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On the Edge chapter 1 On the Edge, meaning On the Edge, genre On the Edge, book cover On the Edge, flies On the Edge, On the Edge d299446ddb4bc Rose Drayton Lives On The Edge, Between The World Of The Broken Where People Drive Cars, Shop At Wal Mart, And Magic Is A Fairy Tale And The Weird Where Blueblood Aristocrats Rule, Changelings Roam, And The Strength Of Your Magic Can Change Your Destiny Only Edgers Like Rose Can Easily Travel From One World To The Next, But They Never Truly Belong In EitherRose Thought If She Practiced Her Magic, She Could Build A Better Life For Herself But Things Didn T Turn Out How She Planned, And Now She Works A Minimum Wage, Off The Books Job In The Broken Just To Survive Then Declan Camarine, A Blueblood Noble Straight Out Of The Deepest Part Of The Weird, Comes Into Her Life, Determined To Have Her And Her PowerBut When A Terrible Danger Invades The Edge From The Weird, A Flood Of Creatures Hungry For Magic, Declan And Rose Must Work Together To Destroy Them Or They Ll Devour The Edge And Everyone In It

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    Do you guys remember that scene out of Beauty and the Beast when the Beast asks Cogsworth and Lumiere what present he could get for Belle Then Cogsworth says Oh, the usual Chocolates, gifts, promises you don t intend to keep Then Cogsworth and Lumiere make out and the Beast starts feeling really awkward Somehow I just KNEW you could find kinky cogsworth shit on the internet if you just looked hard enough Well, sometimes reading UF PNR is a little bit like that Most authors think they can hand you chocolates, flowers, promises they don t intend to keep Richelle Mead I am looking at you Every now and again though, an author does something special Something above and beyond that makes our bookish, young but strong and passionate hearts skip a beat before we say To hell with it Beastiality can t be that bad Or at least, I think that was the point Disney was trying to get atWell, this is Ilona Andrews giving us a whole library instead of a box of chocolates and a sleazy grin.This is the story of Rose who works a minimum wage cleaning job and cares for her two young brothers with her grandmother She lives on the Edge There is our world which is completely normal There is another ghost world occupying the same space in a different reality This world is called the Weird and it is your typical magical world Then there is the Edge which occupies a middle ground between the two It is populated with crazy rednecks and people who are probably not embarrassed enough about how interrelated they are This Edge factor gives the novel that nice, isolated feel that you have when reading any good fairy tale It s this world but it has it s own rules and its own ways.On The Edge is almost not a UF PNR Somebody tell me the difference these days it s like what I always imagined that the genre should be which is a modern day fairy tale.It has the prince performing challenges to win the lady s affection, it has a modern setting but the place where our heroine lives is half magical and half plain old batshit insane Fights, challenges, crazy antics Rose is a fantastic character She s not your badass mainstay of the genre She has a magical ability that she has spent years cultivating but that is the only thing that separates her from others Her main concern is putting food on the table for her brothers There s a lot to say about this book but I m concerned about the drool getting on my keyboard so let s sum it up with a math puzzle.Take the assumption that based on the Kate Daniel s series, Ilona Andrew s series trend toward getting awesome with each book as they go Kind of the antithesis of Richelle Mead By my calculations, the fourth book in this series will be so good that it will simultaneously cure all cancer and perform the best oral sex of your life.She has an ARCNow if that isn t a ringing endorsement to go pick up this book, I don t know what is.

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    Ilona Andrews is the Only Antidepressant We ll Ever Need Buddy Rererereread IAitOAWENBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this reread is YES, Declan is a smug, insufferable ass who deserves to have the murderous crustaceans slightly unleashed on him, and YES the romance in this story is tropey as fish, BUT I want to flash white like Rose when I grow up and slightly slice people in half hahahaha Georgie and Jack Need I Say More Didn t Think So GaJNISMDTS vile creatures R Us Grandpa Cletus getting drunk on dog brains scumbags galore yet another Cool IA Grandma CIAG villainous villain Go brush your teeth, comb your hair, put on dry clothes, and get the guns We re going to Wal Mart time for a celebratory Broccodance January 2016 Buddy reread with the Awesome IA Army Of Utter Awesomeness aka the eye candy IA Addicts starting Jan 19, 2016 And the moral of this reread is why do I even bother reading books NOT written by Ilona Andrews WHY Because I m an idiot, that s why And the other moral of this reread is if I hadn t already sold my soul to the Andrews, I would do it again Hey, maybe I could sell them a few body parts, I m pretty sure they d like that And the other, other moral of this reread is Ilona Andrews for President.What Were you expecting me to write another review for this book Hahaha, you re so naive I love you view spoiler Just kidding hide spoiler

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    If I were the kind of person who DNFs books rather easily, and If I hadn t been a huge fan of the Andrews Kate Daniels series, I would have given up on this one after Declan showed up.He kind of pops up on her property and threatens to steal her away to be his woman.For me to even attempt to like a story with forced marriage or whatever he had in mind , it has to be set waaaaaaaaaay back in medieval times But since I trusted the authors, I decided to keep reading.And I m glad I did.Don t worry, there s a good non rapey explanation for Declan s atrocious behavior The story Well, Rose lives in The Edge Which, kind of reminded me of a backwards swampy voodo ish area No offense to anyone who lives in a backwards swampy voodoo part of the country.There s magic there, but not as much as there is in The Wild.Now, the Wild is where all of the powerful magic users live They don t have technology there, but they do have laws and a justice system Which is than the people in the Edge have And then there s The Broken.That s where we, and the People Of Walmart live And Walmart is almost a character in this novel because it s Rose s go to place to shop for everything Seriously, poor chick spends almost as much time there in this book as I do in real life Speaking of, would it KILL them to put a few cashiers on during the day I m not getting any younger standing in this line It s like, 50 deep, and wrapping around into the frozen foods section Don t worry Walmart, those of us who are perpetually broke will continue to flock to your doors, standing side by side with the unwashed masses in order to take advantage of your unbeatable low prices Oh, and for the prompt friendly customer service Ugh Where was I Ok, yes The Broken Rose has the ability like most folks who live in the Edge to go back and forth between the two places, so she supports her two young brothers by working under the table in our world If it sucks so bad in Swampland, why don t the people who live there just head on over to the magical and clean Wild I m glad you asked Most of the Edgers don t have enough magic to cross over into that dimension, I guess you would call it So, they re stuck in Hillbillyville.Anyway, Rose is trying to eek yes, eek, not eke She s frigging scared shitless, Tadiana out an existence, while staying under the radar, because she has some powerful mojo that makes her a target More specifically, unscrupulous families want her for a broodmare Ewww, right And that s where the story starts out But there s a whole lot to this one than just that A villain from the Wild is on the loose in the Edge, there s a feral shapeshifter hunting in the area, and lots of backwoods politics being played by the people in Rose s small town Plus, she s got to come up with a way to get rid of her unwanted suitor, before he clubs her over the head and drags her back to his cave.Except things aren t always what they seemIf you like urban fantasy, or you re looking for something to read while you re waiting for the next Kate Daniels book to come out, give this one a shot.

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    TRIGGER WARNING THERE IS A LOT OF DISCUSSION ABOUT RAPE CULTURE IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS REVIEW DNF 70%I just can t be arsed Life is too short to continue to read a book I don t like Bullet list of complaints Rape culture A misogynistic pseudo alpha douche of a male lead A spineless doormat of a female lead A complete lack of believable chemistry between them Rape culture Shoddy world building The aggressive reinforcement of traditional gender roles The devaluing of a woman s worth without a man in her life STILL MORE RAPE CULTURE Maybe I ll come back to this If I find a way to bind and gag the feminist who wouldn t stop making snide comments every few paragraphs I read OH WAIT, NO, THAT WAS ME as it means different things to different people, see comments section for what I mean when I say rape culture This review can also be found at The Book Eaters.

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    Yes, I am reading this again.Yes, I just read this like 6 months ago.No, I am not sorry half star bump up to a solid 4 stars.How do you make a book you enjoyed the first time you read it even better Easy, find a group of friends to read it with all over again Thanks to my fellow IA lovers I d include all your names in this review but there were about 20 of us at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAA for making this one of my funnest rereads of a book The other being Burn For Me I have had to date Rose My super strong heroine I liked you even She is the one person that truly deserved a Prince Charming but she isn t going to make it easy one him I want you to swear that you won t attempt to molest me He looked her over very slowly If I chose to molest you, it wouldn t be an attempt And you would be most enthusiastic about it Rose felt heat rise to her cheeks On second thought, I m not sure that my house is big enough to contain you and your ego Few places are. Declan I liked you so much this second time through You are very much Prince Charming with a side of snarky attitude You had me forever at You re the measure of my wrath Georgie and Jack Are adorable as young brothers always looking out for each other and in desperate need a of male role model I freaking want to take them home with me.Well worth the reread and I look forward to the Buddy read of the next book in this series.Original Review March 20133.5 StarsIlona Andrews seems to weave reality and magic together in a way few other authors do In the world of the Edge you are in between two dimensions, one that has no magic and one that is completely magic Rose has lived in this world her whole life and is an anomaly to it It has made her life difficult and she has learned to trust no one except for her family Living in your dreams meant bitter disappointment when you woke up Rose is raising her two younger brothers and that is a feat in itself as one is a changling and the other a necromancer Despite being downtrodden and poor Rose is a remarkably likable character She is honest, prideful and will not take advantage of those around her no matter how they have treated her in the past.When Declan shows up, a Blueblood from the Magic dimension, Rose is sure he will be like all the others that have tried to steal her away She doesn t trust him but knows that her magic can t beat his They come to an arrangement of sorts and Declan is cleaver and finds a way to stay with Rose while he tries to win her affection Our standard rate A doubloon a day It was generous More than generous some families would put him up for a week for a single coin Half a doubloon a day, she said No, you see, the idea behind bargaining is that you ask for a larger amount Declan has other reasons for being in the edge than just wooing Rose He needs to find and destroy a doomsday machine his uncle is using in hopes of stealing magic.This was packed with the humor and action you expect from an Ilona Andrews novel While it isn t as strong as some of the Kate Daniels series I definitely see the potential of the book in later series It took awhile for the love interest to grow on me but in the end he was everything a hero should be The world of the edge and the magic in it is interesting and different form their other series and I can t wait to see what will happen in William s story This was a beautiful blend of action and romance.

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    Re read with the awesome gang in IAA group.Wanna know the good thing in having a very, very bad memory Every time you re read a book is like reading it for the first time I loved this book and I remembered so little of it that it was like I was reading it for the first time Oh my god I have to say a huge THANK YOU I.A.This book was awesome I wanted of it Usually I m anxious to see how a story ends but this time I just wanted it to keep going I actually had happy tears in the end Where should I begin This book pushed all my buttons The story, the characters, the world building, everything was spectacular Let s start by the protagonists.RoseRose is such a relatable heroine She is easy to like and gives the girl next door vibe Does she have remarkable characteristics Well yes, but she isn t one of a kind She has a strong flash the strongest in the Edge but this doesn t help when she needs to put food to the table for herself and for her two young brothers She is a strong heroine but unlike most of UF and PNR heroines she is responsible because she has than herself to think about I liked her from prologue to epilogue.DeclanDeclan is mysterious, sexy, full of surprises Until the last page he keeps Rose on her toes I really would have loved to have his POV but sadly it wasn t there, although the book was written from multiple POVs I liked the fact that he wasn t spoiled rotten despite his family s status and his positiion He was loyal and fierce and HOT.The whole deal between them was kind of fairytalish He was the noble knight, she was the Cinderella though she was no damsel in distress by any account , there were challenges to prove his determination to have her and sigh Words abandon me The romance side of this book was just great and fullfilling without being sticky sweet.The side charactersWell, I loved them ALL The boys, Jack and George, were so cute and adorable and I want to adopt them , the grandmother was exactly how she should be protective and loving , William sigh again I loved William, I can t wait for his book Even the bad people were well written Seriously there wasn t anyone that I thought shouldn t be there.The story and world buildingThe story was fast and full of action What I love about I.A books is that the romance is actually the side story and everything doesn t evolve around whether the heroes are going at it like bunnies or not The world I.A has built is actually quite fresh Was it the first time we have seen a world built in different dimensions Nope, but Andrews has added her magic and the world is original enough that you just want to know Also thankfully the rules of how it works were actually easily understood than it was in Kate Daniels.So all in all if the book had any faults I just can t remember them and this is enough for me so I m giving it a 5 wholeheartedly and already moving it to my favs self happy dance

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    f you like Ilona Andrews brand of romance driven urban fantasy, grab this one 4.5 stars Rose and her two little brothers, George and Jack, ages 10 and 8, live in the Edge, a sort of halfway place between our world which they call the Broken, since magic doesn t work there and a parallel world called the Weird, where magical powers reign In the Edge, magic works, but not as well as in the Weird Most people can t pass through from one world to the other, or even sense that the other world exists, but there are exceptions, like Rose and her brothers And Declan, the mysterious guy from the Weird who appears on Rose s doorstep, with magical powers even she can t match, and barges into their lives Rose doesn t trust Declan an inch but she can t deny he s the hottest guy she s ever seen And just maybe she ll be glad he s there, as deadly magical hounds begin appearing in the Edge and killing people I read this urban fantasy for the second time last night, when I really should have been reading other books, but it totally sucked me in and I couldn t help it Not just the power of Declan who is awesome , but there s William the shapeshifter, and George a necromancer , and Jack another shapeshifter , and Mamere, their French speaking grandmotherAnd how did I miss even giving it a star rating the first time I read it But I liked it even better the second time Full review to come really I am going to get to it, sooner or later.

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    Ilona Andrews officially made it to my favorite authors list WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO READ HER THEIR BOOOKSSS maybe the hideous covers.

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    I love this author, and for me this was a 4 star UF and a 5 star romance WAY MORE ROMANCEY than the Kate Daniels, which is cool, just know that going in but with the crazy model photoshop man on the cover, how could you NOT know that And BTW, guys in real life look terrible with that haircut Get past the slightly confusing first chapter and this book is really great, when you get the deal with the world it gets better and better, like a stone rolling downhill I stayed up way too late to finish it.What I particularly liked about this is that there are two kid characters I don t want to strangle for being precocious and precious, and she doesn t use them easily as a plot device, which I was dreading Yeah the main dude is WAY TOO PERFECT, but whatever, that s why I said it was romance than fantasy in structure Looking forward to

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    Ilona Andrews writing team of Ilona and Gordon caught and kept my interest when I read Magic Bites I liked the distinctive voice I saw in that story, one that has stayed true in the subsequent stories that I have read by this team With On the Edge, they have continued that excellence, providing me with a novel that is multi faceted, genre wise and story wise Although I grew up in the Midwest, my roots are Southern, and I do appreciate books set in the South that show the real ways of Southerners In this case, I saw something very real and almost familiar in Rose, her brothers, grandmother, and friends and neighbors I smiled when Rose threw the boys in the car and took them to Walmart Yeah, that s real Real people do shop there How many times do you read a book where the characters go to Walmart to buy not the designer shoes, but the ones that look close enough to pass muster How about a heroine who buys ground beef and adds rice and bread crumbs to stretch it Yup, that s real alright How about those moments when you have to stretch your paycheck and hope you have enough money left over the week to buy gas so you can get to work I ve definitely been there And the love and ties of family, having to work hard all day and get home, take care of your family, go to bed, and get up and do it again I think a lot of readers can identify with that So what if Rose is magical, along with everyone in her family That s a little on the fantasy part of the scale But this combination is why urban fantasy is so irresistible to me The real and the surreal nicely entwined.The ideas in this story strike me as very unique and different I liked it a lot, even if some elements was pretty odd, like a reanimated grandfather who likes to eat stray dogs brains Or the fact that a lot folks in the Edge community can curse people, or send flashes of powerful energy out of their bodies And then there is the shapeshifting younger brother of Rose, Jack The other young brother is a powerful necromancer hence the zombie granddad And things get even interesting when Declan shows up Rose s powerful flash abilities have made her an asset to Blueblood families who want to integrate her genes into their family lines, one way or the other She has become wary of men for that reason, since most of her suitors didn t ask nicely So when too good to be true Declan shows up to claim her and take her back to the Weird, the magical lands that are adjacent to the Edge, she definitely doesn t eagerly go off with him She makes an oath with the handsome warrior that he can have her if he succeeds in her three challenges However, they have big problems on their hands, as there are horrible, magical hounds that are devouring Edgers for their magic And they really want to get their hands on Rose and her family.I loved Rose She was a heroine that you could hang with, and that you d be slightly in awe of, because she knows how to take care of business She s the type that you tell to do something, and she takes about five minutes or , and she s back and ready to get the job done Not the heroine who is infallible and annoyingly perfect Nope, she s the heroine that you love because she tries so hard, and she has the determination to do what is necessary I loved Rose s commitment to her brothers, how she raised them from a young age after her mother lost her mind and her father ran off treasure hunting Jack and Georgie her brothers are adorable and genuine little boys, despite their very unusual abilities They were sweeties and reminded me of the poem about what boys are made of you know, snails and puppy dog tails You could see why Rose loves them, even though being a single mom to her brothers is far from easy.Declan was a great match for Rose He was just as determined and capable He might be a rich princelike guy, but he was down to earth enough that this didn t bother me And I do like tough, warrior heroes, I won t lie He took to the kids very quickly, and he treated them like they were his own He even makes pancakes for them I liked how he was as much a thinker as a doer, a problem solver not afraid to get his hands dirty He was a guy who made a commitment and stood by his word, no matter what Declan was definitely a knight in shining armor, and I could see why Rose fell in love with him.William was also adorable I felt for him, and I will probably end up reading Bayou Moon soon to get of him I liked his wildness but also his goodness and how sweet he was with the kids I am a sucker for that.On the Edge has its dark, gruesome elements, but I m okay with that I like some dark in my fantasy I loved the juxtaposition of the everyday with the fantastic and surreal The Andrews have a great way of writing descriptively and setting the scene without overdoing things and info dumping I like that the narrative is spare in some places, and the character sketches give you enough to get an idea of the folks in the story, but you can still learn as you read There are times you have to figure things out as you go, which is what I prefer, to be honest.Although I am sure this book wouldn t work for everyone, I had a ball reading it I liked everything about it The romance was great, but the fantasy elements were equally important I d recommend this to a reader who likes fantasy but wants to try romance, and a reader on the other side of that equation.

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