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    June 2010 if derek and chloe do not get together in this book, i think i just might die really.September 2012 I m always so disappointed when I finish this series Like, But what do you mean it s over We were just getting into some major character development disappointed I almost wish this series was turned into a tv show just because I like the characters so much.

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    The Reckoning is the final installment to Kelley Armstrong s Darkest Powers Trilogy If you haven t read The Summoning and The Awakening, I would advise you not to read this installment until you have The Darkest Powers world is constantly evolving and Armstrong doesn t waste her time catching readers up to what they should already know, which I have to admit, is part of what I love about her writing.I devoured this book Read it in one setting even and I was glad to see The Reckoning took us back to The Summoning eerie roots To a place meant to be a sanctuary, but is eerily much similar to a prison, where the do gooders may pull a Judas, and the menaces make for the best allies While this series may have a red herring or two, I was so caught up in these characters and their journey that I didn t even notice them until I had read the last page In my mind, that is a testament to good writing, to see a flaw, and not register it or care because the story is just that good Chloe is equally impressive She has shown tremendous growth and has somehow avoided the Mary Sue pitfall It seems as though writers pen two types of heroines, the uber sweet, oh so pretty girl, despairing over her shortcomings as a mortal, who somehow rises to the challenge and smites everyone, becoming the bestest superhuman ever and miraculously saves the day or the oh so snide and cynical girl, jaded by everything and everyone, who has a hard edge, but somehow softens and like her counterpart, rises to the occasion and saves the day Both types are clich , neither apply to Chloe Chloe is a necromancer, but as she often admits, isn t of much use unless there is a corpse nearby She is petite, but not overly pretty, or exceptionally smart The word that comes to mind is average And yet, Chloe doesn t despair over things she lacks, nor does she turn into Chloe, Necromancer Goddess, though she is an extremely powerful necromancer Rather, Chloe does what she can, and admits, that sometimes the best she can do is keep out of the way, and let those with suited gifts run the show Can we say refreshing I m also enad with Derek, who like his leading lady, avoids the stigma attached to leading men He doesn t kiss Chloe s ass, nor is he mocking He is honest and frank, protective and insecure, yet confident in his abilities I appreciated the fact that Armstrong allowed him to lay into Chloe when she had made a mistake, and didn t then force him to grovel as though honesty were a sin And I ll admit, I think Armstrong might lace her books with a bit of magic, cause she made me lust after someone, who upon first description, is very physically unattractive That is simply unprecedented But what ultimately garnered my attention is the stereotype that Armstrong herself manages to bypass with ease She can write and adult series, filled with some of the best steam I ve read, and then turn around, write a book about supernatural teens, whose scenes together are so freaking sweet and endearing, that my stomach flips Kudos.All in all, a great non ending to a series While there was certainly a conclusion to the trilogy, Armstrong has left Chloe s story fairly open ended to allow for adventures with Chloe and Co, and hopefully, we ll see her again, in Women of the Otherworld.

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    I don t understand why soooo many of my friends loved this book and I just liked it Sigh.I mean don t get me wrong, I totally love all of the characters in these books I especially love Derek and Chloe and FINALLY for like two seconds at the end they kiss Some things were answered about the supernaturals and just when they thought they might have some help, it s all cray again There is a part where one of the ladies was going to mention something about Chloe s pendant changing colors and what it meant but she never got around to it So, if I missed something and anyone knows, please fill me in on that one I feel disgusted that I can like characters but not like the books as much as I thought I would I love the idea and everything but something just didn t click What is wrong with me I think this happened in another book I read lately, loving the characters but the other stuff didn t click I mean this book is right up my alley with ghosts and supernaturals and stuff SighI m so glad that there are many that love this trilogy because that s what it s all about, finding what s right for you MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    I wish I had a time machine.

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    I m not going to spoil the story for you but there are plenty of good bits, in fact I noted down my favourite pages to do with Chloe and Derek 125, 225, 242, 292, 371 2 and 390 The part in the woods with the werewolves was excellent, my eyes were glued to the pages I love how Chloe and Derek are determined to protect each other at great risk to their own lives This may be a young adult trilogy but it didn t always feel like it, in a good way of course Derek calling Chloe on her mistakes and challenging her to do better, and her accepting her own faults was very grown up, most adults have trouble with this.One of my favourite quotes from page 291 2 When I got mad about you leaving, he said, it wasn t because I thought it was stupid or I don t think you d be careful You were just worrying about me An exhale, relieved that I understood Yeah I turned Because you think I m worth it He put his fingers under my chin I absolutely think you re worth it But you don t think you are His mouth opened Shut That s what this is about, Derek You won t let us worry about you because you don t think you re worth it But I do I absolutely do I ve enjoyed this trilogy immensely I love how Chloe has grown during these three books which only covers days weeks Even Derek has grown I m glad Simon finally made a sacrifice for his brother, after all the times Derek has protected and sacrificed for him.The story still feels unfinished with a lot of threads still hanging and secrets left unaired, that sort of thing but I understand Chloe, Derek co will make an appearance in the next trilogy which starts with The Gathering.

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    The Best Friggin Series I ve Read In a long long long long long you get the picture time I was thrilled Super excited Impressed So glad someone restored my faith in believing there could still be good books in the world Thank you, Kelley Armstrong You did great.I can t express with words how superb this book and series was Everything about this book appealed to me The likeable characters, the imaginative plot, the way how the love triangle was portrayed, even though it wasn t even a love triangle I cheered for Derek right from the start and I loved how Chloe had no clue view spoiler she actually really likes him Loves, even hide spoiler

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    not with a bang but a whimper I wouldn t normally write such a lengthy review for a book that disappointed me as much as this one why waste any time on it but the I got to thinking about the issues I had with this book, yet and troubling issues kept occurring to me, and the angrier I becameso the review just grew and grew Sorry Unlike the previous two installments of the Darkest Powers Series, which are driven both by plot and character development, The Reckoning is driven solely by a few of its action sequences That a few of these scenes did keep me near the edge of my seat is, unfortunately, the only positive thing I can bring myself to say about this utterly disappointing conclusion to the trilogy.My main criticism is that the author builds up a number of compelling issues in the previous two books which are left completely unresolved at the end of the third.Of all of these, the most disappointing for me deals with the character development, particularly the romance between Chloe and Derek I have to say, I was impressed with the build up of this romance in the first two books Derek and Chloe did seem to share a unique understanding of each other And there were the necessary frustrating, yet interesting obstacles to their being together But in The Reckoning, this romantic tension completely fizzled, in my opinion None of the obstacles between Chloe and Derek are actually resolved, but somehow they magically seem to go away The way I see it, the primary obstacle to Chloe and Derek being together is Derek s selflessness This manifests itself in two concrete ways 1 he is a genetically modified werewolf and fears he will lose control and hurt her hence his shock and horror when he suspects that she likes him earlier in the series 2 he knows his brother Simon has a crush on her and would never want to hurt Simon.As to the first Derek completes his transformation for the first time, realizes he retains his basic humanity even as a wolf, and therefore assumes he ll never hurt Chloe Too convenient What about that evil poltergeist that haunts the house, always reminding Chloe and the others that their genetic modifications will drive them to insanity before long What about Derek s uncontrollable strength that sometimes leads to violent outbreaks with disastrous consequences We re just supposed to forget all of these issues, which only a few days ago were apparently so crippling that when Derek suspected Chloe might have feelings for him, he responded with shock and horror More importantly, we re expected to believe that Derek would allow himself to forget it so that he could be with Chloe Completely out of character for him Really corny, really unrealistic laughable, even.As for the second obstacle I m sorry, but Simon s drawing a poignant little comic to show Derek that he doesn t mind him being with Chloe is, in a word, lame the selfless Derek that we have come to know and admire would never accept that so quickly Plus, Derek had basically already attached himself to Chloe before Simon even gave him the comic.Don t get me wrong I m not saying Chloe and Derek should never end up together I m just disappointed that these two very serious, very compelling obstacles were erased so easily Did Armstrong just get lazy For me, it cheapened the romance and the series as a whole.Putting Derek and Chloe s not so star crossed romance aside, there are about a hundred other issues that are unresolved I ll just list several off the top of my head Chloe s father Why keep bringing him up in the books if he s never going to make an actual appearance If Chloe s never actually going to contact him Chloe s mother Why show us glimpses of her ghost if she s not actually going to play a role Chloe s dream to be a film director Personally, I found all the director screenwriter references kind of grating That said, this was an interesting component of Chloe, and I was kind of hoping we d have some kind of epilogue or something showing that she didn t give it up Tori and Simon being siblings, and Kit being Tori s father Why in the world does Tori never find out about this Would have been really interesting to see her reaction What s the point of all the build up in the previous books, of planting the suspicion in the reader s mind about it, if there s not going to be any resolution or follow through Simon s character in general What a boring, one dimensional person I kept thinking there would be some revelation about Simon No idea what it might be But just something to make him than this flat, boring, friendly preppy dude Whoa, bro, cool it, bro ughhhh No such luck Liz Ever since she and Chloe have that heart wrenching scene in the 2nd book, where Liz accepts that she s a ghost and warns Chloe she ll have to cross over to the other side eventually but isn t ready yet I ve been bracing myself for it to happen I really thought it would at the end of The Reckoning would have been so perfect and bittersweet But nope Apparently Armstrong forgot about that scene Chloe s necklace Where did it come from How was it made How does it work Again, I kept thinking there was going to be some back story here, some revelation But we got nothing Apparently it was just a handy plot device, and something pretty to put on the jackets The Demi Demon I found the Demi Demon enormously interesting I was very excited when Chloe had to make a deal with her so she d help break the crew out of the Edison Group building couldn t wait to find out what horrid things she d have to do in return Butshe winds up not having to do anything, because in a typical manipulation of the plot, the Demi Demon is somehow sucked back down into hell, never to bother Chloe again Seriously Soooo boring The warning that Chloe and the band of genetically enhanced supernaturals will eventually go insane because of their powers This was a very interesting and stressful part of the plot I kept waiting for it When s the insanity going to kick in How are the characters going to cope I couldn t wait for them to support each other and show some real strength in the face of their impending doom But, no This never happened One of the most interesting components of the whole story, which is, predictably, left utterly unresolved Rae Seriously We don t find out what happens to her I really do feel like the author just got kind of bored and decided to just slap this story down as fast as humanly possible, so she could get it over with and move on to the next series From a marketing standpoint, I suppose the content of The Reckoning doesn t really matter Most anyone who read the first two books would buy the third just to find out what happens But I have to say, as a reader, I find it offensive I felt manipulated when I finished the Reckoning As you read the first two books, Armstrong makes you think she s got some master plan worked out, that all the little hints and clues she s dropped along the way will eventually add up to something I suppose I have only myself to blame for this disappointment for allowing myself to have faith in this author

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    As seen on The ReadventurerI love Kelley Armstrong I love her adult Women of the Otherworld series I do not love her YA books, I think they are just OK reads, with overabundance of action but lacking actual plot and satisfying story resolutions The same applies to this final book in the Chloe Saunders trilogy.Most likely, if you enjoyed The Summoning and The Awakening, I expect you will like The Reckoning, because it s basically of the same the same running around scenarios with little story progression Just like in the first two books, the majority of the story is devoted to the same hiding from the bad guys, figuring out if the good guys are actually good, trying to learn the nature of the Genesis project and that s it Although this book takes place mostly in the same house, there is the same going back and forth, planning and discussing escapes, just like in the previous two books The story goes around in circles coming back to the Edison group each time The novel is entertaining, but the constant action walking around scheming eventually gets tiresome Some characters miraculous appearances are surprising Considering the villains are so quick to kill off kids, why some meddling adults are left alive and free is a mystery to me Fortunately, The Reckoning is like The Summoning in terms of plot, there is a defined high point climax in the novel, where The Awakening was 90% running without any resolution In addition, there is also meat to the story I enjoyed learning about the project the kids are a part of and about everyone s powers I also liked the budding romance between Chloe and Derek, their relationship is written well, it is healthy unlike many portrayed in YA literature and the teens themselves feel real and not in the least annoying For us, fans of Armstrong s adult books, there is a nice surprise too a tiny bridge to her Women of the Otherworld series The rest well, the book is entertaining than the 2nd in the trilogy, but ultimately it is not as satisfying as Armstrong s adult novels which all have definitive endings and completed story arcs Even this final book in the trilogy leaves the story wide open for sequels with many loose ends left unexplored I wish to at least know why Chloe s necklace changes colors I still believe as I did after finishing the 1st book in the trilogy , that this trilogy has just enough story for one good YA novel, but instead is unwisely stretched into a series I will however most likely read the next book in the Dark Powers The Gathering, because in spite of the flaws, Armstrong s books are better than 90% of the YA literature out there.

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    Okay, okay, okay Four stars.See, I enjoy these books while reading them, and its not until afterwards that I realize their faults I get sucked into the easy writing and run and hide plot Its certainly a good way to spend a few hours This series could have been one book, because really, the plot of these books is pretty much running, hiding, moments of sexual tension, and the occasional revelation Take a cheese grater to this series, and you might just have one excellent YA paranormal If you asked me to pick out one standout moment in this book, I couldn t tell ya Everything just kind of blursSo, although this book is plenty repetitive, it still gets four stars I had a fun time reading it, and as far as YA paranormals go, it could have been worse There is nothing offensive about it, as far as I can tell, and the characters act like teenagers, albeit wholesome ones.Four stars And that goes for the entire series, not just for this particular book.

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    Derek and Chloe have such a connection I really hope they do something about it in this book Make out Do the Do BUT DO SOMETHING lol

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