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    Low rating not due to poor writing but to my indifference to architecture post Art Deco Or phrased differently, Cornu is unable to write inspiringly about architecture so that I care about it.

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In the Thick of Things download In the Thick of Things , read online In the Thick of Things , kindle ebook In the Thick of Things , In the Thick of Things 9d055b65b96c Vincen Cornu, A Paris Based Architect, Attempts To Translate Architectural Sensation Into Words And Images, In Order To Convey The Inspirations Behind His Work And The Ways In Which Buildings, And The Spaces They Create, Can Offer Journeys Of Imaginative Discovery He Takes The Reader Back To Early Theories Of Architecture, Through Topics As Diverse As Skyscrapers, Railway Tracks, Grain Barns In Northern Spain And The Works Of Previous And Contemporary Architectural Masters The Text Works Alongside Numerous Full Color Drawings And Architectural Plans By The Author Himself, Creating A Glimpse Into How Architecture Is Still Meaningful To Us In The Present Day