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Walk Two Moons pdf Walk Two Moons, ebook Walk Two Moons, epub Walk Two Moons, doc Walk Two Moons, e-pub Walk Two Moons, Walk Two Moons 09fcfb2decd How About A Story Spin Us A Yarn Instantly, Phoebe Winterbottom Came To Mind I Could Tell You An Extensively Strange Story, I Warned Oh, Good Gram Said Delicious And That Is How I Happened To Tell Them About Phoebe, Her Disappearing Mother, And The LunaticAs Sal Entertains Her Grandparents With Phoebe S Outrageous Story, Her Own Story Begins To Unfold The Story Of A Thirteen Year Old Girl Whose Only Wish Is To Be Reunited With Her Missing MotherIn Her Own Award Winning Style, Sharon Creech Intricately Weaves Together Two Tales, One Funny, One Bittersweet, To Create A Heartwarming, Compelling, And Utterly Moving Story Of Love, Loss, And The Complexity Of Human Emotion

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    This book was written specifically for my 13 year old self, which apparently is still alive and well inside of me It has all the elements I grew up loving wacky names like Salamanca Tree Hiddle and Phoebe Winterbottom, American Indian themes, lush descriptions of country living, spiritual undertones, a little mystery, a little romance, and a missing mother.The missing mother thing was the suckerpunch, of course It s why I found myself lying in the bathtub in the middle of a Monday afternoon, blubbering my head off during the book s unexpected climactic twist Every so often I revisit Young Adult novels or dip into new ones to tap into those raw feelings of childhood, as direct and undeniable as a baby s wail I related so completely to Salamanca s hidden longing, her concealed desperation for her mother to return It triggered so many memories, and spurred me to wonder, What were those first days like after my mom left What protective burrow of my brain did those memories tunnel into, searching for a secret safety that was not present in my life at the time Salamanca s journey is achingly sincere, funny and adventurous She is exactly the personality I would have lived vicariously through in my early adolescence, glad for someone else s words to elicit the feelings I strove my damndest to suppress, despite my father s warnings that You bottle your feelings up just like your mother someday you could end up like her The power of stories lies not only in their construction of identity, but in their ability to evoke feeling forgotten feelings, stuffed feelings, feelings we thought we succeeded in losing or numbing away Thank goodness for these unexpected reminders, gifts we receive in solitude, free to experience the fullness of our vulnerability reconnected to our nakedest, most innocent selves, blubbering in the bathtub.

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    Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech Walk Two Moons is a novel written by Sharon Creech, published by HarperCollins in 1994 and winner of the 1995 Newbery Medal The major themes in the story include the development of new relationships, dealing with grief, love, death, cultural identity, women s roles as mothers and wives, the hardships of life, and the adventures of misunderstandings and coming to terms with reality In 1997, it also won the Literaturhaus Award, Austria, and the Newbery Award Creech drew on her own background for many of the book s themes and images, including Sal s love of nature, her relationship with her mother, and the road trip to Idaho that frames the narrative In an interview, Creech said that she found the aphorism that gives the book its title Don t judge a man until you ve walked two moons in his moccasins in a fortune cookie 2012 1387 1388 242 9789643622787 1393 20 .

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    THIS BOOK I m still recovering, but I adored it The ending is both sad and beautiful and totally perfect.If you want to hear my complete thoughts, check out

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    I read this book along with my son for his required school reading Sometimes reading along with a partner helps lessen the dreadsometimes it doesn t My son did not enjoy this book much at all and I can t really say it was a favorite of mine either But, I stayed positive throughout the reading experience though because I think Walk Two Moons has some important messages to offer young readers It addresses issues related to judging others, internalizing others actions, coping with emotions, and not taking things for granted Pretty perfect for the target audience My favorite quote It seems to me that we can t explain all the truly awful things in the world like war and murder and brain tumors, and we can t fix these things, so we look at the frightening things that are closer to us and we magnify them until they burst open Inside is something that we can manage, something that isn t as awful as it had a first seemed It is a relief to discover that although there might be axe murderers and kidnappers in the world, most people seem a lot like us sometimes afraid and sometimes brave, sometimes cruel and sometimes kind

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    This book is the perfect example of how a book can be written for a younger audience, but still hold entertainment and meaning for adult readers I really, thoroughly enjoyed this book It was suspenseful without being too contrived or corny The characters were interesting and unique, yet believable, and the story was truly touching I thought the author did an excellent job portraying the mindset of middle school age children, especially in that they didn t all think and act the same, or have the same maturity level Also, I don t know if other older readers found the ending predictable, but I was genuinely surprised, and even got a little choked up Overall, a great read for any age.

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    Huzzah Huzzah Brilliant, unexpected twists and relationships with a beautifully sad ending

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    I read Walk Two Moons as part of the literature circle for my 6th grade son s class I went into the read cold, knowing only what was written on the back of the book and the fact that it was a Newberry winner.The basic idea of the story is a teenage girl Sal is traveling cross country with her grandparents to try and find her mother Along the trip they have a few mini adventures and Sal spends most of the drive time telling about recent events of her own life as related to a crazy friend she had named Phoebe The title of the book comes from a supposed Indian saying never judge a man until you ve walked two moons in his moccasins Once that phrase is put out there, it becomes apparent what the author is doing in this book.The story is very multi layered There s the historical story that Sal is telling about her recent past and her interactions with her friends and neighbors, but particularly with her father and the fact that her mom left them to go out west That narrative thread in itself has multiple layers the story of Phoebe and her crazy life and the story of Sal and her family and loss Sal narrates each of these stories and seems unaware of just how parallel her story is to Phoebe s story Meanwhile, Sal is traveling across the country with her grandparents and many of their interactions along the road area also very insightful into Sal s life story.By having multiple story threads running concurrently, the story arc was able to twist and turn over itself in ways that were obvious while also being thoughtful and not feeling blatant or silly Still, some of the plot points felt a little heavy handed at times, but generally ok.I found myself going back and forth in terms of my level of enjoyment of this book There were numerous scenes that pulled at either sad or happy emotions but a lot of the story was a confused sense of exploration Sal was a fun and funny narrator and made the storytelling compelling but I had a hard time really liking her as a character I think that was somewhat intentional as she is emotionally a little hardened and withdrawn as a result of recent events This makes it hard to approach and relate to her, especially since I don t have directly relatable experience At the same time, I could appreciate and sympathize with her plight and her desire to come to grips with her life.I really liked the way this book played with self exploration through storytelling and narrative Sal spent the entire book telling stories but what I enjoyed was the fact that she seemed to be learning about herself and uncovering bits of her subconscious without even realizing what she was doing It wasn t until nearly the end of the book that she seems to come to a sense of awakening to her own emotions and the catharsis that comes in coming face to face with one s self This is a good, well written read and I definitely feel it deserved the Newberry granted, I haven t read its competition The narrative is smooth and flowing and really felt like a good portrayal of a 13 year old girl going through emotional upheaval In spite of the various predictable elements, there are a number of surprises that can catch you off guard Add to that the funny anecdotes and witty narrative and you have a good solid book 3.5 out of 5 stars

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    I shan t dignify this flaming turd with a review save the following this is the worst young adult book I have ever encountered, and I have encountered my share The dialogue thinks it is being playful, and it is actually being wooden the story thinks it is being original, and it is predictable The characters are annoying than endearing for their idiosyncrasies If it wasn t for the fact that I get resale when I sell books back to the university bookstore, I d ve peed on it and burned it immediately after finishing it have I made my point yet Avoid it.

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    Recently I re read this excellent book for the third time It is a heartwarming story for young adults of all ages relating the journeys of intriguing characters actual journeys as well as metaphorical journeys The characters are caring and endearing as they interact with others while dealing with mistakes they make and losses they suffer.The book contains so many delightful quotes such as I prayed to trees This was easier than praying directly to God There was nearly always a tree nearby Don t judge a man until you ve walked two moons in his moccasins We have to go on with things We can t malinger You can t keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair WALK TWO MOONS is one of my all time favorites.

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