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  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • Falling Under
  • Gwen Hayes
  • English
  • 11 July 2018
  • 9780451232687

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    Multiple Choice Quiz for Teenage Girls 1 Would you rather be A ORB 2 There s a hot new boy in school, but he seems to be something of an asshat, always blowing you off and parading other women in front of you Would you A OR B 3 You re having strange dreams where said hot boy appears and acts mysterious and tortured, telling you that you can never be togetherrrrr You think hot boy is something supernatural Would you A image error

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    I have to admit sometimes often I pick up books just because I like the cover art This one in particular reminded me of American Beauty , so I couldn t resist.ALERT this is going to be bitchy.I threw this book before even finishing the first chapter.Why Because I ve already cringed my teeth four times in the first three pages And that s too much.I m going to show you what I mean.The protagonist is on the bed, reading from her iPhone And she speaks about her love for books Every night I went somewhere new and pretended to be someone else someone interesting Sniff sniff I m smelling author s personal issues, here.But the burning man falling from the sky pulled me from my faraway world.You don t say Really Here I was depicting in my head this dumb chick, daydreaming on her bed with a vacuous expression on her face, when a burning man falls from the sky screaming his head off, and she just turns her head and says vapidly Oh, a burning man falling from the sky Maybe that s not the image the author wanted to give, but it s what she delivered.He was than on fire He was fire.And what s the difference Bho, the author doesn t tell To me, he looked just like a man on fire but it was his eyes that caused me to suck in my breathOk Reality check here 1 he s burning 2 he s falling from the sky 3 you are looking at him through a window 4 you are on the bed, supposedly at some distance from said window How the fuck can you discern something about his eyes I leaned farther into the window, the glass surprisingly warm from his brush past it.Do you know what it takes to warm a pane of glass at a distance, say to increase it of 1 C and you can t even perceive so small an increase It takes a fucking lot Not just some miserable guy on fire falling from the sky and incidentally passing near the window for two seconds If you haven t the common sense to guess that, do your research.When the man is fallen, she goes near him to help but without actually doing something helpful There is a short and improbable dialogue, and then He rattled and spoke his last words Worth the fall Oh, because she is so beautiful and speshul that it was worth it to fucking be set on fire and be thrown from who knows what highness to precipitate on her fucking garden.What The Fuck.I don t want to see this kind of book crap, ever again.I should put this on my blacklist of bad books , but I pride myself on being honest and I can t honestly give an informed judgment about the book, because I haven t read it I just can t So I m going to put this among my give ups and you will have to make up your own mind.

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    Favorite quote Theia to Haden whilst alone in her bedroom Do you know I have never seen a penis ROFL XD Way to go girl, way to goIf I had to pick a serious quote as my favorite it would probably be this one, though This isn t a crush it s obsession You are never not in my thoughts Your scent carries across a room and paralyzes me with longing I don t want to hold your hand Part of me wants to set you on fire and hold you while the flame consumes us both, to eat your heart so I know that only I possess it entirely Wellat least he s honest O_oWhen I started reading Falling Under I got quickly bothered by how the story seemed to follow all the typical paranormal YA clich s Unbelievably hot guy comes to town, unbelievably insecure and shy heroine gets paired with him for a school project, hot guy tells heroine that she needs to stay away from him for her own safety, heroine goes to some kind of fortune teller who of course tells her that she s in grave danger, because obviously there s something evil after her Now who could that be and so onGranted, Hayes put these clich s to use with a wink and the digs at Twilight were funny, but still the attempts to mock her own usage of clich s didn t really make it any less annoying But all of that would have been excusable IMO if she had made the romance somewhat unique but unfortunately, this was not the case It was the same old OMG I love you and I m going to sacrifice my soul for you even though I ve only known you for a week and I m so sick of this kind of romance.What I really, really liked though, was the explanation for it all What Haden really is and why they can t be togethernow this was something to make this book stand out against all the others but unfortunately I can t tell you about it since it would be a major spoiler It s a pity, I think if Hayes had done the romance part differently this story would ve had the potential to be really great and different I also liked how Hayes managed to keep me on my toes Several times I was surprised, if not shocked, by the turn of events or how the story took on a very creepy note all of the sudden.Altogether I can say that I enjoyed this and I m pretty sure that some of my friends like Tina, Nic or Amber for example will have a blast with this one since they re known to be a bit forgiving when it comes to the kind of romance I mentioned.

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    I have wildly mixed feelings about this book, which is loosely based on the myth of Persephone I m not sure I can write a coherent review because I m so conflicted, so here goes the pros and cons list.For the first two thirds of the book I was pretty annoyed with the main character Theia Stop falling in love with boys just because they re kinda cute, girls I really, really disliked Haden Manipulative, bad tempered, controlling, stalker ish guys who try to make girls jealous, especially while view spoiler grinding their hips against other girls during a dance while eye locked with the main character hide spoiler

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    Dear YA,1 Please don t let this be another book on star crossed lovers whose relationship is doomed from the beginning because one is in danger of being killed by the other.2 Please, please, please no love triangles 3 Please make the heroine a heroine by which, I mean a thinking, independent, strong willed and self aware young woman who could be construed as a positive role model for your target audience And let the male lead be than just her love interest Let him have a interesting role and not just eye candy 4 Please don t let the dialogue be riddled with now isms Sincerely,Isa First off, I will restrain myself from making sparkly comparisons because while there are similarities, there are enough positive elements to balance the book out Now, color me surprised I actually enjoyed this one Among the positives that FALLING UNDER has to offer are the dialogue, the shifting mood and the dream sequences But first, to the negatives I tried to keep myself from making comparisons, but sometimes it just cannot be helped Theia is virginal, cosseted, and a little priggish Her being virginal, and cosseted led me to the question of why Her father s treatment of her left me befuddled It begged the question s A What s wrong with her Was she another one of those girls ala A Walk to Remember heroine goody goody and sheltered B Or had she been not so goody goody prior to the books opening thus, requiring an iron fist in her upbringing C Or had there been a tragedy that just pushed him to act the way he was acting or D Was it an English stodgy thing As I was saying, she s pretty tame I would not have minded that particular fact, but she s tame AND then oblivious to why the male lead was obsessing over her Add to that a giggly moment whether done by design or the product of my gutter brain, you ll just have to judge of when she actually says, Take me I don t know, but bodice ripping Regency Harlequin esque historical romance much This mental image might have been compounded by the old sound of Theia s thoughts As said, she is virginal and cosseted And apparently very prim and proper, in her thoughts as well She just sounded old on this later Throw in a mercurial Haden Flirt one moment ass hole the next I do not see the charm of one so fickle Would you go after a guy who would leave you whilst a storm is going on I am sounding positively old fashioned, but the guy just showed his true colors at that moment in the book All that said, this book wasn t bad In fact I found myself satisfied by the turn of events Yes, it was a little too pat but still consider I really enjoyed the darker feel to it Moments of Falling Under are a horror slasher film montage Burning man, Night terrors Mysterious stranger Gothick y music possibly leading to her a death or b love Sewn lips, Chopped up brides Then there were all the dream sequences that reminded me of Beetlejuice and Chicken Run I have a deep seated fear of clay mation This probably stems from a childhood scare fest involving dolls coming alive and hacking away at limbs carelessly strewn willy nilly over the bed s edge wait, what was I saying The dreams sequences caught my attention because they had the same feel as Corpse Bride etc shudder It was this that, I can honestly, kept me reading despite Haden s hot and cold attitude toward her despite Theia s virginal and innocent disposition despite her father s tendency toward being overbearing.The language attracted me too I have said that her thoughts sounded old, much older than her purported seventeen years Despite this incongruence, I went with it As a result I felt as she felt Her confusion was mine as was her frustration That s where the authenticity ended for me though because once her conscious interactions began, she started sounding typical YA heroine Daughter who had not rebelled but wants to Friend in the middle neither super pretty nor super smart but wealthy enough AND thankfully she didn t always speak so old just serious at times The most authentic lines sprang from Donny s lips I liked her particularly since she had a tendency towards being brazen I liked that she spoke her mind in a very current way, but managed not to bludgeon said current ness to death as has happened in some books And speaking of Donny, I liked the friendship dynamic going on in this one They are a study in contrast I suppose Especially, with Donny the brazen one, Amelia the outgoing sweet one and Theia, the heroine the socially awkward one Hmmm this assessment might actually be apt under the Argh column Put them together and you could end up with a whole girl.So in response Yes, it does start with an I love you, but I might kill you, so let s just not, BUT I got a kick out of how the author addressed that problem view spoiler By using the problem twice hide spoiler

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    I was so excited to read Falling Under after I won a copy on Goodreads First Reads The concept of meeting a mysterious, devastatingly handsome guy from your dreams sounded captivating, but Falling Under was too much of the worn thin I m a jerk to you but you love me anyway romance, and the parts that were original were too dark for me I d recommend Falling Under to those that love the darker side of paranormal fiction not me.Theia, Theia, Theia The author tells us things about her, but Theia s actions show us a completely different story She puts herself in danger Again And again She s supposed to be this incredible musician and smart and rational, but she makes so many TSTL choices that I gave up Haden even tells her why he s there and it involves Theia in a horrible way and yet she still comes back for WHY Why can t we ever get a heroine who tells these kinds of guys where they can go Read the back cover Theia doesn t want to resist Haden, even if it costs her her soul Ugh.And Haden My tolerance of the I m hot so you love me even though I m a jerk and treat you abysmally guy must be all used up Again, this theme in young adult fiction is getting REALLY old The whole hot cold guy thing has been done before and done a lot better Haden became tolerable as the book went on, but I wanted to infuse some rationality into Theia for 3 4 of the book for making STUPID, STUPID choices involving Haden Why couldn t Theia go for a charismatic, thoughtful guy like Gabe Falling Under is dark It has the TSTL heroine, the jerk bad boy, and the idiot parent that we see in so many books these days It wasn t for me, but if you like dark paranormal fiction with a smattering of Twilight, you may like it.

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    This book was totally not what I was expecting Definitely a lot dark and wickedly twisted than I ever would have expected, yet I think that is why I liked it to much Under was a complete creep fest faceless beings, skeletons stitched together people rivers of tears I had those huge eyes O_O and the expression of no f ing way it was awesome.The characters in this novel were extremely well written Everyone of them had truly unique qualities that made them very hard to forget Theia s friends Donny and Amelia aka Ame how to you say that anyway like Amy or Aim couldn t have been different not only from each other but from Theia as well, and for some reason that worked incredibly well Donny, what can I say about her, she is hilarious Those girls were some good friends I want me some friends like Donny and Ame And I also loved Varnie If you read this novel for one reason, read it for Varnie I m not going to lie Haden and Theia the whole stay away from me, I m dangerous I thought, oh please not this again and I can honestly say, it s not like that again There was a little insta romance, Theia falls for Haden hard and fast, even though the guy is jerk Yet, I loved how that gave Theia this whole other personality She was assertive and sure footed when it came to Haden, I liked her much better that way So somehow the insta romance worked for me I mean it s not like she hadn t already met the guy in her dreams I felt like they already had a relationship before they started interacting in real life.The plot while a little slow in the beginning, will slap you in the face when you least expect it I had that huge eye thing going on again O_O yeah just like that.An excellent debut Didn t realize this one was going to be a series, but I am certainly looking forward to the next installment This is one wickedly twisted love story

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    I was lucky enough to read this as a draft and was blown away I agree with another reviewer that the imagery is amazing When telling Gwen what I thought I said, This is going to be big, like Twilight big You will LOVE it

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    This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.2.5 5A shy girl living a seemingly normal life Check.A hot and mysterious guy appearing out of nowhere Check.Instant, unexplainable, and inevitable attraction blossoming as the two gaze at each other fatefully through a pane of glass Check.Haden Mr Dangerous and Brooding Stay away from me, lamb I m dangerous.Theia Ms Radiant Sunshine But I don t want to I think I m in love with you Check.Does this sound just a teensy bit familiar yet Ugh, the first two thirds of the book was a complete rehash of Twilight, albeit a better written one A solid 2 stars not horrible, and yet not horribly original I had to roll my eyes a few times here and there A couple of facepalms appeared, too.What bumped the rating up to 2.5 stars was the last third of Falling Under Told in the perspective of Haden instead of Theia, this portion of the book, titled Up is Down, is infinitely interesting plot wise and such a joy to read after the cough Twilightcough review we got before If only the entire book was like the last part Alas, it was not to be.Overall, this book is worth it if you re willing to wade through some clich s and overdone plot lines first Falling Under s invigorating ending certainly left me in need of the sequel Seriously Haden has to refer to Theia as his lamb, too Please Book Source Borrowed

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    FABULOUS Beautiful, gothic, full of wonder, angst, romance and forbidden love FALLING UNDER has the feel of retelling the Hades Demeter myth, which I just adore This debut is fresh, gorgeous, and utterly enchanting.

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Falling Undercharacters Falling Under, audiobook Falling Under, files book Falling Under, today Falling Under, Falling Under 5a024 Theia Alderson Has Always Led A Sheltered Life In The Small California Town Of Serendipity Falls But When A Devastatingly Handsome Boy Appears In The Halls Of Her School, Theia Knows She S Seen Haden Before Not Around Town, But In Her DreamsAs The Haden Of Both The Night And The Day Beckons Her Closer One Moment And Pushes Her Away The Next, The Only Thing Theia Knows For Sure Is That The Incredible Pull She Feels Towards Him Is Stronger Than Her FearAnd When She Discovers What Haden Truly Is, Theia S Not Sure If She Wants To Resist Him, Even If The Cost Is Her Soul

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Gwen Hayes that s me lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero and a pack of wild beasts two of whom she gave birth to She is a reader, writer, and lover of pop culture which, other than yogurt, is the only culture she gets Gwen also edits kissing books.