one It had a slow burn to it I loved The Diary of Anne Frank and I loved this one too I loved the writing style and savored the beautiful writing It was a breath of fresh air There was a lot of grief, anger, sorrow and forgiveness I love reading books about the holocaust because our history needs to be remembered This is a story of trauma and redemption I felt so sorry for Anne She surely wasn t the same person before the holocaust and I think this book will always be remembered and not forgotten I thought the characters were very well developed and I was able to connect with them very well I want to thank, the publisher, Viking, for sending me this book in exchange for a honest review.

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    4 Stars Can you Imagine If Anne Frank survived the Holocaust, hiding out in Het Achterhuis The House Behind and then surviving the concentration camp of Bergen Belsen, while her mother and her sister Margot did not Anne Frank and her father, Pim, become the only survivors In Annelies, David R Gillham does exactly that While living in The House Behind, Anne s diary becomes her confidant, her one true confidant, from whom she will hide nothing Instead of losing her life, Anne Frank spent 25 months in Bergen Belsen and survives, returning to Liberated Netherlands, Amsterdam and reuniting with her father Pim, who survived Auschwitz Her father seems to have an easy time moving on as he gets remarried, while Anne, who holds onto anger and resentment, simply cannot let go of the past For Anne, who remembers Margot and what happened to both of them, life does not go on Snippets of Anne Frank s diary at the beginning of each chapter make this novel all the real, even as we the readers, know that it is a re imagining of Anne Frank s life For me, Annelies is many different things It is beautifully written the prose is absolutely gorgeous and the storytelling is extremely well done I applaud, Mr Gillham for undertaking such a huge task and for conducting so many years of research to write this brilliant novel Though I appreciate its beauty, I had a bit of a hard time imagining that Anne Frank had survived, especially seeing as The Diary of a Young Girl was such a huge part of my upbringing If this had been about a character such as Anne s friend, Hannelies, who actually survived instead, I think it might have worked better, at least for me That aside, what I loved about this novel were the characterizations Anne, Pim, Margot and Miep, etc., brought this book to life and I am glad I took a chance on this one The hardships endured by those who suffered during the Holocaust are unimaginable, even if this book is a re imagining and I thank the author for bringing this issue to the forefront Thank you to Viking Books and to David R Gillham for a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Goodreads and Twitter on 2.18.19.Excerpt to be published on Instagram.

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    What if Anne Frank had survived the Holocaust I first read The Diary of a Young Girl when I was around the same age she was I remember being appalled and confused how could humans be capable of such atrocities This really happened I remember deep in my heart, much like the story of Anastasia out of Russia, there was a glimmer of hope that Anne survived I think we all wanted that, right We could see her purpose on the pages of her writing We could imagine a bright future, a full life What if Anne Frank lived Anne Frank is now sixteen years old, and she has survived the Holocaust Her sister and mother perished, but she is able to reunite with her father, Pim, in Amsterdam Anne is having a challenging time, understandably so, processing her losses and the horrors she witnessed Pim just wants life as normal and to forget the past To top it off, Anne s diary, her anchor, has been lost Anne has many feelings to work through, including grief and heartbreak, along with trauma Ultimately, she s on the search for forgiveness, too Who would Anne be as an adult once she works through all these feelings Would she write again David Gillham handles Anne s survivor s guilt masterfully The writing is lyrical This is a tribute to Anne Frank in all ways The beautiful, full of heart child given a chance to survive and fulfill her dreams, answering that what if with sensitivity and respect A story like this could come off as trite, but it doesn t It s realistic and well grounded Thank you to the author for giving us Annelies I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com

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    I remember a woman who worked in my husband s office She was lovely, but always had that kind of haunted look in her eyes It was only later that I learned she was a survivor of Auschwitz I one day saw that number on her arm and it mesmerized me All the horrible things she had seen and experienced and yet, here she was going to work everyday, married with children I often wondered how or even if she slept at night.In this book, where the premise is that Anne Frank survived, we witness a what if moment in time Anne is reunited with her father, Pim, the ever faithful Miep, and others The relationships, particularly with her father and his eventual new wife is at times rocky and unsteady Anne is troubled, followed by her nightmares and seeing her dead sister, conversing with her, and haunted by a secret she is carrying Anne searches for a reason why, why has she survived, while she harbors all those feelings that perhaps she herself has done something wrong She is lost in a quagmire of a lost self She blames her father, reflects often on the tenuous relationship she had with her mother, and the soreness she feels in her heart and soul She searches for redemption and it is later on through her writing, she does find a bit of that elusive peace she desires.What touched me most about this story, was the concept of survivor guilt which Anne and others carried Why me, why have I lived while others perished in a reign of terror and inhumanity We see an angry Anne searching for who it was who betrayed them, and coming to grips with that exasperation and fury that drives her body and soul Interspersed among the story are excerpts from Anne s diary Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy I wonder how much beauty, Anne would have found in today s world where hatred is running its course I think Anne s hope for the future would be that each and every one of us carry beauty in our hearts and souls What better way to honor Anne and the millions of others who lost and are losing their lives because of an ideology I recommend this book for its beautiful and touching portrayal of life, and a tribute to a life, all lives that were tragically and inhumanely lost Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness Perhaps we should all try to be that single candle Thank you to David R Gillham, Fig Tree Books, and Edelweiss for a copy of this moving tribute.This book is newly publishedMy reviews van also be seen here

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    I remember reading the heartbreaking, memorable story of Anne Frank in the novel based on her diary In this novel, the author explores the life that Anne might have lived, had she survived.The book covers before, during and after the war and the author s extensive research was evident He also included some excerpts from Anne s diary This was an emotional read with some moments of tension when families were being caught hiding.In this alternative ending for Anne, she has survived the Bergen Belsen concentration camp and the Holocaust She struggles with emotions that many documented survivors reported, things like survivor guilt and mourning her lost family members It highlights the powerful emotions and devastation that Holocaust survivors after the war ended.A well written, thought provoking and absorbing story It does require you to keep in mind that this is an imagined ending We will never know what Anne might have become, but with so much talent, she surely could have become a writer Really makes you wonder.Thanks to Viking for my review copy Book was published on Jan 15,2019

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    Although this is undoubtedly intended as an act of homage to Anne Frank, I worry that it actually does a disservice to her in imaging her survival after Bergen Belsen, it takes away the tragic arc of her life I might have been able to get behind this book if the voice had been closer to the original diary but I didn t find it a convincing act of ventriloquism Too many comments are trite rather than just youthfully innocent Anne is absorbing the details with excitement because she positively adores fashion to think Maurits is facing daily life toiling in a German factory or some abominable work camp, it s horrifying and there are some abysmal cliches such as Anne in a Red Cross camp after liberation just wanting a mirror then despairing at her ruined looks The whole thing feels like YA to me the sentiments and the language in which they are couched are unconvincingly simplistic and obvious, and lack, somehow, the simple sincerity and authenticity of the diary I m not automatically against the idea of imagining an afterlife for Anne, though it is a problematic concept will younger new readers believe she really did survive I just don t think this book does it with sufficient sensitivity to the character and voice of the original diary A bold experiment, but not one I can wholeheartedly applaud.Thanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley

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    the swinging bookcase that is the line of demarcation between freedom and constraint between life in the actual world and this strange limited existence in hiding Anne Frank had learned to depend on words to see herself clearlyshe confesses only to the page, because if people aren t patient, paper is Such are the thoughts of Anne Frank, the ruminations conveyed in Diary of a Young Girl Anne s diary provided her with an outlet for her innermost feelings while her family was in hiding in Het Achterhuis The House Behind , the rear annex of Otto Frank s office building In August 1944, the Frank family were rounded up and sent to the Punishment Barracks, the crime, having tried to save themselves by going into hiding What if Anne Frank had survived the Holocaust Annelies by David R Gillham is a historical novel imagining Anne and her papa, Pim as sole survivors of Het Achterhuis Anne s diary expressed typical teenage clashes with her mother, jealousy of her grounded, beautiful sister Margot, but, there is no one on earth who can make her feel as safe and loved as her papa.Imagine Anne surviving typhus and waking up in a displaced person s camp and her amazement finding out that her beloved Pim, having survived as well, was living in Amsterdam Both Pim and Anne must deal with ghosts and survivors guilt Anne s guilt manifest s itself in an overpowering fight or flight reaction Pim s attempt to protect Anne feeds into her angst and belligerence.This reader tended to waffle between feeling that Anne s diary should remain her sole testament as compared to an eye opening, tragic, concentration camp experience, as imagined and based on historical documents and eyewitness accounts, followed by an imagined life as a displaced person Anne would have lived with ghosts, horror and unimaginable darkness while trying to acclimate herself to life in post war Amsterdam What innermost thoughts and feelings would Anne now convey as a writer Thank you First to Read Penguin Random House and David R Gillham for the opportunity to read and review Annelies.

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    What if Anne Frank had survived What if she never died in a concentration camp and instead was reunited with her father and had to pick up the pieces left of her life Having to deal with a life without her mother and sister Her life as a writer seems like a pointless dream and her diary lost forever How can she see forward when so much in her life is bleak and she has lost so much READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION

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    Anne Frank has always been of interest, and Mr Gillham creates a heartbreaking re telling of what she and her family endured and what her life could have been had she survived.We follow Anne before, during, and after the war that describes her family s confinement and the horrors they endured at the concentration camps Mr Gillham brings Anne back to life and fictitiously lets us see how she is trying to put her life back together as she reunites with her father who in actuality is the only surviving family member.The detailed writing and re telling will hold your interest from the minute you begin reading This book is a tribute to all of those who suffered, survived, perished, and helped in any way possible during history s darkest hours.Mr Gillham did an outstanding job of researching as well as using a creative method of portraying Anne Frank s life as it may have been even though she did not survive the Holocaust.Through Mr Gillham s marvelous writing style we are transported back in time as we experience what Anne experienced during her captivity and as she tries to re enter her previous life that is always filled with the presence and reminders of her captors and how she had to comply.ANNELIES is a beautiful, heartfelt book you will want to absorb with attention to every detail Anne seems as though she was and would have been a feisty young lady that the world has missed and could have learned from 5 5This book was given to me as ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Annelies download Annelies , read online Annelies , kindle ebook Annelies , Annelies 0a75556ffd56 A Powerful And Deeply Humane New Novel That Asks The Question What If Anne Frank Survived The Holocaust The Year Is , And Anne Frank Is Sixteen Years Old Having Survived The Concentration Camps, But Lost Her Mother And Sister, She Reunites With Her Father, Pim, In Newly Liberated Amsterdam But It S Not As Easy To Fit The Pieces Of Their Life Back Together Anne Is Adrift, Haunted By The Ghosts Of The Horrors They Experienced, While Pim Is Fixated On Returning To Normalcy Her Beloved Diary Has Been Lost, And Her Dreams Of Becoming A Writer Seem Distant And Pointless Now As Anne Struggles To Overcome The Brutality Of Memory And Build A New Life For Herself, She Grapples With Heartbreak, Grief, And Ultimately The Freedom Of Forgiveness A Story Of Trauma And Redemption, Annelies Honors Anne Frank S Legacy As Not Only A Symbol Of Hope And Perseverance, But Also A Complex Young Woman Of Great Ambition And HeartAnne Frank Is A Cultural Icon Whose Diary Painted A Vivid Picture Of The Holocaust And Made Her An Image Of Humanity In One Of History S Darkest Moments But She Was Also A Person A Precocious Young Girl With A Rich Inner Life And Tremendous Skill As A Writer In This Masterful New Novel, David R Gillham Explores With Breathtaking Empathy The Woman And The Writer She Might Have Become