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    Oh, ho, ho Brace yourselves, I m about to write the meanest, most drawn out negative review I ve written to date Be warned though, this review will have cursing Lots of it, I suspect.When I read the blurb for Going Too Far I knew I had to read it Young girl keeps getting in trouble and the cop who s determined to show her the consequences of her actions ends up falling for her Hell yeah, that sounds hot And I m not even the type of person who likes to read books that sound hot But fuck it because that sounds hot And I didn t care if their age gap was big enough for statutory rape Which it wasn t, lame I read this book in two very excruciating hours I skimmed through so much Oh god, so much skimming Because the writing is so bad Not typo ridden bad but written for idiots bad But if there s one thing that annoyed me to no end in this book, was how many times the author felt the need to tell us that John has dark eyes Did you guys get that No He has dark eyes In case you didn t get it from the last twenty thousand fucking times she mentioned it She said it so many times, that I took this e book and I did a search for the word dark and eyes to count how many times it happened I don t care enough to do the math But the number for dark was 80 the number for eyes was 100 It didn t help that the first time she introduced the fucking eyes she felt the need to describe it as They were a strangely dark brown in his light face WHAT THE FUCK IS SO STRANGE ABOUT BROWN EYES IN WHITE PEOPLE Jesus.Okay so, let s not keep talking about the eyes like Echols did Because, my god, does she like eyes Let s talk about the actual story Let s talk a little about the writing Let s talk about how my IQ dropped And about how this book is written for people with an IQ lower than 50, or for kids And I mean real kids Not seventeen year olds, but nine year olds who should not be reading about sex Let s talk about the descriptions Here s a fantastic one The cold March wind kissed my cleavage as he kissed me Isn t that bloody fantastic The wind kissed her boobs That s truly amazing Let s take a look at another one I couldn t see him blushing But I could hear him blushing as his breaths came quickly This chick is amazing, really Let s talk about this chick Uh, what s her name Whorelike The whore She s a whore That s what the author chose to do with her Let s make a whore main character, she said Yay slut shaming Because liking sex is bad YAY So, this girl likes sex And she likes smoking pot and sleeping around And this makes her a slut Because girls aren t supposed to like sex Girls are supposed to want relationships So she s a slut Oh and she has blue hair The word blue was mentioned 71 times in this book Apparently the author thought I would forget that very peculiar trait Let s talk about the love interest This guy He s uhLet s not talk about him And let s not talk about the scene where he tells the main character that smoking pot is way harmful than cigarettes Actually lets He laughed shortly Pot s a lot carcinogenic than cigarettes HA Fucktard While we re at it, let s talk about how the stupid MC gets angry at him for smoking because she once had cancer, even though it was leukemia completely unrelated to lung cancer and she smokes pot, constantly The fuck, man.This novel has 14,369 ratings and 1,127 reviews and only 1% of them are 1 star reviews and 72% of them are 4 5 star reviews which give this novel an average rating of 4.03 stars I am convinced this entire world is stupid.

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    This was my first time reading Jennifer Echols, I d seen her book around, but for some reason I never had the initiative to pick on up Then I saw the cover and synopsis for Going Too Far and I just had to have it I think originally I d saw the title as Boy In Blue or something along those lines, but after reading the novel I think that the title, Going Too Far, fits it perfectly.I was expecting to like this novel, I figured it would be good, what I hadn t expected was how much I was going to like it I sat down to read it and I didn t get up from the couch until I was finished It was so so it just sucked me in and would not let go Meg and John s relationship was so layered and complex, just wow I loved Meg s character, even though she is insane, I got it, I absolutely empathized with her And John, he may seem one way, but his character is so complex and you don t really discover that until later in the novel, but I think that is why it works out so well It s was addicting Such a great novel and Echols does a fabulous job in telling it I ll definitely be buying a copy to add to my personal library

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    This book is clearly a romance The whole story is about these two different people with their own individual baggage who come together and fall in love As their relationship develops, you feel like you are on rollercoaster ride crazy highs and lows Their relationship is very charged and, at times, explosive The sexual tension between them is there from the very beginning and practically on every page there after These are two people who are very physically attracted to each other but on such different life trajectories that leaves them both confused about what was happening between them They were asking of themselves whether it was worth pursuing, did it make it any sense, was there any substance beyond the flirting and attraction, could they let themselves be exposed and vulnerable to the other personWhile on the surface they seem to be so different, but as we get to know them, they appear to have a lot in common For example, they are both very determined, strong, impulsive, defiant, and passionate I see them in their future relationship as fighting often but having lots of make up sex I had different reactions toward finding out the history underling their individual issues I found Meg s reason for behaving the way she does compelling She was at a very critical age, developmentally, when faced with her crisis She had difficulty processing the meaning of it all and her parents weren t all that helpful I can see why she started having panic attacks and had difficulty coming to terms with what was ahead for her life I had difficulty understanding John s backstory It was harder for me to connect his bridge obsession with the events of 8 years ago when he was so young It sort of makes sense but I just didn t feel it was enough to justify his current behavior, especially when what he did to Meg when she pushed him to edgeThere was no false advertising in the descriptions of this book They really do push each other to the edge Amazingly, this is what they each needed in order to move on from the chains of their past It could have totally backfired but somehow they pulled through and were so much better for it.

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    This book was HOT The chemistry and banter between Meg and John Officer After could keep me reading for probably a 1,000 pages It was an absolute pleasure to read I couldn t get enough of it.Echols writing style is just perfect to me, it s humorous and detailed and random, everything I love She created a very likable character in Meg, someone who intentionally creates a somewhat shocking appearance blue hair and attitude to protect herself but little by little we learn about Meg and the reason she is the way she is and you can t help being on her side and wanting to be her friend And John, man, I loved reading about this boy I don t even know what to say.I loved reading about John and Meg on night patrol and watching Meg realize she s falling in love with him It s pretty cute to see this punk haired bad a% girl get kind of self conscious around John There is a great push and pull between them that keeps you on edge, needing to know where this is going to go.I m at a loss for words of how to express how much I loved this book It has so very many things going for it, GREAT characters main and secondary a great premise, humor, pain just please, do yourself a favor and read this book I ll definitely be reading the rest of the author s books And seriously, when can I see the movie version P

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    Okay so, I ve made a vow to myself to write reviews for every book I finish since making this vow , and the short warning to stay away from this book that served as my review before kept coming back to haunt me, screaming CHEAT I ve cooled off since then, so I can probably give a review without dissolving into a puddle of gooey rage and expletives.First off, let me address the rating 4.02 average, as of the time I m writing this review I ll be honest, it s what reeled me in And caught me like a fish on a hook, in for the same amount of torture Now I ll admit to being on the outside of a lot of book hype I was one of the like seven people in the entire world who didn t like Divergent But I would read a dozen Divergents, two City Of Bones, and top it off with an entire reread of the Twilight saga over subjecting myself to Going Too Far again.Sound harsh Well, it is But this is a novel that prompted me to make a whole new shelf to showcase it s absolute crappiness.Now, for the examples From page one, it becomes evident that the writing is sub par Sure, there are a few paragraphs, maybe even an entire page here and there, that don t make your eyes bleed But for the most part, the writing is overly obvious, the attitudes forced, the descriptions repetitive, and some of them just flat out don t make sense I couldn t see his face, but I could tell from the way he walked that he was a teenager I knew it was too good to be true when it got even better There is even an instance when Meg can hear John blush Not hear his blush in his words Hear John blush. Now I ll forgive a lot, but that is physically impossible.But Meg s sudden bursts of super human senses weren t even my biggest pet peeves No, that goes to the most retardedly used, beat the reader over the head with it metaphor I have ever read.Meg has blue hair She dyed it awhile ago to stand out or announce her rebelliousness or whatever And don t worry about forgetting Meg has blue hair or mistaking it for purple or green down the line, because we are reminded of Meg s blue hair A lot A whole freaking lot Even than we re told about John s dark eyes, we re reminded about Meg s blue hair.And the thing is, she acts like it s a freaking stamp on her forehead proclaiming her a lecher or something I don t know about you, but I actually think a chick with blue hair is kinda hot Especially when they re not, you know, thirty Meg constantly tells herself John can t like her because she has blue hair When his friends point out the proprietary way he watches her, Meg s internal reaction is this But my hair is blue Who The Eff Cares Now, I wouldn t call just why this a metaphor a spoiler, but I m going to tag it as one anyway just in case view spoiler Meg had a pretty traumatic thing happen in her past It contributed to her immaturity in some areas, her need to rebel Her blue hair is supposed to symbolize that immaturity Hence the metaphor hide spoiler

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    Does anyone remember when my avi looked like this That is called The Storyteller It is a fountain that is in the heart of Five Points South in Birmingham This story tried to KILL IT Ugz ok so, it wasn t the main focus but they talk about the fountain alot at the end of the book and keep referring to it as the DEVIL FOUNTAIN Dear BOB I wanted to scream Only ignorants call it the Devil Fountain Bahs It s a statue of a ram man reading stories to his friends of nature Not reading stories of EVIL Bahs and yes yes yes it does sit in front of a big methodist church but as far as I know there aren t any protests are anything going on around the statue No witchcraft either I just can t stand how this book depicted it like it was a source of evil Ok rant over On with my review WITH PICTURES I had such high hopes for this book For one it is a MTV book I ve read 2 MTV books I wanna be your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia.In my opinion they are both better than this book This book was too fluffy and trying to hard to be bad ass and kept upping Birmingham like it was L.A.We re not L.A not even close So, this book is about our BAD Ass meg who gets in trouble and has to run around with a cop her whole spring vacation 2 of her buds get in trouble too with her but they story doesn t go into great detail about them The story centers around Meg and her blue hair in a small unnamed town 20 minutes from Birmingham.Wait 20 minutes from Birmingham Ok so, I can figure this out right Well, the story says her and copper John who is 19 and a young cop and her woo woo wanna be love interest have to move cows across the street.Cattle Where on earth can that be Well, it s in Shelby County So, I asked my hubz and we came up with Columbiana I don t know if that s the right town but it s the only place we could think of real close to Birmingham in the right county that might have farm animals.The story also talks a heap load about Birmingham Junction This is the place where all the WRECKS take place Well, folks that would be Malfunction Junction and yup there are a ton of wrecks there Apparently the author thinks that everyone high schooler in Jefferson Shelby Country dream about going to UAB University of Alabama Birmingham Well, we have a ton of those trade school deals and I guess UAB is the closest UNIVERSITY but we have like 5 Jeff State branches but I m not sure if EVERYBODY wants to go there It s not THAT snazzy I guess it s snazzy to ALabama lolz But it s mainly a medical school just so ya know there s other things but that s why the hospital is named after it UAB campus UAB Hospital With all this talk about UAB the author not once talks about the evil statue the have for the mascot Yeah It s a bit SATANIC muahhahahs Blaze mascot for the UAB Blazors it s a dragon I just had the hardest time getting into this book It was a fun read, I guess but if you know the town the CRYPTIC Code for the sites was nervewracking OH And the talk about Condaleza Rice at a college party Cuz she grew up in Birmingham My dear pets this book was published in 2009 during the Obama Administration not the Bush Why are we talking about Condy So, that frustated me OH And then she wants to talk about the governor going to prison While jeesh does she not want to talk about the Birmingham Mayor going to prison too Or what about HealthSouth Or what about Natalie Holloway Condey Uhh that s old LOLZ and college students talking about her Now, that s just not right.The whole big SHA BAM about the book was the magic of Five Points Five Points is our little artsy district And by Artsy I mean that s where you get a tattoo at, and Work Play is down there concerts , and some snazzy restraunts, but it s not LA I don t get what this author was trying to tell you guys So, I shall show you Five PointsOH There was a roadtrip out of Birmingham And what landmark did we see Why the famous Peach Watertower of Clanton. but they say it looks like a RUMP Do you see a Rump Sings Peaches song by Presidents of the United States A flashback sends us to Dreamland hahas that s funny Dreamland is a BBQ that was founded in the back woods of Tuscaloosa This is the one in BirminghamI really wanted to really really like this book but the story line was just too floofy for me I m proud that it was written by an ALabama Author and was set in or around Birmingham But it still irks me that Jennifer Echols kept referring to the Storyteller Fountain as evil It s a beautiful piece of art It bugs me to death that people can t see the magic in it We are known as the Magic City, afterall Lighten up and enjoy the mystery I know I would have liked this story better if it was just for that one little thing For information about the Storyteller Fountain go here

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    Re read HOLLY SHIT I LOVED IT JUST AS MUCH IF NOT MORE AS THE FIRST TIME I READ THIS BACK IN 2011 HBJFGKDAFLKSGHJBFLANFirst time reading it April 29, 2011I m going to say a few things before I start my review A long while a go I stopped reading Not completely but, I was reading a book a week instead of a book a day, there were also books that were taking me three weeks to read I was blaming it all on school and thought that my blog and club where the ones consuming my time I just realized that I was just missing the right book I started the firsts chapters of this book and then I went to do other stuff and I simply couldn t keep my mind off from the story, it was all I could think of but I really was busy that day so I had to leave it at that Yesterday I went back to the book and yesterday I finished it It had been so long since I felt that hunger for a book So long since I had connected so deeply with a character even though we shared nothing in common So a Big Thank to everyone who insisted that I needed to read Going Too Far and for marking it as their favorites, If it weren t for all those high ratings and reviews I would have never discovered Going Too Far, and would have never re discovered my huge Love for Reading Thank You Now I ll start my review Going Too Far is a story that circles around the relationship between Meg and John John is a cop that follows the law strictly and never goes out of line, he takes care of everything and watched closely a haunted bridge, a bridge that holds all of his inner demons, to a point where he becomes one himself And Meg, whom is determined to cross all the lines and break every boundary, if only to prove that she s living and that she has lived and also someone who runs and runs She just wants to get away from everything.At the beginning of the book Meg breaks some big rules and so Officer John takes control of the situation, punishing Meg by taking away her spring break and forcing her to spend it with him while he s on duty Naturally, she hates him But through the course of her punishment Meg and John start to develop something Something maybe close to Friendship Or is it something And so with this thing going on, they start to push each other, further, further John wanting Meg inside the lines and Meg wanting to push John outside them Who wins Going Too Far is one of the most amazing books I ve ever read What I most Love about it is that it s not just the girl that has issues That the guys isn t 100% fine and it s going to help her with everything No, they both help each other out and I just think this is a wonderful book and a must read DON T borrow it BUY IT Just BUY IT I m already re reading it

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    I tried reading this one last year and couldn t get into it The heroine was annoying and immature but I m so glad I tried it again because I loved it.Yes, it may be slightly cliched and predictable, BUT it was so easy to read and the character growth was written really well, so much so that I ended up loving the heroine A small part of me does wish that their sex was written into the story, but that s just cause I m a dirty perv who wants to read about all John s muscles flexing In reality, I think it fit the story as a whole better that it wasn t.

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    4.5 starsWould you believe me if I say I d put off this book for quite a long time because I thought that a cop guy as the hero in a book is not cool Well, now that I ve read it I realized I was Totally Freaking Wrong Because the whole time, I was swooning and crushing and gushing over John After He absolutely took a place on my top book boyfriends And yeah, so much for putting this off because, seriously, from all the books I ve read of Jennifer Echols this is the one I so enjoyed the most It was my first time to encounter a really rebellious heroine and at first I didn t think I would be able to love her but again, I was wrong because I really did love Meg Meg was a funny, smart, and witty character I loved her sense of humor, her rebelliousness and being dangerous made her an interesting character Her story that caused her to have that kind of attitude was very compelling It was a bit heart wrenching and through that I was able to understand her completely John After on the other hand was her opposite He was this one hot cop who was so disciplined and pretty strict in following rules He had this weird obsession about the bridge and staying in town Turns out he had a really bad memory about it and thought that by doing what he s doing it will changed what had happened from the past I enjoyed those dialogue between the two of them which was really funny, cute and steamy And whenever John blushes at something he said about Meg, awww, it was just like the cutest thing ever Haha But what I loved the most was how this two people met and was able to cure and change each other It was great to see Meg and John growing and learning, caring and loving each other and eventually letting go of their past The ending was very heart warming It was touching and emotional and those few words Meg said was just so beautiful I would definitely recommend this This is a touching, wonderful and fun read Not overly emotional but will still tug strings from your heart A very good realistic read This review is also posted at Book Overdose

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    For the record, I lived in Birmingham,Alabama for three years Therefor, my opinion of this book might be somewhat biased because I am familiar with the area Like Looking for Alaska, Going Too Far takes place in a small town on the outskirts of Birmingham However, unlike John Green, Jennifer Echols doesn t succeed in capturing the feel of a small southern town This problem was also evident in Beautiful Creatures, a slow paced book with an effeminate male narrator If setting is a large part of your story, as it is here, I think it would be best to make the story feel true to its setting.That being said, this is a MTV book Having previewed I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia, I ve realized that MTV doesn t publish quality books But I liked The Perks of Being a Wallflower, so I was willing to set aside my predetermined notions about MTV books in general I m somewhat familiar with Jennifer Echol s books, having read Forget You I wasn t too impressed, but I was willing to give Echols another try I probably won t be reading another one of her books anytime in the future Echols relies two annoying tropes The first is the tragic past Authors give characters tragic pasts in order to excuse them from their flaws I once fell prey to this trap, not realizing that a character can be complex without having to loose a sibling parent, having survived cancer, having lived in poverty, or having attempted suicide This trope irritates me to no end because it s like the author tries to makes you feel bad for not sympathizing with his or her characters I often felt this way when I was reading Speak Just because I don t feel any sympathy for your character doesn t mean that I advocate rape, murder, or suicide Quite the contrary It means that I wish you hadn t used these as cheap plot devices to develop your characters Or, as is the case in Push, if you think the book is bad, you re insensitive to rape victims Or, because you haven t been raped, you wouldn t understand, making your opinion irrelevant even if the book is bad If you re familiar with Contemporary YA, then you know of John Green, Sarah Dessen, Elizabeth Scott, and Barry Lyga The exceptions being, An Abundance of Katherines, and Bloom, these authors manage to write realistic teens without using too many pop culture references, dropping the f bomb on every other page, or making use gratuitous sex scenes Well, in the case of John Green, your mileage may vary Around 4 5ths of this novel, I was waiting for it to end There was nothing that made me want to finish After the secret was revealed, there was nothing to keep reading for That s often the problem with having your plot hinge on cheap tropes and devices Often after the will they, won t they drama dies down and your book jumps the shark, what s left Like Sarah Dessen, I don t think Jennifer Echols knows much about drugs I find it somewhat funny, anytime an author has their characters smoke pot to prove that they re hardcore While actions speak louder than words, in literature this isn t the case Instead of coming off as badass, Meg comes off as kind of stupid And once again we are told that characters are intelligent, rather than being shown Meg and John are supposed to be somewhat intelligent, yet their big aspiration is to go to UAB My dad graduated from UAB From what he s told me, there aren t that many spectacularly intelligent people graduating from there How hard is to remember, show don t tell.Romance plays a big part in this book However, by the time Meg and John acted on whatever meager chemistry they had, I wasn t interested I didn t have a problem with Meg Sure, she was annoying at times, and her past was contrived as a means to excusing her from her flaws, but she was funny I actually found her amusing John, on the other hand, was kind of possessive and overbearing at times He wasn t very amusing, and for the first fifty pages I didn t like him very much Authors these days don t seem to understand what it takes to make a character likable Rather than reveal why John acts the way he does during the first few pages, Echols waits to reveal the information By this time, I don t care This isn t suspenseful, it s annoying I was also troubled by a few major logic fails Can John really be an patrol officer that carries a loaded gun at such a young age I don t think so He might look forty, but he s still nineteen Can the town pot head really get away with so much Can minors be arrested so easily without being read their right Are all southerners backwards, illiterate, trailer trash morons No I have a few relatives that live in Edgewater, Alabma I can tell you that southerners aren t that dumb Meg and John aren t the only intelligent people that have graced the southern states Another issue that I have with all modern YA books set in the south Alabama is 26.3% black 12.9% of all black people in the USA live in Alabama Yet in every single one of these books, there are no black characters I might believe that this is possible in Connecticut or Delaware, but not in the south Occasionally, we might give an Asian or two, but this is just ridiculous Also, the character development in this book is somewhat unbelievable John and Meg completely transform in twenty pages Apparently all Meg needs is a strong man in her life to completely change her ways I don t even know why John liked Meg, outside of her sex appeal My last complaints are as follows Apparently Meg sleeps around with the local pot head and John won t sleep with her unless she s completely naked he says this is because he wants her trust Yeah right And Meg is claustrophobic so this somehow equates with her not wanting to be seen naked, but she ll sleep with anything male that moves Because this is Echols, I d say the content in this book is 14 However, this isn t as graphic as Forget You.I wouldn t recommend this book, but I wouldn t say that you shouldn t read it Just don t read it passively Be aware of what you re reading and don t accept it as good literature Fans of Contemporary YA deserve better.

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Going Too Far download Going Too Far, read online Going Too Far, kindle ebook Going Too Far, Going Too Far d11baef4be13 HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO All Meg Has Ever Wanted Is To Get Away Away From High School Away From Her Backwater Town Away From Her Parents Who Seem Determined To Keep Her Imprisoned In Their Dead End Lives But One Crazy Evening Involving A Dare And Forbidden Railroad Tracks, She Goes Way Too Farand Almost Doesn T Make It Back John Made A Choice To Stay To Enforce The Rules To Serve And Protect He Has Nothing But Contempt For What He Sees As Childish Rebellion, And He Wants To Teach Meg A Lesson She Won T Soon Forget But Meg Pushes Him To The Limit By Questioning Everything He Learned At The Police Academy And When He Pushes Back, Demanding To Know Why She Won T Be Tied Down, They Will Drive Each Other To The Edge And Over