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    A solid anthology of stories featuring female protagonists who conquer the odds, this volume didn t strike me as being as strong as some of the others it had some weaker stories, and fewer wow moments That said, there were some strong tales, in particular Leslie Ann Miller s Sun Dancer and both Marella Sand s Tortoise Weeps and Diana L Paxson s Twilight came to life with their well researched, deftly incorporated historical settings.I think what struck me about this anthology is that, in contrast to later volumes even XVII, only four years later it had a particular emphasis on the idea of women facing barriers because inferior men wouldn t listen to them, or men traditionally inherit, etc and the male side of it comes off as something of a straw man Nowadays, if fiction portrays this scenario as so black and white, we re prone to respond with skepticism or, Now tell me something new Gender inequality is still very real, but in most cases it s somewhat subtler, and readers want variation and nuance when the idea is explored.This anthology is certainly worth reading, but not as strong as some other volumes.

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    review to comeNotable stories include Patience by Jo Clayton Spider s Offer by Charles M Saplak More than One Way by Heather Rose Jones Jewel Bright by Stephanie D Shaver Tortoise Weeps by Marella Sands Personal Need by Lynn Michals

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    This was the first edition of Sword and Sorceress that I d ever read, and it didn t have a single story in it that I didn t like It started me on the series, and I ve read every one since This one also contains two of my favorite short stories.

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    Almost all stories were enjoyable.

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    My mom has a story published in here I loved some of the stories and didn t like others.

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    Some stories were great and some were too short I personally like a fleshed out story but these were great Now I want to read the whole series Marion Zimmer Bradley is my favorite author.

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    No my favorite of the series Most of the stories were just average even by some of my favorite old and new writers.

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    Sword and sorcery for females This was an awesome series It introduced many authors of this genre that I might not have found otherwise If you can find them, give them a try.

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