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  • 14 March 2019

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    I pretty much love anything that Natalie Bennett writes Anyone that follows my reviews is very aware of that fact I fangirl just about every book she writes and that I get the pleasure of reading and reviewing And I will again be fangirling over this one In fact, this may be my favorite Natalie Bennett book TO DATE It was the same dark and twisted mindf ckery that Miz Bennett is known for and then some WRITING PLOT PACE It s always hard for me to review a book like this I don t want to say too much and spoil anything but I also want to give readers a sample of what to expect I will say that it was very well written Like I mentioned, probably my favorite book to date from this author The pace was fantastic The plot was engaging and had me hooked from page one It was dark It was twisted It was gritty It was gross It was f cked up It had twists and turns Blood and gore Pleasure and pain and I LOVED every single minute of it I really wish I had book two already now because I NEED to know WTF is going down HERO Romerohe was the devil himself A totally sexy as sin psychopath He owned it He didn t make any excuses for it He reveled in it He claimed Calista as his own right from the start I loved him I don t know what that says about me and I don t rightly care lol I can t wait until book two to see what he is hiding HEROINE Calistathe perfect other half to Romero Not sure out of these two which was the f cked up Cali was her own brand of psycho She didn t quite own it as much as Romero But she was getting there I loved her character and hope she gets the chance to exact much revenge in the next book SIDE CHARACTERS This one had a good cast of secondary characters There wasn t a lot of them but the three that feature heavily were all very intriguing I wouldn t mind seeing each one get a book Of course, I suppose that depends on what happens to them in book two They may not even be still breathing by the end of that one HEAT LEVEL This one was medium hottish The sex scenes were hot, and the frequency felt appropriate for the story This couple had crazy hot on page chemistry and their connection was very insta lust ANGST LEVEL Low I didn t find this one angsty at all It really wasn t the type of book that uses angst to move the story along There also wasn t any OW or OM drama IN THE END I loved this one I have already said that a few times in this review but it was worth mentioning again I have a thing for dark romances The darker and twisted they are the I seem to enjoy them and Natalie Bennett knows her way around twisted for sure Everything about this one from the writing itself, to the plot, to the character development, was fantastic and shows me that this author just keeps learning and improving with every book that she releases This one gets TWO huge thumbs up from yours truly.

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    STARSREVIEW COPYRelease Date 25 1 18So, Savages Badlands, 1 , This book is all sorts of Craaaazy and also plenty dark it makes no apologies for itself.sickness and depravity reign here.And as all are aware I absolutely love me a dark tale, the blacker the better.I m also a major sucker for a messed up dystopian landscape.This book was made for me melding my love of dark romances against the backdrop of the Badlands A match made in heaven and hell.A bit like the main characters Calista and Romero The devil and his darkly decedent handmaiden.So Savages is set in a sort of dystopian post apocalyptic nightmare of cults, Outliers, skinners and cannibals And against this backdrop, The king meets his queen there crazy just matches like the cracked pieces of each other s souls.This is bloody, evil and totally sick but is also so bloody addictive I couldn t put it down.In a way reminding me slightly of that film doomsday when they wall Scotland in and out of the ashes rises a new civilization, one where morality is a forgotten concept and only the strong survives.But amid that corruption, there is also a sense of brotherhood and a admiration for strength and resilience.This also had some great side characters and I really never had a clue where this was heading.It was an unpredictable whirlwind and I landed wherever it chose to take me.So this was fabulously well written and was so different with its complete lack of moral compass.I Cant recommend this highly enough.Really looking forward to the next in this series as this ended on such a cliffhanger.But before I go a warning this book contains a lot of triggers and isn t for the faint of heart.Please avoid if this bothers you at all as Savages is definitely one hard core read and doesn t pull its punches.I was provided with a review copy of Savages Badlands, 1 By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.All opinions expressed are entirely my own Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.https www.facebook.com beckiebookworm www.beckiebookworm.com

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    Holy fuckin shit.LolThis was truly fucked up laughing histerically And absolutely brilliantly sickening now grinning maniacally And it ain t funny, peopleBUT it s consistent in dark fucked up tone, maestrally written and twistedly pent up story of two broken, damaged misfits finding the twisted, messed up need for revenge against The Order, against the odds, against the dystopian, disfunctional world of destruction, anarchy and demolition One dark damaged soul fully recognized another, reaching out and beconing to play with the other Romero Deville, the leader of the Satanic group called The Savages, fighting against another fucked up comunity called The Order, finds seemingly sudden, yet perfect, soul mate in Calista, phisically and emotionally messed up and violated by The Order She was my beautifully dark motherfucking queen Both seeking their own absolution, through violence and destruction in revenge, each on their on course yet bonded by the undeniable connection in pain, suffering, and physical carnal need Romero was an inferno of tantalizing sin, and I wanted him branded on every inch of my skin.He was flawlessly gorgeous on the outside, vile and revolting on the inside He was perfection. Love was a four letter word neither of us had ever learned, and trust was a foreign concept we didn t know the meaning of The odds were stacked against us on all sides of the spectrum.We were unhealthy, dysfunctional, toxic And this story is NOT your average read, far from itit s not for everyone, especially if your taste for fucked up dark is of mild palatelol There are no heroes to be found here, only monsters and yet, you can t help BUT root for them, and hope they also find their absolution

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    That cover

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    4.5 Stars

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    WHOA FUCK MEEEE I can t stop smiling What kind of fuckery is this I giggled while people were dismembered and tortured And I don t feel bad about it at all Fucking loved it actually The Walking Dead zombies Natural Born Killers True Romance x 1000 So bad And SO HOT This was one mouth watering bite of twisty sadistic sexy fucked up sandwich and I am starving for .nom nom nom.

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    Between The Sheets Book Blog Let s start with the blurb, Calista I am the monster they created I m the whore they re ashamed of When life tried to break me, I grabbed that b tch by the throat and squeezed I thought I could overcome anything I swore I could handle him, but after being forced to play at the Devil s playground, I ended up craving his touch One taste of his poison made my loyalties begin to waiver Romero I m a living nightmare I m everything they fear I ve been called the Devil, deranged, and a savage I lived by a code created by rebel souls We were sinners and thieves that made no apologies for taking whatever the f ck we wanted Saving a girl in the woods was never part of my plans, but when I saw the crazy in her eyes, I knew it was a match made in hell Now secrets are piling up, the bodies are rotting, and time is running out to finish what I started Forewarning, our story is than a little f cked up.Authors Note 18 I am not going to put a long warning in this book I will say that Savages is a VERY cautionary tale that has no regard for hard limits Reader discretion IS highly advised This book contains dystopian elements Okay, folks let me say this, this book was an amazing five stars for me It was dark and twisted There were many times my jaw dropped and said to myself there is no way that she just said that or wrote that I couldn t believe it I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with characters that shouldn t be loveable.Natalie Bennett brought Calista and Romero to life in this book, her world building was flawless in my opinion, and she created a world that was dark and depressing, but in the end, it showed that even the monsters could find a place they could call home.I am not going to give too much away, because I feel that if you can get around all of the taboos featured in this book, then you should read it If there are just too many things that trigger you than I should warn you away, far, far, away, better yet run from this book as fast as you can.If you haven t yet, let s go a little in depth, Cali was involved in a town that was of a cult They believed in a god, Bennett doesn t go too much into it which IMO a good idea You just know that this cult is full of incest rapists Cali was kicked out and left for dead A group of outlanders found her They saved her and brought her into their fold Cali from the get go knew there was something wrong with her She had no love for the people she was with.They sent her off by her choice to infiltrate a group called the Savages She knew of this group and their leader who goes by the name of Romero She had fallen in love with the man before she ever met him This book is full of not only outlaws, but there are cannibals There is a whole lot of death and blood, and sex It is the definition of Ultra Violence honestly But the depth of the characters was incredible Bennett had done a fantastic job of making you feel like you are connecting with them on some level.This isn t to say that the monsters are heroes because they aren t They are soulless killers who have no regard for anyone else This is a love story about two killers falling for each other It s about finding the other half of your soul Bennett achieved this most amazingly I gobbled this book down in a matter of hours I was breathless and couldn t wait to get the second one in my hands.This book does end on a cliff hanger, so there is your big warning I would pick up Deviants and have it waiting so you can read the conclusion between Cali and Rome.This was so fuckin twisted I loved every moment of it I picked it up and gobbled every torrid detail down The only thing I am sad about is that I am going to have to wait and hope that I get gift certificates for my birthday so I can buy the remaining paperbacks so I can finish this series Bravo Natalie, Brav fucking o. this was absolutely fucked in so many good ways And I can not wait until I get to finish this series off.

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    Holy shit this book is hot as hell hands down It is not for the faint of heart, this book is pretty graphic,and very tense My heart way pounding with all the suspense I m seriously fanning myself over Romero The cliff is huge, so I m definitely dying to find out what s HAPPENING Thanks Natalie for another fantastic read, and for letting me read this early You are absolutely amazing

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    Craaaaaa zy As a lover all things dark, Savages checked every box and probably for me Natalie Bennett brings it on, all except for an ending, but hey, I m even fine with that for now I was a little apprehensive to read this book, because I wasn t a huge fan of another Natalie Bennett dark series, UltraViolence Maybe it s the super dark element this time around, or Romero is a character I hated to lovewhatever it was, it worked for me The book will be hard to review without spoiling the story line, but I ll give it a shot He was born sick I was effed in the head Together, we were Savages This is putting it mildly Man oh man, Calista and Romero were absolutely made for each other While we plainly see what happened to Calista to make her that way, Romero remained a bit of a mystery, even when it was all said and done Outside those towering walls was the Badlands and in the Badlands the weak struggles against the strong Anarchy reigned This is the land of the crazy to the lay person Stuff is happening in and around these Badlands that would make even the bravest person head for the hills Calista wasn t your normal run of the mill beautiful, petite, blonde girl She had nerves of steel and the ability to take what was thrown at her with a grain of salt On the outside nothing effected her, on the inside she was a jumbled, emotional mess I didn t particularity like being told I couldn t do something because my balls were on my chest and not between my legs You go girl Not even the big, bad Romero and his gang of misfits could scare her away Calista wanted answers and would do whatever she had to do to get them Even if it meant doing a gorgeous man with a body made for sin and the mind of the devil himself She reminded me of an angel that had been stripped of its wings And he admired her from the minute he saw her The book is well written and is dark and pretty gross at some parts I actually stopped for a second in disbelief of what I was reading, but then continued on Kind of scary I liked Romero and Calista instantly and thier respective friends brought that much to the story My one complaint was the cover The book isn t due for release until January 2018, so it may change, but I feel that Calista is her own brand of beautiful crazy, not a Harley Quinn wannabe and deserves to get a cover for herself Reviewed for Renee Entress s Blog.

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    Holy shit, what did I just read and why did it stop there O.M.G So, hold on, before we get to the good stuff KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS Seriously, this book is dark, dirty and all around fucked up. That s all the warning you re getting from me There are no heroes to be found here, only monsters He was born sick.I was fucked in the head.Together, we were Savages Hello, my name is Jamie and I am hooked on, Romero and his fucked up lady, Calista This book dragged me through the mud, spit me out and pulled me back under I was up ALL NIGHT reading, I had to know what was happening This is by no means a romance, there is a bit of a jaded love story in there but it is in no way a unicorn and rainbow romance At all Romero is all dark, vengeful man and Calista is nowhere near a saint or whatever it is woman are considered This book is all about pain, emotional and physical It s a bit of a mindfuck, like, I didn t know what the hell was happening and BAM She hit me with another twist I just wanna know how to become a Savage and find a beast like, Romero.Story 5Darkness 5Characters 5Overall 10

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Savagescharacters Savages, audiobook Savages, files book Savages, today Savages, Savages 18964 Calista I Am The Monster They Created I M The Whore They Re Ashamed Of When Life Tried To Break Me I Grabbed That B Tch By The Throat And Squeezed I Thought I Could Overcome Anything I Swore I Could Handle Him, But After Being Forced To Play At The Devil S Playground I Ended Up Craving His Touch One Taste Of His Poison Made My Loyalties Begin To Waiver Romero I M A Living Nightmare, I M Everything They Fear I Ve Been Called The Devil, Deranged, And A Savage I Lived By A Code Created By Rebel Souls We Were Sinners And Thieves That Made No Apologies For Taking Whatever The F Ck We Wanted Saving A Girl In The Woods Was Never Part Of My Plans, But When I Saw The Crazy In Her Eyes I Knew It Was A Match Made In Hell Now Secrets Are Piling Up, The Bodies Are Rotting, And Time Is Running Out To Finish What I Started Forewarning, Our Story Is Than A Little F Cked Up Authors NoteI Am Not Going To Put A Long Warning On This Book I Will Say That Savages Is A VERY Cautionary Tale That Has No Regard For Hard Limits Reader Discretion IS Highly Advised

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Shameless author of twisted unconventional love stories Natalie has a penchant for writing villainous immoral men, and tends to deviate away from traditional happily ever afters.When she isn t slaying words on multiple projects, she s hanging out in the sunshine state with her husband, their three boys, and her pit bull named Lulu.You can find Natalie on Social Media Newsletter