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The Finding (The Legend of Oescienne, #1) summary The Finding (The Legend of Oescienne, #1) , series The Finding (The Legend of Oescienne, #1) , book The Finding (The Legend of Oescienne, #1) , pdf The Finding (The Legend of Oescienne, #1) , The Finding (The Legend of Oescienne, #1) 05f5d34513 When The Dragon Jaax Receives Word That A Human Infant Has Been Found In The Province Of Oescienne, He Doesn T Dare Believe It Humans Have Been Extinct For Centuries, Trapped By A Terrible Curse And Left To Live Out Their Existence In The Form Of Dragons Despite His Doubts, However, Jaax Assumes Responsibility For The Baby Girl Only To Discover That What He Has Been Seeking For So Many Years Has Finally Been Found Jahrra Knows All About The Legends And Sagas Of Oescienne, But Never In Her Wildest Dreams Would She Believe That She Played A Part In One Of Them She Is Far Too Busy Dodging The Bullies At School And Seeking Out New Adventures With Her Friends To Worry About What Secrets Her Dragon Mentor Might Be Keeping From Her, Or That Her Every Move Is Being Watched By Something Living In The Forest Surrounding Her Home But The Secrets Run Deep, And As Jahrra Fights To Earn Her Place In This Extraordinary World, She Will Begin To Unravel The Truth Of It All That She Isn T As Safe As She Thought She Was, That Danger Lurks Around Every Corner, And That Her Role In This Unfurling Tale Is Far Significant Than She Could Possibly Imagine

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    I couldn t finish it Dragged on and on with blathering and laborious details having nothing to do with the story seemingly written in to lengthen the book.

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    Fantasy story of a young girl, Jahrra, growing up and coming of age among elves and dragons The author does a great job creating colorful landscapes and emotional atmosphere often seen through Jahrra s eyes, though other characters tell their point of view from time to time as well The author creates the escapades that young children often face, making friends and enemies at school, becoming aware of class and status in society, wonderment in learning, and finding courage to stand up to dares Jahrra has determination and strength, and as the story closes the stage is set for Jahrra to become the hero that many believe she will be even though she is not aware of her purpose yet Where this story is of a coming of age I suspect future books will feature quests and battles as the enemy draws closer to Oescienne I believe this story is geared towards teen and young adult readers, but I have to admit that even older readers like me can enjoy a good story like this.Note Readers will want to review the pronounciation dictionary before starting this book.

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    Good start to what seems to be a promising series.I like stories with intelligent creatures, especially dragons, so I was naturally drawn to this book I did like it and intend to read the rest My only complaint is that it really drags in parts The descriptions of houses, etc while minutely interesting, doesn t carry the story forward Things I would be interested in are not addressed at all How what do Jaharra and Hoombra eat, who cooks and how It mentions bread and cheese, but not how it got there I don t need a lot of detail, but is food delivered Jaharra is rarely home, who cooks and cleans Who tends to Phrym, where does his food come from Why don t the super rich kids gave tutors, why do they have to travel so far to attend a one room school What happened to the acorn given to Jaharra when Jaax 1st got her Did she inherit the land and orchard from her parents Why is it, and the house, not occupied or tended to She could be collecting a little rent money How is she handling bathing, washing clothes, and she is old enough to have a periodall she seems to do is go to school, take lessons, play with friends, ride, camp out Which sounds like fun, but is not very realistic unless they have caretakers Mostly I like this book, but I was left with these practical questions just because they are not addressed Other questions I assume will be answered in the next couple of books.

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    Did you watch the first Lord of the Rings movie and just sit there stunned at the ending which had no conclusion like I did That is kind of how I felt about this book.This is a fantasy story that appears to be written for pre teens It is the story of Jahrra, a human child born in a time when humans are extinct because the human race was changed into a race of dragons due to a curse We watch Jahrra grow from infancy to about age 12 in this first book in the series She is raised as a Nesnan and is unaware that she is human She is being groomed for her destiny but is unaware of what her destiny is She experiences loss, has to learn to deal with bullies, and explores the forbidden woods I liked this story but just feel like a lot was missing The story is a little slow and many items hinting at something about to happen are referenced, yet that something doesn t happen in this book of the series I sure hope it does in the next.

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    I m an adult and this seems to be oriented to preteens The whole book covers a few years in the heroine s youth The writing is good, but it drags with too much detail making the same points over and over It s okay as it s the first book in the series I didn t find the fantasy elements, especially the dragons and how they fit in the societies, very interesting.

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    GoodGood book and I would recommend this book to my friends I gave it five stars because it was a good book.

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    A lovely lyrical tale told with eloquence Thank you Jenna for sharing your work with the world.

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    Anne Kinslow.I fell in love with this story Written so beautifully and the story just flowed I found it hard to put this book down, as I was enthralled from beginning to end.I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good Fantasy Tale.

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    Dragons and dramaA well written story of a time when dragons protected and taught humans, devoted to keeping them safe One human girl is the linchpin to bringing humans back to populate this world again after a tyrant takes the kingdom I will read from this author.

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    Well written and conceived epic tale Will definitely continue to read.

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