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Me, My Elf&I explained Me, My Elf&I, review Me, My Elf&I, trailer Me, My Elf&I, box office Me, My Elf&I, analysis Me, My Elf&I, Me, My Elf&I dc53 It S Not Often You See An Elf In The Middle Of Brooklyn, Let Alone A Tall, Blond, Gorgeous Elf In The Middle Of One Of The Most Prestigious Performing Arts High Schools In The Country And Yet, That S Just Where Zephyr Addler Finds Herself Smack Dab In The Middle Of A Bustling New York City School, Worlds Away From The Secluded Woodland Community She Knows So Well But Zephyr Knows That She Has To Figure Out How To Live In The World And Dress In The World Thanks To A Little Friendly Advice From Her New Friend Mercedes, Zephyr Starts To Get The Hang Of Brooklyn That Is, Until Zephyr Snags A Role In A Commercial, Beating Out The Most Popular Girl In School, Bella Dartagnan Now With Bella And Her Friends Out To Get Her, Can Zephyr Out Maneuver The Mean Girls And Catch The Eye Of A Certain Cute Boy Without Losing Herself

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Me, My Elf&I
  • Heather Swain
  • English
  • 22 July 2017
  • 9780142412558

About the Author: Heather Swain

Heather Swain lives in a crooked house in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, two children, and a barkless dog She is the author of novels for adults and young adults, craft books, and numerous short stories, personal essays, and non fiction articles.

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    Me, My Elf I was a creative story, but a bit of a cliche one I did enjoy it, it has some interesting scenarios and characters, but it follows every YA fantasy trope you can think of and then some, making it very predictable It feels too dramatic at times, including the erupting feud between Zephyr and her queen bee rival over something so silly it s not even funny Somewhere along time way I just gave up on caring.

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    Since the main character Zephyr is an elf, I was expecting a Christmas theme to the book, but it wasn t Christmassy at all.The plot is very similar to Mean Girls but with elves, and it was very dated, with references to MySpace, Friendster, Treo phones, and other now defunct technology and social media I didn t really care for Zephyr as a character She was wishy washy, kind of bratty, and immature.

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    This was really cute and I enjoyed reading something that wasn t too difficult.

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    Mean Girls Meets Elf, a fish out of water, comic YA fantasyFifteen year old Zephyr Addler has just moved to Brooklyn with her five siblings, her naturopath mother, and her folk rock star father from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Switching from being home schooled in a cottage in the woods to attending a sophisticated arts high school in a big city isn t Zephyr s only culture shock She s living for the first time among humans.Zephyr is an elf with the magical ability of casting spells and can potentially live hundreds of years In addition, like all her fellow elves, Zephyr is a tall, gorgeous, green eyed blonde who is fit and lean from a vigorous, outdoor lifestyle and a healthy, natural diet She also shares to a great degree the elvish trait of empathetic kindness.Zephyr s family plans to be away from Alverland, their secret elvish home, for only a year while Zephyr s dad is making major strides in his musical career But the adult elves in their close knit community especially Zephyr s grandmother are very worried about what will happen to the Addler family in an erdler human city Zephyr doesn t care about any of that She s got big plans, and she can t wait to get started on them She wants to act, sing and, most of all, have a date with a cute erdler boy This book is well written, and the story is a comic treat I enjoyed very much learning about Zephyr s life as an elf She is immensely likeable, as are her eccentric, lovable family Zephyr s struggles to fit into the human world are at times funny and at others poignant I also found it very clever the way the author uses Zephyr s virtues of kindness and innocent na vet to get Zephyr and her friends and family into whacky messes.Teen girls will gobble up this story And parents will approve very much of the elvish lifestyle They don t drink, smoke or engage in uncommitted sex, so the book is G Rated and could safely be read by girls as young as 11.

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    This book is the typical story of the new pretty girl at school She becomes friends with the first people that talk to her She locks on to the popular boy boyfriend of reigning queen of the school as the one she loves even though she doesn t know him at all She butts heads with and bests the jealous queen All this happens while she maintains her wonderful, sweet self only deviating slightly to best the mean girl but she feels really bad about it.All this can still make a good story if it s interesting This one was not that interesting This book was not terrible, however It just took a long time to read because I wasn t interested in finishing Even the author s attempt at making it unique Zephyr being an elf didn t help Everything in this book was predictable and boring It did have few moments that were amusing, mostly revolving around Zephyr not understanding something I also didn t buy Zephyr and her relationships As I pointed out earlier, her best friends are the people she meets first and the boy she likes is the first one that talks to her What beyond that makes them friends or a love interest Not much in this book.

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    This book came out in 2009, and it feels like it with the cringe y IMs and slang As someone who was a teen on AIM in 2009, I can safely say that no one ever sounded like that.Aside from the cringe worthy writing, it features a fish out of water main character in Zephyr who was terribly annoying and came off like a complete idiot before turning into a total b tch The love interest is the personification of a human trash bag because he s full of garbage and there was so much girl on girl hate, I just couldn t stand it Needless to say, I will NOT be reading the sequel.

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    It was interesting to read about how an elf was adapting to human culture The book definitely showed readers about human society though.

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    Did you ever feel nervous when transferring to a new school where you don t know anyone Do you ever wonder about how the teachers and students are like Do you ever find yourself wondering if you ll fit in or not In the book Me, my elf and I by Heather Swain, Zephyr Addler is sheltering a HUGE secret She s tall, blonde, beautiful and an elf She transferred to a famous New York City performing arts school from a secluded woodland community that shelters elves from the human society called Averland She finds herself cornered in many difficult situations as well, such as a the school snob, Bella Dartangan, who is trying to ruin Zephyrs school profile and dealing with horrible rumors about her, her well known father and her family Fortunately, she meets Mercedes and Ari Her first friends since she transferred into the school They talk her into auditioning for a role against Bella the school snob , who will do anything to get what she wants What will Zephyr do about the rumors How will she react to Bella Will her secret be exposed in the process My blood boils It s one thing to call me names or even talk about my friends, but to say stuff about my dad is just wrong I really can t stand these girls I wish I knew who BellaHater is so I could join forces with her and make Bella s life miserable than I already have As I m sitting there fuming, an IM message box pops up It s from Timber Chapter 11, Page 181 Although I usually don t have an appeal for these type of genres, this was exceptionally good The author really got that sense of revenge and feelings across to the reader which made it really easy to understand the plot of the story The characters feelings were portrayed perfectly and I enjoyed reading the book a lot If you have a soft spot for books with a ton of drama, romance and revenge than this book is perfect for you and you should start reading it right away.

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    I can t remember the last book I read about an elf, let alone a chick lit book So this YA novel was cute, refreshing, and needed in the world of realistic fiction and vampires of today s lit.Zephra ia a teenage elf who has grown up in a secluded town of elves in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Her dad is a growing folk artist, and the family moves to New York City so that he can record videos and expand his art Zephra is excited because she is able to enroll in NYC s performing arts school, where she will be able to sing, act and perform to her heart s content But first she must learn how to be herself in a world of erdlers humans Humans aren t always nice and Zephra learns the hard way Bella is the popular, rich, famous girl at school who is jealous and wants to ruin Zephra Timber is the cute ex pop star who is dating Bella and showing interest in Zephra And Mercedes and Ari are the students who adopt Zephra as their friend All in all, this is a cute read with a great chick lit cover It even has glitter

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    Throughout the entire book I had this nagging feeling that Zephyr was gonna end up with Kenji or someone else and NOT Timber It was really weird when he said that nothing special happened to him during the weekend when, really, he hung out with Zephyr and her family and also kissed her Zephyr thought he didn t care that much about her and I was thinking that she got stood up or something but noooooo, they still like each other Oh well, it s cute that way.I really like this book because Zephyr is new to the erdler human world and knows nothing about BlackBerries to Googling so she kinda makes a dork outta herself but it was funny Ha ha I really liked how she thought Mary Kate and Ashley were THREE girls DIn the end it seems like there could be a possible sequel and if there is one I would so read it Ok never mind, I had to edit this because right after I pressed save review , the sequel popped up P

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