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Állatvanbent chapter 1 Állatvanbent, meaning Állatvanbent, genre Állatvanbent, book cover Állatvanbent, flies Állatvanbent, Állatvanbent 324951729a975 This Cahier Is The Result Of A Collaboration Undertaken Specially For The Cahiers Series, Between Hungarian Novelist L Szl Krasznahorkai And German Painter Max Neumann Krasznahorkai, Author Of The Melancholy Of Resistance And War War, Responds With Texts To Depictions Of A Strange And Ill Formed Creature Made By The Renowned German Painter Max Neumann The Texts Speak From Within The Head Of Neumann S Creature That Seems To Be Menacing Existence Itself The Cahier Is Prefaced By Novelist Colm T Ib N

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    First, this book smells great I don t know if it s the ink used in the beautiful and textured illustrations or one of the three types of paper used but something smells wonderful I don t usually go around sniffing books ok, sometimes I sniff the books I m reading, there are some very nice smelling books out there from fancy smells like this book has to comforting dusty and moldering smells in old books , but the smells of this book jump right out when you open up the pages In my hopes to be ignored at work and left to do my job with no further expectations because I have no further expectations from the company so I m looking to set up a relationship based on mutual expectations, maybe if I m offered even the possibility of a cost of living raise in the future I ll reconsider my attitude I only present books to our daily show and tell sessions with inane comments like this book smells good That is how I presented this book after I gave some mumbled praise for the author s two earlier works that have been translated into English Since I m not paid to read on the job I think observations of the olfactory qualities of books are perfectly acceptable.I m sure you, the goodreads.com ers, want something from me than the observation that this book smells good Well, guess what The book reads good, too Oh, and it s a stunning to look at This is a great example of a reading experience that couldn t be captured on one of those infernal electronic reading devices Everything about the book s physicality is superb The paper The font The illustrations Fuck you e readers, I don t want six choices of a font, I want someone skilled at coming up with a font that is perfect for a text to come up with one I want someone to make the artistic decision to the size of the text I want well layed out pages, not the hodge podge bullshit mess of just words on a screen that I can change at will to fulfill a homogeneity to every book I read Oh and fuck you to anyone who tells me get on board with this stupid trend and even ever getting a raise at work isn t going to change my position on e readers But, this review shouldn t be a rant against those awful machines that are only good for reading throw away books, this is a review about a really beautiful book that has within it s pages a dark and apocalyptic story Ok, not a story, of a series of monologues from the darkness that lives inside each and everyone of us The animal side, the destructive impulse, the part that gets in the way of every humanist ideal and that has made a mockery of every ism that has promised some unredeemable utopian check If I got the introduction right which I skimmed really fast, I don t know why I got bored with those two pages, but I didn t go back to read it, and I ve already put the book in safe keeping on a shelf, and I m so lazy to get up and look to make sure I m correct , the first chapter of the book each chapter is only at most a couple of pages was Krasznahorkai writing based on a Max Neumann drawing The picture shows a dog, like on the cover of the book, trapped in a space The subsequent chapters the author wrote and then they were illustrated by the artist, so the end result is a collaboration with each person using the other s work as inspiration The words and art co mingle very nicely together, they each add something to the other It s not a case of the book being illustrated to show off narrative points, and the illustrations don t feel redundant or unrelated but forced to fit into the work , rather both the words and the pictures each help to open each other up, they add dimensions to each other, they help give each other meaning whatever that means I wanted to find the books first illustration online so I could share a good quality picture of it rather than take a picture of my own of it, which wouldn t look very good , but I couldn t find it, so instead this is from later on the in book, which is a picture that Neumann would have done in response to Krasznahorkai s words.Nice isn t it Now imagine it smelling great and having a great texture You know you want to track down a copy of this beautiful and bleak short piece of literature And you better do so quickly because there are only 2000 of these being printed and well it will be a nice book to own.

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    know I generally love this guy Krasznahorkai But this book, not so hot It was OK, but still, I was disappointed I ll tell you why There are collaborations, and then some Often they work, and often they do not I am a large fan of L szl Krasznahorkai and his work with film maker B la Tarr I enjoyed his last novel War War This latest book, a collaborative effort, Animalinside, looks interesting enough, has a theme I enjoy visiting, but I feel the work is just of the same death drive literature that Samuel Beckett, Thomas Bernhard, and others have already done to perfection A little pretentious actually I almost wish he wouldn t have made it Max Neumann, the artist collaborator, meant nothing to me before reading this book and he means even less to me since owning some of his work on the pages of the book I just so happened to purchase I know about animals, I know where we come from I am not a creationist It is a beastly world we live in and then we die The mystery is in the details of a life, not in the ending of it The ending is nothing Nothing is nothing You get my drift

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    The whole Cahiers Series is brilliant and beautiful see for info , but this is something beyond ANIMALINSIDE is really a two author, two medium work It s made up of 14 short pieces by Laszlo Krasznahorkai, all written in response to paintings by Max Neumann To clarify, Krasznahorkai wrote the first piece after the first artwork, and his text inspired Neumann s other pieces And the text itself Holy Shit That s really all I can say I really liked Krasznahorkai s THE MELANCHOLY OF RESISTANCE and look forward to reading WAR WAR when there s time and peace , but this is something else Reading this is being the presence of a master Of a Beckett or a Kafka or a Joyce or a whomever floats your literary boat What s undeniable is that this is something special that manages to be universal and mysterious, pointed and metaphorical all at once.I m prone to hyperbole as Ed Nawotka likes to remind me when editing my articles , so I want to include a snippet although even that s a bit tricky, since most of these 14 pieces are each one long, meandering, subclause upon subclause, emotive gathering sentence each Or maybe a couple sentences But whatever Here s a bit that will give you a sense of the rhythm, the power of this Shut tight your gates, and plug up the cracks, put up the beams and bring out the barbed wire, and protect yourselves from all sides, but know that you lock up in vain, you plug in vain, you raise beams in vain and wrap wire in vain, for that chink, that groove, that crevice which would be an obstacle for me does not exist but it is just for that reason that you should barricade your gates and board up your windows, brick up your chimneys and protect yourselves, because I will break out, and I will arrive, and of course lock up your children well, and of course arm yourselves with many weapons, and organize your defense, and station the security guards, pull up the cordon and put the land mines in place, just go ahead and do it, just get ready As so on for another 30 lines or so Each section is hypnotic, and taken as a whole, it s pretty damn powerful Anyway, I m 100% sure all my most bookish, Euro centric friends will LOVE this little thing, which is so gorgeous that it s not just a book, but a true piece of art And kudos to New Directions for distributing this Stateside Ass and kicking I can t recommend this enough.

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    Really Colm Toibin wrote the introduction Okay then You ll be glad to know that, according to the introduction, Laszlo writes sentences I think that s the take away No stars More importantly, this is certainly the only book I will ever read that left me wondering whether the speaker was between one and all of THE VOID, a kind of evil Krishna, a psychotic, a teenage boy trapped in the suburbs and really wanting to break free, a large dinosaur, DEEEEEAAAAATH, or my own pet dog when she s hungry What starts off as another reviewer has said as a kind of dullish, less entertaining Bernhard tale somehow ends up with the speaker demanding to be fed, and suddenly all the early I WILL COME AND THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT OF YOUR PUNY EXISTENCE stuff starts to sound like that crying whine that dogs do when they want to remind you they re there and would you please put the book down because feeding time is in only fifteen minutes I mean how will you get ready in time The question becomes, is this intentional Laszlo is often described as a kind of nihilist If that s true, this book is unintentionally funny If, however, he has nihilistic leanings and is aware of that fact, is willing to make fun of those leanings, and maybe suggest that there s to life than those leanings, then he and his books immediately become interesting I m feeling generous, so I ll take this line of interpretation two stars Also, it s a lovely little object The art slightly overwhelms the story, I thought, but the story is plainly minor stuff anyway The production values are astonishing if only New Directions put this much effort into their other books, I wouldn t have to pick pages of e.g Gottfried Benn up off the floor every time there was a stiff breeze past my bookcases two stars.

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    Vehement canine variations, all driven to pure stark absolutes Each entry in this slim volume was inspired by a collage by Max Neumann and is essentially a single winding sentence exploring a single claustrophobic concept of vengeance, restraint, or destruction Krasnahorkai is better known as a novelist, but his precise prose serves well here as a kind of exacting poetry.

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    For my own introduction to Krasznahorkai, see The Mythology of Laszlo Krasznahorkai Animalinside is a formal experiment for Hungarian author Krasznahorkai Krasznahorkai wrote a text to accompany a drawing by Max Neumann, and Neumann drew over a dozen in response, and Krasznahorkai wrote a short text for each one There s an obvious unity to it all the pictures all feature the usually black silhouette of some sort of feral animal poised to jump, and the texts are all about some sort of beast or beasts, usually written in the first person singular or plural The beast is angry, but helpless The beast rants about how he is beyond any constraint that can be put on him by thought or concept He is unique and beyond comparison It is impossible to confuse me with anyone else He is within you, caged in one picture, but he is struggling to break free And so another of Krasznahorkai s conceptual contradictions emerges the beast that is at once free beyond everything and yet trapped Is the beast railing at the infinite itself, the inadequacy of the concept of the infinite, or the representation of the infinite as in this picture I m not sure This tension is the same one that occurred in Krasznahorkai s earlier From the North by Hill, from the South by Lake, from the West by Roads, from the East by River, which contained a book by a mad Frenchman ranting against Cantor s mathematical conception of infinity Perhaps the idea is that the conception traps us while simultaneously facing us with its inadequacy, and this is unbearable because, as with the ideas of mortality and immortality, neither side is a conceivable solution Because the text is rarefied and abstract than Kraznahorkai s other work, it seems to resemble Beckett at times But Beckett never portrayed such a vicious antagonism His personae always collapse into themselves Even their assertions of antagonism are hopeful but futile gestures against solipsistic nightmares That is not the case in Krasznahorkai I do not think it ever is His characters and voices are always struggling within a larger cosmos of forces and others I m a great fan of Krasznahorkai s work He may not be a god to me, but he s one of the best writers around Animalinside may be pretty elusive to someone starting cold with Krasznahorkai The Melancholy of Resistance, which was the basis of Bela Tarr s amazing film The Werckmeister Harmonies, offers a grounded point of entry But the book is gorgeous and short, and it makes itself strongly felt even as it remains oblique.

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    It is books like these that make me wish I had a power over words If I could only convey to you, you who are reading this, what beauty and terror is contained within these scant pages I would know such joy that I have never known But I can t I can t even convince you that while reading of this beauty and terror, you are reading about yourself Yourself and everyone Ah It s a damn shame If there was one book I could convince any of you to read, it would be this one If I could sway you the way so many reviews on this site have me, I would I would I wish I could.

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    this is a very well done book It seems like a bit of a language game It s like he s walking around the phrase the animal inside and describing what it looks like from all angles, like an artist walking around a chair and redrawing it from various angles It even at times looks almost the same just like from some perspectives a chair will look almost the same even though you re in a completely different place what does it mean, is it a metaphor, is it literal, is it biblical this was a good idea.

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    The hypnotic texts lull the reader into a state regression bringing out the most introceptive part of the self in a feeling of timelessness.

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    Yet another beautiful Cahier in the series by Sylph Editions Max Neumann is well known for his often eerie portraits that echo psychological states L szl _ Krasznahorkai is well known for his eerie, maddening, and Kafkaesque prose that delves into individuals relations to power structures and each other Responding first to an image of Neumann s depicting a terrifying yet incomprehensible animal, Krasznahorkai set the chain of collaboration that would become Animalinside into motion Neumann s resulting images from the first textual response are increasingly horrifying, and Krasznahorkai s prose follows this animal s story in his typical long sentences with repetitive rhythms and compact rhetorical ways of rendering diction, e.g., I extendextendextend around the Earth at the Equator and so so sooo big that I extend across two galaxies, if I want and soooo so big that extend across one hundred galaxies Animalinside is about annihilation and apocalypse, but it is harrowing than that in identifying our fears and anxieties about power, Krasznahorkai shows that those in positions of power harbor the same kinds of misgivings that we do In a sense, power entraps us in a very Foucauldian way, and to speak about power to paraphrase Foucault is only something that can be done from inside existing power structures Krasznahorkai s animal is inside us I, that thing that looks so ghastly, is within you, because I am within you at the same time, the animal appears to exhibit traits of alienation and isolation that characterize Krasznahorkai s characters in other work The impact of this here is to suggest that while we criticize power structures which cage us this space cage a cage made to my measurements , preventing us from realizing our individuality, we are, oddly enough, complicit in our victimization within this totalizing hierarchy Krasznahorkai s instruments of power are panoptic and that s how life ends for you, because it is impossible to hide away from us, there is no depth within the earth that could be a refuge for you, we are here, above, here, look we re watching from up here what you re doing down there, but we don t have to watch everything, because we know everything about you I am inscrutable and indivisible and impenetrable And the end, as Krasznahorkai sees it here, is hardly something that can be prepared for or reckoned with because all of our cultural myths and, too, the many ways in which we externalize power knowledge systems, again to bring Foucault to mind fail to consider that the true apocalypse does not come from outside, but from within every aspiration to the infinite is a trap and don t count on me emerging from below the earth, and it is not from the mountains or from the heavens that I shall arrive, every picture drawn in anxiety, ever word written down in horror, every voice sounded in anguish with which you try to prophesize me is senseless, for there is no need of prophecy, there is no need for you to evoke me before I arrive, it will be enough to see me thenA true revolt, then, is impossible, and Krasznahorkai s pessimism is obviously on display here, but there is also an overriding sense of sympathy for this animal despite his malevolence and his destructive intent if I jump up to sink my teeth into your throat, I hump into the trap definitively and inevitably, there is no point in speaking of escape Into your throat Called the Hungarian master of the apocalypse by Susan Sontag, Animalinside shows Krasznahorkai grappling with similar questions that his longer fictions consider alongside Neumann s images often reminiscent of Munch s Scream but what I hate most is how I m howling here into the infinite the paralyzing fear as we observe our own systemic collapse is made all the uncanny, absurd, and downright chilling.

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