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  • Kindle Edition
  • 57 pages
  • Darkness of the Wolf
  • Bonnie Vanak
  • English
  • 15 February 2017

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    Guy Laurent is a lone, rogue werewolf.30 years in Zoo as a prisoner because he murder his alpha pack and betrayed, make he cant trust and love anyone.His chance of freedom is coming when a Draicon woman name Kayla need his help to deliver a Draicon girl to her pack.Even though Kayla is Draicon, she can t shift to wolf, she already dispacth her magick and gift, because in the past, she make her father killed, her mother left her, and her pack abandoned her.Together they working to search and deliver the children to Kayla s pack, but actually Kayla is disagree with the mission, because she know that her pack is not kind to child.Soon, they realized that they are a soulmate, but can Guy choose.To deliver the child to make his free from his punishment or leave the child with Kayla to ensure that make she happy, cause she is his mate Its a quick read.Even though, the hero and the heroine is Draicon, I m a little bit dissapointed.Its because the previous character in Bonnie Vanak s book The Empath Enemy Lover isn t here.But after all, is still a good story, cause, yeah I adore werewolf than another magical and shifter creature lol If you had read the previous book by Miss Vanak and like the world that she created Draicon, Morph, magick , you must read this

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    Guy was imprisoned and is tortured daily because, 30 years ago, he stepped out of pack rank and killed his alpha, who was about to go evil He s offerred a chance for freedom if he helps Kayla Morris find a young girl Brianna, and take her to an alpha who wants her When he meets Kayla, Guy knows instantly that she s his destined mate, but she s clueless, having surpressed her wolf nature and walked away from all things Draicon Once they find the girl though, they realize that nothing is as it should be and Guy has to weigh his own happiness and future with the potential happiness of his mate, with or without him This was pretty good I liked how this counterbalanced the book before it with all the themes of pack is everything and familyhere we have two lone wolves who find each other And I like how they match up Guy is delightfully dark and gruff, but with a fluffy, teddy bear soul Their adventure is short and sweet and rather enjoyable.

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    This Nocturne Bite was an additional story inside The Shadow Wolf.

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    Good quick read and a nice little bonus at the end of The Shadow Wolf

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    sweet short lovestory

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    Cute novella.

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Darkness of the Wolfcharacters Darkness of the Wolf, audiobook Darkness of the Wolf, files book Darkness of the Wolf, today Darkness of the Wolf, Darkness of the Wolf 58d89 Imprisoned And Tortured By Demons, Guy Laurent Thought The Only Way He Could Escape Was Through Death Then He Is Offered A Chance A Freedom By Recovering A Girl With The Help Of Former Draicon Kayla Morris Even Though Kayla Has Been Warned That Guy Is A Dangerous And Savage Wolf, His Scent And His Kiss Makes Her Wildness Surface But Despite Both Their Inner Wolves Howling To Mate, Kayla Must Fight Their Attraction Or Risk Unleashing The Deadly Gift She Hates

About the Author: Bonnie Vanak

Bonnie Vanak fell in love with romance novels during childhood While cleaning a hall closet, she discovered her mother s cache of paperbacks and started reading Thus began a passion for romance and a lifelong dislike for housework.After years of newspaper reporting, Bonnie became a writer for a major international charity She travels to destitute countries such as Haiti to write about famine, d