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    BlessedAll I know is I read this book just when I was suppose to I knew GOD was going to do something miraculous in my life I do don t know when I feel as though he is preparing me for something I was blessed by this book The Holy Spirit was definitely with, in Kevin when he wrote this book I pray that he is blessed and continue in his ministry of Angels.

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    This is the first book in a trilogy about angelic activity Kevin Basconi is making the Church aware of how it has missed the ministry of angels because of its comfortable lifestyle Awareness of angelic activity is increased with prayer in the Spirit tongues , fasting and accepting the gift of discerning of spirits.People wonder why miracles seem to manifest easily and abundantly in Africa than in America In Africa, especially in the population that is malnourished and hungry, there is a state of perpetual fasting and the spirit realm is open to the people there.Instead of denying these spiritual experiences, the Church in America should obey the Bible where it says WHEN you fast, not IF you fast Kenneth Hagin says that Jesus told him to live a fasted life which would be effective than frequent fasting Many people throughout the world live a fasted life often involuntarily but they are better receivers of the power of God than most people in America.Kevin Basconi does not emphasize this his emphasis is on revealing the role and ministry of angels in the earth today if we are willing to work with them.This is a book that shows people why the power of God seems to be missing from their lives and from the life of the Church It shows why people can become frustrated by obeying the letter of the law without the Spirit and thus have no answers to their prayers.It truly shows how to be led by the Spirit when we pray so that we are praying only what the Spirit will empower and bring to pass, instead of praying our desires without the leading of the Holy Spirit This is why the prayers of so many in the Church are ineffective.These comments are not a review of the book I have applied Kevin Basconi s experiences to my observations of the Church today.Kevin Basconi is not judgmental This book simply shows 3 principles by which angelic activity manifests easily and then demonstrates these principles by describing specific angelic encounters today.

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    A very well balanced beginning book on the Ministry of angels.There are stories of the author s experiences with angels and their ministry as well Different types of angels are discussed as well It s written in a way that makes sure that there is a right, scriptural attitude towards angels there is NO worshiping OF angels but a recognizing them through Bible references Kevin Basconi makes sure the reader is aware that all things are pointing to Jesus and the Bible.I found that to add to the safety of the study.I enjoyed the book but since I had already done much studying on this subject before, I had really wanted I guess that comes in Book 2,and 3 BUT, it was good to review and also put back into practice anything that I had let slip A few things were even confirmation of my own personal experiences I just wish this book had been around when I first began to study this part of the Bible it would have helped a lot Don t get me wrong I did learn a thing or two in the process of reading this book So was the book worth it I would say yes

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    So excited for Gods plans Loved this book, couldn t put it down, and ready to read all of the others God is awesome woooo

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