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    In Arctic waters helps children learn how animals live in cold, icy arctic regions The last few pages of the book have scientific information which you could use to study some of the animals mentioned.I could use this book in my class when going over the arctic region of the world and talk about animals that live in that climate Also, I could do an interactive activity with the students to make an ecosystem of the arctic region and have them label different animals as well as different types of regions in the ecosystem.

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    An arctic version of the House that Jack Built Cute illustrations although most of the animals look grouchy, cranky and mean according to my 3 yr old The rhyming text flows well And then it ends Rather abruptly.The last few pages of the book have scientific information which you could use to study some of the animals mentioned like the polar bear and narwhal, etc.A nice little book If you can find it, check it out.

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    This is a cute book I like that exposes kids to some of the lesser known arctic animals Beluga, Narwhal and the rhyming is quite nice However, it ends quite abruptly like the author grew bored of it or ran out of space.

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    A little repetitive for me as an adult, and though the art is interesting, it wasn t my favorite At the end it did have animal facts, which I think is great for educating kids.

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    Although we re biased we re in her writers group we love this atory.

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In Artic Waters summary pdf In Artic Waters, summary chapter 2 In Artic Waters, sparknotes In Artic Waters, In Artic Waters 2264379 This Arctic Adaptation Of This Is The House That Jack Built Follows Polar Bears, Walruses, Seals, Narwhals And Beluga Whales As They Chase Each Other Around The Ice That Floats In The Arctic Waters Not Only Is The Rhythmic, Cumulative Prose Good For Early Readers It Is A Pure Delight To Read Aloud The For Creative Minds Section Helps Children Learn How These Animals Live In The Cold, Icy Arctic Region

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • In Artic Waters
  • Laura Crawford
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9780976882343

About the Author: Laura Crawford

Laura Crawford was an accomplished teacher and reading specialist at Sleepy Hollow School in the Chicago area While teaching a science unit on the Arctic region, she became fascinated with the unique animals of the Arctic The cumulative tale, In Arctic Waters, is the result of her curiosity and was written with her students in mind Laura also authored The Pilgrims Thanksgiving From A to Z, The