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  • Paperback
  • 592 pages
  • The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, Volume II
  • Anonymous
  • English
  • 24 May 2018
  • 9780415045407

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    This second volume of the collection of Arabian mythology was a bit of a mixed bag Some of the stories were familiar such as the tales of Sindbad the Sailor but most weren t I was rather surprised by the amount and variety of sex involved, I guess I m used to the Disney fied versions Towards the end of the volume I started to find the stories getting somewhat repetitive and a bit dull so I m not sure that I wouldn t have cut off Shahrazad s head the person telling the stories before the thousand and first night

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    One of my memories of life in Saudi Arabia.

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    There may be a temptation to offer children the unabridged version of certain classics, but this would be ill advised in the case of The Thousand Nights and One Night The contents are certainly not suitable for children In fact the stories are very vulgar and unbelievably filthy.The vulgarity lies not just in the occasional crudity of the language Reading it in translation, I am not entirely sure how the original text reads It lies in the actions of the characters and animals in the book We have plenty of gratuitous references to bodily functions, especially farting.The striking feature of the stories however is the amount of sex in them There are a lot of sexual encounters of all kinds in The Thousand Nights and One Night In one story, a woman posing as a man is obliged to marry a woman until her partner shows up During the time that she waits for him, the two women engage in lesbian encounters After that he marries both women, and spends alternate nights with them, whilst they spend time together during the day, presumably continuing their affair The Islamic practice of polygamy is employed here to enable some distinctly naughty lifestyle choices.In another story, a butcher discovers that a woman is having sex with an ape, and appears to be enjoying the experience He kills the ape, but does not appear to regard the woman s escapades as being too perverted to prevent him from wishing to marry her himself after she has been cured of the malady that caused this behaviour.Let s look at another story, and there are plenty of other examples of sexual encounters of an unusual nature for an old Middle Eastern text This is less of a story and of a discussion, as a gay man and a woman discuss whether it is better for a man to enjoy his own sex or the opposite sex While the argument comes down of course in favour of heterosexuality, there is still only a mild disagreement with the gay man, and certainly no condemnation of homosexuality or threat of punishment Indeed he supports his arguments by freely quoting passages from the Qur an.We should not make the mistake of assuming that this sexual freedom stems from a liberal attitude however The gay man defends his lifestyle by pointing out that the Qur an argues that women are only half as valuable as men Even the female debater concedes this general point whilst arguing that in particular instances women are better There are also the usual bigoted comments about Christians, Jews and black men in this part of The Thousand Nights and One Night Occasionally though we see sympathetic characters who belong to these groups, thereby revealing the fact that there is than one writer at work Indeed some of the stories are clearly derivative One of the Sinbad stories is very obviously lifted from Odysseus encounter with the Cyclops in The Odyssey.Another mistake that we should not make is to assume that The Thousand Nights and One Night is pornography or even erotica The stories are filled with sex, but the descriptions are never very detailed It is often a series of humorous and broad allusions to sexual encounters I still find it astonishing that King Shahryar does not question Shahrazad a little closely about her seemingly wide knowledge of sexual practices He is certainly curious to know about them, but his is not worried about why she knows than him.This is not to say that King Shahryar is starting to mellow in this second volume As the volume covers nights 170 to 487, this means that he has been married to Shahrazad for over five months at the beginning of the volume, and for well over a year at the end of the second instalment It might have been thought that he would have learnt to love Shahrazad by now Instead he continues to threaten to kill her if he does not like a story or if she cannot quickly think up another good one If anything the threats are frequent in this part of the book than they were in the first volume.No wonder that even after all this time her poor father turns up every morning with her shroud The remarkable thing is that Shahrazad continues to try so hard to stay alive and married to her tyrannical husband, but the will to live is apparently strong, and she continues to spin stories to ensure her survival As in the first volume, these stories are astonishingly varied The stories are generally of a fantastic nature, and many are romances There is usually a happy ending, but not always The final story about the enchanted bag ends with the murder of the hero by his two unworthy brothers This is not the first story in which a man has had to support two treacherous siblings, and this shows the limitations of The Thousand Nights and One Night Characters and events are interchangeable, and one character blends into another.There are plenty of other diverse stories Sympathy the Learned provides supposedly learned debates, some of them far silly than the writer seems to think they are There are a number of very short tales that make a quick point and then finish Other tales rely on cynical and cruel comedy, such as the amusing con tricks of Delilah the Wily and her daughter Zainab the Cheat.The most famous tales in this volume however are those of Sinbad the Sailor, perhaps a late addition to the Arabian Nights, and not found in earlier versions Sinbad went on to become the subject of many latr stories and movies, but the original Sinbad tales are again not suitable for children Men are eaten alive, acts of cannibalism are performed, and even Sinbad is at one point forced to stay alive by murdering people when he is trapped in a pit Curiously he never defends his actions but simply states what he did for survival As is always the case with fantasy, logic is not a strong point of these stories, and we may well ask why Sinbad keeps going back to sea when every voyage ends so appallingly.The Thousand Nights and One Night is never subtle or clever, but the stories are imaginative and amusing, and there is much diversity in their content They are rarely boring, and never for long.

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    It s the splendid example of human literature

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