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Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume II files Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume II, read online Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume II, free Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume II, free Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume II, Legends of the Dragonrealm, Volume II 3c1b9d73d Experience New York Times Bestselling Author Richard A Knaak S Classic Dragonrealm Series In This Exciting Omnibus Three Unforgettable Tales, Plus An Original Bonus Novella In Print For The First Time Ever SHADOW STEEDBetrothed To The Disfigured King Melicard Of Talak, Princess Erini Begins To Fear Her Burgeoning Magical Powers She Soon Discovers That An Obsessive Vendetta Has Led The King To Cast A Sinister Spell That Conjures The Shadow Creature Darkhorse And Worse, The Mad Sorcerer ShadeE SHROUDED REALMLong Before The Dragonrealm, A Race Of Master Wizards Ruled Nimth With Little Regard For The Laws Of Nature Forced Into Desperate Escape To A Mysterious World, The Vraad Soon Discover Their New Home Is Unyielding Only Dru Zeree, With The Aid Of The Shadowy Creature Who Will Become Darkhorse, May Be Able To Save ThemILDREN OF THE DRAKEBitterness Between Factions Is Tarnishing The Vraad S New Home As Lord Barakas Attempts To Rule All, The Wizard Dru Zeree S Daughter Discovers Their Adopted World Has Another Plan Worse, Her Only Hope Is Himself Transforming Into The Enigma That Will Someday Call Itself ShadeINSMorgis, Son Of The Blue Dragon And Comrade In Arms To The Legendary Gryphon, Has Lingered In The Land Of The Wolf Raiders To Help Fight The Remnants Of The Dark Empire However, With The Aramites Fall From Power, He Is About To Discover That Other Ancient, Dread Forces Have Risen Again

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    Legends of the Dragonrealm, Vol II Legends of the Dragonrealm 2 , Richard A Knaak

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    Legends of Dragonrealm II is a collection of novels and a novella Shadow Steed, The Shrouded Realm, Children of the Drake, and finally Skins To do the piece as whole justice I will try to touch on each story, but in reality, it is such an impossible task If you are unfamiliar with Richard Knaak s Dragonrealm series, I will heed you to start with Dragonrealm, working your way forward from there If not then you may find yourself confused.Shadow SteedThis tale brings us to one of Shade s end as we pay witness to the downfall and uncover who he truly is, or err was Whether or not it is the final end is unknown This is due to not having finished the series It brings us the heart of adventure, impending battles, and of course love Intertwined are deception, friendship, magic, and of course the beloved Darkhorse of the Void.The Shrouded Realm This tale whisks us back in time to the Vraad world of Nimth Here we meet Dru Zeree, and the foundation for the story that follows In this story, we get to throw ourselves into the chaos as the Vraad and the dragon race Tezrenee try to cross over to the Shrouded Realm, also known as Dragonrealm.Children of the DrakeThe Tezrenee clan is at it again Lord Barakas cooks up his most devious plan yet 15 years after the final crossing of the Vraad people He had a vision once of ruling all of Dragonrealm, and with Darkhorse s return, he can finally see the fruitfulness of his people Devising a plan, the elder kidnaps the daughter of Dru Zeree and Darkhorse, using them against one another to do his bidding But much is a miss as sickness begins to claim the Tezrenee clan, one by one, they begin to twist into a new race.SkinsThis is a novella, and the final book included in this volume of Dragonrealm II It introduces us to a new character, a blue drake, who is attempting to hunt the wolf raiders He and his comrades embark on something else altogether, it is a terrifying and gruesome battle for both survival and wits Who will win in the end, and will they do so with their skins still attached I loved each tale as it brings you closer and intimate with Dragonrealm itself along with the characters that grace each page The writing style is one I have come to love, and it should surprise no one that I am a huge fan of Richard Knaak It is than a story when he writes Instead he makes you a bystander in the story, you feel as the characters feel.I always say that this is epic fantasy at its best I say the same for Dragonrealm II You get tossed into the fray, and live out the story as the characters do That is just beyond awesome.

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    4 in 1, omnibus The first three stories are full length books, and the 4th is a short story Shadow Steed picks up about 15 years after Firedrake and Icedragon from the first omnibus book The Shrouded Realm backs WAY up and tells the story of how the Vraad came in to the Dragonrealm World.Children of the Drake picks up about 15 years after The Shrouded Realm, and how the shapeshifting dragons came to be The back story of Darkhorse and the beginnings of Shade flow through the whole book Skins jumps to after Wolfhelm, from the first omnibus and follows Morgis the Blue Dragon on a creepy short story Have I mentioned how much I enjoy omnibus books It s so nice being able to pick up older stories like this in clusters Another great fantasy book, diving into the 3rd Dragonrealm omnibus shortly

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    I m enjoyed this book thoroughly It was great to hear about the history of the Vraad race touched on in the previous volume I began to form an idea of what was going to happen to the Vraad and I am pleased that I was right, although it can be pleasing to be wrong, too, when the outcome is differently better I didn t enjoy the short story Skins at the back, though I found its content a bit disturbing and it didn t quite fit in with the rest of the book Aside from that, it was amazing.

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    Another great read, the worlds the author presents rival those of Weiss and Salvatore Brilliantly written and one you just can t put down until you finish Fantasy at its fundamental glory.

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    If you ever want to get swept away to a distant land and connect with seemingly regular character with extrodinary abilities unbeknownst to even themselves, then buy this book

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    Amazing book Not feeling well has some advantages.

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    I graciously received this book from the author through first reads I did not read the first volume, so I came into the story a little lost and confused on plot However, throughout the tale I began to understand what was going on and could follow the current storyline Tale kept my interest throughout, but I do recommend reading the first volume beforehand The second story was much better and gave the beginning of the history of the first story I became addicted toward the end of the book and could not put it down, but I feel left with too many questions that I wish would have been answered Maybe in a next book

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    As much as I appreciate the world Mr Knaak has built, and as much as I admire his world s history, I cannot bring myself to really like his style While the books in this volume were relatively entertaining, they are not stories that particularly captivated me, not to the degree other fantasy series have, anyway I found the plot lines somewhat predictable, the characters often falling flat, and the romances relationships feeling a little shallow Will I read further into the series Eh Maybe For now, other books beckon.

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    This book compliments the first book very well It defines the characters while adding adventure and mystery along the way With all great sci fi fantasy series it leaves you wanting I would recommend buying the third book when you buy the second because you will want to pick up right where you left off The legend of the dragonrealm books are addicting, suspenseful, and very exciting It feels as if everything you read is important information to pay attention to They are definitely can t put down material.

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