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Explicit Instruction chapter 1 Explicit Instruction , meaning Explicit Instruction , genre Explicit Instruction , book cover Explicit Instruction , flies Explicit Instruction , Explicit Instruction c86161834aa4a Explicit Instruction Is Systematic, Direct, Engaging, And Success Oriented And Has Been Shown To Promote Achievement For All Students This Highly Practical And Accessible Resource Gives Special And General Education Teachers The Tools To Implement Explicit Instruction In Any Grade Level Or Content Area The Authors Are Leading Experts Who Provide Clear Guidelines For Identifying Key Concepts, Skills, And Routines To Teach Designing And Delivering Effective Lessons And Giving Students Opportunities To Practice And Master New Material Sample Lesson Plans, Lively Examples, And Reproducible Checklists And Teacher Worksheets Enhance The Utility Of The Volume Purchasers Can Also Download And Print The Reproducible Materials For Repeated Use Video Clips Demonstrating The Approach In Real Classrooms Are Available At The Authors Website Explicitinstruction See Also Related DVDs From Anita Archer Golden Principles Of Explicit Instruction Active Participation Getting Them All Engaged, Elementary Level And Active Participation Getting Them All Engaged, Secondary Level

10 thoughts on “Explicit Instruction

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    The information and research is generally solid, but much of it could be updated to include modern technology substitutions especially for things like response cards and slates Much of the cited material is from before 2000 What to do with advanced learners also seems to be glossed over.

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    Great basic manual of how to prepare and deliver instruction, as well as how to develop classroom procedures and teaching routines This would be a good manual for pre service teachers.

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    It s a textbook, so not very exciting But has great information for teachers.

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    This book contains both new and old information to me There is a great deal in here that I have learned about in professional development sessions over the years, and it is all put together in one place In this format, I received a great deal of clarification about things I didn t completely understand The information also allowed me to reflect on what I already do well and areas I need to work on as a teacher.

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    The book is filled with information that can be very useful if a teacher takes the time to seriously reflect about their teaching Some of the practice exercises seemed outdated I would have liked to seen practice exercises using technology Overall, it did give me a few new things to think about before school starts.

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    This is by far the best book on teaching that I have ever read After every chapter I found myself tweaking little things about the way I teach, and I am so very grateful for this book because I KNOW that it is making me a better teacher

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    This book is a great resource with excellent practical strategies on direct instruction I particularly enjoyed the section on teaching vocabulary I learned a lot from this book and I am sure I will put it to good use It also was an easy read.

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    A great book on Explicit Instruction Written mainly for teachers who want to put explicit instruction into action, the text also serves as a nice book for instructors.

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    I found the chapters on eliciting responses and providing feedback the most helpful for secondary.

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