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    This amounts to a travelogue of Burton s journey to the coast of West Africa, with stops at Madiera, Teneriff, and Sierra Leone along the way, before his final arrival at the Ivory Coast Detailed, but rather dry descriptions of everything that interested him and practically everything did.

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    Like another reviewer said, it s a somewhat dry account, with many over detailed descriptions of buildings, Capes, forests etc.,but still an easy enough read The author was a bit bored in Tenerife because there wasn t much going on.Things have changed somewhat since then..

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    1.5 stars Absolutely the most self centered author I have ever come across He likes nothing Everything is sub par I couldn t read the whole book It s too bad, because this could have been a great catalog of the way Africa was in the 1860 s.

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    A contemporary of Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingston, Burton describes his trek from the island Madiera along the Gold and Ivory coasts to Fernando Po.

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