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Ethics in Practice download Ethics in Practice , read online Ethics in Practice , kindle ebook Ethics in Practice , Ethics in Practice 49bb7b3d3fef An Introduction To Applied Ethics, This Guide Is Intended For Students Taking Courses In Law, Medicine, Science, Teaching, Social Work, And Other Professions Pointing To The Ethical Codes That Will Guide Their Working Lives, The Discussion Shows Students How To Use Moral Theory To Identify Breaches Of Professional Standards The First Half Of The Book Focuses On The Philosophy Of Ethics, Including Ordinary Moral Values, Moral Relativism, Moral Principles, Moral Reasoning, Virtues And Vices, And Role Morality The Second Half Looks At Real Problems Faced By Professionals Including Corruption, Paternalism, And Sexual Misconduct And Considers Controversial Subjects Such As Informed Consent, Professional Confidentiality, Euthanasia, Reproductive Technology, And Drug Abuse Each Chapter Begins With Stories And Case Studies Drawn From History, Literature, The Bible, News Stories, And Other Sources