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The Season of Passage summary The Season of Passage, series The Season of Passage, book The Season of Passage, pdf The Season of Passage, The Season of Passage 4c92058a2d Dr Lauren Wagner Was A Celebrity She Was Involved With The Most Exciting Adventure Mankind Had Ever Undertaken A Manned Expedition To Mars The Whole World Admired And Respected HerBut Lauren Knew Fear Inside Voices Entreating Her To Love Them Outside The Mystery Of The Missing Group That Had Gone Before Her The Dead GroupBut Were They Simply Dead Or Something Else A Haunting And Unforgettable Blend Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, And Suspense From One Of America S Bestselling Writers A Novel You Won T Soon Forget

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    First of all, to really get why I ve chosen this as one of my favorites, you must know the deep love affair I ve had with Christopher Pike Growing up in my neighborhood, it was either Christopher Pike, R.L Stine, or for the dramatic ones, Cynthia Voight I ate all of Mr Pike s books up and from the horror genres, I moved up to the eerie drama thriller collections of V.C Andrews But I never forgot Christopher Pike and my obsession with his stuff.I remember going to Barnes and Nobles one day with a friend and going to the young adult section to scope the books of our day Being nostalgic We were then discussing the transition of certain authors from Young Adult to Adult genres I happen to come upon a Christopher Pike book that peaked my interest.Even the front cover was so different than his other books I knew I had to read it.It was the first sci fi ish book I d read and was amazed I didn t fall asleep reading it It had this eerie feel to it The characters were so much deeper than previous characters of the same author It s one of those books you ll always remember Even up to now.almost 10 years later, I still find myself getting sucked back into reading it A must read

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    First of all, I can t believe all of Christopher Pike s books are on here And that I ve read them And that people are actually reviewing them He was my jam when I was young They were for me what mystery novels are for middle aged housewives I devoured his books This is one of his adult offerings, and I loved it Vampires on Mars Really, I m not kidding I was reading this around the time Under the Pink came out and I spent a lot of time in my room contemplating life and this book and wishing I could somehow go to Mars because it sounded so cool even the vampire part Come on, who didn t want to be a vampire at some point in their life Was I the only one

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    I really love this book and have read it literally 20 times or over the years I wish there was another book to follow this story I really fell in love with Princess Chaneen and her people The fantasy story within the story that kept coming up throughout the book was one of the most exiting parts I believe

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    There are really only four words you need to hear to understand this book Lizard vampires from Mars I m sure those of you of a certain age range will remember Christopher Pike from his popular young adult horror novels that graced every book store the nation over during a time period This was the second of his adult works, and boy is it batshit insane This is the story of Dr Lauren Wagner, a medical doctor who is taken on a trip to the fourth rock from the sun despite being the most irresponsible and incompetent practitioner of medicine ever portrayed in literature She leaves behind her angelic younger sister Jennifer spoiler alert she s actually magic and her unbearable alcoholic, passively misogynistic, hack writer fiance Terry Taking this journey into space with her is Jim wise old mentor type , Gary Ken doll turned astronaut , Bill I m the captain of the ship , and Jesse I m black They are sent on their noble trek to the stars by the U.S government after a Russian team went there and never came back Mystery shrouds the disappearance of the Russian team and thus the U.S team is only informed of the fact that there MIGHT BE ALIENS THERE YOU GUYS directly before take off Turns out there is in fact life of a sort on Mars but it s Lizard Vampires From Mars.The science that is portrayed in this book in regards to the technology used and the characteristics of space Mars is so amazingly unbelievable inaccurate so as to add a layer of insane to a tapestry of illogic that hardly even seems possible Pike really reached for the golden ring on this one What type of insane, might you ask Let s just say that nuclear bombs, magic rings, Martian tidal waves and volcanoes, and novels about sentient cockroaches all get their time in the sun before you re halfway into this opus.Long story short, this is one of the pulpiest, hackiest, off the wall novels ever written, particularly in that niche market of Lizard Vampires From Mars novels So obviously I loved every minute of it Would totally recommend.

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    What a shame that this book is no longer in print.If not for Goodreads, I would never have heard of it, and being out of print, I figured it would be another of those long searched for novels that would stay on my to read list forever.But, last month yielded a major used book score, including this one Well, it sure held up to the hype Maybe it was because this was exactly what I needed at the time, but I must say that this was one of the enjoyable reads I had this year It s definitely not the best written book, nor did it have had the most fully developed characters I ve come across, but if your thing is science fiction with a horror slant, you d be hard pressed to find a engaging tale The story involves a NASA crew traveling to Mars to investigate thedisappearance of a Russian crew Paralleling this is a fantasy story written by the protagonist s teen sister This is all you need to know, I won t spoil anything Not since Rendezvous With Rama or Rama II have I been so engaged with the haunting exploration of an alien landscape The book just about jumped out of my hands one night when someone had banged a car door shut outside my home.Now, before you get the impression that this is badly written with undeveloped characters, I should retract that a statement a bit The characters are developed just fine, and there was one paragraph that had such a moving description of loss that I had to stop and marvel at it I don t believe in including quotes in reviews, so I ll just say this occurred about 3 4 of the way through You ll know it when you read it.Be on the lookout for this used bookstore gem.

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    This book was one of my favorites in high school It is still for me one of hte most terrifying books I have ever read, and I don t even know what it was about the book that struck such a cord of terror One of the few Pike books that was written towards adults than teens.

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    i don t care what anyone says this is the best science fiction horror book i ve read so far it s beautiful and sad and scary and awesome i still think that stephen king is overrated, and christopher pike is severely underrated please give it a chance.

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    In 1996, the first unmanned space probe to land on Mars sent back sensational analyses including secret pictures of huge footprints before going dead Four years later, the Russian crew of the manned Lenin loses contact in mid mission When the first American crew, which includes Dr Lauren Wagner as medical officer, lands there in 2002, the mysteries expand rather than resolve, and author Pike hits top suspense with the American team discovering a Russian cosmonaut still alive in his bed in the orbiting Lenin, despite a freezing temperature in the ship To be sure, he seemingly has no pulse and answers all questions with a fixed zombie grin that never wavers When he leads the Americans below to comb the Martian surface by jeep and by foot, and then into a dark cave where they discover something very much like water, the reluctant reader begins shouting warnings.This was, I believe, the only story I have ever read that actually creeped me out a bit when I was reading The part where they head into the cave and find the island, don t read that at night, when you re by yourself Or do it makes it all the spine tingling An intriguing subplot concerning Lauren s earthbound sister and a story she is writing which appears to be a telepathically received fable about Mars becoming a wasteland of ghouls is not strong enough to redeem the outlandish main events Long before the Nova heads home, most readers will have abandoned ship.The ending just wrapped the whole thing up too easily by twisting the two stories together, and that disappointed me I wanted something fresh, something unexpected and I didn t get it Book Details Title The Season of PassageAuthor Christopher Pike Reviewed By Purplycookie

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    Updated April 2012 Yup, still just as good Want to cry now I first read this book when I was 12 or 13 and I can t count the number of times I ve read it since This book appealed to me because it was about space, and at that age I was certain I was going to be an astronaut when I grew up I became engrossed in the story and couldn t put it down It s hard for me to put into words why I like this book so much Just reading the first 50 pages again, I can tell that it s not spectacularly written The language is pretty simple, and the characters seem like stock figures chosen from a catalogue of characters Come 2012, the idea of launching a mission to Mars in 2004 seems quaint BUT, this book is enthralling and compelling and all those other adjectives that keep you turning the page until way past your bedtime I grew to love all of the characters and felt their joys and sorrows The mission to Mars is a fantastic story but it becomes something much than that Something about it just strikes deep in my soul, as cheesy as that sounds I ve read several other of Christopher Pike s novels, including a lot of his young adult novels, and am generally positive about his work But this book this is one book I will probably keep rereading until the day I die.

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    I first read this book when I was 12 or 13, that was over 10 years ago, and it was one of the books that started my love of reading I m glad I enjoyed it still after all this time A theme I ve always loved was in this book, life being a circle, and it s nice to know that started at such a young age, I somehow always find myself reading books about it without even being aware ahead of time it ll be mentioned, and I like that synchronicity.

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