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My Thirteenth Season chapter 1 My Thirteenth Season, meaning My Thirteenth Season, genre My Thirteenth Season, book cover My Thirteenth Season, flies My Thirteenth Season, My Thirteenth Season bb1b2cbe27674 Girl Germs, Billy Smythe Sneered It Was A Kindergarten Taunt, Just Plain Dumb, But His Buddies SnickeredCan Fran Pull Her Game Together Before It S Too Late Fran Cullers Is Having A Horrible Summer She Was A Star Player On The Little League Team In Her Old Town, So The Highwater Hardwares Should Be Thrilled To Have Her Except That They Hate Girls She Can Run Rings Around These Guys, But They Won T Even Give Her A Chance So Fran Sets Out To Destroy The HardwaresBut Vengeance Is A Dangerous Thing, As She Soon Finds Out Fran, Who Has Already Faced Some Terrible Losses, Is About To Lose The Most Important Thing In Her Life Unless Her Family And Friends Come To Her Aid When She Needs Them Most

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    My 13th Season by Kristi RobertsMy 13th Season is a book about a girl named Francine who goes by Franny She is a 13 year old girl that is having a rough summer She wanted this 13th season of baseball to be the best one she s had She was always dedicated to baseball, and made it her life She dreamed of being a famous baseball player until her 13th season, that s when it all went downhill Her mother died in a car accident and her father J.J is depressed horribly and never really comes around any They moved into her aunt Beth s house because her father was physically unable to take care of himself How would Franny ever take care of herself When Franny moved into her aunt Beth s house she tries to overcome the death of her mother Aside from her mother s death, she faces her thirteenth season playing baseball with a new team She wants to quit playing baseball because of the boys on her team that judge her even though she s a really good baseball player While reading this book, I felt bad for Franny because a person shouldn t be judged on gender while doing something they love and put full dedication into Her coach was not a big fan of having girls on his team Coach Foster was not happy about it at all He tried to injure her After the situation with Franny and her coach, Franny felt sad, For example I ran straight up to my room face down in my pillow This part in the book shows that Franny was upset and taken by her coaches actions SPOILER This point in her career she decided to give up on her dream of becoming the first female in professional baseball The point I think the author is trying to make is saying that it does not matter what other people think of you, you do you You should never quit something you love because of what other people say SPOILER ALERT Throughout the league Franny starts to get sad because her parents always used to come to her games and now no one comes She starts to have imaginary people in her head cheering her on The imaginary people are the people who are getting her through the tough time and helping her overcome the difficulties Franny has been dreaming to be a famous baseball player but this season her dreams got crushed She decided to move on and try something different She talked to her aunt about it and she found out that painting is a big in the family Franny said why not try something new So aunt Beth is teaching her how to paint When her aunt asks her what they should paint all she thinks of is baseball I feel personally, if something you loved still can t get off your mind, its still something you love You should not let anyone bring you down or make you feel like you re nothing If you love it and have a passion for something go for it Don t let someone else decide for you As she s riding her bike to the ballpark with her friend on day, as soon as the team saw her they went up to her She told them she quit The boys on the team were begging for her to be on the team again for the state championship, then she could quit after that Franny tells the boys no, but they don t understand what no means The boys kept asking and insisting that she play until she finally gives in and plays Personally I think they were sucking up to her because they knew that she was a good player and they wanted to win She plays her last game and is forever done with baseball.

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    My 13th SeasonRating 3 out of 5I gave the book My 13th Season by Kristi Roberts a 3 out of 5 for rating because I didn t really enjoy reading the book I thought the book was interesting from the start because I wanted to learn something from a baseball story I guess I lose interested in the book I kinda felt how Fran felt, when her mother died and her father withdrew into sadness that she felt she had lost him as well She s now on a team with a bitter, cruel coach who hates having to coach a girl Her teammates taunt her and she s ready to quit In a frightening, surreal incident, the coach actually tries to injure her Fran felt alone because she lost someone she loved very much and her farther withdrawing into grief, didn t help her happy It made her sad so she thought quitting the team was best I would recommend this book if you like baseball and if you may of lost someone you loved.

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    My 13th Season is a story about grief and baseball I liked how Fran worked through some of her issues.

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    February My 13 SeasonKristi Roberts This is a great book for anyone who likes baseball or softball In this book, there is a girl named Franny who is trying out for her school s baseball team After she is thrown out because she doesn t have a jock strap she rides to the store and buys one she is a girl and has nowhere to put it and she ties it in a very clever way A few days later she had a bad time at a game Her friend Slow is really hard on her Later that night she wants to change into a guy named Frank and go to the All Stars After that, she goes to another practice and is faced with an assault and now wants to quit In the end, she knows that baseball is her passion I think the theme of this book is to always keep trying even if things get hard In this book, Franny wanted to give up many times This book shows her struggles of wanting to give it all up many times First, she wanted to become Frank and leave her team and then she wanted to quit all together In the end, she gets a good score in her last game.

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    One of the worst books I have read so far in my eighth grade career is My 13th Season, by Kristi Roberts This book is about a girl who is on a baseball team full of boys The coach of the team is Coach Foster Coach Foster likes to pick on Fran Cullers the main character Foster is not very nice to her and the boys on the team aren t very nice either She plans to sneak away in hopes of finding a new life.This book was very boring and not interesting I never wanted to read this book and when I did, I only read about one chapter per sitting On the bright side, this book is short and has a good base meaning to it In this book, I would pretty much change everything I would recommend this book to people who never really do anything else but read This book has a good introduction for the first three pages but goes downhill from that point This book could be a whole lot better than what it is right now.

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    My Thirteenth Season by Kristi Roberts is a good book A girl named Fran Cullers was a star player on her old team and in her old town, the Hardwares Junior team would love her, except they hate girls they won t give her a chance So she is trying to stop Hardwares Can she pull her game together before it s too late In my opinion the book was not my favorite book I ve read but it was pretty good I think the book was easy to read and most people would like it I think this book had some facts in it because Fran loves baseball so I learned some things as well I would recommend this book to mostly girls and people who like adventure books This book is mostly for girls because it is about a girl who likes baseball and hangs out with girls I think most people would like this book who read it.

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    The book My 13th Season was a good book I thought the book was going to be very boring because I really don t baseball but when I got to the middle of the book it started to get interesting I think the book My 13th Season should have a series to go with it The book takes place in a baseball field and at Fran s house Fran is a girl that loves baseball but she doesn t like to play it because she is not good at it She doesn t like her coach because he s only mean only to her After a while the coach got suspended and they got a new coach which was Fran s dad My 13th Season has some dramatic parts Most of them are because of her moms death, and how her team mates bully her Fran s team mates don t get along with her because she doesn t really know how to play it.

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    First, I have to say that I was gravitated toward this book mostly because of my love for a good ball game I had really underestimated this book when I got it I thought it would be just another one of those books that had just enough to keep me reading but, when I finished the first chapter I was extremely compelled to read to the end It has great humor, a well written plot and had the perfect ending.

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    This was about how Fran got emotionally stuck with everything in her life and had to find a way to deal with them all She played baseball and was having trouble with the kids on her team and the coach but finds a way to overcome everything It was very inspiring to me how she figured things out and had the strength to do it.

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    Although this book is dated with its references to sports figures published in 2005 and refers to Mark McGuire as still being a popular figure , this poignant story has a lot to offer a young reader dealing with grief a distant parent bullying and ghosts but it is the message of overcoming ones fears and not listening to self doubt which will help move this into the hands of modern readers.

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