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Rim O' The World pdf Rim O' The World, ebook Rim O' The World, epub Rim O' The World, doc Rim O' The World, e-pub Rim O' The World, Rim O' The World 1487bb44482 Bertha Muzzy Bower Mrs Sinclair Mrs Cowan Was An Author Of Western Fiction She Was One Of The First Women To Make A Career Of Crafting Western Stories In She Became A Teacher In Grand Falls, Montana And She Was Married At The Age Of Nineteen Around She Started To Write Short Stories, But Her Novel Chip Of The Flying U Was Her First Commercial Success And Is Still Said To Be Her Most Representative Work Between And Until Her Death She Wrote A Total Of Sixty Eight Novels, Which Are All Based In The American West Among Her Works Are The Happy Family , The Range Dwellers , The Long Shadow , The Lonesome Trail And Other Stories , Good Indian , The Gringos , Flying U Ranch , Jean Of The Lazy A , The Phantom Herd , The Lookout Man , Skyrider , Rim O The World , The Quirt , Cow Country , The Trail Of The White Mule , The Parrowan Bonanza , The Voice At Johnnywater , The Bellehelen Mine And The Eagle S Wing

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    If I have learned anything about Bower stories in the last couple of years, it is that the guaranteed romance builds slowly, usually between a shy cowboy and an Eastern girl, so imagine my surprise when I read this little scene in the very first chapter of Rim O The World Background young cowboy thinking it is about time to get married young lady arriving in a place that is impersonating a town they meet and speak Don t you know anybody at all, around here Not a soul except you, and I don t know whether your name is Tom or Bill My name s Tom Tom Lorrigan Say If you ain t got any place to go why I ve got a ranch and about twenty five hundred head of cattle and some horses If you didn t mind marrying me, I could take you out there and give yuh a home I d be plumb good to you, if you re willing to take a chance You d be taking as great a chance as I would I haven t any ranch or any cattle, or anything at all but myself and two trunks full of clothes and some things in my life I want to forget And I have sixty cents in my purse I can t cook anything except to toast marshmallows I ve got a cook, put in young Tom quickly And the clothes I ve got would be a joke out here And the things I came out here to forget I shall never tell you I ain t interested enough to ask, or to listen if you told me, said Tom And myself can sing to you and dance to you, and I m twenty years old by the family Bible I m twenty two makes it about right, said Tom And if you should count fifty and ask me again Ten, twenty, thirty, forty fifty, will you marry me obeyed Tom with much alacrity You might call me Belle Belle Delavan Well, I came to Jumpoff because I meant to jump Yes, I ll marry you and the Lord have mercy on you, Tom Lorrigan, if I live to regret it As much fun as their relationship would have been to spy on, by the next chapter it is 20 or so years later and it becomes clear that the youngest of Tom and Belle s three sons will be our Romantic Lead But who will be our Lady Fair Surely not the daughter of nasty neighbor Aleck Douglas The one who accuses Tom and his ranch hands of rustling But she does have the loveliest blue eyes doesn t she And she needs to be rescued a time or two the most breathtaking when Lance has to rope her out of the saddle seconds before her horse falls off a ridge trail.whew, be still my heart There are the usual misunderstandings, a few dramatic events, something strange lurking beneath the surface will we ever find out what it is and a couple of scenes that made me cry Just exactly what I have come to expect from Bower She rarely lets me down.

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    Re read, December 2016 I m going to review it properly one of these days, I promise.

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    I really enjoyed this book It s the best of the Western genre, without the melodrama that often accompanies such stories And the ladies are so unforgettable Wild Belle Lorrigan and young Mary Hope Douglas, opposite personalities and so different, yet similar in their strength of character I recommend this

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