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When Cobb Met Wagner summary When Cobb Met Wagner , series When Cobb Met Wagner , book When Cobb Met Wagner , pdf When Cobb Met Wagner , When Cobb Met Wagner 3aebbbc54f The World Series Featured Hall Of Fame Players Ty Cobb And Honus Wagner And Was The First Championship To Extend To Game Seven, The Final And Deciding Game This Work Examines The Entire Regular Season Of Both The Tigers And The Pirates But Pays Special Attention To The Seven Games Of That World Series Includes Photographs, Complete Club Statistics, Biographical And Career Thumbnails, Box Scores For Each Series Game, And Tables On The Acquisition Of Each Player As Well As Information On How They Departed

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    Comprehensive account of the 1909 World Series, the teams and the players At times it was a bit mundane in the recaps of the games itself, but all in all, I think that a book on this series deserved to be written.

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