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Sweetheart, Sweetheart chapter 1 Sweetheart, Sweetheart, meaning Sweetheart, Sweetheart, genre Sweetheart, Sweetheart, book cover Sweetheart, Sweetheart, flies Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart b2f8d77b5bff0 DARK FOREBODINGSAll Should Have Been Well For Colin And His English Bride But His Twin Brother, David, Sensed Trouble Growing Obsessed, David Made His Way To England To Calm His Fears Instead He Found AnUNBOUNDED HELLColin And His Wive Were Dead Victims Of Ghastly Violence Their Seemingly Serene Cottage Seethed With An Aura Of Murder, Madness, And Betrayal Overpowered By The Evil, David Soon Embarked On AJOURNEY INTO THE MACABRESuffocatingly, The Presence Grewgrew To A Malevolent Force Trying To Kill David S Fianceegrew Until David Himself Was A Helpless Prisoner Of Unholy Passion

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    They say the dead die not, but remainNear to the rich heirs of their grief and mirth Clouds Rupert Brooke David Warwick starts to feel strange His twin, Colin, has recently written to inform him that he is blissfully married and in the process of moving to a beautiful cottage in the English countryside Why does David feel so strange Something tells him that he has to go home The pain in his head and the rising anxiety levels are driving him back to England His girlfriend, Shelagh, is not happy with him and certainly doesn t buy the idea that his homeland is calling him back This is not going to prove to be a rainbows and unicorns visit His sister in law, Helen, is dead from a misadventure His brother has passed away from a horrendous car accident Now David has inherited the cottage in the country.This is a lot for him to wrap his head around, and fortunately he doesn t know it, but he has only landed in the middle of crazy There was plenty of crazy before, and there is plenty of crazy yet to come A white rose appears on his pillow each night As he starts to look into the circumstances surrounding the deaths, he begins to understand that the cottage has had a fair number of strange occurrences My house, before me, stood drenched in sunlight Looking as it did it was difficult to associate it with the tragedies that had occurred there Margaret Lane had died horribly in the burning summerhouse Bronwen had been struck down and left dying from a broken skull dying deserted and alone And then Helen..and then ColinWas it possible, I wondered, for a house s past history to influence the lives of its inhabitants He starts getting threatening phone calls from someone who mistakes him for Colin To complicate things, Shelagh surprises him by arriving on his doorstep He is happy to see her, of course, but the escalation of strangeness has left him pensive and wondering about his own sanity The thought came to me through the fog of my ecstasy that perhaps I was going mad what was happening to me couldn t be happening None of it, nothing, not one thing could possibly be anything but the product of my mind and still touching, the caressing continued The thought wavered through my brain that if I was not mad that I was being driven to that state, and I made a last desperate clutch for rationality, a final desperate attempt to hang on to reality, and flung out my arms, wide, and shouted with all my force into the sweet fogged rose scented room NO Crikey That isn t Shelagh, by the way, that is a bloody spectre It is scary enough with the thought of phantom fingers giving one the odd reach around, but the real cause for fretfulness is that David kissed a ghost, and he liked it This is a classic ghost story with some really well written scenes of menacing, scary uneasiness With the arrival of Shelagh, there are avenues opened for many unexplainable, dire occurances to add to the already confusing muddle of David s investigation into the deaths of his brother and his wife The townspeople are reticent about what they know, and what they do choose to share is ambiguous and frustratingly sparse on detail Who is the ghost Who killed who A twisted gothic romance with a healthy dose of erotic obsession Bernard Taylor has written twelve horror suspense novels, and given my vast enjoyment of this little gem, I will be working my way through the rest of his oeuvre Somehow this writer has been working quietly along without fanfare I plan to do my best to bring him out of the shadows and into the light of day If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    I loved this book so freaking much So Freaking Much Sweetheart, Sweetheart was originally published back in the late 70 s It was brought back by Leisure Books in the 90 s and has now been brought back again by Valancourt Books Perhaps you ve heard me talk about them in the past This edition has a new, kickass cover and an even kickass introduction from the lovely Michael Rowe A fantastic author of the macabre in his own right The intro was of a love letter to the story and to the author It s not spoiler y so you can read it before reading the story, if you like.Here s a brief excerpt of the intro So, instead of writing a cool, detached introduction, I feel like a child holding out a Christmas gift, bursting to tell you what s inside so you can be as excited to receive it as I am to give it, impatient for you to open it This particular present however, is wrapped in rose petals, not paper, and the ribbon is made of sharp wire and broken glass, not grosgrain, so please be careful not to cut yourself while unwrapping it After finishing the book, I could not possibly agree So, on to the story Dave has a bad feeling about his twin brother who still lives back home in the U.K Enough so that he leaves his fiancee in America to make the trek to check on his family All is not well with them and David s quick trip turns into an extended stay That s all I can say about the plot This story is beautifully, I say beautifully written Mr Taylor s ability to create a creepy atmosphere is nearly unmatched Though Mr Rowe does it wonderfully in his book Wild Fell For instance this brief little clip There I sat in the living room, the scotch bottle at my side, I felt only that accustomed welcome and comfort surrounding me The coldness, the chill, was inside me. This book quietly builds the atmosphere and horror of discovering that all is NOT what it seems to be It nearly drips with suspense as the final chapters are doled out and just when you think you can t take it any, POW It punches you in the face and then it stomps on you some when you go down The reader is left sitting there alone, stunned, saddened and delighted all at once This is one you can t miss In the end, this is a ghost story Charles L Grant named it his favorite ghost story of all time, and Mr Grant knew quiet horror better than almost anyone If you re looking for a lot of gore and a lightning fast pace, look elsewhere However, if you re looking for a classic, slow building, atmospheric, beautifully written ghost story you, my friend, have just found it My highest recommendation

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    I was aware only of malevolence and menace in every pale grey shadow heard whispered voices in the rustling leaves, and when the breeze was stilled even the silence turned to shriek This was a chilling, classic ghost story just perfect for this time of year I don t know why this book is not widely read I think most fans of old style gothic type horror would delight in Bernard Taylor s eerie little tale What begins as a bit of a puzzling mystery at an idyllic cottage set in the midst of the beautiful English countryside slowly but surely ramps up the tension to fever pitch Everything about Sweetheart, Sweetheart is oozing with atmosphere and rouses all your senses Much like our narrator, David Warwick, I was very nearly intoxicated by the overwhelming scent of roses I saw the rose in my hand it was giving up that scent that I had come to know so well I held it to my cheek, happily, feeling the softness of the petals like a caress, while all the while the warmth drew closer, came closer, embracing me, and it seemed for a moment as if the whole room spun a whirl of roses, so that I drifted in rose petals, wallowed in the scent of them I m always drawn to a story about a house, in particular one that has a very long and juicy history one that depicts the house much as a character itself This is done quite skillfully What begins with a very welcoming feeling upon first crossing the threshold, eventually turns quite ominous and downright terrifying Why is it that the main characters in these novels always tend to stay way past their welcome Get out already I guess there wouldn t be much of a book if they didn t reliably make foolish choices Please Mr David don t go in there I must Don t She s in there Chock full of cloying roses, freak accidents, threatening phone calls, evasive neighbors, obsessive love, and other bizarre happenings, this ghost story is sure to send a tingle down your spine I know it sounds a bit clich d, but I was literally on the edge of my cushy red couch, mindlessly eating one Cheezit after another, by the very end I can t say it finished the way I would have liked, but then again, I don t think it could have ended any other way Bravo It all played out right in front of me This would make a dreadfully, entertaining movie Not quite up to the level of Shirley Jackson s The Haunting of Hill House, which remains a favorite, but pretty damn good They say the dead die not, but remain Near to the rich heirs of their grief and mirth Clouds by Rupert Brooke

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    By the pricking of my thumbs,something wicked this way comes.Sweetheart, Sweetheart is a classy ghost story about a haunted cottage in the rural english countryside new tenants, a history of violence and death, you know the drill it features restrained and elegant writing, some wonderfully atmospheric descriptive passages, an assortment of clever hints and clues, and a perfectly accomplished first person narrative from a very intriguingly developed protagonist there is an eerie, almost free floating feeling of longing, melancholy, and frustration that suffuses the tale from beginning to end the slowly building tension is very well done and there is the pricking of thumbs, and words written with dirt, roses left on pillows, glass shards found in ice cream, razor blades placed in cold cream jars.the novel is swooningly romantic there is a strongly depicted romance between the two leads, and an even palpable sense of romance between the narrator and the cottage itself and the spirit that haunts it our hero spends most of his time languorously contemplating the warm comfort of his surroundings, almost always in various states of undress, in a state of sleepy rapture roses, roses, everywhere a sinister leitmotif, their presence is described on nearly every other page, functioning quite literally as tools of the dead and inevitably there is some very creepy sensuality in many ways this is a haunting centered around erotic obsession all of this romance is completely foreboding, full of dread.there is an another obsession in this novel that further widens the mystery who killed whom and who exactly is the spirit in question the narrator s obsession with his twin s death and the question of what being haunts this cottage make Sweetheart a kind of cold case murder mystery, one with a nicely ambiguous set of long and recently dead characters who may be the evil spirit in question or perhaps it is simply the cottage itself so anyway, another question who is this Bernard Taylor apparently a prolific writer of many horror novels, for some reason Taylor has been completely off of my radar i would like to read of his works.__________musical accompanimentMiranda Sex Garden Gush Forth My Tears, Iris, Suspiria

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    4 1 2 StarsDavid has an ominous feeling that his twin brother Colin is in serious danger so he leaves the US and heads off to England to see what s what He discovers terrible things have indeed occurred As he attempts to figure out exactly what has happened, he finds himself residing temporarily in Colin s gorgeous cabin and meeting some interesting characters along the way who clue him in on Colin, Colin s wife and the home s ominous past He is left to ferret out the rest of the secrets on his own He is tenacious I would ve been scurrying back home after a few events but that s just me.This book was a beautiful example of the atmospheric, slow burn ghost story Why it isn t better known is beyond me It was leagues better than most of the recent novels I ve read It actually gave me the creeps a time or two and that almost never happens.It is a product of its time though the 70 s David is one of those stubborn guys who keeps everything to himself oooh, how that makes me crazy and tells the love of his life next to nothing I d strangle a guy like that in real life or at the very least drive him crazy with my questions but here it works well enough I suppose if he shared everything things would ve ended very differently and I thought the ending was dark perfection.The characters are engaging and some of the dialogue between David and his love just hit me in all the right ways You could bring me a good book.Right, I ll bring you a good book Your usual taste and nothing to get you too excited Just sex, lust, rape, mayhem .And murder, she finished for me I listened to this book as an unabridged audio and you will feel that ominous feeling of dread that accompanies David wherever he goes as soon as the narrator begins to speak His voice seems made for this kind of story I can t tell you any without spoiling everything for you I hate when that happens so I am stopping here Just know that the buildup is slow and worth the wait You are left, just as David is, to attempt to make sense of the strange goings on occurring at the beautiful cabin I didn t figure it out before the reveal but I m not very good at these things If you like an old fashioned, get under your skin ghost story listen to the audio or read the book I don t think you ll be sorry Audiobook Challenge Book 5 HA Mount TBR Challenge Book 8HA Pages Read Challenge 2017 Horror Reading Challenge Book 5See this and the rest of the crap I write at my blog.

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    4.5 Stars

    Take a candle with you you ll need the light, because what s waiting for you in the darkness doesn t want to leave Ever Michael Rowe

    Sweetheart, Sweetheart begins as an innocent, but engrossing who dun nit mystery that slowly turns threatening.and deadly with an evil apparition exhibiting loads of guile.

    This classic style ghost story, first published in 1977, appears to be a sleeper on GR so DO NOT miss out While not super scary for me or filled with blood and gore, it is one fine read with one hell of a ghastly end

    checkout GR friend Charlene s review and you ll be sold too

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    This is the third book I ve read by Bernard Taylor, and he continues to impress me.Taylor s writing is full of suspense and an unspecified terror that just continues to build relentlessly throughout the entire novel I can honestly say that I felt the tension never let up This was one of those stories that you simply CAN T stop yourself from reading, once it hooks you.His words are beautifully chilling an old style ghost story that keeps you guessing until the final, jaw dropping chapters This is definitely a novel that I can see myself re reading I originally rated this book 4 stars, but after thinking about parts of it that simply wouldn t leave my mind for the last week or so, I m changing my rating to 5 stars A book that has that kind of staying power is rare enough to find, and I feel that SWEETHEART, SWEETHEART deserves that extra star.Highly recommended First read in July 2015 Re read February 2017 Re read May 2019 re read Even having read it once before, the language and atmosphere in this book just took me away A haunting that leaves you begging for at the end of each and every chapter re read May 2019

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    Glorious Gothic, 1970s style This ticks off all the boxes for gothic must haves haunted house mysterious deaths deformity Mrs Danvers esque housekeeper roses ghost performing fellatio on a living person family secrets w w wait, back up, ghost doing WHAT Yeah, you read right You did I was surprised to discover that this 1977 gothic novel has its share of erotic preoccupation Those scenes were written pretty well actually, aside from the fact that I kept getting flashes of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze on the pottery wheel.Full of atmosphere, this book boasts a rather over the top plot that you ll forgive because there s a ghost who performs fellatio on a living person of the intriguing mystery It s creepy Not Shirley Jackson s calibre, but still, Bernard Taylor should be on people s shelves.3.5 stars

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    For the love of all that s holy, why have I never read this book before, and why is Bernard Taylor not a household name I m absurdly wary when trying out a new author ironic for a fairly new author himself, I know and without several trusted recommendations, I won t take the plunge Life is too short to read bad books But SWEETHEART, SWEETHEART is a glorious book A nasty, spine tingling, elegant, insomnia inducing, beautiful, ghastly book If you appreciate great writing and intricate plotting, you need to read it I m no longer surprised when I read an outstanding novel published by Valancourt Books They re the reason I got to experience Michael McDowell s sublime THE ELEMENTALS a few months ago, and I find myself loving SWEETHEART, SWEETHEART just as much Perhaps even a hair Or a rose .By the end of SWEETHEART, SWEETHEART, I was leaving bed, pacing, and uttering frantic wishes that a character to whom I d grown very attached would be allowed to live Only a masterful storyteller can do that to you, and friends, Bernard Taylor is a master Check it out You won t regret it You won t sleep much either.

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    The smell of roses was so strong.For 95% of the book, this was an enjoyable, suspenseful story about David who returns to England from New York to find out what happened to his twin brother.I didn t like David, and some of the suspenseful descriptions were overdone a bit, but most of the book was a good story.And then Taylor spoiled the book for me with an onslaught of gratuitous violence and something that I can only describe as a gore storm Not for me.

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