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Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) pdf Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) , ebook Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) , epub Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) , doc Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) , e-pub Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) , Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1) 8e15404432d Keira Jameson Used To Lead A Normal Life, She Just Had A Gift, Passed Down Through The Generations Of Her Family Now, After Hearing Voices, Having Strange Dreams Of Others Calling Out To Her, And Her Grandfather S Last Words Haunting Her, She Sets Out To Find Other Families Like Hers Along With Her Best Friend Lily, The Only Person Outside Her Family To Know About Her Gift, Keira Begins A Hunt For Her Ancestors A Chance Meeting With A Young Man, Lucian Turner, Sets Them On The Right Track, But Their Discoveries Change The Way Keira Will See Herself For Ever Fear, Superstition And Heritage Are Shaping Keira S Future And She Must Face Her Enemies, Even If This Could Mean Losing Her Life She Cannot Escape Her DestinyPart Buffy Style Horror, Part Tender Romance, Bloodlines Will Have Fans Of The Genre On Tenterhooks Waiting For The Next Instalment Of This Gripping And Hell Raising Tale

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    UPDATE the new version of Bloodlines is now available from .com Kindle version also avaiable now This is actually my own book, so its not fair to give it a rating.

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    This book had such great reviews I purposefully sought it out when major book sellers, such as BN, didn t carry it I should have taken that for a sign.My biggest gripes about this book are 1 a real editor needs to proof this book a lot and 2 the author needs to do a much better job on researching her facts.For my first issue I will say the flow, writing, building of the story, etc is horrid Thoughts are not presented clearly or reasonably as she jumps all around in her conversation topics between the characters with no indication or background for transition there is so much wrong with the grammar and flow that if I put it all into words I would have a book for editing this book Any decent editor would have caught all this and had the author rewrite until it was 90% better Had this happened it could have been a really great as it is, it reads as rough very rough draft My second issue has to do with the very apparent fact that the author is English, as is the main character and her close friend, so it makes sense that these two characters to speak the Queen s English BUT NOT THE REST OF THE CHARACTERS in the book The local characters are supposed to have been born and raised in Massachusetts and yet their grammar and mannerisms are also very British English Americans do not refer to trash bags or garbage bags as bin bags pg 137 , we don t say rubbish pg.127 , Piss Off pg 141 , Americans don t go around kissing each other s cheeks the list of errors is endless I kept wondering where the book was taking place because I knew she wrote that they were in Salem, Massachusetts and yet everyone speaks and act as though they are from Great Britain I forced myself to endure hoping the book would get better but I finally gave up when I reached chapter 16 it s just too awful to continue My best suggestion would be for the author to republish the book after a lot of editing.In the end I realized all the great reviews must have come from family and friends Not a true representation of the quality of the book The author definitely has potential so keep writing, keep learning and find a good editor.

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    This is my Daughters first book in a trilogy.I have read it 5 times and each time is as good as the first Some people may think this is a biest review But if it was rubbish, believe me, i wouldnt have encouraged her to have it published Please give it a try, you will be hooked.

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    I hate to say anything bad about a book because I m certain that, bad or good, the author loves it just the same and put in an equal amount of effort I mean this only as constructive criticism.That being said, despite its 310 pages the plot feels thin to the point of transparency, every turn is predictable The characters read as caricatures, and the main character is a blatant Mary Sue who displays behaviour only acceptable in a young teenage girl, not a girl in her early twenties.Where was this book s editor The punctuation was ill used to the point of distraction There are instances where the tense changes in the same sentence I want to finish this on a good note, so I must say that the descriptions of their surroundings were well written, which makes me believe that Kendal can write a very good book This just wasn t it.

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    Wow I don t want to be mean buthow can I not I couldn t even get past page thirty The writing was childish and in desperate need of editing I felt like I was reading a ten year old s, what I did for summer vacation, homework For example Why would she be telling her best friend that, of course, she didn t talk to her father about her powers because he was dead Um, yeah Wouldn t the best friend know that I know the author was just trying to give us some background but having Keira do it in dialogue with her best friend was a bad, bad choice Yeah, sorry, if the writing is this bad the story just isn t worth it.

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    I really enjoyed this book I was hooked from the beginning because I didn t know what Keira was or what her gift was, until I was given a hint in the first chapter.Keira is looking for answers about her past and why she is hearing voices, but soon she realizes that maybe this wasn t the wisest decision.I really liked that there was a big group of characters all of them playing an important part to the story I connected with each one of them At some points the dynamic of the group reminded me of The Secret Circle by L.J Smith in that they care deeply for each other.At first I thought my favorite character would be Lucian he is such a gentleman but halfway through the book I completely fell for Tyler He is funny and easygoing, among other things I won t reveal as I don t want to spoil the book for you.Every chapter was full with mystery and made me want to know and try to figure out everything that was going on I didn t know what to expect.There were some slow chapters and some parts I didn t think were key to the story And I was a little confused by the way they spoke I wasn t sure at first, if the characters were British or if the story was set in the United States or England, but once I figured it out everything began to flow in the right direction.Definitely the last third of the book was the most exciting At the end I was nearly screaming out in frustration because it leaves you wanting , and many questions were unanswered I, personally, can t wait for the next installment.I laughed, and the story brought me to tears at some point I definitely didn t see that one coming I felt like I was reading something similar to the TV show Supernatural it reminds me a lot of this show and you gotta love Supernatural, don t you So definitely give Bloodlines a try and stick with it to the end because you won t be disappointed.

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    I very much enjoyed this book Its a nice change from Vampires and the new Fallen angel craze that seems to be going on I find this story to be very original I can relate with the main Character Keira She feels isolated and very alone at first, desperate to find out where she comes from, and to be around people who are like her The other characters are very likeable and I do think Danny and Tyler sound rather hot Shame they are ficticious I dont want to spoil this book for anyone so i wont be going into to much detail This book is for all ages although I expect it will be marketed to young adults I am 33 and I loved it I cant wait to read the next one Hope it is out soon, I need to know whats happening.

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    The sentences are a little choppy, but once you get past that, this book is actually amazing It would have scored a 5 if it werent for the choppy parts.Keira is a likeable character, I liked her very much The other main characters are great, all with their own thoughts and opinions I dont like disclosing much about the storyline for fear of ruining the book for others, but I know I personally cannot wait for the next book.

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    You guys will think I m crazy.Bloodlines is the story of Keira, a woman who goes to Salem, Massachusetts, to discover her past while sending the story in as many unrelated directions as possible and devoting minimal time to interesting aspects Never mind the demons hunting the main characters and the supernatural mystery going on, we have a house to paint Seriously, there are about three chapters devoted to that house alone Oh joy.The plotting of this book, if it hasn t already been made apparant, is horrid The story just ignores the supernatural mystery at its center for a large segment of the book Things don t really pick up until near the end It s quite boring, really An occasional interesting scene The scene where Keira takes out her anger on the people who shot one of her friends is creepy and sufficient to get a pass keeps the book from being a total bore, but does not have nearly enough impact to keep the story afloat.But my main beef is with the characters Let s ignore everyone save for my least favorite Keira Young adult authors generally write beautiful female characters, but here they tone that up to a stupid degree AND I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT It might just be me, but I honestly enjoy reading about female characters who are below the supermodel standard of beautiful That s fun because it makes the characters feel real Keira never felt like a human being although I guess you could argue that s the point Maybe this is nitpicking, but it just bugs me.Even ignoring that, I detest the fact that Keira seems to have no weaknesses. One of the most annoying things in books is when an author pulls something out of absolutely nowhere In some books, this happens once or twice In Bloodlines, EVERY SINGLE CONFLICT is resolved via this method Keira just develops power out of nowhere with no mention of where it came from view spoiler She even COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD at one point It s that bad hide spoiler

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    I ve been meaning to add this review for a long time, but since I ve just had my first child, I ve not had the chance to do so until now This book actually gets 4.5 stars from me My gripe is the editing However, I ve read several times there was a ruckus about this and the Author is having the book redone with another publisher GOOD idea, because the storyline is fantastic It s fresh, new, definitely different As a new author, and still learning, your previous editor should have helped you a lot , I do believe this has been said on another review I am a writer myself, and when I started out I received a lot of help from my editor, she was fantastic and very supportive This is only meant as support, not nastily, if the editor had done their job properly, I wouldn t have been able to fault this story So best of luck with the new publisher The story definitely shows promise The characters all have their own personalities, which for me is great, and none of them are boring There is than one POV which I love, and also the author doesn t just concentrate on building backgrounds up for her two or three main characters, all of them are equally important and play a vital role in the story I don t spoil books for others by revealing the plot line too much, so this is what I will say Bloodlines was a quick, and very entertaining read The characters well you will either love them or hate them Some of the men in the book I wish were real, lol, very yummy Keira, the main character left me a little indifferent Sometimes I love her, her wit, sarcasm and general attitude were brilliant, but other times I wanted to strangle her I don t dislike her, and I understand why, in the story, she is how she is at the moment, but in the end, especially in a chapter called Healer and the last few chapters of the book, she is nothing short of AMAZING SHE is the sort of person you would want as your friend and ally She totally kicks arse and I can t wait to see how she goes on I have no idea what direction this story is going to go in, but I cannot wait for the next in the series, I will definitely be purchasing it I will also be buying the new edit

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