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Sing You Home txt Sing You Home, text ebook Sing You Home, adobe reader Sing You Home, chapter 2 Sing You Home, Sing You Home 2feeee After Zoe Baxter Loses Her Baby, The Only Way She Can Find Of Coping Is To Try Again But Her Husband Max Disagrees Than That, He Wants A Divorce When They Separate, There Is No Mention Of The Unborn Children They Created Together, Still Waiting At The ClinicThe Zoe Falls In Love Again, Out Of The Blue, And Finds Herself With An Unexpected Second Chance To Have A FamilyBut Max Has Found A New Life Too One With No Place In It For People Like Zoe And He Will Stand Up In Court To Say That Her New Choice Of Partner Makes Her An Unfit MotherJodi Picoult S Most Powerful Novel Yet Asks Who Has The Right To Decide What Makes The Ideal Family

About the Author: Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty four novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, A SPARK OF LIGHT, is available in hardcove

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    Searching for an apologetic for a homosexual lifestyle This is the book for you This review is from Sing You Home A Novel Paperback I ve read all of Jodi s books previously and was so excited to see this one on the shelf at WalMart Unfortunately, no spoilers in my review , this novel paints all evangelical Christians as homophobic scumbags and all lesbians as kind hearted, loving saints I kept hoping it would change, that Jodi would not keep lumping me in with Westboro Baptist Church idiots, but, sadly, no change I saw one woman s obsession over having a biological child of her own destroy her marriage, but the dissolution of the marriage was her husband s fault I saw a woman wallowing in the emotional upheaval of divorce diving into a new relationship Vanessa took advantage of Zoe s anger and sorrow and, magically, though she d never had any homosexual tendencies prior, she was a lesbian and claiming she was born that way Wow That s a bit of a stretch I don t mind the exploration of such controversial topics I don t even mind when the author comes to a different conclusion from my own However, I do mind seeing such ridiculous stereotypes cast onto anyone bearing the name Christian According to this book, I m a simpering, uneducated doormat who ll only do those things my husband allows and who has no opinion of my own, outside the one he gives me smh Yeah, that kind of pisses me off I guess I thought the book was going to be about the controversy surrounding IVF primarily and homosexual adoption secondarily In reality, the book is about bashing Christians and telling the world that the only fit parents are homosexual or extremely liberal heterosexuals I m extremely disappointed in this book.

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    Sing You Home is my new favorite novel by Jodi Picoult, and as of now mid March, 2011 my favorite book of this year.There are so many things I wish I could say coherently about this book I was at a loss of words when I finished it three hours ago, and I still am speechless But I want to write this review while the emotions it evoked are still at their strongest.The writing was superb as always Picoult doesn t use a lot of SAT vocabulary, or extremely complex sentence structure, but the way she engages readers with detail and finesse is extraordinary I am always tempted to read just a single page , then just one chapter , until I ve gone through the entire 400 page book I even forgot to put this on my to read shelf on Goodreads.Picoult s characters are splendid by the middle of the book I was immersed in Zoe s yearning for children and Max s difficulty with alcohol abuse, and I felt like they were real, breathing people Vanessa s no nonsense attitude I admired, and side characters like Dara and Lucy I came to love as well.The element that really made me appreciate this novel was Picoult s take on gay marriage, and homosexual inequality in contemporary society I cannot adequately state how inspiring this book was to me in that regard Here is one of the many powerful quotes that I had to stop and re read I even put this in my favorite quotes section on Facebook I remember my mother telling me that, when she was a little girl in Catholic school, the nuns used to hit her left hand every time she wrote with it Nowadays, if a teacher did that, she d probably be arrested for child abuse The optimist in me wants to believe sexuality will eventually become like handwriting there s no right way or wrong way to do it We re all just wired differently.It s also worth nothing that, when you meet someone, you never bother to ask if he s right or left handed.After all Does it really matter to anyone other than the person holding the pen Beautiful cross posted from my blog the quiet voice.

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted This is the first novel I ve read by Jodi Picoult I admire her courage and honesty for tackling such issues as infertility, gay rights, parenthood, and religious beliefs I read somewhere that Jodi s own teenage son came out to her while she was writing this book He s very fortunate to have such supportive parents Zoe Baxter is a music therapist desperate to have a child Max, her husband of nine years, has his own landscaping business, enjoys surfing, and struggles with alcoholism Unable to cope with their infertility or mend their broken relationship, he leaves Zoe Zoe then meets and falls in love with Vanessa, a high school guidance counselor Zoe still wants a baby, and Max is still not ready for fatherhood, but both parents want what s best for their embryos left at the fertility clinic after their divorce I loved Zoe s profession as a music therapist While not very high paying, she gets to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from dementia, autism, and mental illness I imagine this is a very satisfying, yet very emotionally draining career Vanessa also does well for her young charges, especially depressed and suicidal Lucy, who benefits from Zoe s music therapy The problem here is that Zoe and Vanessa are so perfect in every way With no flaws, they lacked depth and complexity Zoe s agony over her inability to have a baby was heartbreaking, but I also felt deeply for her ex husband, Max, who felt he was merely being used as a sperm donor After the divorce, Max moves in with his Christian brother, Reid, and his wife, Liddy, and finds comfort and peace in their church The Christian characters in the story also suffered the same lack of depth, particularly the church officials and lawyers While it is evident that the author has done extensive research on in vitro fertilization and music therapy, I wish she had been thorough and fair in her portrayal of Christianity A balanced perspective would have made this story much compelling and thought provoking.Zoe and Vanessa marry in Massachusetts and honeymoon at the Highlands Inn in Bethlehem, NH and I couldn t resist checking out their rainbow chairs.

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    I have come to the conclusion, that, IMO, Ms Picoult is than likely the most overhyped female author in the United States today Now, that I have absolutely suffered through this triffling piece of trash of a book, I can honestly say that Ms Picoult s books are one reason why I try to stay away from the big house publishers any Here is another author who is crammed down our throats with mediocre writing I agree with other reviewers who call Ms Picoult s books formulaic, but I will go one step further They are superficial and poorly developed It was very clear in this book that Ms Picoult came in with an agenda and wrapped it in a very shoddily written novel with characters who are not approachable She, then, expected her fan base to drink it like Jim Jones koolaid which is evident by the high ratings for this book I have one book to read by this author, but it will def be my last I don t care what Book of the Month I have to read it for I refuse to lose any brain cells with crappily written books.

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    If you ever read a Jodi Picoult novel, you know the drill Multiple perspectives, courtroom tension, controversial topic, a little twist, insightful little quotes here and there Lately, though, I haven t really liked her novels, the of them I read, the less I like them However, this one wasn t too bad It wasn t my favorite by any means, but it wasn t her worse either It divulged into corniness sometimes, but there were some humorous moments that, in retrospect, I really wish I had written them down My main complaint of this book is Picoult s one sidedness about the topic at hand Usually she is very good at maintaining a sympathetic POV on either side of the case, but in this book it is clear she favored one side On one hand, we have the religious zealots who will do anything to prevent gay marriage, and on the other hand, we have a lesbian couple just trying to get a baby Just from that description, you can probably tell what side I favor, and it was just as obvious in Picoult s novel Her treatment of the Christians in this novel was just so harsh She portrayed all of them as obnoxious, oppressive fanatics, who hide their fear and hate behind the Bible There was no one in the book that was mildly religious, just obsessively so Even though I have been confirmed as a Catholic, I don t really practice any faith, but I still felt kind of offended bythe stance Picoult took I know she was being sympathetic to the defense of gay marriage, a cause I am all for, but she risked being offensive towards religious people, which I did not like A minor complaint, but I also felt the timeline of the story was bit rushed So all in a period of around six months, the principle character, Zoe, has a miscarriage, gets a divorce, has a new best friend, falls in love with the best friend, embraces lesbianism, gets married, decides to have baby, and gets taken to courtgah Know what I have accomplished in six months Poo All that has changed is that my Senioritis is reaching its boiling point Overall, I liked it Even though my review is mostly criticism, I really liked the book Enough to give it four stars immediately after reading In retrospect, perhaps it deserves less, but I will leave it as is A solid Jodi Picoult A good transitory novel for readers looking to get into Picoult, as well as a solid read for fans Thanks, SImon Schuster for letting me read an advanced copy.

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    Ms Picoult is simply brilliant I used to have her on my auto buy list and have to admit that her last few books, while good, have seemed somewhat formulaic I was hovering on whether or not to buy this book when my friend suggested it for this month s book club read I m so glad she gave me that push I wont give another synopsis of the story, you can read enough of those on the reviews below What I will do is give my opinion.Someone once said Hemingway Orwell and I m paraphrasing that a great book is truer than if they had really happened And afterwards you feel like you own that memory, that you were involved I think this book personifies that statement I read this story slowly than I usually go through books these days, and I think it s because there was so much emotion, so much depth, that I wanted to savour it I particularly like the way she uses a change in POV by chapter so you get the complete story from all the main characters perspectives Picoult has used this syntax in previous books with less success, but has worked it well here I ll admit I find it hard to review this story It s very difficult to analyse the writing style, the prose, even to a certain extent, to dissect the characters They were so rich, so very real in all their imperfections and good intentions, that to analyse them would be to reduce them to back to 2 dimensions They came to life for me and immersed me in their problems, in their fears and in their struggles over the last few days As so rarely happens these days, I feel richer for the reading of this book Thank you Ms Picoult, for sharing your wondrous talent.

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    I decided that I would not finish this book For now I am taking a vacation from Jodi I loved Nineteen Minutes and My Sisters Keeper However, lately the books seem to be cookie cutter I feel a sense of deja vu when I read one and it is not a good thing I was interested in the infertility issues as I suffered through many of the things she decribed, and I could relate to her description I m not particularly interested in lesbian relationship stories but was willing to take the trip with her because usually she gives you something to think about, and that is why I read, to explore life and other points of view What finally has turned me away from Ms Picoult is her stereotyping of conservatives and Christians I am not a particularly religious person, but certainly have many devout Christians among my family and friends I am a conservative I have developed an aversion to reading books, watching movies or tv programs which portray conservatives as caricatures This is not the first Picoult book which contained these stereotypes, but it will be the last because I just won t read them any The tone of the book, which mimics the liberal view, is that conservative is synonymous with fundamentalist Christian, and that those people are stupid, ignorant, bigoted, well you get the drift That portrayal is ignorant and bigoted I believe Ms Picoult is a very good writer, who may have already written her best books and now is replicating them But I also believe she has serious issues with Conservatives and Christians, and unfortunately she has a loyal audience who will read and believe some of these wildly inaccurate descriptions So sadly, I bid you adieu Jodi.

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    This story is slightly corny at times, but Jodi Picoult gets bonus points for guts She s bound to get complaints from both sides of the arguments presented in the book There will be gay people who say she got things all wrong or trivialized them, and the hate mongering, gay bashing religious zealots will probably send her death threats All the common remarks and complaints about Picoult s novels are valid They re formulaic, reductive, predictable, oversimplified, and they rely a little too heavily on the emotional hook BUT, she appeals to an audience that might not otherwise examine the topics she covers I give her credit for using her writing gifts to explore sensitive and timely concerns She could easily choose instead to write fluffy, vapid chick lit and avoid the risk of being taken to task for her presentation of touchy subjects.If you prefer not to attempt the subtle and challenging literature addressing homosexuality, Sing You Home is a worthy choice Picoult treats the issues with compassion and a welcome helping of hearty humor The book is loaded with snappy quips and a lot of good jokes I can t wait to use.

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    I think I m over the whole important current social issue leads to big dramatic court case format of Picoult s books.

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    I hated this book, and I usually really enjoy Jodi Picoult Few books have made me as angry as this one has I am very socially liberal, but I felt like I was being force fed social propaganda I mean, seriously Because our gay marriage isn t federally recognized, we have to jump through all these extra legal hoops to get the same rights 1,138 of them that come naturally to heterosexual couples who get married I get it gay marriage should become legal I know But I wanted to read an engrossing novel, not feel like I m about to sign a petition Plus, the ending was a saccharine, overly simplified joke, and there is no closure to the one client of Zoe s who we actually get to know All in all this was poorly written, and felt like a vehicle for a social cause than a story Oh, and anyone who gets married 5 months after they ve lost a child to stillbirth, been left by their husband of 9 years, and had a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer is just an idiot, IMHO.

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