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10 thoughts on “Spot Goes to the Farm (Spot)

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    My children and Grandchildren love this book and to be honest so do i.The Spot books are not too long and children love finding spot by lifting up the flaps in their quest to find this loveable dog.A firm favourite on our bookshelf over the years that has helped install a love of books in the younger members of our family.

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    What s not to love about Spot and his fun adventures when it includes little baby animals As always Spot books are super easy to follow and allow kids to interact with the book by opening up the little flaps on nearly every page.This book is about Spot and his father going to the farm..His Dad wants to show Spot a certain baby animal and along the way they look at all different sorts cow , horses, duck, cats, etc What the book also does is go through the sounds and baby names for the animals as well so it helps to introduce the names to children in a relaxed and fun interesting way.

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    Cute cute cute

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    I love anything Spot related The books are entertaining for kids as they are engaged by lifting the flaps The white background makes it easier for younger kids to focus on the pictures and the story is simple making it perfect for the wee little readers.

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    This is only our second Spot book, but we re already 100% on board for all his future adventures Interactive books are our favourite, so the flaps and animal sounds are right up our alley Simple, easy to read text and great pics.

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    We love Spot These are fun, simple books that really engage kids The kids love the flaps and finding what s going on on each page They also like that they can remember and retell the story themselves.

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    I don t like this book because my toddler loves this book and makes me read this over and over again I don t see anything funny or intriguing about this book but it does have good illustrations and flip flaps It also shows emotions quite well Spot dad s angry look.

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    Finally read this TO MYSELF since A refuses to let me read in to her past the first page despite it being her interests board book, animals, flaps.

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    I have to say I was expecting far baby animals But Allie still loved tearing at the flaps and making faces as I made animal noises.

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    meh seems geared towards babies but the vocab is complicated

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