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Four On The Shore summary Four On The Shore, series Four On The Shore, book Four On The Shore, pdf Four On The Shore, Four On The Shore c37abd321d Using Their Cache Of Already Published Easy To Read Books, Puffin Launched Their Easy To Read Program Favorite Stories By Such Beloved Authors As James Marshall, Jean Van Leeuwen, And Harriet Ziefert Are Certain To Attract Readers To This Series Though The Quality Of Stories In This Series Is Uneven, Some Of Them Are Superb Like Most Other Beginning To Read Series, Puffin Easy To Read Is Divided Into Reading Levels Level Uses Sentences With Clear And Simple Words And Illustrations That Help The Reader Understand The Story Line Level Is The Springboard For Emerging Readers The Stories Use Longer Sentences, Yet Maintain A Vocabulary Easy Enough For The Child To Feel Comfortable On His Or Her Own Level Offers Challenging Sentences And Longer Stories Grade Grade

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    Ever dependable James Marshall He had the best sense of humour This is perfect as a beginning to read book, or as a read aloud.

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    Trying their best to elude Spider s little brother Willie, Lolly, Spider and Sam plan to meet at the lake at 6.pm on the dot When they all meet, the discover that Willie has followed Spider Lolly, Spider, and Sam decided to tell scary stories to frighten Willie away, but nothing scares Willie away When it s Willie turn to tell a scary story, the tables are turned.

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    Annoying little brothers, following you everywhere The three friends decide that they will see if they can scare him away and leave them alone.

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    Picture 2This book is about three friends that go meet at the lake and one of their little brother s follows them down They try to get him to go away by telling scary stories Each of the three older boys go through and tell their idea of a scary story None of them seemed to scare Willie Then, it was Willie s turn to tell a story, and he ends up scaring the older boys This would be a good book for kids that could use a bit of a challenge The vocabulary isn t difficult, but there is a lot of dialogue between characters.

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    Three friends go down to the lake to work on homework and hang out When an annoying little brother makes them a group of four, the friends decide to tell scary stories so he won t want to stick around The kids all take turns telling stories, each one making additions and deletions to each other s stories until the annoying little brother surprises everyone by telling the most terrifying tale of all.I love the story within a story feature in these books and the fact that the kids are storytelling to entertain themselves.

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    It was okay.The reason I m giving it three stars is because it bothers me that a the kids receive absolutely no form of punishment for bullying the little brother and b the little brother his parents are totally oblivious to the fact that sometimes the big brother wants time by himself with just his friends The better moral would have been to have Willie realize that just because Spider doesn t want to spend every second of every day with him doesn t mean he doesn t love him.

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    It was funny.

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    No, you needn t have read Three By the Sea to enjoy Four on the Shore

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    The boys enjoyed this one too.

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    I m holding onto this until the week of Halloween for a read aloud and then putting it in our classroom library.

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