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    I m sorry to say that I really struggled through this one At 448 pages it was much too long for its rather weak story line and there was much too much information about cycle racing included which was also to the detriment of the story telling I was obliged to skim large chunks of the text especially the bits where certain characters sat and had mental debates with themselves That was an odd narrative technique that I could not come to grips with So for me a bit of a disaster really

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    This is the second book I ve read by Freya North and I m fast becoming a fan Not only was this book a great read it has also inspired an interest in cycling I ve already made plans to follow the next Tour de France Freya North has a talent for creating characters that you feel you can connect with You feel the ups and downs they face and become a bit like a best friend cheering them on from the sidelines.I ll definitely be adding Freya North books to my to read list.

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    Enjoyed reading this again, as it s several years since I read it.

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    Long winded and waste of my timeI will add a full review when I am bothered and mostly recovered from exhaustion of reading thanks to this boring book.

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    A sweet, lovely, funny, light hearted book I now know about cycling than I ever wanted to Look forward to reading books from this author.

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    Years ago, my then girlfriend, aware of my interest in the Tour de France, suggested I read Freya North s Cat , purely on the basis that it was set against the backdrop of the event Quite a few years later, when my bookshelves became our bookshelves, it returned to its rightful place amongst her other Freya North novels, still unread by me Until this year s even combined with the appropriately bright yellow cover in a prominent position in the bookcase reminded me of my wife s failed attempt to make me read the book several years ago.The Cat of the title is Catriona McCabe, youngest of three McCabe sisters, who is part of a huge pack of journalists following the Tour de France, as she is writing daily stage reports for the Guardian, whilst hoping to sufficiently impress Maillot magazine into giving her a job as their Features Editor She is also hoping that a change of location for the three week duration of Le Tour will also help keep her mind off an ex, who is gone but far from forgotten Cat, cheered on by her two sisters and their Uncle, is hoping that 3 weeks of doing her dream job whilst in close company of 198 men with shaved legs and highly toned thighs will help her finally get over him.We are introduced to members of three racing teas, all out for glory in Le Tour, the fictional Syst me Vip re, Megapac and Zucca MV Syst me Vip re and Zucca MV have riders capable of winning each of the available jerseys on the tour and Megapac are a newly formed team hoping to upset the status quo and sneak a stage win or two We meets everyone involved in the Tour, from the visible faces of the riders, to everyone involved in getting them through the Tour, their team mechanics, doctors, directors and soigneurs, to those less directly involved, but still hard at work, like the journalists The 198 riders may be working physically harder than anyone else, especially in the mountains, but everyone else is doing their own job and trying to fit in moments of being normal human beings when the bikes are racked for the day.There are so many reasons I disliked the book that it s difficult to know where to start Perhaps the most annoying aspect was the general writing style Virtually every character seemed to have an internal conversation, so that if there was an aspect of their character than needed explaining to the reader, the character acted as their own narrator Annoyingly, this seemed to happen on the majority of the occasions they were alone, but also mid conversation with another character, which made things very confusing Sometimes, these internal conversations became so detailed, it felt as if the characters were interviewing themselves Had this happened occasionally, or been a quirk of a single character, it would have been a far less annoying literary device, but almost every chapter had at least one example, as if North couldn t be bothered to build relationships between characters up to the point where this conversation could happen between two people when one could achieve the same result by talking to themselves.The other problem I had with the writing style was that it was horribly over written, much like this paragraph North seems unable to leave verbs or nouns to speak for themselves and sprinkles adjectives with abandon One paragraph quite early on was covered with them to the extent that reading it was as exhausting an endeavour as cycling up a mountain Amusingly, North doesn t seem to see the irony in having Cat s editor berate her for the overly flowery language in her stage reports Strangely, however, this over writing doesn t extend to the frequent sex scenes, which are by contrast very mechanically written, with an almost total lack of emotion, passing in a rush of named body parts, which were described in the same way in sex scene after sex scene, as if North only knew how to write one sex scene, but had to include several such scenes.What proved to be something of a distraction for me personally was the setting of the Tour de France itself North mixes fact with fiction, using the names of actual cycling teams and riders mixed in with her fictional characters, but doesn t always take them from consistent places One of the stages North describes on Cat s Tour happened for real in 1997, but a stage she later refers to as due to happen the following year wasn t on the real Tour until 2000 Additionally, whilst crashes occur, they re not nearly as frequent as happened on Cat s tour, which seemed to have a major incident on every stage and one of the real life riders who was injured and taken away in an ambulance after crashing out never suffered such an incident as described, although the cause of the crash has occurred in real life There was also surprisingly little mention of drugs, despite the era the book seems to be based in being during the period when drug use was rife in the peloton and North s fictional Megapac team clearly being a facsimile of Lance Armstrong s US Postal team Of course, it could be that North was threatened not to reveal anything she saw relating to drugs, as many were threatened with around the time It may well be that, in my case, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but the mixture of fact and fiction, especially mixed as unreliably and inconsistently as here, frequently took me out of the moment and lessened the book even further for me.To be fair to North, there were a couple of aspect of the book that I felt were done reasonably well and certainly well enough for them to stick out amongst the mess I felt the rest of the book was The hidden aspects of the Tour, particularly where they followed the stages in the team car and where Cat described life in the salle de presse with the rest of the journalists did seem well described and the interactions seemed realistic to someone who has never been there In addition, North s passion for the event and the excitement of the racing comes across very well in Cat s passion for the sport and the Tour and some of the descriptions of the cycling, whilst frequently over written, came across as quite exciting, almost to the extent of seeing it Sadly, there is too much bad writing elsewhere for this to be enough to salvage the book.Someone with little of no prior knowledge of the Tour de France may enjoy Cat than I didn t, if they re a fan of the likes of Jilly Cooper However, the book is generally so poorly written and the sex scenes so repetitive and mechanical, even within the genre, that this may not prove to be the case Cat is one only to be borrowed or, preferably, avoided completely.

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    This was a reread for me, and honestly I can t remember why I kept it And British chick lit is one of my top three genres.The writing is just not particularly good.There are two major flaws 1 A really annoying storytelling device where the characters have interior dialogues with the third person non existent narrator I guess they re supposed to be representing the reader Or maybe the writer Either way it disrupts the flow of the book and rather than making me feel like I m part of the story it has the effect of pointing out for me that I m reading a story, which wreaks havoc with the whole suspension of disbelief thing.2 Even problematic is the fact that Freya North felt it necessary to include every single bit of Tour de France research, much of which is awkwardly shoehorned into conversations Makes it pretty clunky at times.That said, I did end up finishing this book again even with the bad writing Simple fact is she has a gift for creating like able characters that you care about I especially like Luca Jones.

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    Looks awfully chick litty And so it is I couldn t finish it, it was so bad Admittedly, chick lit isn t my thing I happen to believe that women think about than just men, and I think they do this in a way that goes beyond mentioning that they think about other things and then writing about men for 300 pages I also think that they way they think about men goes beyond the boys on bikes way she talks about them in this book Finally, I think that relationships are complicated than just going on the Tour press junket, being noticed by a handsome young doctor and handsome pro cyclists, too , having amazing sex I mean, come on, he makes her orgasm with one finger , and having the false conflicts of minor misunderstandings and embarrassments be made to seem grave and life shattering Blech Also, the writing is lazy Too many repeated phrases arched eyebrows, gestures made over the phone that are lost on her sisters at home, shallow descriptions Glad I bought it for a buck that went to charity.

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    I started originally reading this book years and years ago, read some, never got into it and gave up but it has sat there looking at me and I loved other books by this author so yep started it again and it has taken me forever to bring myself to finish it let s put it this way whilst I admire the research done if I have to read the words Tour de France once I think I might actually puke bikes, bikes, men, thighs, bikes, like stop already I m sure there was a story in there someone and I did like some of the characters although a fair few seemed well creepy to me I was just like pfffttt I really just want to finish this so I can get rid of it was a long hard disappointing slog I wouldn t waste your time with this one she has much better books

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    I m so glad I didn t read this Freya North book first, as I have read lots of her other books and much preferred them to this I found that there was far too much discussion of the various riders of the Tour de France so many that they merged into one and it became confusing which rider was which This made the book hard to get into I also found North s style irritating in this book constant he said , she sighed , he confirmed , she gasped at the end of every line of dialogue struck me as poor writing I also found some of the sex scenes a bit tacky not something I ve felt about her other books If I d read Cat first then I doubt I would have gone on to read any others by Freya Disappointing, and I hope that the next one I read is better

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