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Second manifeste pour la philosophie quotes Second manifeste pour la philosophie, litcharts Second manifeste pour la philosophie, symbolism Second manifeste pour la philosophie, summary shmoop Second manifeste pour la philosophie, Second manifeste pour la philosophie 01a4cea1 Twenty Years Ago, Alain Badiou S First Manifesto For Philosophy Rose Up Against The All Pervasive Proclamation Of The End Of Philosophy In Lieu Of This Problematic Of The End, He Put Forward The Watchword One Step The Situation Has Considerably Changed Since Then Philosophy Was Threatened With Obliteration At The Time, Whereas Today It Finds Itself Under Threat For The Diametrically Opposed Reason It Is Endowed With An Excessive, Artificial Existence Philosophy Is Everywhere It Serves As A Trademark For Various Media Pundits It Livens Up Cafes And Health Clubs It Has Its Magazines And Its Gurus It Is Universally Called Upon, By Everything From Banks To Major State Commissions, To Pronounce On Ethics, Law And Duty In Essence, Philosophy Has Now Come To Stand For Nothing Other Than Its Most Ancient Enemy Conservative EthicsBadiou S Second Manifesto Therefore Seeks To Demoralize Philosophy And To Separate It From All Those Philosophies That Are As Servile As They Are Ubiquitous It Demonstrates The Power Of Certain Eternal Truths To Illuminate Action And, As Such, To Transport Philosophy Far Beyond The Figure Of The Human And Its Rights There, Well Beyond All Moralism, In The Clear Expanse Of The Idea, Life Becomes Something Radically Other Than Survival

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    Inspiring I wish thinkers philosophers would deign to do this Badiou has for the second time followed a massive, technical philosophical work with a short, poetic, sharp manifesto summarizing what he was up to in the massive work It is readable but still definitely challenging It treats you to some of the challenging conclusions, while also letting you decide whether you want to dive in to the challenge of the larger work.From the book When all is said and done this Second Manifesto is the result of our confused and detestable present time forcing us to declare that there are eternal truths in politics, art, science and love And that if we are armed with this conviction, if we understand that to participate, point by point, in the process of creation of subjectivizable bodies is what renders life powerful than survival, we will possess what Rimbaud, at the end of _A Season in Hell_, desired above all else Truth, in a soul and a body Then shall we be stronger than Time.

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    read here badiou s insistence on thought but not a corresponding neglect of practice as many people usually do especially when they divide theory and practice too much he enlivens the idea of the universal again quite refreshing given all the death, deaths and other deaths pronounced by POMO and all pinaka yummy he anoints the proletariat as a key unit in that universal this, sort of relates to what marcuse yata said something in philo which makes it hiwalay to the people reason, mind, morality, knowledge and happiness are NOT ONLY categories of philo, but concerns of mankind the universal is relevant, because the universal freedom, the enacting of the Event concerns us.

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    Badiou has a great knack of turning the mind bogglingly complex ideas behind his masterworks into a compact, concise and readable short pieces This book condenses the ideas in Logics of Worlds into something digestale I always think that these reductions and collections of essays Theoretical Writings and Infinite Thought in particular manage to show how he isn t full of the empty bluster that many critics of continental thought aim at him directly or indirectly A great introduction to the most recent period of his work and well worth a read Not for the beginner in philosophy, but definitely a good start for those wanting to explore Badiou s work in detail.

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    Badiou attempts to mix materialism with platonism, and does so to a satisfactory degree I find his conclusion to be quite vague how can we recognize these eternal truths and I am not entirely convinced A light read.

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    lays out all his ideas so you don t have to be a nerd and read being and event or logics.

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