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Mark of the Demon txt Mark of the Demon, text ebook Mark of the Demon, adobe reader Mark of the Demon, chapter 2 Mark of the Demon, Mark of the Demon 402399 Cop And Conjurer Of Demons, She S A Woman In Danger Of Losing Control To A Power That Could Kill Why Me Why NowThat S What Beaulac, Louisiana, Detective Kara Gillian Was Asking Herself When An Angelic Creature Named Rhyzkahl Unexpectedly Appeared During A Routine Summoning Kara Was Hoping To Use Her Occult Skills To Catch A Serial Killer, But Never Had She Conjured Anything Like This Unearthly Beautiful And Unspeakably Powerful Being Whose Very Touch Set Off Exquisite New Dimensions Of Pleasure But Can She Enlist His Aid In Helping Her Stop A Killer Who S Already Claimed The Lives And Souls Of Thirteen People And Should She The Symbol Man Is A Nightmare That The City Thought Had Ended Three Years Ago Now He S Back For An Encore And Leaving Every Indication On The Flesh Of His Victims That He, Too, Is Well Versed In Demonic LoreKara May Be The Only Cop On Beaulac S Small Force Able To Stop The Killer, But It Is Her First Homicide Case Yet With Rhyzkahl Haunting Her Dreams, And A Handsome Yet Disapproving FBI Agent Dogging Her Waking Footsteps, She May Be In Way Over Her Head

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Diana Rowland worked as a bartender, a blackjack dealer, a pit boss, a street cop, a detective, a computer forensics specialist, a crime scene investigator, and a morgue assistant, which means that she s seen a lot of weird crap She won the marksmanship award in her Police Academy class, has a black belt in Hapkido, has handled numerous dead bodies in various states of decomposition, and can t

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    2 7 18 ON SALE for 2.99 by Rabid ReadsKara Gillian is summoner of demons She s also a detective who recently and fortuitously transferred to homicide after a three year stint in property crimes Since she was a rookie, she s been fascinated by a string of unsolved serial murders that were committed in her town, so when a new victim turns up after a prolonged silence, she is THRILLED horrified, but eager to get on the case.From there things started going south, which is unfortunate, b c I d only made it through the first chapter or two.The writing is so terrible that I don t think I can accurately communicate how bad it was, so I m letting it speak for itself While the premise held promise a detective with Extras, in a world that didn t acknowledge Extras, working a case involving Extras the execution was awful The Awful manifested in a variety of ways, but most of it boils down to a singular source Kara is a snowflake, wrapped in a trope, inside a great many clich s And that, my friends, is just the tip of the super special iceberg 1 Redundant information.Like when half a dozen medical and law enforcement personal independently comment on how the intruder from the opening scene of the book, sure picked the wrong house, to break into Hmm So, ideally, a criminal shouldn t break into a cop s house That would be a Bad Idea I m so glad that observation was REPEATEDLY made Otherwise, I might ve missed the irony 2 3 Kara makes flash assumptions, often pertaining to her belief that she s done something wrong Lengthy explanations for gestures and or facial expressions that are both ridiculous and UNNECESSARY First we have the knee jerk insecurity the demon asks a simple question, and in the first of many non sequiturs, Kara assumes that she s done something wrong.Her reaction is strange for a multitude of reasons, but particularly b c earlier in the chapter, she d gone on, at length, about the various ways a demon will take his bloodthirsty revenge on a summoner who performs an imperfect summoning This demon is on his way OUT If Kara had messed up, she d know it, and by know it, I mean screaming in agony.It s kind of like a reverse narcissism, where the world revolves around her not b c she s just that awesome, but b c she s a twit Then we have the unnecessary qualifications for all of her mannerisms Kara never just says something, or grins, or scowls She controls her expression With effort You have not failed me, I said, carefully choosing my words and trying not to show my glee. Again, she s ALREADY explained about demons and the touchy subject of their honor, not to mention that when dealing with demons, it s common sense to be careful But just in case we re incapable of adding 2 and 2 to get 4, she spells it out for us And notice how the description of what she s feeling, the actions accompanying her words, is twice as long as the statement itself I m not opposed to the occasional wryly arched brow to punctuate a thought, but when it s as frequent and elaborate as it is here, it becomes a distraction More time is spent on meaningless gestures than on moving the plot forward.Then, circuit completed, we re back where we started, getting our second in as many pages dose of Kara s inexplicable belief that she s screwed something up.After her careful choice of words, the demon goes still and hisses, the abruptness a clear indication that something unrelated to Kara, a concept she can t seem to grasp, is happening But she misses the behavioral cues and wonders, yet again, what she did to elicit the change in Demon s demeanor Only this time, she wants to know what she s done now Like she s forgotten that she didn t do anything the first time Something is wrong, ergo it must be her fault.Reverse Narcissism 4 Acknowledging the lameness of a thing doesn t make it less lame My God, you d think the media could have come up with something exciting than Symbol Man Yes One would think the media could do better 5 6 ALL the boys want her despite her steadfast insistence that she is physically mediocre.Kara has no less than three blatant suitors, and a handful of other encounters with admirers as well, but every time a man casts an appreciative eye in her direction, she laments her average appearance.First we have Demon Lord, whose description paints him as an impossibly beautiful fallen angel type He almost certainly has ulterior motives, but that doesn t keep him from trying to get it regular from our self deprecating Detective Gillian So beautiful, he murmured as he bent to kiss me again Who does he think he s kidding Then there s the hapless graphic novel artist I m so sorry, he said I was listening to music on my iPod and was caught up in a little project, and then I heard the knocking on the door so I leaped up, thinking it was some kind of emergency, and then instead it s a gorgeous woman, and I m sitting here wondering what kind of lottery I won throws up in mouth a little bit And finally we have FBI Agent Ryan Kristoff, which brings me to my next issue 7 The painfully awkward pseudo romance between Kara and Ryan.It begins predictably as insta hate Kara even comes up with the clever moniker, Agent Obnoxious BUT Then he shows up on her doorstep to discuss the case, of course and, well, a change of venue can make all the difference Plus, you know, he s HAWT, so who cares about the asshole parts He was wearing a long sleeved black oxford style shirt and khaki dress pants a really good look for him, I thought in an incredibly private part of my mind The porch light did interesting things to his facial features as well. THANKS for the private part of your mind qualifier Before you clarified, I thought you meant the public access part of your brain.But why is he there What can he possibly want from her Was he flirting with me Definitely Not You said it yourself you re not beautiful. 8 Poor, poor Kara is a victim of her extra specialness.Maybe it s Rowland s intent to use Kara s poor socialization as a crutch for her awkwardness, but if that s the case, she was unsuccessful I had too many secrets to get intimate with just anyone, and I sure as hell couldn t risk anyone finding out about the summoning chamber in my basement I d simply accepted that a dearth of companionship was one of the prices I paid to be a summoner of demons. By itself, that could have cast Kara as a serious practioner who made the requisite sacrifices for her scholarship BUT Rowland immediately follows with this It was the same reason why I d never had any sleepovers when I was a kid and why I d had so few friends none of them close in high school There are worse things to endure , I told myself, not for the first time Being a summoner is worth it I shoved aside the doubt that always accompanied that thought . And any sympathy I may have felt got swallowed up by her own much greater self pity.9 Kara wastes time by both stating the obvious and on pointless ruminations that emphasize her stupidity.Like when Demon Lord destroys her protections with barely a glance My stomach clenched All of the bindings, the wardings, the protections were gone useless Even my police training would do me no good against this creature. Are you telling me that after HEP BIG Mr Demon Lord obliterated your meticulously crafted arcane protections with a hand gesture the piddly training you received as a HUMAN cop will do NOT ONE THING to protect you Well, shee it.Then it gets exponentially worse Ryan s on his way He and I were grabbing dinner when he got your text, and he said he d meet us here I caught myself in time before saying something like, Oh, I figured he d still be asleep That would be a sure way to give people the wrong impression. Good catch, lady That would ve given them the wrong impression, for sure 10 Belief that liberal use of fucking as an adverb makes for a clever set down.Between her habit of saying things out loud that most people designate as understood, and her cluelessness when interacting with peers, it s not a surprise that her verbal sparring skills are similarly subpar.But this is just sad.A senior detective reacts poorly to the news that Kara was given the lead on the Symbol Man case, and how does she respond It s not my fucking fault, Crawford, I said, nearly snarling I didn t ask for it, and if it bugs you that fucking much, then take it up with the fucking captain Way to go, Kara Your captain shows a great deal of unwarranted confidence in your abilities, and what do you do when confronted a colleague s poor sportsmanship You absolve yourself of any and all responsibility You profess to have done nothing to EARN the privilege, going so far as to imply that didn t even want it, when we all know that s not true You can t even snarl properly, content with the suggestion of a snarl rather than fully committing, b c your too damn weak to defend yourself from a bully But Kara s pitiful attempts to throw sass don t end there It s Detective Gillian, I said through bared teeth, yanking my badge off my belt and thrusting it into the woman s face I am here on official police business for the purposes of investigating a series of murders But for you, Ms Dailey, I have just one thing to advise Ms Dailey s eyes widened From now on, why don t you try minding your own fucking business I turned and marched back to my car, leaving the woman behind me gaping and speechless And, for the first time, I felt like the warrior woman in that picture. This altercation might score infinitesimally higher she does than drop the f bomb and blame shift, after all except that the aggressor is a little old lady An admittedly unpleasant little old lady, but a little old lady, nonetheless, and for unfathomable reasons, I m unable to work up any enthusiasm for Kara s improved performance.I find the idea of feeling like a warrior woman after cursing at the elderly to be I m torn between vulgar and reprehensible.Either way, it s bad form.And that s where I ll stop, b c ten grievances is a little ridiculous BUT Let the record show that I had half a dozen other points of contention, the most difficult to abandon being that the few men who didn t want Kara were fat, their imperfections described in excruciating detail So as ranty as I ve been, I ve actually exercised restraint FYI.I m giving it two stars rather than one, b c buried in the muck there were several brilliant magic system details In fact, some of the foundations Rowland laid for future development were interesting enough that if I ever get truly desperate for new urban fantasy material, I might research the series to see if readers claim, it gets really good after the first few books BUT.I d have to be REALLY desperate.

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    Question Why didn t I DNF this book Answer Because I m an idiot, that s why.Since this book is pure, undiluted crap I m not going to waste any time rambling on and on about it Things to do, places to go and all that Time to board the Shit List Express Crappy Writing, Inc aka This Ain t No Shakespeare, People.I have a very high tolerance for curse words, slang, colorful idioms and delightful regional colloquialisms, but even I have my limits Hiya whatcha where y at yeah, like, duh a personal favourite ya think y all overload kill me somebody The Fucking Fucker Fuck Fest I m pretty sure Diana Rowland made it to the Guinness Book of World Records with this book Someone should give her a medal or something I mean, she did manage to sneak 122 fucking instances of the word fuck in 386 fucking pages That s a very impressive 3.16 fucks per page WOW Quite a fucking achievement, if you ask me view spoiler if you re as non dyslexic as Dan, you might realize there s a slight problem with the maths here Please pretend you never noticed a thing Thank thee kindly hide spoiler

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    I have to thank my Goodreads friend, Jess R, for encouraging me to read this book All she said was, Rhyzkahl was like an Anne Stuart hero, and I was there And I am so glad about it.Mark of the Demon gave me one heck of a read Diana Rowland managed to take the concept of demon summoning and write a story that got past my personal hang ups about that idea I like that she made it clear that her concept of demons veers from the Christian concept, because I don t know if I could have been down with reading about a heroine who was dealing with Satanic demons Okay, my hangup, not yours But, anyway, that helped me to get on board this book Occult detective novels are like candy to me I devour these things Essentially, an occult detective novel is a mystery with paranormal aspects In this case, Kara Gillian is a police homocide detective who has a hobby calling of demon summoning She does this because it s in her blood Her aunt was a summoner, and she finds out that her grandmother was one too When her aunt taught her this art, it helped her to get her life on track, and to find a sense of purpose, something she could feel confident about It turns out her summoning skills, and her ability to sense arcane energy, will come in handy in investigating a series of very grisly murders by the Symbol Man I flat out loved Kara She was insecure, foul mouthed, socially awkward, but strong and intelligent, and very likeable I like that she wasn t the resident sex bomb that all the men wanted I get really tired of that over used device in female lead urban fantasy which causes me to search out male leads just for a break from it She was very good at her job as a police officer, even though she didn t always have confidence in her abilities I liked that she thought things through, and had a habit of faking it until you make it In other words, showing you had things under control, even if you are a shuddering wreck inside I liked that because I often use that technique I have to be honest, I saw a lot of myself in Kara She hadn t had an easy or normal life She wasn t good with people, and because of what she was, she hadn t had a busy social life as far as men I liked that she was pretty good with being one of the guys, and handling that wall of chauvinism that women often face when they are working in male dominated environments She didn t act like a bimbo to get her way She used the natural abilities and skills she had and didn t play up to men s flawed perceptions of women in the work environment.The mystery was tightly plotted and well executed I had some suspicions about who was behind the murders, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong Although the arcane elements tied heavily into solving the case, Kara also used good, old fashioned police investigative techniques just as much Ms Rowland managed to integrate her experience in criminal investigations into this story in an interesting and believable fashion The arcane elements were very interesting I have zero personal interest in pursuing studies in the occult, but I find it fascinating to read about arcane occult lore in fictional books This story has some elements that felt unique and personal, crafted by the author to create her own world with its own rules I liked that a lot about this story.And then there s Rhyzkahl Hello Yummy much Scary much Yes to both questions He s not a demon, by the way He s a Demonic Lord, which are like the top of the top in demonic hierarchy He s not scaly and gross with horns, either He s hot Really hot I was thinking, sex with a demon Not sure about that part But, when I read about this very sexy, human looking well better than human looking since he s absolutely perfect , and smooth, polite unless he s ripping you to pieces , and charming, the sex part didn t weird me out at all It was like, Wow I can see the appeal with Rhyzkahl I can also see why Kara is scared of him and wants him out of her life But, Rhyzkahl has an interest in Kara We find out what that is to a certain degree, but there are still questions there Does he like her for who she is, or what she can do with her summoning skills He seems kind of possessive of her Is that a sexual thing or a power thing for him The verdict is still out on that one But I will keep reading to find out.As for Ryan Kristoff I grew to like him At first, I was thinking, Stuffed Shirt But, he actually has an appeal He s smart and he has knowledge in the occult world, and he ended up being a very good ally and partner to Kara It will be interesting to see where their association goes.Mark of the Demon is occult detective urban fantasy in all the best ways The sensual romantic aspects don t overwhelm the story, but tie in beautifully The characters are appealing and life like I care about Kara I want to keep reading about her I want to see what her association with Rhyzkahl is going to bring into her life in the future Ms Rowland wrote one heck of a book here Mark of the Demon gets my stamp of approval Give it a read

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    It s ok, but I did t particularly liked it.This is not my kind of UF The supernatural part was interesting, however that was such a small area of the book that it barely counts for nothing The entire book is detective stuff which I really find not interesting at all I am not into crime books and this was way that than fantasy I am debating whether to give the second installment a chance or not I really don t want any of that detective work.

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    I m sorry, but this book just bores me to tears My mind wandered constantly while I read it Those who are impressed with her attention to detail regarding police procedure should read one of the first 8 Anita Blake books, where the police procedure feels genuine but is also ENTERTAINING in an urban fantasy setting Also, the protagonist Kara Gillian is a loner, so you spend way too much time alone with her thoughts The only scene that grabbed my attention is right at the beginning, when she meets Rhyzkahl I liked the way he starts the scene being terrifying but winds up being intrigued by Kira, which in turn makes the reader wonder why It doesn t matter beyond that scene this demon lord who rips people to shreds is already the Perfect Man in Kira s presence unerringly polite, respectful, perfect in bed, offering her everything Who knew taming homicidal demons was that easy Maybe if Rachel Morgan had just banged Algaliarept in Dead Witch Walking, she could have saved herself a lot of trouble for the next 9 books I never finished the book I bought it for 5, so I may try again at some point, but it just feels like punishment.

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    Some people go gung ho over angel UF, my thing is the darker stuff Reeling from my encounter with the Hollows series, where the books carved a permanent place in my psyche, I itched for demon themed Urban Fantasy stuff Not easy to find done well, especially since so much of it is poorly done Paranormal Romance stuff that I have no interest in reading.Mark of the Demon did scare me with its beginning Jumps into a sex scene in the very beginning, which usually turns me off, and I worried dullness cheapness would follow Thankfully that s not the case as the sex scene that popped up so soon is promptly shut in the closet and hidden The rest is pure story, thankfully with the absence of senseless nookie.This one holds a unique touch a blend of urban fantasy with the investigative crime scene Sure all of them have mysteries and many heroines are in law enforcement of sorts, but this one so She s a homicide detective working her first case involving a serial killer in a small town of Louisiana, along with a yummy FBI agent who grows on you, forensics, morgue trips, you name it The book focuses as much on police procedure as it does the arcane magic she investigates.Kara is a genuinely likeable heroine tough but flawed and insecure, not beautiful at all but yearning to have companionship, having to hide a large amount of what she is and can do to avoid enduring small town ignorance Rhyzkahl was awesome powerful, sexy, terrifying, and you never know where you stand with him At first it seemed she was very valuable, then almost like she wasn t, so I suppose other books will fill in of the secrets so I can finally catch on.I m a character orientated gal, so this book totally works in that respect Plot wise it s different, edgy, dark and demented The ending was incredible, and there s nothing light and fluffy about this story and the evil man they re investigating Again, awesome.

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    Many people seemed to like this one but unfortunately I didn t About 50 or so pages in childhood sexual abuse is described immediately followed by what was supposed to be a hot sex scene with a demon lord who at first tries to rape Kara using mind control, she calls him on it, he stops but she sleeps with him anyway This made me extremely uncomfortable and soured the rest of the book for me I skimmed until I got to the last 100 pages where, I think, the author had gained confidence as the writing had improved However, I didn t much like Mr FBI after he revealed he knew about the arcane he became overly sappy for my tastes I can t see him and Kara being than just friends Kara, too, annoyed me She could ve saved herself a lot of pain and trouble if she d just called the demon lord before the ritual started I kept waiting and waiting for her to do it but she was a last minute girl, living and dying on the edge Although the plot was good, the writing suffered from being the first book and the only thing that really interested me was the demon lord who we sadly didn t really see much of.

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    I have had this on my shelf since the author Tweeted at Comicon she wanted to give me a copy, haha I got a little burnt out on Urban Fantasy novels though, so I put it on the pile of things I want to get to when I m again in the mood for supernatural ladies doing it with demon vampire were men First, I love the cover art, classy, thank you since half the UF stuff out there is utter awfulness Even though I read most stuff on my Kindle, it s the principal of the thing The book is quite good, I enjoyed it a lot It had a nice balance of procedural mixed with demons and supernatural I thought the main character was nicely grounded in reality, without a total cookie cutter problem The atmosphere and setting were cool, I love the Southern angle better than another popular series set in New Orleans I recently read, forget the name of it.Only negative was that I wasn t CRAZY about the love interest guy, but I didn t hate him Like in the Adrian Phoenix book, that was it , so I ll be interested to see how things develop Will definitely read another

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    This is a stronger UF than I would have guessed from my other impressions It s very much a police procedural with demon summoning thrown in the mix I was actually rather surprised that it felt a little bit like a burgeoning romance, too, but there it is Demon lovers, unite I was getting the whole Kim Harrison vibe here for a while but I was pleased to see that this is very much its own beast or demon An uber powerful demon slumming it, a serial murderer, and a mystery Pretty simple, but I don t mind I had fun It s an easy popcorn read and I m curious to see just where the blood will go.

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    I can certainly say that Mark of the Demon is a great novel for those who enjoy a suspenseful crime solving mystery Diana has written a strong heroine with Louisiana Homicide Detective Kara Gillian who is able to summon demons Even though Kara does have this ability it doesn t overtake the story Diana has a great way of balancing everything from how Kara handles her powers, to the way she investigates her latest case about a serial killer named the Symbol Man who carves up bodies in a sort of ritualistic killing where he can gain power for his own horrible means The Symbol Man can also summon demons and soon he is matching wits with Kara It becomes a cat and mouse game between them.Kara is not a pro when it comes to her powers of summoning She still has a very long road ahead of her in controlling what type of demon she can summon Kara makes a big mistake and screws up big time because instead of summoning a lesser powerful demon fourth level demon, she calls for one of the most powerful and deadly types His name is Rhyzkahl and is one of the Demonic lords who will not submit to any creature He is not the type who should be summoned, because usually the one that summons him ends up dead Kara is now in a whole heap of trouble because she expects to die by Rhyzkhal s hand Rhyzkhal doesn t end her life, but quite the opposite Rhy gives Kara the little death on the floor of her basement And even though Kara is beyond frightened, because Rhy could tear off her head at any moment, the sex they have is mind blowing.I must say that I found this first intimate scene out of place between Rhyzkhal and Kara mainly because this demon is a bit unstable and kills without warning Sorry, I don t care if this bad boy is beyond gorgeous I would be pissing my pants instead of wanting an orgasm But he has an angelic beauty and Kara hasn t gotten any in awhile Perhaps he used a bit of mind voodoo on her After Rhy has his wicked way with Kara, she has become a bit wary of summoning any demons Her Aunt Tessa, who is a bit of a mystical eccentric, wants her niece to practice so she can become knowledgeable and grow her powers But she also wants Kara to recognize her limits Tessa has had the misfortune to have met Rhyzkhal in the past and that event is connected to the Symbol Man case in ways Kara could have never expected.Time is running out for Kara because there is a countdown in regards to what the Symbol Man has planned This is the first time Kara is in charge of a homicide case, so she has everyone looking at her to solve it The FBI has sent Special Agent Ryan Kristoff to help out He treats Kara with disdain at first Soon Ryan and Kara learn to appreciate each other s merits and they become a team, each wanting to solve the Symbol Man case for their own reasons.Kara has a lot of issues to deal with such as her Aunt Tessa having a connection to one of the Symbol Man s victims, Ryan who is too nosey for Kara s tastes, especially when he questions her about her personal life and figures out what she is capable of doing And let s not forget that murderous sex god demon Rhyzkhal who has invaded Kara s dreams and lays claim to her.This is one great mystery and Diana Rowland is a very welcomed author to the publishing world She has you guessing who the killer is till the very end and I had no clue who the Symbol Man until the last few pages There are twists and turns and great chemistry between Gillian and Ryan As for Rhyzkahl and what he has planned for Kara, that is still up in the air and left open ended.Mark of the Demon is one book that is not to be missed.

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